Mom Had a Little Too Much, Again!

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Note: The following story is entirely fictional and all of the characters are over 18 years of age.


My name is Miguel and I live with my mother in the city of Boston. My father passed away when I was quite young and the two of us have been on our own for as long as I can remember. This past summer, I graduated from high school and turned eighteen.

One Friday night, I heard the key in the front door and I went out to greet my mother, returning from her job as the manager of a department store in town.

My mother is a beautiful woman. Not tall at 5′ 3″, but well proportioned. She has long brown hair that she usually wears up for work. She is extremely style conscious. Her clothes always fit her slim figure very well. Having had me at the age of nineteen, my mom was 37 this past summer.

As she opened the door, she looked exhausted, as usual, but also very stressed.

“Mom, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“Wait until I tell you” she replied.

Mom put down her things and headed for the kitchen. On this occasion, she was wearing a light blue silk blouse and matching skirt. As usual, she was wearing high heels, probably a little too sexy for work, but that was her style. The skirt was just short enough to show off her gorgeous legs. She had on her trademark loop earrings, and she rattled her bracelets as she reached down for the whiskey.

“This is going to be good” I thought.

After pouring herself a stiff drink, we returned to the living room where my mother settled into her favorite chair. I took a chair opposite her. As mom drank, I noticed that because of how she was sitting, the space between two buttons on her blouse had popped open. I was able to see a bit of her white bra and right breast.

“It was close to closing time” she began. “Your Aunt Carla and I were working together. There was almost canlı bahis no one in the store, except for this strange guy, probably about your age, maybe a little older. He didn’t seem to be looking at anything except for your aunt and myself. I finally went over to him and said ‘Store’s closing.’ He shrugged and said, ‘The clock says you don’t close for another fifteen minutes.’ Then he asked where the restroom was. I showed him, thinking that would probably get rid of him.”

At this point my mother finished her drink, left, and returned with another.

“After about ten minutes, Carla and I had finished wrapping things up when we realized we didn’t know what had happened to the guy. Carla thought he may have gone out the back door, but we had to make sure. I went down the hall to the restrooms, and I tapped on the Men’s room door. I didn’t hear anything, but I could see that the light was still on and I needed to shut it off before I left.”

Mom paused and closed her eyes.

“I pushed open the door and then I saw him. The guy. Standing in the middle of the restroom, eyes closed, with his dick in his hand, stroking it. When I opened the door, he opened his eyes and stared straight at me. I know I opened my mouth in shock but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his dick. Suddenly, he ‘finished.’ Then, without a word he pulled up his pants, sneered at me and pushed past me on his way out the back door.”

Mom paused again with her eyes closed. I could hardly breathe. I was shocked that my mother was sharing this story with me, in such graphic detail. Then again, she had always been completely honest with me. She obviously needed to talk about what had happened, and there probably wasn’t a delicate way to describe the events of this evening.

“Did you call the police?” I asked.

“No, no…he never touched me…it WAS the bathroom…” bahis siteleri Mom said, drifting.

“Did you tell Aunt Carla?” I asked.

“Of course” Mom replied.

“Well, what did she say?” I asked.

“Ugh…at first she laughed. Then, and you know how she is, she wanted to go see for herself his stuff on the floor. She said she wanted to see how much was there. She got right down and had a good look. Then she actually asked me to describe his dick, exactly how big it was, the color of the head, what it looked like when he was ‘finishing.’ And she asked me what was going through my mind while I was staring at his dick. What was I thinking about, etc.”

Mom waved her hand slightly, as if to dismiss the questions.

At that moment, I was wondering some of the same things, myself. Trying to be delicate, I said “And, what did you tell her?”

With another pull of her drink, and a hand on her forehead, she laughed.

“Ha! I told her ‘Well, all I could think about was how badly I wanted to get down on my hands and knees and crawl over to him and ask if I could please suck him off’…Ha! That shut her right up.”

I couldn’t breathe. My mother was obviously feeling the effects of the whiskey, and, even if she had used such language with her sister, she never used it around me. Moreover, I couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting.

Opening one eye, my mother peered at the lump in my shorts.

“Jesus, Miguel, I was only kidding…” she whispered.

A moment passed.

Mom smacked her lips and then slid from the chair to the floor. On all fours, like a lioness, she slowly made her way toward me. I couldn’t move.

When she reached me, she slid her knees under her and reached inside my shorts and pulled out my dick. She held it with her right fist and moved her head so that her lips were only an bahis şirketleri inch or so from the tip, and then she asked “You like it when mommy talks dirty?”

I didn’t answer, but she kept her eyes on me as she pulled my cock into her mouth and began sucking.

After only a moment or two of sucking, I could tell she was getting really worked up.

She said “Mommy wants you to do something for her.”

With that, she leaned back and slid off her pantyhose and underwear. Resting on her elbows, with her skirt at her waist, she beckoned me to come over.

I stared at her vagina as I made my way toward her. I noticed that it was completely shaved and glistening. I extended my tongue as I leaned in and tasted her pussy.

My mother put her hand on the back of my head and began massaging my scalp.

“So good…” she whispered.

Mom was still the boss, so when ready, she stood me up and removed my shorts. She then turned and placed her hands on the chair. I pushed her skirt up and revealed the globes of her gorgeous ass. With my dick in my hand, I slowly entered her from behind.

Mom let out a little moan as I got all the way in. Then we were moving together. My hands found her breasts. I wanted to tear off her shirt and bra so I could actually feel her flesh, but I didn’t want to stop, either.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt to be in Mom’s vagina. She was holding me tightly and my pleasure increased with each passing moment.

“Ma…” I started.

Instinctively, Mom knew I was about to come.

She whirled around to face me. Then, dropping to the floor, she grabbed my dick and inhaled it into her mouth. To finish me off, she pumped me furiously with only the index finger and thumb of her right hand. I started coming and she buried my cock into her throat. I shot load after load, and she held on until I was spent.

When I had finished, Mom leaned back against the chair and ran the back of her hand over her mouth.

She exhaled loudly and then she said, “Well, this night turned out better than it began.”

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