Mom Lusts for Son

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Kathy had gotten pregnant by the Star Quarterback of the football team that fateful night. The Warriors had just defeated their cross town rival for the 3rd year straight. They had been on the losing end for decades to the bigger and more diverse talented school but, as most things do, the tide had shifted with the addition of the new coach and Alan, the young quarterback talent that had moved to their school this year.

Kathy was a cheerleader with long brunette hair and a very shapely body. She had perfect 32-B set of tits and a curvacious ass that drew the attention of all the guys. Her face was considered by many to be that of a supermodel. Big warm eyes and a tan complexion that appealed to men’s senses. She had even noticed the Coaches and other student’s fathers admiring her. She remained a virgin to ensure that she didn’t get pregnant at such an early age. Kathy desired to have the typical family that so many women desired and tried her best to remain chaste, despite all the advances made on her throughout her years in High School.

On that fateful evening, the entire football team, Cheerleaders, and other students gathered at a party after the game to celebrate. As suspected, someone had found a way to get some alcohol and Kathy was so enamoured by the attractive new star quarteback that she allowed herself to let loose and drink along with him. After her fourth or fifth beer, Kathy became very flirty and allowed herself to get closer to Alan. Alan noticed her becoming drunk and urged her to drink more in hopes that he might be able to bed this super beauty that he lusted for since his arrival at school. Before anyone else knew, Alan had maneuvered Kathy to a bedroom upstairs and began to make out with her. They kissed and fondled each other. Kathy was caressing the firm young ass of Alan as Alan was kneading her perfect breasts through her top. The more Alan massaged her tits and rubbed on her nipples, the more turned on Kathy became. It was most certainly the alcohol that lowered her inhibitions and allowed the session to advance to the point where Alan was able to remove her cheerleader skirt and slide her bloomers down to her ankles. Before Kathy realized it, Alan had freed his cock and positioned himself between her legs. Without warning, he pushed himself into her and pushed past her hymen, causing her a sudden sharp pain. It was then that her consciousness returned and she realized that Alan had just violated her virginity. She tried to push him off her but he had her pinned down and was now thrusting into her with purpose. As much as she tried, she could not free herself from this act of invasion. As suddenly as she had realized that she could not remove herself from his onslaught, she felt Alan tense and throw his head back as he shot his load of cum into her virgin hole.

It was unfortunate for Kathy that one single night of indiscretion that she would become pregnant and eventually give birth to her son, Luke. Alan had decided to have nothing to do with her after that night, especially after learning that she was pregnant. He denied being the father of the young boy and after only 1 year of being at her school, moved away to another state. She never heard from him again and was forced to raise Luke on her own. Having a child that early in life presented challenge for her finding a mate that would be willing to take on her and her boy. Kathy had many dates and did what she could to win over her suitors but was always unsuccessful. She allowed men to do all the things that they ever wanted with her. Anal, threesomes, swallowing and more but would never stay much longer than their desire for physical gratification from her.

It was 18 years later and her and Luke were all that each other had. Luke had grown to be just as handsome as Alan was and was probably even better looking when Kathy’s looks were added to the gene pool. Luke was in no short supply of female attention. Kathy was very careful to ensure that Luke didn’t follow in his fathers footsteps and was always mindful of teaching Luke to respect women and their wishes to remain virgins. She didn’t want to have Luke feel that sex was a bad thing but didn’t dare allow him to feel that it was something he had to ever force upon a girl. Luke had his share of sex with some of the prettiest girls in school. It never seemed to last very long though and Kathy wondered if Luke was using them as Alan had done to her.

“Luke Honey. I want to ask you a personal question and want you to know that you can tell me anything. I want to be completely open and honest with each other. ok?” Kathy asked Luke as they sat at the dinner table that evening in May.

“Ok Mom. What did you want to ask me?” Luke asked. He loved that his mom was considered by many of his friends as a MILF and was proud that he had such a hot mom. He always found himself attracted to her, despite the fact that she was his mother.

“I’ve noticed that you never seem to date your girlfriends for very long honey. Is there some specific reason that you aren’t able to find someone that you can settle illegal bahis down with?” she asked with a serious expression on her face. She was fishing for the reason he wouldn’t find one girl and stick by her side.

Luke didn’t expect the question to be related to his dating life but recognized that she had taken notice of his inability to keep just one girl as a girlfriend for any length of time. Luke knew the reason but didn’t want to share with his mom what that reason was so he lied to her and said “I just want to have as much fun as I can while I’m young mom. I don’t want to settle down when I have so many options.”.

Kathy was devastated to hear Luke answer in such a way. It made her feel like she was looking directly into the face of Alan once again. This was the answer she feared. What she didn’t know was that Luke had tried to settle down with these girls but once they realized that his cock was 11 inches in length and 3 inches in circumference, they always left him. They complained that it hurt when he would fuck them.

“Luke, I really wish you would find one girl that you can be with and share moments with. I haven’t ever spoke to you about your father and what happened between us but I feel that maybe now is the right time. Your father impregnated me on a night that he took my virginity. It was after a big victory over the Cougars and we had just beaten them for the 3rd year in a row. We all went to a party and your father, well…he got me drunk and took advantage of me and knocked me up. Afterwards, he never paid me any attention and went from girl to girl without ever acknowledging the fact that he and I had ever had sex that fateful night. I’m glad that I have you in my life and wouldn’t trade that night again if it meant that I wouldn’t have you, but I can’t bear to think that you might become someone just like him.” Kathy explained.

Luke was floored by what his mom was telling him and instantly felt anger toward his father and sympathy for his mom. He knew that she had dated many men and that most of them would stick around for a very short while and then just leave suddenly. He realized that his saying what he said caused his mom a great deal of pain and sorrow.

“Mom.” Luke interrupted. “I’m sorry about what I said. I want you to know that what I said is not necessarily true.” Luke was staring at the table and unsure of whether he wanted to share the actual truth with his mother about his manhood and it’s size. He loved his mom and knew of his feelings he had for her. He had masturbated many nights thinking about him and his mom being together and satisfying each other. He tried many times to spy on her to see her naked but was never successful. He couldn’t stand to have her believe that he was like so many men that had hurt her so he summoned his courage and opened the flood gate of truth.

“I’m not just moving from girl to girl simply to enjoy my youth. Every girl I’ve been with, I’ve loved and wanted to be with them. It’s just that…well…I ummm” he had trouble getting the last words out.

“You, what? baby?” Kathy implored. She could see the struggle on her son’s face and how he wanted to tell her something but was not able to say it. “Please be totally honest with me. I will always love you and respect you despite what you say. Remember, totally honest with each other.” she said with her warm and loving smile. Luke looked into his mother’s beautiful face and couldn’t resist opening up with her. He loved her so much and wanted so badly to share with her on this level. He decided to just let the words come out.

“I’m not able to keep the girls because of my penis” he simply stated.

Kathy was a bit shocked by what her son had just said. “Your penis?” she asked as if confused.

“I’m apparently too much, I’m told” he divulged. He was blushing as hard as he ever had in the past and was now unable to look his mother in the face as he revealed the honest truth.

“Well, how much is too much?” Kathy hesitantly asked but kept with her theme of total honesty and openness. “I mean, is it too big around?”

“It’s that and that I’m too long.” Luke admitted. He had looked at his mother at that moment and noticed that her eyes were as big as he’d ever seen them. She seemed to be shocked and in deep thought as she stared at him. Kathy was imagining how big he could be to cause these young girls to NOT want to be with him over such a thing. Kathy herself found that she enjoyed the bigger cocks of the men she’d been with and always hoped that the man she ended up with would be endowed with such a majestic tool that would provide her with the pleasure she so deeply desired.

Kathy finally found words to offer Luke in effort to console him. “I see. Well, some girls are not able to handle much more than 6 inches without it causing them pain.” she explained. “One day you’ll find a girl that will appreciate such a, ummm, big penis”. Kathy was now as curious as she’d ever been and desperately wanted to see just how big her son’s cock was that he was admitting to.

“I hope you’re right mom. illegal bahis siteleri I want to find a girl that I can settle down with but they always see how big it gets and then they find excuses to avoid having sex. I always get handjobs from them and that’s it. Even though those are nice, I prefer to feel myself inside them, you know?” Luke admitted now feeling closer and more brave discussing this with his super hot mom.

“Are you using condoms at least when you try to have sex with these girls?” Kathy asked instinctively as a typical mother would. She didn’t bother to ask if he had already had sex with a girl but wanted to be sure that he was at least being safe and keeping himself from impregnating a poor young girl and putting her in the same place that Alan had put her 18 years ago.

“Yes Mom. I carry condoms with me and have used them whenever I have been able to have sex with a girl.” Luke confirmed. This made Kathy very proud of her young handsome son. She now couldn’t get the idea of his huge cock out of her mind and was so eager to find out just how big he was. She wanted to ask him right then and there to tell her just how big it was, or maybe even show her, but instead resisted and comforted her son in this moment of vulnerability.

“That’s good to hear Luke. I’m glad to hear that are considerate of those girls and yourself and are taking the necessary steps to avoid having a child too soon. You will find that girl that accepts you for what God has blessed you with and will be happy with her.” Kathy said with a sweet and warming smile.

Luke heard his mom say the words “what God has blessed you with..” and couldn’t help but focus on just that phrase. Was she actually saying that to help shore him up or was she saying that she thought that him having a big cock was a ‘blessing’? Any fantasy of his mom he had before was now amplified in his mind and he felt his cock begin to grow from the idea that his own mother might be attracted to his long and fat cock.

The conversation died out and they both went their separate ways afterwards. Weeks had passed and they both enjoyed each other’s company on every occasion. They continued to maintain their open communication after that day and Kathy would always ask how Luke’s dates went and he would always tell her about the way the girls would seem to date him only out of curiosity of what other girls had gossiped about. Kathy would always reassure him that he would find that woman he could be with one day.

Kathy never was able to get the thought of Luke’s penis out of her mind. She wanted so many times to ask him to show her but didn’t feel that it would be appropriate and was also afraid that doing so would scare him into a traumatic state that she could never live with. She would steal glances at his crotch whenever they were lounging around the house. One day she chanced upon him as he exited the bathroom with just a towel on. She caught a glimpse of the outline of it as he stepped forward and caused it to press against the front of the towel slightly. He mouth watered at the sight and was driving her crazy with lust for her own son. She didn’t know how much longer she could keep herself from going crazy with lust for her son’s cock.

Kathy purchased a 9″ realistic dildo years ago and found herself using this particular dildo on herself much more since that afternoon her and Luke had shared with each other. She would suck on it pretending hit was Luke’s cock and would ride it until she powered through with her intense orgasms. She was having orgasms that she had never felt before and knew it was directly related to the idea of Luke’s cock. Kathy couldn’t stand it much longer and decided she had to at least see it somehow. But how? The answer came unexpectedly one fateful night.

Luke and Kathy were both tired after a long week of work and school. They both decided to have a home movie night and spend some Mother/Son time together as they typically did when they both didn’t have dates or school events going on. School had just ended and Luke had graduated with high honors and was in the process of looking for his summer job. It was a warm June evening and the house they lived in didn’t have Air Conditioning. Kathy turned on the fan in the living room and shut down most of the lights. She turned on the 55″ TV and opened up Netflix. She asked Luke “What do you feel like watching tonight?”.

“I don’t care Mom. What do you want to watch?” he asked, already knowing that she would want to watch some romantic chic flick.

“Umm, I was thinking maybe we could watch something a bit more unusual tonight. Something that we don’t normally watch together.” Kathy then went to the Independent category for movies and picked one that involved a young boy and really attractive girl that were marooned on an island in the pacific after their boat got caught in the currents that carried them off their intended path. The girl bore a striking resemblance to Kathy and Luke noticed the resemblance right away. They ordered pizza, wings, and some bread sticks from the local pizza canlı bahis siteleri establishment and began to watch the movie. Luke was on one end of the couch and Kathy was on the other.

Due to the heat, they both decided on wearing something that was lighter and cooler. Kathy wore a favorite tank top and shorts and Luke wore just his perforated basketball shorts and no shirt. Kathy loved it when he would leave his top off. He had a perfect chest and muscular arms just like Alan had when she was younger. Kathy usually wore a bra under her tank top but opted to leave it off tonight due to the extreme humidity as well as it was just uncomfortable. Luke noticed right away that his mom’s tits were free and unconfined this evening. He thought he could make out a dark ring at the ends where her nipples would be but wasn’t sure due to the low lighting. Every once in a while the screen would get brighter and he would steal glances at them in hopes to get a good look at her nipples through her top.

Luke and Kathy watched the movie and became very engrossed when the young stars of the movie decided to shed their clothing and parade around the island nude. The male star was very well endowed and Kathy was unable to keep herself from staring at it whenever the camera showed him. Luke was also intrigued and extremely turned on by the perfect shape of the young girl with C-Cup tits and prominent nipples. Her ass was exquisite and he also noticed that the male star was very well endowed. He thought to himself how fortunate the character was that this girl was not at all fearful of him sporting such a massive cock. The more he fantasized in his head, the more his own cock stirred to hardness. Luke did his best to hide the fact that he was becoming erect from his mother and pushed his cock down with his elbow to keep it from making a huge tent in his shorts. The quick glances he was being afforded of his mother’s tits though were making it very difficult.

Kathy had noticed what was happening with her son and she was desperately trying to steal her own glances at his package. She noticed a couple of times that when Luke would shift in his seat that the end of his cock would try to rise up in his shorts. She noticed that the tip was located quite a ways down his right leg and she thought to herself that he was even bigger than the young star on the Television. Her pussy moistened at the thought of such a wonderfully big cock. She was afraid that Luke could smell her arousal and moved herself in the seat to keep the smell from wafting over to his nostrils. In doing that, she didn’t realize that she was turning her torso in his direction and that her nipples were now rock hard. Luke instantly noticed her hard nubs and wanted very much to move over to her and place each one in his mouth. They protruded out like little fingers on the end of perfectly round globes. Luke was a big nipple lover and enjoyed it immensely whenever girls would allow him to play with theirs.

The movie progressed through a very steamy love scene that was pushing mom and son to the brink of excitement. Neither sad anything until the movie finally ended.

“That was a nice movie. Don’t you think Luke?” Kathy finally said.

“Yeah. I liked it” Luke answered. “I think that the girl looked a little like you Mom” Luke flattered.

“Really? I guess I didn’t notice that.” Kathy lied. “She has a much better body than I do though, of course.” Kathy added.

“I think your body is just as good as hers Mom.” Luke said to diffuse the idea that his mom thought that her body wasn’t as good as the actress’ body. In fact, he thought that her body was better than the young girls body. He loved that his mom’s tits were so round and full and still stood up proudly despite the fact that 18 years of toil had been added to it. Kathy did a great job keeping herself in shape with the Pilates and other exercises she would do. Luke loved watching her in her tight exercise clothes as she would work out.

“Why, Thank you Luke” Kathy swooned, noticing that Luke was trying to make her feel attractive. “I think you have a better body than the guy in that movie did too. He doesn’t have the physique you have. You obviously would have been able to steal that girl from him.” she proudly boasted on his behalf.

As the movie ran through the credits, Netflix suggested a follow up movie to the one they had just watched. It was a bit more sexual and seemed to be themed around the idea of young boys that worked for older women and were paid with sexual favors. Kathy decided to keep the train moving in the right direction here and asked Luke if he was comfortable watching it.

Luke would have normally shied away from admitting that he wanted to watch it but had no trouble agreeing to wanting to watch such a movie with her ever since him and Kathy opened up to each other. He also hoped to steal more glances at her hard nipples and figured that if the previous movie had that affect on her that this one would definitely bring those precious beauties back to full attention again. He was more concerned though that his cock would grow to such proportions that he wouldn’t be able to keep it down and that his mother would be able to see his extreme arousal. What he didn’t realize was that this was becoming part of Kathy’s plan.

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