Mom And Son Incestuous Journey – 2 (Resort)

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Mom And Son Incestuous Journey – 2 (Resort)

Firstly my sincere thanks to the editor who read my previous parts and this one for publishing it. And my sincere thanks to all the readers for all the positive response and the critics!

Vihaan and Deepti both boarded the flight with each other’s hand very close. Deepti lay her head on Vihaan’s shoulder and kept looking down. Deepti certainly felt that she’s becoming more and more possessive with her son and didn’t think that it’s wrong.

Meanwhile, Vihaan was feeling more comfortable with his caring mom and was really enjoying this blissful life, He was also slowly reducing his masturbation and porn addiction. His mom has started to talk with him over the phone every hour and made sure that he never feels alone.

Both of them really enjoyed each others company and there was no barrier between them. Now let’s see how they unfold their vacation. After their tiresome flight journey, they arrived at the resort and were mesmerized by the atmosphere there.

Deepti: Yay, finally we reached our room and look Vihaan it’s such a beautiful nature around us.
Vihaan: Yes mom! It’s simply marvelous. We chose the right resort. I believe we have got plenty more to discover here and spend one of our best time here.

Deepti: No doubt at all my dear son.
Vihaan: Let’s fresh up and have our dinner. We got to view the street light atmosphere around the sea mom.

Deepti: Oh yeah! Give me a few minutes, I’ll just change and come.
Vihaan: You better be soon for this week at least. (teased his mom with a smile on his face)
Deepti: Hey, you got a lot of surprises in this week and get ready for the first one in some time.

Saying this she went to fresh up and after half an hour she came out and was looking for Vihaan. But he was out of the room looking the scenario. She locked her room and went out and saw Vihaan near the dining yard. She yelled and called her son.

Deepti: Vihaan, come here.

The moment Vihaan turned after hearing his mom voice he was shell-shocked. He saw his mom in a black color sleeveless tight dress. His eyes rolled out too wide and he was just drooling his mom. He finally regained his conscious.

Vihaan: Mom, is that you? I mean I haven’t seen you in these attires. You just look so hot. I cannot stop staring at you. (smiled seeing his mom’s eyes)
Deepti: (She actually liked his son’s appreciation and smiled back) I’m your mom so don’t drool too much.

Vihaan: (He knew that he was kicked back in a cute way) Yeah mom I know that, but people around us don’t know.”
Deepti: (Just tapped on his chest) Naughty boy. Let’s go for our dinner.
Vihaan: Yes mom let’s go.

He held his mom’s hand and guided her to the dining table and made her settle. Deepti was really touched with his behavior and was teary-eyed.

Deepti: Thank you, my dear son! You very well know how to take care of a woman.

Vihaan was just blushing and gave a rose flower to his mom. Both of them had their dinner along with champagne. They left the table and started to walk around the beach holding each other very close. Finally, both headed to their room.

Vihaan: Mom how was your dinner?
Deepti: I loved it dear and especially the way you held me to the dinner table. Love you, dear!

Vihaan: Love you too mom!
Deepti: Be back soon dear. Gotta change.

Meanwhile, Vihaan was still wondering how stunning his mom looked tonight and how her curves revealed her structure.

Deepti: What are you thinking son? Go change yourself.
Vihaan: Nothing mom. (came back in boxers)

Both mom and son were on their queen size bed. Just then Vihaan moved close to his mom and kept his hand across his mom’s stomach.

Deepti: What is it, son?
Vihaan: Nothing mom.
Deepti: Okay, now tell me how was I looking tonight?
Vihaan: I told you there.

Deepti: Is that all? Nothing else?
Vihaan: Yeah mom.
Deepti: Hmm.
Vihaan: Okay I got one more word to say but promise me you won’t give me those strength eye.

Deepti: Hmm, I promise!
Vihaan: Mom you actually ah actually looked very sexy in that dress.
Deepti: Thank you, my dear son! Btw which section made you feel it’s sexy?
Vihaan: Oh no, I’m not saying that.

Deepti: Now spill it. I’ve been so close and frank with you then why are you hesitating?
Vihaan: No mom it’s not like hesitating. I feel it’s not right to say.
Deepti: It’s just you and me forever then why you hesitate?

Vihaan: Okay, actually two section made me feel sexy. First, it’s your deep v cut and second showing off your left leg.
Deepti: My son has really grown up. He does admire the right areas. (started laughing)
Vihaan: Mom, now common stop teasing me. I really meant that. You looked super sexy!

Deepti raised her head and saw his son’s eyes. Vihaan was trying to look away. Just then Deepti said, “Look at me, son.” With some courage, he looked into his mom’s eyes. Deepti just leaned and kissed on his lips and said, “I love you, my dear! I’m proud that my lovely son has grown up so quick and knows how to take care of a woman.’

Vihaan was really shocked about what happened. He didn’t give a damn on what his mom appreciated. Sensing the silence from Vihaan his mom brought him back to reality.

Deepti: Hey dear, where are you lost?
Vihaan: Oh nothing mom! (but still, he was wondering what happened a few seconds ago)
Deepti: I understand son that you’re still wondering about what just happened.

Vihaan: No mom nothing like that.
Deepti: I know son and that’s güvenilir bahis quite obvious to think what just happened. But let me unfold what’s within me today. Please listen carefully.
Vihaan: (with interruption) What is it, mom?

Deepti: Shhh, don’t interrupt. Vihaan I really like and feel proud of the way I raised you. You’ve been very supportive to me since your dad left this world. You were just 12 years old.

Deepti: Despite all the hurdles which I faced at my work or in my life you stood near me and became my backbone. Even at home, you are caring enough to read my mind and bring me back to the normal mood after a bad day at work. You help me always at home.

Deepti: All these are very rare to unearth dear. I’m glad you got all these qualities. As a young guy, you had done some mistakes which are common in that age. Even I had done all those in my time too. This made me realize that my son is on the right track.

Deepti: What touched me the most is your innocence dear. I love you, Vihaan, and this is not a motherly one. I hope you understand.

Vihaan: Mom what was this? I’m speechless now. I never thought you would discover this side of love in me. I need time to think about what just happened and what you confessed.

Deepti: Take your time dear. I can understand what all thoughts are running in your mind, but don’t misunderstand me as a ‘slut’. Whatever I meant was from bottom of my heart and there’s no lust hidden in this.

Vihaan: Stop it, mom. I never thought you in that way. I’m just out of this world now. Please give me some time. I need to learn what just happened and reply.

Deepti: I just wanted to clarify it, dear. Look if you aren’t comfortable then let me know I’ll stop it right away between us. (saying this she tried to move away from Vihaan)

Vihaan: Mom you don’t need to move away and sleep. Just give me some time. (saying this he pulled his mom back again).
Deepti: Thanks, dear!Vihaan was sleepless, thinking what just his mom had confessed. Many times he was just staring at his mom whole night just to realize if it was real. A couple of days of their vacation passed cold.

Vihaan and Deepti both felt things aren’t going as they planned. Finally, Vihaan decided to settle all the odds with his mom. He left the resort in search of some shops and went to purchase a few things for his mom and decided to give her a surprise dinner.

Their fourth day also passed cold. It was their dinner time and Vihaan had booked a private yacht.

Vihaan: Mom are you ready? We’re getting late for the dinner. Come out soon, I’m waiting in the lawn.
Deepti: Will be there in five minutes.

Deepti came out of her room and reached lawn. Vihaan from behind blindfolded his mom and said, “I got a surprise for you. Just hold my hand and come with me.”

Vihaan slowly took his mom to the private yacht and unfolded the black ribbon. The moment Deepti opened her eyes she was shell-shocked with her eyes wide open. She saw the whole yacht was decorated and was lit by disco lights.

Deepti: OMG! What’s all this Vihaan? I mean when did you made all these arrangements?
Vihaan: Just wait and watch mom. You got plenty more to unleash. (saying this he held his mom’s hand and moved to the party hall.)

Deepti: Plenty more?

She just finished saying those two words and entered the party hall. The moment both of them entered party hall the orchestra band was ready to play. Everything was going as Vihaan planned and he requested his mom’s hand for a dance. Deepti was teary-eyed and gladly accepted to dance.

Deepti: Am I dreaming? She murmured seeing his son’s eyes
Vihaan: No mom, you still got more surprises. Keep enjoying the moment.

Deepti: No not anymore. I hope you don’t make me fall out of this world. I’m already too much shocked.

Saying that Deepti hugged Vihaan and lay her head on his son’s broad chest and kissed on his T-shirt. After half an hour of their romantic dance, they decided to head to the dinner table. Vihaan held his mom’s hand with full confidence and brought her to the table, pulled a chair and asked his mom to have a seat.

Deepti was blushing as she knew that his son always used to do that. The dinner table was neatly set with all the favorite dishes of his mom. Deepti was still unclear on what’s happening this evening. Nevertheless, she was enjoying the dinner date with Vihaan.

Vihaan: What’s the matter mom, why aren’t you saying anything?

She was still finding her way to reply and finally, she just said.

Deepti: I’m flattered Vihaan. You gave me one of the best surprises of my lifetime. I never ever dreamt in my life that I would see this day.
Vihaan: Yet more to come, mom. Just wait and watch.
Deepti: With her wide eyes, more to come? What are you up to today?

Vihaan kept his finger on his mom’s lips and said, “Sshh!” Saying this to his mom he signaled the waiter to bring the next surprise. Deepti was really curious to know what’s gonna happen next. Meanwhile, the surprise came.

Vihaan: Mom before you remove the cloche, I just wanna say that you mean everything to me. Please unveil it.

With her trembling hands, she opened the silver cloche and stood up from her chair and tears rolled out of her eyes. Meanwhile, he took the gold ring from the platter and knelt on one knee and proposed his mom, “Will you marry me, Deepti?”

With tears rolling from her eyes non-stop just nodded her head. Vihaan took his Mom’s hand and internet casino placed the ring on her finger and said, “I love you!”

Deepti: I’m out of this world dear. I couldn’t believe what just happened.

Saying this she just hugged Vihaan tightly. Vihaan gladly accepted and hugged her back. Both of them didn’t wanna split up. After a few minutes, they came back to their senses and into stared each other’s eyes. Clearly, love was in the air for them and kept blushing. Vihaan broke the ice saying.

Vihaan: Mom let’s finish dinner, I’m very much hungry. (and mocked.)
Deepti: (laughed) Yes dear. I never thought my son would be so romantic. Lucky me. Where on earth did you get such passion towards love?
Vihaan: (blushing) I’m your son!

Deepti: I hope you haven’t got any more surprises left? If so please alert me. I may faint off if you bring it all of sudden. (stared at Vihaan’s eyes)
Vihaan: I know my mom isn’t that weak. Anyways no more surprises. Let’s go sit near the pool.
Deepti: Finally, it’s over. Yeah, let’s go, son.

The new couple spent their valuable time near the pool, hand in hand, chuckling and staring each other most of the time not knowing what to say.

Deepti: Let’s move to the resort dear. It’s too late already.
Vihaan: Mom, I booked this yacht for a night and we are gonna stay here. Let’s get in now.

Saying this Vihaan held his mom and reached to the room. Before opening the room he covered his mom’s eyes with his palm and asked his mom to open the door.

Deepti: You just said there’s isn’t any more surprises left then why you covered my eyes?
Vihaan: This is the last one.
Deepti: Naughty boy and entered the room.

The moment she opened the door, she was just mute. The whole room was decorated with flowers and candle lights. The bed was decorated with flowers saying “I love you Deepti.” Not knowing what to reply she simply turned back and hugged Vihaan tightly.

Finally, words came out of her mouth, “You make me feel I’m way too young. I love you too Vihaan! I missed this love for years and thanks a lot dear for bringing the pleasure back to my life!” And kissed Vihaan’s lips vigorously.

Vihaan acknowledged his mom’s kiss and raised his hand and kept it under her mom’s head. After a long kiss they both broke and stared into each other’s eyes.)

Deepti: Vihaan you made me feel a lot happier. I never ever imagined that I would be seeing this day. OMG, you’re such a huge package of love! I’m glad you accepted my love. Thanks a lot for all these packages of surprises.

Vihaan: (blushing) Mom anything for my love and sweetheart! You mean everything for me and this is just the beginning. I’ll make sure you feel much happier day by day.
Deepti: Honey I’m already flat with all these surprises. All I need is your love and care! (Saying this she held Vihaan’s hand and lay on the bed.)

Vihaan: Mom that’s always my priority.
Deepti: Call me by my name honey.
Vihaan: Hmm, will try to do that but cannot happen immediately.
Deepti: Silly boy! You and your innocence.

Saying so she just reached near her love and hugged again. After a few minutes she raised her face and kissed him again but this time it was a long French kiss. Both of them enjoyed being in each other’s embrace and loved kissing.

Deepti slowly broke the kiss and started to kiss Vihaan’s whole face right from forehead to chin. Vihaan was enjoying his mom’s love and didn’t wanna disturb her as he also loved it what he was witnessing it. He had been waiting for this for a long time.

Now when he finally got it he just wanted to feel every bit of love. Deepti kept kissing him and lowered herself to his neck. Kept kissing and gave a love bite on his neck. Vihaan moaned a little with that love bite.

He decided to turn around and pushed his mom below. Vihaan started to kiss his mom right from the top. He finally saw his mom’s lusty lips and decided to give a seductive French kiss. The son lowered his lips and started to pull his mom’s lips apart.

Clearly, he wasn’t behind and Deepti loved what Vihaan was doing. She also gave him the entry and brought her tongue out. Vihaan kept sucking his mom’s tongue and lips. Deepti started to breathe heavily and she was enjoying every bit of his son’s love.

She started to roll her hand on Vihaan’s back and pulled up his T-shirt and removed it. Deepti gained the access and sat above her love and started to kiss his bare chest and she started making the sounds, “Mmuuaahh mmuuaahh.”

She started kissing his nipples and encircled her tongue around it. Vihaan was certainly loving it and he removed his mom’s crop top and saw her in a fancy lace bra. The love in him turned to lust as he saw a woman in lingerie for the first time and that too it was his mom.

He grabbed his mom’s breast over her bra and kept squeezing very hard. He was enjoying every bit. Deepti moaned loudly. And advised her son to be gentle on her breasts and told that they are yours, honey. You can access them anytime.

Saying this she removed her bra and gave whole access to her tits. Vihaan overpowered his mom and started to suck his mom’s tits one by one. Deepti was in immense pleasure and kept moaning. She encouraged his son to keep doing it.

Deepti was biting her lips in pleasure and was enjoying the moment. She started to grab her bedspread in pleasure. Vihaan on other hand was clearly enjoying his mom’s boobs and kept sucking her hard nipples. He perabet finally moved to her cleavage and started to kiss there and encircled his finger near her belly button which was deep enough.

Deepti was enjoying the immense pleasure and was rolling her hand all over Vihaan’s head making seductive noises. Vihaan moved further and kissed his mom’s toe and ankle and slowly moved to the calf started to kiss all over.

As and when he moved upwards Deepti was moaning loudly. And kept on encouraging his son. Vihaan slowly started to kiss her mom’s slimy thighs and licked it. Vihaan was fully lost in love and he kept on kissing each and every inch.

He finally saw his mom who had closed her eye and enjoying the pleasure of love. The moment he unbuttoned his mom’s hot pant Deepti opened her eyes and winked her eye and raised her hips. Vihaan removed his mom’s pant and planted a gentle kiss on her pubic area.

Deepti moaned as felt electric shock. She kept on moaning. And pressed Vihaan’s head more inviting him to explore more. Vihaan kept kissing his mom’s cunt over her panty and licked her vagina.

He was fully hard on and kept leaking his precum but he made sure not to be excited. Vihaan slowly removed his mom’s panty and saw his birthplace. He just stared at his mom and started to kiss her vagina and kept on sucking and licking those beautiful lips.

He started to insert his finger into her clit and kept on giving her mom the pleasure which she was missing for many years. Deepti was clearly witnessing the heavenly pleasure. Her moans were out of her control.

The whole room was enchanting her moans. Deepti was feeling heaven and her legs tightened. She was moaning loud and kept on saying, “Yes. Ahhh. Keep going, honey. I’m about to cum. Keep doing that. Yes. You’re doing great. Ahh ahh ahh.”

She finally loosened herself after a huge orgasm. Vihaan’s face was fully loaded with his mom’s cum. Deepti pulled his son and licked his whole face and started to taste her own orgasm. They both started to kiss each other once again.

In the meantime, Deepti started to unbuckle Vihaan’s Capri. She pulled his son’s Capri down and started to feel the crotch over his boxer. Without wasting a second she removed his boxer and Vihaan’s cock popped out.

Deepti kneeled down and saw the huge circumcised penis of his son. She was staring that cock and started to shag it. Very soon she gulped in her mouth. She wasn’t able to take the whole cock in her mouth but she was nicely licking and sucking every bit of it.

She started to give deep throat very often and she was loving it. Vihaan was hugely moaning and had a different feeling. He started to push his mom’s head sometimes to get maximum of his penis in his mom’s mouth. The moment he felt like cumming he stopped his mom and started to kiss her again.

He lay his mom on bed and spoke with eyes signaling what’s gonna happen next. Deepti dragged him near her and murmured to be gentle coz it’s been unused for years. Vihaan assured her mom and planted a small lip kiss.

He slowly moved down and started to lick her pussy again making sure it’s well lubricated. After a few seconds of licking, Vihaan brought his dick and started to tease his mom by hitting on her vagina. He also kept his dick near the entrance of heaven and pulled back to see his mom’s reaction.

Deepti started to yell at her and begged to just fuck her. She badly wanted this and simply held his penis and guided near the pussylips and started to moan crazily. Vihaan also couldn’t hold much longer hence he slowly started to enter in but he was finding it difficult.

After 3 to 4 pushes, he was able to enter a bit in and Deepti moaned high and kept saying him to go on not to stop. Hearing those words Vihaan pushed further and half of his penis was in. Deepti kept moving in pain but she desperately wanted to feel this pleasure.

She begged Vihaan to push it further in and start ducking her. Vihaan thought of waiting for a minute to subsidize the pain, but when he heard his mom saying to continue he gave one more hard push and his penis was successfully in. The moment he was fully in, he just went further and kissed his mom and waited for a few seconds so that her mom is relaxed.

Deepti was smooching her love nicely and later signaled him to start the action. Vihaan started stroking slowly and made sure he doesn’t get excited. He was very clear that he wanted a good session and thus he was very calm and enjoying the art of love.

Deepti was enjoying every bit of it and was moaning, “Ahhh. I’m just loving this! Oh my god! Keep going, son! You’re fucking so good. Keep fucking me like that. I want that big cock in me every day. You’re hitting my cervix. Ohh yes yes! Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. I’m about to cum.”

Saying that she had cummed once again. Vihaan was also enjoying and started to fuck her fast. He wanted some fast session as well in between and kept doing that. Deepti gained her moment back and supported him saying to fuck fast. Vihaan also started humping. He said he’s about cum.

Deepti said she wants to taste it. He pulled his dick out and started to shag it. Just then Deepti started to give him a blow job again and did pretty fast. In a few strokes Vihaan felt his legs cramping and moaned ahhh ahh and jet started to flow out of his penis.

Deepti wasn’t able to take all but still did the gulp the amount which she could. Both of them were hell tired and laid on the bed hugging each other and slept in some time.

So, guys, this was the final part of this story and as everybody knows this new couple had a new beginning of their life. Thanks for reading all the parts!

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