Momma’s Little Bitch Ch. 02

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I woke around 8 am, I only had two hours to get ready for Momma. I showered quickly, trying to stay under thirty minutes, and brushed and dried my hair. When I put on the uniform I noticed it was a lot more revealing than I thought it would be. The collar draped loosely around my shoulders, and the sleeves fell just below my elbows. The fabric was white chiffon, and my nipples were very visible through the fabric and I also had some difficulty getting my breasts to fit into the “weak cups”. The corset was black silk and started below my breasts and ended just below my hips, but the skirt barely covered my ass or pussy. I rummaged around in my dresser and found a white thong to wear underneath. I put the bonnet on and a pair of black slippers, left my hair down and then headed downstairs to meet Momma.

Momma was seated on the couch, and she’d brought her friend Valerie over. Valerie frightened me, she was almost six feet tall, with dark brown hair and green eyes and she always made fun of my weight, next to Momma who was slim with blonde hair. Both women were naked except they wore black stiletto heels and thick black strap-ons.

“You’re late,” Momma said.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“What?” Momma said.

“I’m sorry Mistress,” I said.

“Good girl, now get on your knees,” Momma said.

As I knelt down in front of Momma she straddled her legs in front of me and presented the fat fist-sized head of her strap-on dildo to my lips. Valerie knelt behind me and took hold of my hair.

“Suck on it,” Momma said.

Without a word I opened my mouth and Valerie pushed my head down on Momma’s “cock,” and Momma took hold of my hair and bounced my head back and forth on her dildo.

As I gagged and choked on Momma’s strap-on, Valerie slipped her hand down my ass and between my legs and squeezed my pussy. I felt myself getting moist.

“She’s so sensitive,” Valerie said, I could almost feel her grin, as she started to rub my clit through the flimsy fabric of my thong and said, “Keep those legs spread bitch.”

I tried to concentrate on opening my throat, but I’d never given a blowjob before and the thick dildo was lodged in my throat as Momma buried her foot-long cock in my throat. Then I heard a loud, angry buzzing, and felt something vibrating against my clit through my thong and then I felt- SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! ankara escort SMACK! on my pussy, and then SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! on my ass. I cried into Momma’s “cock” and Valerie laughed, “Such a crybaby.” She pulled my thong to one side and put the vibrator to my clit again. I moaned into Momma’s “cock” and Valerie caressed my right nipple through the weak fabric of my uniform, pinching and tweaking my hard nipple, giggling as I squealed and whimpered.

Finally Momma allowed me to breathe and Valerie yanked me back by my hair and shoved me down on my back. She pressed the head of her “cock” to my lips. Her “cock” was thicker and longer than Momma’s, nearly as thick as an orange. As Valerie forced her massive cock into my mouth, I dreaded what was to come next as Momma rubbed the head of her cock against my clit.

“Momma’s going to make her little girl scream with pleasure,” Momma sang sweetly.

I knew I couldn’t escape this, so I felt I needed to go along with it and I moaned into Valerie’s strap-on as Momma teased my clit with the head of her cock. Then Momma lifted my legs, placing my knees over her shoulders, and proceeded to slide her fat “cock” deep into my wet pussy. She didn’t use any lubricant other than what my pussy was releasing, sliding her “cock” inch by inch into me. I screamed into Valerie’s “cock” as Momma’s strap-on stretched me.

“There we are…” Momma sighed, once she’d buried nearly everything into my pussy.

She grasped my hips and began to fuck my pussy, and Valerie held my chin with one hand as she started to fuck my mouth. Momma turned the vibrator on again and pressed it to my clit as she filled my pussy with her “cock.”

The combination of the vibe on my clit and Momma ripping my pussy was too much. I wanted to make it stop but Valerie trapped my hands beneath her knees and resumed opening my throat, then she pulled her cock from my throat and slapped me across the face. She held my throat with one hand and slapped her “cock” against my cheek. Momma rubbed the vibrator against my clit as she fucked my pussy harder.

“Please, stop,” I moaned, although I didn’t want it to stop.

Valerie pulled my breasts from their “cups” and squeezed my nipples, she smiled as milk began to leak from my nipples. She gathered a couple of drops on her fingers and brought them to her lips, sucking her escort ankara fingers.

“So sweet,” Valerie smiled.

I felt my orgasm building, I cried out and Momma pushed her “cock” deeper into my pussy, pressing the vibe to my clit. I started cumming and Momma pulled her strap-on wetly from my pussy. Valerie sat on the couch and spread her legs. She sat me on Valerie’s lap facing Valerie, my legs hanging over her knees. I felt Valerie’s fat “cock” sink into my pussy, I was sure something was going to rip. Momma slapped my ass and pushed her own “cock” into my ass and started to fuck me again. I felt her “cock” ripping my ass, as Momma fucked my ass, I bounced up and down on Valerie’s “cock,” while Valerie licked and sucked my milk-filled breasts. I moaned aloud, Valerie moaned into my breasts, Momma groaned as she fucked me harder and harder. Something was going to rip. I dug my fingers into Valerie’s shoulders as she and Momma rode me with a sort of movement like that of a “gallop.” She only laughed and bucked her hips harder. I started cumming again, Momma pulled her strap-on from my ass and Valerie lifted me off her lap.

“On the couch, all fours, and grip the arm,” Valerie said.

Her six foot figure towered over my height of five foot five inches as she stared down at me. I crawled up onto the sofa, on my knees, ass in the air, I gripped the arm of the sofa. I peeked over my shoulder, Valerie knelt behind me. She slapped my ass and barked, “Spread your legs bitch!” I did. Valerie tapped my clit with the head of her massive “cock.” She dragged the tip of her cock up between the swollen, fleshy lips of my pussy and up my crack before lining her “cock” up with my ass.

“We’re going to open up this beautiful little star,” Valerie said.

Valerie held my hips, then she pushed forward. The head of her “cock” pressed harder against my hole, pushing it open. Valerie pushed in gently and slowly, she gripped my his firmly, pushing until all of her “cock” was buried in me. When I felt her hips rest against my ass, I allowed myself to breathe but when I did Valerie pulled her “cock” out to the tip and then shoved it back in, her hips slamming against my ass. I cried out. Valerie quickened her thrusting, skin slapping against skin. Valerie took hold of my wrists and pulled my arms behind me, holding my wrists as she fucked me harder. Momma came ankara escort bayan up in front of me and pushed the head of her strap-on past my open lips. I moaned into her “cock,” Momma pulled at my hair. SMACK! as Valerie buried her “cock” deeper.

“You’re little girl isn’t used to being fucked up the ass, she’s so tight…” Valerie groaned.

I knew she was grinning. Then I felt my pussy tingle. Valerie slammed my ass harder, pushing my ass in the air. The base of her strap-on slapped my clit and swollen pussy lips with each hard thrust and I moaned louder into Momma’s “cock.”

“Oh she’s close…” Valerie smiled, her hips slapping harder and harder against my ass.

There would be bruises. I felt myself about to cum. Valerie’s strap-on penetrating my ass, slapping my clit. One finale thrust, then Valerie slowly pulled her “cock” from my ass and Momma pulled hers from my throat. She discarded the false cock in a nearby arm chair and ordered me to lay on my back with my legs spread. Momma slid her body up onto the couch, she parted my pussy lips with her thumbs flicked my clit once with her tongue. I moaned, Valerie removed her strap-on and presented her slick “cock” to my lips. Obediently I opened my lips as Momma licked my pussy, I licked Valerie’s “cock” clean and she smiled and stroked my hair.

“She learns fast,” Valerie said, kissing my forehead.

Valerie rubbed my shoulders, then slowly slid her hands down to my breasts. She squeezed my breasts and tweaked my nipples, gently tugging at them. I held her “cock” in my hands, licking and sucking my juices off. Valerie nibbled and licked my nipples, sucking more milk from me. She suckled greedily, squeezing my breasts so as to coax more of the white substance. I moaned into Valerie’s strap-on as Valerie greedily nursed from my breasts and Momma licked my pussy. I tilted my head back and moaned loudly, I let the rubber dildo drop to the floor, forgotten. Momma slipped her tongue up into my pussy, licking my vaginal walls. She pulled back from my pussy, then she spit on my clit and rubbed my clit with two fingers.

“Are you going to cum for us again?” Momma asked, rubbing my clit faster.

I threw my head back, arching my back as I moaned loudly as Momma rubbed my clit faster. I was going to cum again. I heard the loud buzzing again, Momma pressed the vibrator against my clit and Valerie clamped her hand tightly over my mouth as I screamed my oncoming orgasm. As I came again, Momma climbed up on top of me and kissed my lips.

“Good girl, you’ve made Momma and Auntie Valerie very happy,” Momma said.

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