Mom’s a Tease

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Julia had way too much time on her hands since the divorce. She had received a hefty sum in the divorce settlement, so she had quit her mindless secretary job. She had focused to getting in better shape; although, she had already been in good shape. Now she was in amazing shape. Her long tanned legs were so chiseled that they could be used in an anatomy book. Her C cup breasts gave her slim figure an amazing hourglass shape. Some men at her gym tried hard to go the same time she did just to watch her perfect ass on the tread mill. She was in the best shape of her life.

She always drew the attention of the opposite sex. Her long blond hair and green eyes were enough to send any man over the edge. And now with her body toned to perfection she could have had any man she wanted, but she didn’t want any man. She wanted her husband back. The problem was that he wasn’t coming back.

She had always thought that she and her husband would be together forever. They met in college and had what she thought was an amazing relationship. Their sex life was good, but a little routine. As she had gotten older her appetite for sex had grown immensely. She was constantly thinking about sex, and planning her next encounter with her husband. The problem was that her husband had less and less interest in her. In the last two years before the divorce she had started to masturbate constantly to satisfy the need that her husband could not fulfill. And now he was gone. And her hunger was left to go unsatisfied.

On top of all this was the fact that she had a reminder of him around her every day in her son. He looked so much like his dad, that Julia sometimes called him by his father’s name by accident. He had just turned 18, and was growing into a man before her very eyes; unfortunately, that man was a spitting image of her ex-husband. They used to be much closer, but now as teenagers often do, he was pulling away. He was always in his room studying or playing on his computer, and it seemed as if he hardly ever hung out with kids his own age. She knew he never had a girlfriend, but she wondered if he had ever even kissed a girl.

She had been sunbathing in the backyard after coming home from another epic work out session when she heard his car pull into the driveway. Paul sighed to himself as he pulled his car into the driveway of his house. He was thankful to be home, another day of school over with, and for the rest of the day at least he was free to escape to his own little world.

School wasn’t a problem though in all honesty, he just preferred being home. Paul was very quiet and shy as a person, and so the loud noise and constant goings on of school wasn’t where he felt most comfortable to say the least. A part of him wished so much that he could change, that he could be one of the popular kids and have girls queuing up to talk to him, but as he’d gotten older he’d just accepted his place as one of the quiet kids who few noticed.

He had friends though, an exclusive club it was too, five or six guys in his year who were like him, friendly, but quiet and not many took the time to get past the slightly nerdy exterior to find the person within. Still, he was happy with his friends, he got on well with them all, but unlike others, instead of spending their evening out trying to score with girls or hang out together, they instead all went home to their rooms and spent the evening playing video games online with one another.

As he came inside he looked around, dropping his school bag by the door as he stopped by the mirror and ran his hand through his medium length brown hair. It was styled in a slightly messy way. As he looked at himself he knew he wasn’t ugly, he wasn’t bad looking, it was just his personality, and his lack of making a real effort with his appearance that was holding him back, but despite knowing that, it’s easier said than done to change.

“Hello?” he called out, wondering if his mother was at home, and it was then he saw the back door open, and he guessed she must be outside. He’d always gotten on well with his mother, though now he was growing up he wasn’t quite so needy for her attention as he was when younger, though they would still chat, Paul spent much of it eager to get back off upstairs to his room.

Like his Mom he was in his sexual prime and in desperate need of some company in that sense, he’s jerk off two to three times a day, maybe more on some days, so the reason to run back off upstairs wasn’t always what he said it was.

It didn’t help his Mom was gorgeous either, well, it wasn’t like Paul ever thought of her when he jerked off, it was just he had to work sometimes to keep his eyes off of her figure, for she was a very attractive woman, and often she’d wander around wearing very little, which of course is more than enough to set off a horny teenager.

“Hey Mom.” he called out as he came to the back door, seeing her laid out enjoying the sun in the garden. “Everything okay?” he asked her, just making some standard ataşehir escort chit chat before he started his usual routine.

The sound of her son’s voice shook her out of a sexy day dream she was having. In the dream she was on her knees on some tropical beach, and she was sucking the cocks of two young, sun kissed studs. The dream was so vivid that she could feel her mouth stretching to get around the wide cock in her mouth.

Julia awoke laying on the chaise lounge by the pool. She was wearing a semi skimpy white bikini that accentuated her tanned body. Since she was no longer working, her tan had taken on an almost bronze hue.

She had been laying on her stomach and must not have noticed that she had drifted off into dream land. She wondered if the moisture she felt between her legs was sweat or just an indication of how good of a dream she was having.

She focused her still sleep filled eyes on her son, smiled and said,

“Hey Sweetie. I’m just making the most of my day as usual. How was school?”

She could not get over how much he looked like his father. Julia scooted up on her elbows to listen to his response, and as she did her top continued to lay on the lounge chair. Her gorgeous white breasts were left on their own to sway in the fresh air. Her dark red nipples were hard as rocks despite the heat. Julia let out a tiny gasp and then feebly tried to cover her breasts with one arm while propping herself up with the other.

“Shit! I forgot that I untied my top so I wouldn’t get tan lines.”

Paul didn’t say a thing. The last thing he thought he would see today was his mom’s tits. And they were nice.

“Paul, can you tie me please”

Julia turned her back on her son so that he could fix her top. Also she felt a bit embarrassed. Not for herself, but from her angle she could swear that she saw a bulge in her son’s pants.

“She obviously hadn’t been tanning topless yet.” He thought

Paul smiled as his Mom replied. More than anything he was just happy to see her in such good spirits recently, for after the divorce she had been a bit down and feeling sorry for herself, as had he in all honesty, but now she seemed to be full of life and happy. What he didn’t know though was the exact reason was she was smiling like she was, for he’d never have imagined in a million years his mother would be thinking about sucking two young studs!

“School was okay, kinda boring…” he said to her. As he spoke his eyes glanced over his mother’s figure, she was very much in shape, and her white bikini left little to the imagination.

What it did leave to the imagination though was soon destroyed for when she sat up her top stayed beside, casually talking to him with her breasts on full show.

Paul stood and stared at her lovely breasts for a moment. They might not of been as tanned as the rest of her, but good lord they were gorgeous! Despite her age they still looked so firm and soft, and Paul could feel his cock growing as he stood and stared. He was happy his mother covered them when she did, for he’d have just stood and devoured them with his eyes until she did.

His cheeks blushed as he felt himself get aroused over his own mother, but he really couldn’t help it.

“I… ahh… erm… sure.” he replied as she asked him to tie her, and he slowly walked over, trying not to look at her too much as his bulge continued to grow, and a little shakily his hands did up the bikini top in a bow.

“Is that okay?” he asked quietly, standing back a step or two he let his hands drop to cover his bulge. He was about as tall as his dad, and with her back to him, his hands fumbling with her strap, it felt good to be close to a strong man, even if it was just her son. Just his hot breath on the back of her neck was enough to excite her. As he tied her strap, she felt a conspicuous hard spot on the top of her ass. Ever so slightly she backed into him and confirmed what she had suspected. Ever so subtly she wiggled her hard ass into his groin. “No harm to tease him a bit” She thought.

He stepped back quickly as he finished, and asked her if he did a good job tying her. She spun around to face him, and had to bite her lip not to laugh. His body was that of a strong man, but his mannerisms were like an embarrassed little boy covering his erection in class. His hands were not doing a good job covering his situation. “I wonder how big that cock of his is?” She thought. ” Shit, what am I thinking, that’s my son. I need to get laid.”

“You tied it too loose silly. I am going to pop out. See.”

The bathing suit top was so loose he could see the dark outline of her left areola showing on her left breast. She shook her torso side to side and her breasts popped out immediately. The contrast of her tanned skin, and the white bikini outline on her large breasts was stunning. She just stood there topless for what seemed like an eternity. It felt good to show off her breasts. She avcılar anal yapan escort laughed and then turned her back. She cupped her breasts with an arm, and looked over her shoulder at him.

“Tie me tighter please, you silly goose. After you finish tying me, you should grab your bathing suit so we can go for a swim. You need the relaxation after your hard day at school.”

As his Mom pressed back against him to see if he was hard, Paul let out a soft gasp, the feeling of her body touching against his bulge sent a waver of pleasure through the young man’s body. He managed to keep it quiet though, and he just hoped that his mother hadn’t felt his cock touch against or, or heard him quietly gasp. The fact she might have pressed back against him on purpose didn’t even enter his mind, after all, why would it?

Once he’d tied her he had just expected her to tell him it was fine and then he could run off upstairs to take care of the erection between his legs, but instead she told him he’d done it wrong. It seemed in his nervousness around women, and his eagerness to get it done quickly he’d not tied it fast enough, and his Mom mad that perfectly clear.

She stood before him and moved her body, the young man for the second time getting an eyeful of her chest as her breasts spilled free of the loosely tied bikini.

“Oh… I… sorry Mom.” he said blushing, however his eyes were glued to her chest as he spoke. Her breasts her large, and for her age they were still very firm, the young man just drawn to them as she stood before him, not even bothering to cover them.

“Sure thing.” he said as she turned back, giving him the chance to tie her properly this time, and this time he made sure to pull the strings tighter so that her breasts wouldn’t just fall out of the bikini once again. His cock was even harder now, the long view he’d had of his Mom shaking her chest was more than enough to make him react in such a way.

“A swim? We’ve not swam together for years…” he said as she suggested it. He didn’t mind doing so, infact it was a nice idea, especially when she was dressed like she was, but more than anything he wanted to just go and jerk off, but he knew he had to play it cool and try and ignore his cock, otherwise it would become obvious, and who knows how his Mom might react to that!?

Once done he headed inside to grab his bathing suit. “I won’t be a minute.” he said, taking a final glance at his Mom’s hour glass shaped figure before going inside. He ran to his room to grab his suit, and he thought about rushing to the bathroom to jerk off real quick, but he knew Mom would be waiting, and it would be obvious if he came back down looking all flustered, so instead he just tried to ignore his need, changed into his suit and headed back down to the garden to meet with his Mom. After her son went back inside, Julia was taken aback at how turned on she was. Maybe it was the dream she was having before Paul woke her, or maybe it was the fun she had in showing off her breasts and getting a rise out of a handsome man, even if it was her son. Having strong hands on her also added to her state of sexual arousal.

She slipped a hand into her bikini bottoms to see if she was really as wet as she felt. She found that her smooth pussy lips were full with arousal and sopping wet. Her hand instinctively went to her clit, and she found it erect and begging to be played with. She couldn’t help herself and she started rubbing her clit vigorously. It felt so good, that her other hand subconsciously went to her left breast and started rubbing it through the fabric of her bathing suit. She could feel her orgasm building.

Suddenly she realized where she was and that her son could walk out and see her, or even be watching her from his window. The thought of him seeing her playing with herself was too much, and it pushed her over the edge. She rubbed her clit harder and pinched her nipple hard through the fabric of her top, and she had a mind shattering orgasm. Her entire body felt warm, and she could not move her legs for a second. When she came to her senses, she realized she could not be seen in her present condition. Her bottoms were soaked with her love juice.

She quickly headed for the pool and dove in. As she swam underwater to the side of the pool she thought. “I can’t believe how quickly I came. I have to get laid soon. ” As she came up for air she had a tinge of regret for her thoughts, but it was not as if she was going to have sex with her son. She was just having a little fun with the only man around. And she smiled a smile bigger than she had in a long time. As he came down, now fully calm and ready to get into the pool Paul stopped by the kitchen first, a nice cold glass of water was exactly what he needed right now. He ran the tap so the water was cold and then filled his glass. He took a big gulp from it and then looked out of the window, then he practically spat the mouthful of water avcılar bdsm escort out into the sink. What the hell!?

Outside in the garden his mother was quite clearly masturbating. His mother always seemed to sweet and nice, he never even imagined that she might do things like this or have sexual thoughts. It was of course just his youthful naivety, and the fact he’d never thought of his mother in such a way before, but the truth was that his mother did do these sorts of things, and she was doing so right now.

He just stood at the sink and stared at her, unable to take his eyes off of her as he watched his mother bring herself to climax. The erection between his legs which he had managed to calm was now back raging between his legs again at watching this, and he even let his hand drop to rub himself over his shorts. His cock throbbed as he watched his mother cum, however again he knew he had to get outside rather than stand and take care of himself, for the last thing he wanted was to get caught because his mother came looking to see where he got too.

Grabbing a towel on his way out he held it before his crotch to hide his erection as he came out, smiling at his mom as she was already in the pool. He quickly threw the towel down though and then jumped into the pool, hoping his bulging erection had remained unseen as he swan over to his mom, trying to act as normal as possible.

“The water’s really nice.” he said smiling as he swam about a little.

The water cooled her lust a bit, but as she came up for air she saw Paul walking toward the pool. He was bare-chested and carrying a towel in front of him awkwardly. The sight of him in his bathing suit got her revved up once again. He didn’t have a body builder physique, but he was young, lean, and healthy. She was thinking what it would be like to lick his hairless chest, when she shook herself to reality.” That’s my son. I might tease him a bit, but that’s it.”

She watched him drop his towel and run towards to pool. “Oh my god! He has a total hard on.” As he jumped into the pool, she wondered how uncomfortable the leap must have been on his erect cock. “I can’t believe his hard on didn’t go away while he was upstairs.” The thought that he had seen her masturbating did not even cross her mind. The sight of that bulge in his bathing soon made her feel so horny again.

She swam over to him at the deep end. Her white bathing suit was practically see through when wet, and in her state of arousal her nipples were so hard they looked as if they would tear through the fabric of her suit. She popped up next to him and purposefully grazed his hard on with her hand as she came up for air. Her blonde hair looked amazing slicked back and wet.

“Feels so good, doesn’t it?” She smiled such a sly smile that he wasn’t sure if she was referring to the water feeling good, or her hand grazing his cock.

“The water is so warm, and the sun feels so nice, it makes me want to skinny dip.” She had no intention of doing it, but she wanted to see how he would react.

“Have you ever skinny dipped Paul?”

Paul had hoped that the cool water might help him calm down and help to relax his aching erection too, however as his Mom swam over to him he knew after what he had seen, and what he was currently seeing there was no way his cock was going to be softening any time soon.

As she surfaced beside him he gasped as quiet as he could as he felt his mother’s hand brush against his erection. He knew she didn’t mean to touch him there, after all, she was his mother, but even so, the feel of her hand to brush over him like that sent waves of pleasure through his body. The young man hadn’t even really been touched like that before, which probably just made it feel all the better as his young cock throbbed inside of his swim suit.

When she smiled at him he tried to badly to keep calm, but her words, the double meaning of them paired with the way his cock was throbbing left him utterly speechless, and instead he just nodded his head in reply to what she said, having decided to keep to the notion that she hadn’t meant to touch his erection.

“Skinny dip?” he said quietly, gasping a little as he said it. He was having enough trouble keeping his eyes off of his mother’s body as it was, let alone without her taking off her bikini!

“No… never.” he said as he shook his head, his cheeks flushing at just the thought of it.

“Well I don’t think it makes a difference when you are swimming with your mom. It’s nothing I haven’t already seen, and anyway this bikini was not meant for swimming. The top keeps coming off. ” The bikini top had slipped off her left breast exposing much of her glorious globe. She reached back and untied her top and then tossed it out of the pool toward the chair.

“Well if you get to be topless then so do I.” Her breasts were even more radiant wet.

Julia swam to her son underwater. She sneaked a peak underwater and saw that he still had a raging hard on. She decided she was going to have a little fun with her son. She swam to his legs, grabbed his ankles, and opened his legs. Then she swam between them as if they were a tunnel. She came up for air behind him, and gave him a hug making sure she pushed her chest into his back. She laughed and then put her lips up to his ear.

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