Mixing Work and Pleasure

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Author’s note: while the setting and characters are loosely based on reality, the events depicted in this story most certainly are not!


Danielle’s favourite part of the economics conference was a presentation about rural land use change. It wasn’t so much that she was interested in land use (though she was), it was more because the presenter was utterly gorgeous. With his Australian accent and blond-haired good looks, Sean cut a dashing figure in a tailored grey suit. He was several years older than Danielle, perhaps early thirties. He moved and talked with complete confidence.

Danielle couldn’t take her eyes off him, though afterwards she would hardly remember a word of what he said. He looked in Danielle’s direction often and it felt like he was talking directly to her. Although, she was surrounded by a hundred other economists so it was more likely he was just addressing the crowd in general. Whenever he raised his arm to gesture at the overhead display, his jacket lifted to reveal a nicely toned butt. Her eyes glazed over and she wondered what he looked like naked. Did he have a surfer’s body, smooth and tanned? Was he any good in bed?

With a start, Danielle realised Sean had stopped talking. She clapped appreciatively with everyone else and then they all filed out of the auditorium for afternoon tea break.

The food laid out for afternoon tea looked just as rich and delicious as the rest of the catering at the conference. But Danielle ignored the little chocolate fairy cakes and got a banana from the fruit bowl instead. She couldn’t see Sean amongst the throng of people but even if she did, she wouldn’t have had the nerve to approach him.


Danielle turned at the sound of the voice right behind her. It was him. She glanced around to see if he might have been talking to someone else, but there was no-one else nearby.

He flashed a hundred-watt smile and held out his hand. “I’m Sean. I don’t think we’ve met yet.”

Danielle hastily swallowed her mouthful of banana and shook his hand. “Danielle,” she replied.

“I enjoyed your presentation this morning,” he said, still smiling.

His gaze was friendly, but intense. Danielle averted her eyes and felt her face flush with sudden warmth. “Thanks,” she replied shyly. “I enjoyed yours too. I was thinking I could apply your methodology to an Auckland data set.”

“Really?” Sean looked genuinely pleased. “I’ll send you the full paper. If you have any problems I’d be happy to help.”

A moment later they were interrupted by a senior research fellow who wanted to talk with Sean about something. He apologized to Danielle and touched her briefly on the arm before leaving. Danielle caught her breath at the unexpected contact. She wistfully watched him walk away. It was pure fantasy to think she could ever attract the attention of someone like him. Sure she had a reasonably good figure and long blonde hair that she ruthlessly tamed with a straightening iron. But she didn’t have any natural charisma and felt much more comfortable dealing with facts and figures rather than people.

Soon the next session of presentations started and she lost track of him.


Later that evening, Danielle showered and dressed for the conference dinner. She was staying in the same hotel as the conference, which was very convenient. But the room was very small and lacked a full-length mirror. Not that she had any options about what to wear, seeing as how she only packed one dress. It was a wrap-style, in a deep burgundy colour. It showed off her narrow waist while skimming forgivingly over the hips. She wore knee-high leather boots and black tights underneath, in concession to winter. She finished putting on her makeup and then made her way down to the ballroom for dinner.

The canlı bahis ballroom was set out with dozens of round tables with six seats each. Danielle covertly looked around for Sean, hoping she could at least sit at the same table as him. But he sat with his Economic Institute colleagues, and his table was already full. Danielle noticed a table nearby with some familiar faces so she headed for that one.

Dinner was a predictably long, dull affair. Danielle didn’t really like wine but she downed two glasses in an attempt to be a better conversationalist. Not that the other people at her table really noticed if she was talking or not. The older professor sitting next to her soon discovered her to be a willing listener and he happily shared stories of his earlier years in London.

The professor retired soon after finishing dessert, and Danielle considered leaving as well. But then someone else took the seat next to hers. It was Sean.

“I was hoping I’d get a chance to talk with you again,” he said cheerfully. He draped his jacket across the back of the chair.

“Really?” Danielle inwardly kicked herself for sounding so surprised..

“Of course. I’m interested to hear more about the work you’re doing at Auckland council.”

Work was one topic that Danielle was good at talking about. And in Sean, she found someone who was genuinely knowledgeable and interested in what she had to say. Sean considerately refilled her wine glass for her.

Time passed as they conversed. After a while, Danielle was startled to discover there were only a handful of other people left in the room. The waiters were starting to clear the tables and remove the tablecloths.

Sean leaned closer to Danielle. “I think they’re going to throw us out of here fairly soon,” he whispered.

Danielle pouted. Which was an indication of how much she’d had to drink, since sober Danielle never pouted. “How inconsiderate of them,” she said.

“Are you staying here at the hotel?”

Danielle nodded. “Yes, I’m on the eighth floor.”

“We could continue this discussion up in my suite,” Sean offered.

Danielle was momentarily speechless. She knew men supposedly only had one motive for inviting women to their hotel room. Despite fantasizing about Sean all day she never expected to actually be in this position. Then again, maybe he did just want to talk more.

Sean mistook her surprised silence for hesitation. “Come on, I’ve got a fully stocked mini-bar.” He gestured at the empty wine bottles on the table.

“Ok,” said Danielle finally. She picked up her purse and stood, being extra-careful in case the alcohol made her unsteady. But she didn’t have any problems. Sean smiled and his hand brushed against the small of her back as he escorted her to the elevator.

They didn’t run into any other conference attendees on the way to Sean’s room, for which Danielle was very thankful. Sean inserted his key card and held the door open for her.

“It’s a lot bigger than my room,” she murmured appreciatively. As well as a super-king sized bed, there was a glass-top desk, a round table, and several leather tub chairs. Heavy jacquard curtains covered most of one wall and there was probably a balcony or full-length window behind them. Frosted glass sconces provided an intimate level of ambient light.

Sean followed her in. “There are advantages to working for the institute. They pay for good quality accommodation,” he replied.

Danielle turned around and discovered he was right behind her. She took step backward but he moved closer, holding her gaze intently. She took another step back and discovered the bed was in the way. Her heart started pounding.

Sean smiled and raised his hand to brush her hair back from her face. “I noticed you watching me today,” he said softly.

“Oh…” bahis siteleri Danielle stammered, for lack of anything better to say. The blood rushed to her face again. He was so close she could feel the heat radiating from his body. She could also smell his cologne, a fresh scent that reminded her of the ocean and suited him perfectly.

“I’ve been watching you, too,” Sean continued. He leaned closer and Danielle was quite certain he was about to kiss her. She’d fantasized about this moment but now that it was about to happen, her brain would not shut up and let her enjoy it.

“I have a boyfriend,” she blurted.

Sean paused and raised an eyebrow. “And yet you came up here with me anyway. How very naughty of you.” He finished with a sly grin.

“You said we were going to talk!” she said defensively.

“So I did,” he conceded. “Let’s talk then. Do you love this boyfriend of yours?”

“I…um…don’t know yet,” she admitted.

Sean trailed his fingertips down the bare skin of Danielle’s arms. “That sounds like a no,” he observed. Danielle sighed and closed her eyes as his gentle touch aroused her even further.

“You have a choice to make,” he said firmly. “You can leave now and we will treat each other with purely professional courtesy next time we meet.”

“Or?” asked Danielle boldly.

“Or,” Sean smiled wickedly, ” you can stay and let me fuck you all night long.”

Danielle gasped at his bluntness. But he was Australian, after all.

“I’m not going to interfere in your life,” he continued. “And I have no plans to move to Auckland. But I can promise you a night neither of us will forget.”

Danielle stared into his deep blue eyes, so close to her own. She knew if she left now she could never forgive herself. “I don’t want to leave,” she said honestly.

“Good.” Sean applied gentle pressure to her shoulders and she fell back onto the bed. He climbed on top and pushed her legs apart with one knee. “Because I would have had a very hard time letting you leave.”

He leaned down and kissed her.

Pinned down by his weight, Danielle could do nothing but kiss him back. His lips were warm and soft and he even tasted like Queensland sunshine. His mouth became more insistent and his left hand started to stroke her breast through the silky fabric of her dress.

Danielle couldn’t help but moan softly and arched her back. The hardness of Sean’s erection pressed against her thigh. His hand moved down and sneakily found its way under the dress. Where he encountered heavy-duty thermal tights. He groaned in frustration and sat up. “You are wearing a lot of layers under there, aren’t you?”

“Well, it’s really cold here in Wellington,” she replied defensively.

“I’ll keep you warm,” Sean promised. He scooted backwards and started undressing her by unzipping one knee-high boot. Danielle tried to sit up and help but he pushed her down firmly. “Let me do it,” he instructed.

So she lay back as Sean efficiently divested her of her boots. Then he lifted her dress up and found the waistband of her tights. He peeled them off entirely and trailed his fingers up her now naked legs. Danielle shivered but not from the cold.

Sean paused and admired her pink and black lacy panties. He gently stroked her pussy through the fabric and watched her face to see what effect it was having. Danielle bit her lip. It felt like all the blood in her body had rushed down to between her legs. And Sean’s gentle touch down there was just arousing her further, without providing any relief.

“Please…” she whimpered.

“Please what?” he asked slyly, still stroking gently.

“Please…fuck me,” she whispered.

Sean smiled. With one hand he pushed aside the lacy panties. He dipped a finger into her wet folds and Danielle almost cried out at the sudden bahis şirketleri stimulation. He removed his finger and pulled her panties right off with one movement. Then he pushed her legs further apart and kneeled between them.

“Very nice,” he said appreciatively of her smooth, hairless pussy.

With her dress up around her waist and her legs spread wide, Danielle felt very undignified. But by that stage, she didn’t care. She held her breath as his head moved down to between her legs. Then all she could see was the top of his blond head, and all she could feel was his skilled tongue forcing her pussy lips apart.

Sean’s tongue repeatedly caressed the tight bundle of nerve endings in her clit. Danielle felt herself riding higher and higher on a waves of pleasure. Then he sucked her nub and the intense sensation pushed her over the edge into orgasm. Sean thrust his finger into her pulsating core and lifted his head to watch her expression.

“…wow…” she managed finally.

“You look so sexy when you come,” Sean informed her huskily. He took hold of her dress and pulled it over her head. Then he reached behind her back and unhooked her matching pink and black bra.

Danielle decided it was quite unfair that she was now completely naked while Sean was still fully dressed. So she sat up and attacked the buttons of his white shirt. Still kneeling on the bed, Sean looked down at her with an amused expression. Danielle pushed the shirt back to reveal a lean, but nicely muscled torso. She hesitated, and then reached for his belt.

Sean stopped her by taking hold of her hands. “Allow me,” he offered. He stood up and dropped his pants with one fluid movement. He wore chocolate-coloured silk boxer shorts underneath. Danielle’s eyes feasted on the bulge of his cock, straining at the fabric. He turned away for a moment and she confirmed that yes, he really did have a great butt. When he returned the boxers were gone and he’d already put a condom on.

“You’re so sexy I can’t wait any longer,” Sean apologised.

He had an intense look in his eyes and Danielle suddenly felt like prey being hunted by a large cat. She did not resist as he pushed her back down onto the bed and parted her legs again. He lined his cock up with her opening and entered her with a single thrust. She gasped at being so deliciously filled.

“God, you’re so tight,” Sean groaned. He withdrew and then thrust again, even more deeply. Then it was like he couldn’t restrain himself any longer. He thrust faster and faster, pounding into her wet pussy.

Danielle felt a familiar tingling feeling and knew she was about to have another orgasm. Sean suddenly withdrew and she felt a stab of disappointment. But he simply flipped her over onto her hands and knees and thrust into her from behind instead. She moaned as he filled her even more deeply than before. His hands reached around to cup her breasts then he rode her hard and fast until he came.

Danielle collapsed on the bed and Sean flopped down beside her. He was covered with a sheen of sweat and his blond hair severely tousled. He propped his head up on one hand and looked at her tenderly.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all day,” he admitted.

Danielle smiled shyly. “Me too.”

Sean raised an eyebrow and grinned sardonically. “Got a bit of a dirty mind, have we?”

“No, not at all,” she protested.

Sean leaned in and kissed her. “I bet you have,” he contended. “Why don’t you tell me what’s going on in that pretty head of yours?”

Danielle blushed and looked away. “Maybe later,” she conceded. “Unless…you want me to go so you can get some sleep?”

Sean just laughed and pulled her body closer. “No way. I said I was going to fuck you all night and I meant it. Just give me a few minutes to catch my breath.”

Danielle happily snuggled closer. Her hands boldly began to explore his body, touching and caressing. He sighed in contentment and she felt his cock begin to harden again. Without a doubt, this was turning into the best conference ever.

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