More Fun with Frank , Bill Ch. 01

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I just thought I would give a little update on how things had progressed with regards to me, Frank and Bill.

I shared with you all the fun time we had in March 2011 and how I was fucked rotten by them over the course of a weekend.

Since then I have now met them together for ‘fun’,a few times. This is how one weekend went.

Bill is still unaware that my hubby Mike knows all about our arrangement, and is also still blissfully unaware of me and Frank having had fun before we became a ‘threesome’ so to speak.

We had agreed to have another ‘session’ together as soon as it was practicable IE: Bill being able to get away from his wife, and a suitable weekend or day being free for us all.

Bill was very keen and had been like a dog on heat when ever I spoke to him!

We all got together when Mike and I bumped into the two of them on our way out of the house.

Bill seems to take great pleasure in ‘getting one over’ on Mike, he seems to be thrilled at the thought of me having had sex with him and talking dirtily about arranging the next time he will ‘fuck the arse off me’.

Him thinking I am being the unfaithful wife seems to get him going!

Frank and Mike are growing ever closer I’m pleased to say. They really get along, and now that Mike has relaxed a little about me having fun with the old guys, all is pretty rosy at the moment!

Anyway I was told that a little surprise was being arranged for me.

I was told to pack a bag as I was being treated to a weekend away in a hotel for the Easter bank holiday.

I was to be taken away on the Sunday afternoon for two evenings. It was Bill and Franks little Easter treat for me.

I was as excited as a child on Christmas eve and was as wet as ever in my knickers thinking of the fun I would be having.

Mike was going away on the Saturday night himself so we parted with him giving me a really sexy send off, a great fuck session at home.

He seemed to have a twinkle in his eye as well.

I would find out why over the course of the weekend.

The Sunday came and I set off with the canlı bahis two guys for our destination, a hotel in a little village on the coastline of East Lothian.

I had packed some raunchy underwear, outfits, plus a few of my toys with me.

I was informed I was in for a real hard, good fucking.

Bill had told his wife he was away visiting an old friend for the couple of days, and his wife had gone to her sisters so he was in the clear.

We arrived at the hotel in the early evening/late afternoon and once checked in we settled ourselves into our three rooms, all on the same floor.

Bill and Frank next door to each other and me at the end of the corridor. The other guests seemed to be a mixture of families getting together for the holidays.

We may have looked a little odd, two senior gents and me in my mid thirties.

We decided on the ruse that we were family too, if anyone asked, me being the niece of the two guys who were to be brothers!

As it happened only a couple of the staff at the hotel asked us any questions and even then they seemed to take little notice of us.

On arriving and unpacking I then dressed in a little black dress, short enough to show a fair bit of leg, a pair of my suspender style tights and some nice heels to top off the look.

I had hung my other outfits up and made sure my vibrators and toys were safely tucked away in one of the drawers.

We had a great meal in the restaurant, and then some drinks in the bar as a way of relaxing. Bill was especially flirty with me, whispering to me How sexy I looked and how he could see my thighs when I crossed my legs and how horny he was for me.

Frank was as cool as ever, happy to be enjoying the drinks and the company.

We chatted and as we finished off one of our drinks we were all becoming more turned on.

I was instructed by Bill to, “Get my little arse up the stairs and get ready for some cock.”

I was toying with them a little, making them sweat and flashing as much as I could in the circumstances, plenty of leg on display for my two old studs!

I bahis siteleri informed Frank in hushed whispers that I was “Fucking gagging for it,” and that I would be waiting in my room for the two of them.

I wiggled my way up to my room and my cunt was dripping with moisture from the anticipation.

The two guys followed me up after ten minutes or so. A knock on my door and I answered.

I had slipped out of my dress, leaving, me just in the suspender tights, black bra and black high heels.

I felt quite wicked opening the door like this, hoping secretly I may have given a glimpse to one of the other guests on our floor.

The two guys entered my room and we snogged each other in turn, my tongue darting in and out of both their mouths in turn.

By now my fanny was dripping and the usual lust was overtaking me. I ordered the two of them to get ready for me, asking them to watch me as I took two of my toys out of the drawer.

I sat on the edge of my bed as the two of them got undressed, their stiff pricks already straining through their underpants.

I toyed with my clitoris as I sat on the edge of the bed, legs spread wide, one leg hooked up onto the top of the small chest of drawers beside the bed.

I used my purple vibrator to tease my clit as they both stripped fully.

“Fucking look at her,” Bill said. “Look at our little tart getting her cunt ready for us.”

I was now inserting my big vibrator up me as they watched, my cunt juice dribbling down the length of my toy as I got more and more juiced up.

“I’m fucking soaking already Bill,” I replied. “My cunt is sopping for your big, stiff cock.”

Frank was the first to move towards me, dropping to his knees and running his hands up my nylon clad legs. He moved his head forward and as I fucked my wet, open cunny with my large fuck toy he began to lap at my clit with his tongue.

“Your pussy tastes so good Anna,” he told me. “You’re opening up nicely already love.”

Bill was now fully naked and joined us at the bed side. He took little time in offering his engorged prick bahis şirketleri to my eager mouth for me to suck.

“Get your lips around it,” he instructed me. “Suck it fucking hard love,” he urged me on.

I was still being licked by Frank, he was paying good attention to my stiff, throbbing clit. He had also taken over thrusting my humming vibrator up me, fucking me with good deep strokes.

Bills cock was embedded in my mouth, my spit drooling over his thick shaft and he was fucking my mouth with slow steady humps.

After a few minutes of me giving Bills cock a good licking, sucking, drooling and chewing he informed me he wanted to taste my sweet cunt.

We switched places, my vibrator being replaced with Bills fingers as he lapped at my clit and probed my ever widening wet cunny with his tongue. He shoved his tongue deep up my pussy as I began to wank and suck on Franks bulbous knob.

I was licking his shaft up and down its full length, alternating between sucking it deep in my mouth and also lapping at it like a lollipop.

Bill was now finger fucking me deeply with at least three fingers.

He was encouraging me to “Suck Franks prick. Suck it hard you tart, go on try and deep throat it. That’s it suck it for Uncle Frank you slut.”

We stayed like this for what seemed ages, then I was instructed to fuck my self whilst they watched me.

I climbed fully onto the bed and lay back spreading my legs for my two eager, senior lovers to watch me.

I used my big purple vibrator to fuck my oozing pussy, toying with my tits as well as I did so.

The two of them urged me on. Again using all the expletives they love to call me:




“Fuck toy.”

They begged me to ‘fuck it deeper’ and ‘harder’ as they watched and slowly wanked on their cocks.

I was then joined by the two of them on the bed, my fanny now splayed wide open as I eased my toy from up it.

I had cum off once already and I knew I was now in for a good hard fucking from the pair of them.

I will add the second part later, how I was double fucked that night.

Then I will share the ‘surprise’ that I was greeted with on the Monday.

Suffice to say I had not two cocks but three cocks to play with once my surprise had arrived at the hotel!

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