More Naked than Lady Godiva Ch. 02

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Aunt Patti said Dad was still playing with mom’s pussy. He had a black Sharpie medium marker and was signing his name on her naked mound. He was playing with her lips and pulling them taut stretching them out. She felt the tip of the marker on her lips.

‘Jerry what are you doing?’

‘I’m signing my art work, this is definitely a piece of precious art work I have created and I want to autograph it.’

As dad’s cock slipped from her mouth, mom said. ‘You know it would be nice if you let me shave some of that hair off your crotch also.’

‘Okay, not like I can complain, I asked you to do it and you did.’ Dad moved to help mom sit up and he was soon sitting on the table with his legs spread and mom went and got his clippers from the bathroom. Mom returned and sat in the chair between his thighs and clipped his pubes short. Mom then shaved his whole crotch bare like hers. His cock was standing tall when she completed her task. He soon had his bare boner buried in her very naked cave filling her honey pot to the brim with his seed. Dad noticed her eyebrows and shaved those off for her. They looked at the clock and noticed it was getting about time for them to head to town and they still had to dress.

They moved to the bedroom where mom laid out her black skirt and the pink t-shirt like the one she was taking in to me. She moved to her dresser and was picking out her underwear that she would wear. Dad noticed her putting on her pink bra and then she had three pair of undies in her hand, a black thong which she hated to wear, red female boxers, and pink full-cut panties.

Dad looked at her selections shaking his head. ‘You know, if you forget them, I will be so turned on when we get home you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.’

‘I can’t. No way, really,’ she mumbled, as he was once again behind her pushing her forward over the bed, plowing his bald cock in her freshly mowed pasture from behind.

She finally agreed to forget the undies. He tried talking her out of the bra, but she wouldn’t hear of it. She wondered if she didn’t screw up as they drove to town. Cum was still coming out of her pussy when she slid in the pickup seat. She pulled up her skirt before she got in the pickup so she didn’t stain it. Mom had a towel wiping her pussy as he drove the vehicle. He enjoyed the view of her naked pussy. Mom looked at her pussy seeing what dad was seeing.

‘Jerry, you wrote all over my pussy. Oh my God, first you shave it bald and now you write on it,’ mom complained while still wiping more cum from her pussy.

I stayed in town on Wednesday and met my parents. Dad took us out to eat before we were due to be at the school for the shaving of my head. I was already waiting for them at the restaurant when they got there. I noticed my mother’s eyes flirting with my father. I hoped someday I might have a guy that loved me as much as my dad loved my mom.

Aunt Patti said Mom realized that she should have worn panties when she sat at the chair in the restaurant. There was a slight breeze and her pussy kept reminding her how naked she was. After leaving the restaurant she again slipped onto the seat of the pickup with me sliding in beside her and daddy driving next to her. They pulled in the school parking lot and I was out the door and meeting Pam. Mom slid out, thankful I had left quickly as her skirt slipped up and exposed her graffiti-covered pussy as she left the vehicle. Upon sliding out and standing on her feet she quickly pulled her skirt down and looked around to hopefully see no one watching her.

As I entered the school that night, I walked into the auditorium and saw there were four chairs sitting on the stage with a table behind them. The auditorium filled up to a standing room crowd. I didn’t know how many people would actually pay $10 to see me get my head shaved.

The principal went up to the microphone and thanked everyone for coming out. Then after a couple jokes, he asked that I come upon the stage. The applauding was unbelievable as he had me sit in the second chair. Next, he had my mom come up and she was seated in the first chair. We both wore pink breast cancer shirts, but unlike me in my tight jeans, mom had a black skirt that was a couple inches above her knees. Then I was shocked as the principal called Pam up on the stage. She came up and was seated in the fourth chair leaving the third chair empty. The last name called was Georgeanne. I was trying to figure out who Georgeanne was when Miss Tate walked up on the stage and sat down in the third chair. I only knew her as Gorgia Tate, but I was only allowed to call her Miss Tate. Then the principal asked for my aunt Terri Hatch, to come to the stage. She owns Hatch’s Beauty Salon.

Terri walked on the stage to the table and flipped the towel back covering the clippers, razors, and supplies. Terri said she would start with my mom. Mom said she was going first so if any of us chickened out, we could. I watched my aunt take the clippers and remove most of my mom’s hair. Mom is a very pretty woman—five feet ten, green eyes, esenyurt otele gelen escort blonde hair, natural tan with B-cup breasts, wearing a pink t-shirt and tight skirt showing off her muscular legs with no nylons or anything on them. The strange thing that night, I noticed mom’s eyes, but I didn’t see any eyebrows. Her eyes looked greener and bigger. My mom is a fox and I’ve been told I look just like her, only taller.

Terri was soon clipping mom’s long blonde hair off. According to Aunt Patti, Mom’s pussy was fluttering as her hair fell to the floor. She kept her knees tight together for fear that someone might see up her skirt. Her left hand was in my right hand, but her pussy was vibrating with excitement. She knew her nipples were hard and she hoped her bra kept them hidden. She could smell her juices and knew the others could too.

I watched as Aunt Terri removed the last of my mom’s hair. She then swept up all of mom’s blonde hair and put it in a bag to be sent in to a place that buys hair and makes a donation for it. I thought I was next, but Aunt Terri put hot shaving cream on my mom’s scalp and then took a straight razor and shaved her bald. When the hot lather touched her scalp she had an orgasm and wanted to scream. Mom was very pretty with her bald head. Terri was very thorough and had her bald as a billiard ball in minutes. I was used to seeing her with it in a ponytail and forgot it was midway down her back like mine. I was holding my mom’s left hand with my right hand as Aunt Terri finished up on mom.

I was next as Aunt Terri grabbed her clippers and walked behind me. I was still holding my mom’s hand with my right one and I had Miss Tate’s hand in my left one. I felt the clippers attack my long blonde hair. They were very warm as they slipped along my scalp. I felt mom squeezing my hand and Miss Tate was doing the same. I felt the last of my tresses fall to the floor and watched Aunt Terri sweep my locks up off the floor placing them in a bag like mom’s. I felt the hot cream spread on my scalp. Oh shit, I could feel my pussy getting wet. Thank God mom and Miss Tate had a hold of my hands or I think I might have had to touch my lady bits right then if I could. Aunt Terri wielded her razor leaving me smooth as you could possibly imagine.

Aunt Terri walked behind Miss Tate. I could feel the heat in Miss Tate’s hand. She was squeezing my hand with her sweaty hand. I could tell Miss Tate was turned on. Her pussy was probably as wet as mine. Miss Tate had long brown hair and gorgeous tanned skin. She was the best looking teacher in the school by far, and one of the few people that was as pretty as my mom.

I watched as her brown hair tumbled to the floor. My aunt brushed off Miss Tate’s shoulders and the lap of Miss Tate’s white skirt like mom’s black one. Aunt Terri swept her hair up and put it in another separate bag. When the hot cream was applied to Miss Tate’s scalp, I felt her squeeze my hand even tighter. She groaned and I was sure she just had an orgasm right there. I watched her head become bald and noticed her tan was on her neck and face but her head was white like the rest of us.

Aunt Terri did Pam next. When she was done with her, Aunt Terri walked to the front of the stage and thanked everyone for coming and supporting the charity. She asked that the curtain be dropped and that the ladies be allowed to leave the stage and freshen up before coming out to the large foyer outside the auditorium. Thank God, I now knew why mom and Miss Tate wore skirts, my crotch was soaked and it would have been embarrassing to walk off the stage in front of every one. Pam was probably in the same boat I was in as it really turned me on.

Aunt Terri led us out the back and then to the ladies locker room. She had her cell phone and called her receptionist to bring our bags to the locker room. She told us we should shower and freshen up.

She told us she could smell our female juices and was sure we didn’t want to be embarrassed by others knowing how much having our heads shaved turned us on. The nice thing about our locker room was the showers were private. Each person had a shower and a curtained off area to dress without being right out in front of everyone.

My mom looked at Aunt Terri and asked her if she was showering too. Aunt Terri affirmed that her juices were also flowing, and she was definitely in need of a shower.

Mom was so thankful. Terri had asked earlier that each of us pack a bag for afterwards, and she had them brought to the locker room. Mom had a complete set and took a quick shower in the private showers. She liked this locker room she remembered how embarrassing it was in her old school she went to. They had three shower poles with four heads on each pole so twelve girls could shower together at one time. Everyone looked at your naked body and what flaws you had. Mom never had any flaws, but she always thought she did. She would have been so embarrassed to stand there in front of all the other girls with her esenyurt rus escort pussy shaved bare and Jerry’s name signed on it like it was now. She remembered he spent a lot of time with the marker on her pussy. She realized she hadn’t had any time to inspect the graffiti. She sat on the bench in the private shower and looked at her pussy mound. He had written ‘Love You Babe’ and ‘Bald is Beautiful’ on her upper bare mound and signed his name just above her clit.

After showering, mom put her clean bra on and was going to put her panties on until the little she-devil reminded her that she promised to be commando that night, and if it was anything like getting her pussy shaved each time, she was going for it. She was now wearing a yellow shirt and white skirt as she left the locker room. She did get herself off in the shower before she got dressed though.

We all managed to get freshened up and get dressed. We joined the after party, and soon headed home. The walk to the truck that night reminded mom what she was not wearing and she was very careful when she slid on the seat of the truck. I slipped out of the truck when we got home and was already in the house before mom turned to dad and felt his fingers checking her pussy.

Mom responded, ‘She is still bare. I almost put my panties on after the shower, but I remembered you promised to take special care of her if I didn’t.’

Dad slipped from the truck, walked to the passenger door and opened it. Mom slid out toward him with her skirt slipping to her waist. Dad’s pants were at his ankles and his cock was soon buried in mom’s swampy pussy that now matched her bald head.

‘OH GOD YES STUD. FUCK THAT BARE FUCKING PUSSY,’ Mom screamed as a major orgasm ripped through her body. Good thing she was outside or I would have heard her yelling like the rest of the animals on the ranch did.

After she quieted down they entered the house. I was taking a bath and playing with my pussy. They went to their room where they both stripped what little clothing they had on and were soon fucking again on the bed. ‘God I can’t get enough of your cock, it feels so good in my Bald is Beautiful pussy.’

She could feel the reaction of dad’s cock when she used the words, Bald and Beautiful. It was like he lurched or seemed to give an extra push into her. She was discovering just how much turning him on was turning her on.

Mom and Dad were involved in a very intimate round of sex. I heard my mother screaming in ecstasy as my dad must have been fucking her brains out in the bedroom.

I crept back to my room and slipped my robe off. I soon was running my hands over my unruly bush and laughing at myself. I was wondering if Miss Tate had someone taking care of her that night also. I wondered what it was like to have your brains fucked out like I was sure mom was experiencing. I wondered what Pam was doing—I doubted she was with her boyfriend on a school night, but she might be. I emailed her and asked her but got no reply. I soon fell asleep with my fingers buried in my pussy.

The next morning, mom woke up before dad and went to the bathroom. She found the marker on the sink and returned to bed. She signed her name on Jerry’s shaft and was sucking the tip as he awoke. Actually she signed the area above his cock on the mound where his pubes use to be. Once she got him excited and erect she used the marker on the side of his shaft. She wrote ‘Becky’s Pole’ on one length and on the other side she wrote ‘Love You Bec.’ It wasn’t very legible, but she had fun trying to do it.

On Saturday I visited Jill in the hospital. She was going to be released on Sunday and could start school Monday if she liked. I showed up with my bald head and she was so happy. She wasn’t totally bald; her hair was missing in many places, but she had some. She told her mom she wanted to shave her head just like mine, so then we would match. I told her Pam also shaved her head in support of her. I could tell she liked the idea. I told her about the event and that mom and Miss Tate also shaved theirs. She couldn’t believe the support we all gave her. It was well worth the effort for my best friend ever. I told her there were 3,700 people in the audience at $10 each and that each of our hair donations received $165. All of the money was going to the cancer research center. Jill told me that her mom told her they had received over $3,000 in donations also.

On Monday I went to her house and she was ready to go with her cap on. She noticed I was bare headed, so she tossed her cap in the closet as we walked out to drive to school.

We made the TV news for the event we did. We three girls decided to keep the bald look until we graduated and then we would decide. Many of the boys shaved their heads, but no other girls did.

I had a date for the prom with Dane. We had been good friends for years and we had played around a little. Dane was the only guy that ever felt my naked tits. He was 6′-4″ and a great athlete. I gave my cherry to him on the night esenyurt türbanlı escort of the prom. He told me I was the prettiest shaved girl he knew, but he was surprised I had such a hairy bush with everything else shaved. I couldn’t explain it.

He used his fingers and massaged my pussy lips, driving me crazy. My breathing was elevated and I was quaking with desire. I was surprised with the patience he used to bring me to a higher and higher peak. I was begging him to do more and more. I felt his finger enter my pussy and it felt so good. He touched a place in my pussy that made me squeal and clamp my legs tight on his hand. I experienced an orgasm much better than I had ever given myself.

Dane moved between my widely spread legs and I felt the tip of his cock touch my pussy. I was wishing I could see what his cock looked like because I could feel it rubbing on my hairy mound and extending up to my bellybutton as he humped it on the outside of my wanton pussy. He let it rest and let me relax just a bit. He took his cock and rubbed the tip on the lips of my pussy. My pussy was becoming very wet and he was using his dick to spread the juices all around my pussy and the lips.

He slipped his cock between my pussy lips and waited. He then told me to take a deep breath and let it out. The second time, he said to take another breath and to let it out slowly as he pushed his stiff cock in my pussy. As I was letting my breath out I felt the stretching of my inner pussy as he slipped in and I screamed in joy. He held his cock inside my pussy just filling me, but not moving.

I soon become accustomed to the stretching and enjoyed how marvelous it felt. He gradually started withdrawing his cock and then pushing it back in. His cock head was rubbing all the right places and I soon wanted him to give me everything he had. Oh my God, did that cock feel good in my tight tortured pussy. I couldn’t have asked for a gentler guy to be my first. I had heard horror stories from some of my friends when they lost their virginity. I’m not going to lie, for a few seconds I wanted to stop and forget it, but Dane’s experience made my first time perfect.

After he popped my cherry, he was very careful and waited for me. God did he do it right. He fucked me so hard and so long I was like a basket case. Since it was my first time, I had no idea what to expect. Oh, I’d heard other girls talk about it, but to have experienced it myself was beyond anything I’d ever imagined it would be. After that first time, I wondered why I hadn’t tried it sooner.

When I got home from prom I went to my room and stripped off my clothes. My panties were soaked with Dane’s cum, my juices, and a little bit of blood. There was a distinct odor of sex about them.

I went into my bathroom, washed them in the sink, and hung them on the towel rack to dry. I didn’t want mom to find Dane’s cum in my panties.

I heard a knock at my door; it was mom. I had to scramble to find my robe and slip it on as she entered my room. One thing about my mother is she had seen me naked many times, we just never think much about it. I had seen her naked many times also, since she is my best bud and my perfect mom. She wanted to know if I was alright. I told her I was. However, this time, I’d just had sex for the first time and cum was still dripping out of my pussy and my whole body was red from the rubbing it had received.

She looked in my eyes and said. “Now you’re a woman. There’s a glow about you, and I can see it in your eyes. I hope your first time was as good as mine.”

I couldn’t answer—I just moved into her arms and she held me. She soon laid me down on the bed and I was in dreamland. I’m so lucky to have her as my mom.

I graduated the end of May and was accepted to go to State in the fall. I planned to take all my basic courses working towards my veterinary degree. Between graduation and starting college, I was riding my horse and working on the ranch. Right after graduation Dane went to the army. I was still keeping my head shaved smooth until the Fourth of July when I decided I would start letting it grow back so I had some for college.

One evening in early June while sitting in the bathtub soaking, I decided I’d better shave my legs. After shaving them smooth, I remembered what Dane said about my crotch. I decided to smooth it up a bit. I had noticed some of the girls now left landing strips, so I shaved and sculptured mine into a strip about one and one half inches wide. I walked from the bath into my room and saw myself in the mirror as I passed. In front of the mirror, I turned to admire myself. My landing strip wasn’t centered between my legs; I must have been sitting weird or something as it was more to my left than centered.

I went back and got my razor. I decided to remove more of the left side, and then more. Soon, I was soon sporting a pussy that matched my head—bald. When I looked at myself, I looked like a little girl again. Since I’d shaved my legs and my underarms, the only hair I now had was my eyelashes, my eyebrows, and my forearms. I had very fine blonde hair on my arms, so I decided if I could shave my pussy bald then I could shave my arms. Soon my arms were just as bare. I debated about the eyebrows. Mom had shaved off her eyebrows, and soon I removed those also. I was done—the eyelashes were staying, but there wasn’t a follicle left anywhere else on my body.

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