More Than This Ch. 02

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Tiny Little Fractures

My sister shaved her pussy every day. I knew this because, on the few days on which she didn’t show me the irresistibly smooth flesh that curved in glorious petal-like curls between her legs, she inevitably told me she had.

“I never have much hair, of course,” she might begin. “Barely even stubble, in fact, but that’s just one benefit of shaving every day.” Beth would then slide two fingers down into the front of her tight cut-offs and I would pretend I didn’t watch them caressing her mound.

“I take a little squirt of your shaving foam,” she continued, “and slowly rub it all over my pussy – even those bits that maybe,” she murmured huskily, as if confessing a secret, “don’t really need it. Then I take a razor, your razor, and ever so carefully stroke it over my cunt. I run it once along the grain of my skin, then once against it to leave me completely smooth and soft. Then I carefully rub lotion into every fold of my pussy.”

By then, her whole hand was inside her shorts and grinding frantically over her cunt. Her nipples were thick, hard points on the shirt she tied off just under her breasts and her face and chest were flushed a dark red. My cock was always fully aroused at this point, and the only thing I could do to stop from jerking off right there was to clench my hands on my knees and squeeze until the nails cut deep half-circles into my skin through my clothes.

“After that,” Beth concluded, “it depends. Sometimes by that point, I’m so horny and wet thinking about your big, big dick that I just get myself off with my fingers, strumming on my little clit as I fuck myself and all the time wishing it were you touching me down there. Other times, I’m able to wait, just a little, until I can get the shower hot and I press the head over my cunt and I come and come, over and over.”

This was undeniably true. Beth wasn’t quiet, and most mornings lately I was woken by her moans and screams. Every time, she called out my name repeatedly, my complicity echoing in the farthest corners of our big house.

What, I hoped, Beth didn’t know, was that every morning I woke up from dreams in which the blankets tangled round me were her limbs, where the hands closed about my cock were hers and not mine, where the caress of the sheet was the caress of her lips. Every morning now I woke with an erection of almost feverish intensity, and as she cried out my name in the shower, pulsing water mingling with the juice from her cunt as she fucked herself, I quickly brought myself to simultaneous climax, my moans stifled with a pillow.

I was perhaps the only eighteen-year-old guy who actively wished his parents were at home over the summer. Mum and Dad, convinced that at 18 their son and daughter were old enough and, more pertinently, mature enough, to look after themselves, had set off on a three month lecture tour of the states. So while my mother, the classical historian, lectured on the depredations of the ancient Greeks, at home, her daughter chased her son, eager for the cock she had so cunningly tasted.

I don’t know why I listened to Beth. In part, it was that if I let her talk, she was less likely to approach me in any more blatant a fashion. I have to admit, though, that since Masoko and I started having sex, I had stopped jerking off – but now I masturbated at least three times a day, and always thinking of my sister. It was hard to believe we had been in that closet for only 5 minutes. It felt like I had been buried inside her for an eternity of bliss. I remembered how it had felt as I had slowly eased my huge cock into her, the stretch of her tight lower lips as she had slowly accommodated my thick girth, her rising pleasure as I had penetrated deeper and deeper into her cunt. She had been so hot and so wet, and I could still feel the ripples that had pulsed through her pussy as she came once, twice and then again, a wide-eyed group of our peers staring on, as my sister and I had the best orgasms of our brief lives.

I had slept in this morning, after a late night watching bad horror flicks at a friend’s house. Typically for my friend, he had talked through the movies anyway, more eager to tell me about how good Deborah had been in bed, than in how the citizens of some small USA town would combat the mutant menace they faced. Pruriently, he had hinted that he wanted to hear what Shannon, the unquestioned uptight bitch queen of our old school, had been like. Blushing, I had refused to talk about it, and he assumed I was trying to be a gentleman. As if a man who fucked his sister behind his girlfriend’s back could ever have pretensions to not being an utter asshole ever again.

My clock told me it was half twelve, and the intensity of the sun shining through my curtains seemed to agree with it. I untangled myself from the sheets and pretended I wasn’t disappointed that I had missed my sister’s morning show. My cock was only half-hard, just six or seven inches weighing heavily on the shorts in which I slept. Yawning and stretching, I pulled back the curtains and my dick swelled instantly.

By bakırköy escort the pool my window looked out on, my sister reclined naked. Even lying flat on her back, Beth’s breasts still swelled roundly on her chest and her chocolate-coloured nipples stood out in stark contrast to her lightly tanned skin. One of her hands rested lightly just above her pussy, the other was held above her eyes to shade them from the sun. Now that I had opened the curtains, she lowered the hand, and her eyes met mine. Though Beth and I are non-identical twins, the one feature we do have in common is the colour of our eyes – both of us have eyes lying on the violet edge of the spectrum.

We watched each other for maybe a moment or maybe a lifetime. She never broke our gaze as she slowly began to caress her nipples and deftly stroke her pussy. Safely concealed by the window, my hands freed my cock from my shorts and began to stroke furiously. Below me, Beth’s fingers delved deep into her cunt. Triumphant, she withdrew her hand and held it up. The sun struck it, and it glowed gold with the liquid from her cunt. Her hand went back to work, and I watched as Beth moaned. The closed window blocked the sounds.

I don’t know what would’ve happened if the phone hadn’t rung just then. Funny as it seems to say it, perhaps things wouldn’t have got so bad if I had just gone down there and made long, slow love to my beautiful sister. Some things we’ll never know. In any case, the phone call broke my strange hypnosis, and I suddenly realised that here I was, frantically stroking every one of the 12 inches of my cock and fantasising about fucking my sister, the nymphet who was desperate for my touch. I tucked myself away as best I could and answered the phone, my voice thick with my sick lust.


“Hi, Rob,” said the woman on the other end of the phone.

“Uh, hi?”

“It’s Shannon,” she said.

“Oh, hi Shannon. Um… listen,” I began, anxious to get it out before I could think about it and fuck up what I wanted to say, “I just wanted to thank you for that thing you did. I know it couldn’t have been easy for you.”

Shannon was silent for a long moment, and I wasn’t sure what to say. Eventually I spoke up: “Okay, well I’ll get Beth for you then.”

“Actually, Rob, I called to speak to you,” she said. “It’s about that thing I did.”


I never once took what Shannon had done for granted. It had hurt her reputation at school to pretend that she had fucked me in that closet, and subsequently a lot of people had made fun of the once haughty girl, her supposed action robbing her of all her poise.

“I don’t want to do this over the phone,” she said. “Could you meet me at my house this afternoon? How about for lunch?”

With our parents gone, Beth and I had access to both their cars, so I agreed.

“Sure,” I said, butterflies dancing in my stomach. Even though I thought I would never be able to eat, I said, “lunch sounds fine.”

Shannon gave me directions. I showered and dressed quickly, then slipped into the kitchen, trying to avoid Beth. She was sitting at the table.

“Well,” she said, “did you not enjoy my show, or did you just come really fast?”

She had put on her bikini, which covered her bald pussy but did almost nothing to hide her magnificent breasts. What can I say? I’m a breast man. She moved towards me, and I noticed that her eyes were shining – had she been crying? She laid a hand on my groin, and her fingers quickly traced the length of my cock, which responded with an immediate and painfully intense erection.

“Guess you didn’t come,” she said.

In fact I had. Under the shower I had masturbated desperately, almost tearing at my cock as I thrummed my foreskin back and forth. I had pictured Beth with me, her full lips locked around the head of my cock, her hands playing gently with my balls, eagerly swallowing my come and licking tiny pearls from the corner of her mouth.

I leaped back from her, like a fencer avoiding a thrust, and hurriedly grabbed the car keys of the hook.

“Where are you going?”

“To Shannon’s,” I said. “She wants to talk to me about something.”

Beth just smiled and undid the top of her bikini. She turned her back on me and walked back to the patio, letting the bikini top fall from her breasts just as she went through the door. My sister turned, letting me get a brief glimpse of her ripe breasts as she laid the flimsy top on the kitchen counter. As she walked away, she whispered to herself, “sure… Shannon wants to… talk.”

I shrugged off what the comment I hadn’t been meant to hear implied. My sister wanted me – and maybe, all right, I was attracted to her – but that was just clouding her judgement.

I pulled the car into Shannon’s driveway and she was waiting at the door to meet me. Her long blonde hair was down, spilling over and behind her shoulders in great, straight sheaves. She was wearing a red top held up by thin straps running over her pale shoulders. The fabric followed bakırköy eve gelen escort the swell of her chest and then hung from the points of her breasts, and there was no hint of a bra in the way they swayed softly as she walked towards me. Her long, slender legs were tightly wrapped in cream trousers and her feet were bare. Her lips were a pale pink, and it looked like she wore no make-up.

We sat over her breakfast bar and ate sandwiches she took out of the fridge. Thick brown bread, rich ham and crisp lettuce – washed down with designer mineral water that tasted just like the stuff that came out of the tap. As we ate, she leaned over the breakfast bar and her top gaped open far enough for me to confirm she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts were smallish – about the size of oranges, but they protruded far out of her chest, as if yearning to be caressed. I looked away quickly, and Shannon said, “Let’s talk.”

“Okay,” I said.

“Everyone at that party thinks you and I fucked,” Shannon said. “They think that all those boyfriends I wouldn’t go all the way with, all my attitude, was just overcome when I saw you and your enormous bloody cock.”

“I know,” I began, “and I know how hard this is for you. I’m really grateful to you, and I’m sure Beth is too.”

“Rob, Rob, Rob. There’s only one thought in that girl’s head and you know exactly what that thought is. Unless you’re an idiot, which you’re not, you also know that it was no accident what happened.”

“But why did you…”

“Why did I agree to go along?” Shannon shook her head slowly. “Beth told me when she heard about your size, she was going to do it anyway. She and Kim had already planned it out – by the time I heard, you were already in the closet. So with no way to stop her, I chose to do what I could to protect her.”

“Jesus this is fucked up,” I said.

She laughed a little, but not at all cruelly, and placed her hand over my wrist, gripping it lightly.

“Rob, I want you to take my virginity.”

I groaned. “What?”

Shannon was dead serious. Her face was pale, except for twin red lines across the tops of her high cheeks. In her eyes, there was no doubt – only pure, calculated decision. Her hand was now locked about my wrist, and there was no chance that I could loosen it without hurting her badly. I wondered if there was any way out of this situation that wasn’t going to hurt her in some way.

“Shannon, it’s not that I don’t find you attractive. You’re very attractive. But I have a girlfriend. I love her.” Even as I said it, I wondered if it was still true. Was it even Masoko I made fierce love to these days? Certainly, it wasn’t her I pictured. Not anymore, as we made love in the dark and I closed my eyes tight and held off from coming by concentrating on not saying the wrong name.

Shannon smiled, but it never reached her eyes. “I’m not talking about making love. I’m talking about sex. I want you to come upstairs with me to my bedroom and fuck away my virginity. I want to experience what I was supposed to have had in that closet. And if I don’t – well, maybe I’ll let it slip that it wasn’t me in that closet. Much as they love gossiping about me, imagine what people will say when the famous King twins are outed as incestuous lovers.”

Now I was pale, and I rested my head on my hands, palms covering my eyes, fingers pushing through my hair. I just felt so tired. Everything seemed to weigh on me, as if I were responsible for all of this. It was a much greater burden than the weight hanging between my legs. That gleeful traitor, who even now was twitching in delight as he contemplated the pleasures Shannon might provide.

In a sense, she saved herself then. With no way out, I was about to follow her upstairs and fuck her hard and fast. Ready to hurt her with my big dick and come inside her fast and leave, as if she were a whore I was using for fun. She hugged me.

“None of this is your fault, Rob, I know that. And I know I’m taking advantage of you. But look at me – from now on, the only guys who’ll go out with me are only going to be after one thing. I’ve lost a lot of my friends, and even my Mum has heard certain rumours about that party.”

She kissed me, and her lips were moist and delicious and felt amazing against my own. For the first time in weeks, I wasn’t seeing my sister when I kissed a girl.

“My boyfriend left me, too,” said Shannon, breaking our little kiss. “Just when I was ready to give myself to him. Jesus that sounds flowery. Just when I was ready to fuck him. And here you are, tall and handsome, smart and a sports star, and,” she smiled softly, “hung like an elephant.”

I realised that the only two people who were really suffering from this whole mess were Shannon and myself, and on realising it I felt a genuine bond between us. This time I kissed her, and took her hand as I did. I felt her tongue flutter on my lips, so I parted them and my tongue met hers in a delicate dance. “Come on,” I said.

Shannon’s room contained bakırköy grup yapan escort a single bed, a desk with what looked like a decent Mac computer and a built in wardrobe with a mirror on the door. Fuck, will I always be noticing cupboards from now on? Her room was painted a pale blue, and decorated with nothing else – no posters, no photographs. The only thing on her wall was a slim bookshelf with a few textbooks on it. Her bed was a ridiculous confection of white-lace lined pink sheets and, tragically, a teddy bear, which rested against her pillows like the last guardian of her innocence. She picked it up and carelessly threw it into a corner.

We faced each other and embraced, her hands going around my shoulders, mine resting on her flat ass. We said nothing for a moment, just looked at each other.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” she replied, immediately and with absolute conviction in her voice. “I need this,” she said.

I cupped her face in my hands, and softly caressed her ears as I kissed her. We kissed for aeons, our tongues travelling from one mouth to the other, our hands delicately exploring the flesh we would soon know with stark intimacy. Shannon’s hands concentrated on my cock, running up and down the shaft as it strengthened and grew enormously inside my pants. Her eyes closed, the better to see with her fingers.

My hands slipped up through the loose waist of her top and traced ten trails over her gently rounded belly. I let my left forefinger tickle her belly button and she giggled quietly. I cupped the undersides of her round breasts and ran my fingers all around them. She broke our kiss and moaned my name, resting her head on my shoulder. I took the lobe of her ear into my mouth and tugged on it.

Shannon unbuckled my belt and pulled down my fly. She moved away from me, and reluctantly I withdrew my hands from her lovely breasts. She pulled off my underwear and knelt in front of me, her eyes level with my fully hard cock. Gently, she grasped the head, guiding it to the side, playing with it.

She looked up at me. “It’s so big,” she whispered. She leant in towards me and kissed the tip of my cock, letting her tongue leave a trail of saliva around my foreskin. I was enjoying the attention, but I stopped her, placing my hands under her armpits and lifting her.

“You don’t need to do that,” I told her. “Your first time should be about you.”

I slipped the thin strands holding up her top off her shoulders one at a time. I let my fingers trace small circles on each shoulder and then gradually ease each strap down. She moaned my name. When I slipped down the second strap the top tumbled down, catching briefly on the tips of her hard nipples before it swished past her hips to the ground. She backed away towards the bed and sat on it and this time, I knelt in front of her. I kissed and nibbled on her shoulders as my hands caressed her nipples.

Shannon had huge nipples, big and pink and puffy. Bigger even than Beth’s, I thought, before throwing the thought out of my mind. I ran my hands up and down her still clothed thighs, approaching but never quite touching her mound while I suckled on her nipples.

“Take of your shirt,” she gasped.

I paused and did so, and she took the moment to jiggle out of her jeans. Her hands went to her plain white panties, but I stopped her.

“Let me,” I said.

Shannon lay back on her bed, reclined on her thick pillows, and I knelt between her spread wide legs. I leaned over her and planted a trail of kisses down her belly until my chin rested on the waistband of her panties. I smiled up at her, meeting her eyes between the rounded, almost conical peaks of her breasts. Slowly, I rolled down her underpants, millimetre by millimetre revealing the clotted hair around her pussy. Shannon was a natural blonde.

She was very wet – juice was almost spilling from her cunt, and the panties I tore off her legs were soaked with a wide, translucent stain. She smelled different to Masoko and Beth. The aroma from her pussy was sweeter, and as I dipped my tongue between her parted labia, she tasted delicious. She had obviously washed before calling me over, and on top of the taste of her pussy, I could taste the soap she must have spread between her legs.

As I lapped at her lips, I let my fingers discover her clitoris, which was less protuberant than Masoko’s. Her moans were becoming almost frantic, and I didn’t want her to come like this. I hefted myself up, until the huge length of my cock was poised over her welcoming cunt.

One last time, I asked, “Are you sure?” If she said no, perhaps I might even be able to stop.

She nodded, and her hands clasped my cock. She placed me against her pussy, and slowly, as delicately as I could, I entered her.

“Oh, Rob,” she said, “Oh Rob,” as I entered her. Her pussy was even tighter than Masoko’s had been that first time, though then I hadn’t had such size to realise it. Sooner than I thought possible, I felt my slow thrust stopped by her hymen.


She bit her lip, and her hands grasped my shoulder blades. As I pulled my cock back slightly, she dug her nails in and when I thrust, irrevocably taking her virginity, she clenched her hands tearing away what felt like all my skin. We both cried out in pain, and I rested my hands on her headboard, not withdrawing my cock, but not entering her further just yet.

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