Mixed Bag Ch. 02: Mixed Harder

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Mixed Bag Part II: Mixed Harder

Note I: Just as with Part I, Mixed Bag features full-blown incest in every conceivable mixture, as well as the involvement of a shemale, bisexual sex, etc. Reader discretion is advised.

Note II: As established in Part I, all characters in this story are 18 or older.

Note III: Be sure to read Mixed Bag, the first in this series to catch up on the Reynolds’ family fun.


Act I: The More The Merrier

The smell of sweat and sex permeated the air of the Reynolds family master bedroom. The entire family was already in the throes of passion, having conceded to Ashley’s nefarious plan to turn them all incestuous just a few weeks prior.

Derek, the father, was laying on his back on the bed while his younger daughter Ashley bounced up and down excitedly on his dick. Next to him lay his son Charlie, whose mother and Derek’s wife Julie was likewise bouncing up and down on his cock. Jenna, the older sister of Ashley and Charlie by only a year at 19, sat on Charlie’s face, as he excitedly worked his tongue into her dripping wet pussy.

“Oh god daddy, your cock feels so good, I’m gonna cum again!” Ashley announced as she bounced even faster.

“Me too baby girl, me too,” Derek said breathlessly, watching his vivacious brunette daughter ride him. “Fuck!” He shouted as he began to spurt wave after wave of thick seed into her cunt.

Ashley slid off of his cock and knelt to take it into her mouth, cleaning it of her juices and what little remaining seed she could milk from him. Seeing this, Jenna crawled off of her brother’s face and between Ashley’s legs, latching her mouth onto her younger sister’s pussy and driving her tongue deep inside to collect their father’s cum.

“Are you gonna cum for mommy?” Julie asked Charlie as she continued to ride his cock, watching her daughters and husband beside them.

“Nnngh…nngghh, yeeesssss!” Charlie hissed, raising his hips off the bed to thrust harder into his mother’s clenching pussy, depositing his seed deeply within her.

Julie collapsed onto the bed, breathing heavily as Ashley crept between her legs, fishing for her and Charlie’s cum just as Jenna had for her’s and Derek’s. Once everyone was sufficiently clean, they all lay together panting for breath in a sweaty mess.

“I couldn’t ask for a better husband, or more well behaved children,” Julie said with a giggle between ragged breaths.

“And to think it all started with me being bored and blowing Charlie,” Ashley giggled as well.

“Well I for one am happy to have all you deviant fucks to play with,” Jenna said with a bright smile. “Gives me even more of a reason to visit from college.”

Julie glanced at the alarm clock next to the bed and let out a lazy sigh.

“Well this was fun everyone, but I’ve gotta get going. I have a lunch date with my sister.”

“You should get aunt Rachel involved too,” Ashley said thoughtfully. “She is really hot.”

“I used to fantasize about her, honestly,” Charlie said shyly. Both his sisters laughed, which made him blush.

“Now now, let’s not overdo it, kids,” Julie laughed as she picked herself up off the bed. “I don’t know if she’d be quite as open to all this as we are.”

“Fiiiiiiine,” Ashley said, doing her best to look devastated.

“Those puppy dog eyes won’t work on me young lady,” Julie laughed and shook her head, then went to have a shower.

“How are you feeling, daddy?” Ashley asked.

“I’m pretty tired after all that, baby girl,” Derek admitted, though his breath was finally returning to normal.

“Oh psh, you can’t be THAT tired,” Ashley giggled again and crawled between her father’s legs, taking his limp cock into her mouth. He groaned immediately.

“Oooh god Ash…that feels so good,” he moaned.

Ashley didn’t need to be told; she felt it growing in her mouth almost right away. Not to be outdone, Jenna crawled up over Charlie and took his cock between her lips, bobbing her pretty blonde head as well.

“O-Oh god, Jenna…” Charlie moaned quietly, reaching down to run his fingers through her hair.

Once Derek was fully hard again, Ashley raised her head, jerking him off with her fist as she spoke.

“Hey Jen, we should have a contest. First one to make our guy cum gets to get fucked by the other. Loser has to just watch.”

“You’re on!” Jen said excitedly, quickly swallowing Charlie’s entire cock and bobbing her head again.

Ashley likewise enveloped her father’s meat in her warm, waiting mouth, sliding her soft lips up and down his shaft while her sister did the same to their brother. Jenna began to moan around Charlie’s cock, sending vibrations through him to try to edge him closer, and it worked. Before long he felt his balls begin to tense and he groaned, trying to hold back to give Ashley a fair chance.

Derek was close too, but being more thoroughly exhausted than his younger son, wasn’t quite as quick to build to orgasm again, even despite Ashley’s perfect mouth swallowing canlı bahis him whole.

“Oh god, Jenna! Nnnghh!” Charlie moaned and thrust his hips upward, spurting his cum into his sister’s mouth in rapid jets.

Ashley lifted her head to look at Jenna, who lifted her own and opened wide, showing off their brother’s load sitting messily on her tongue.

“Dammit!” Ashley shouted.

Jenna leaned over and kissed Ashley deeply though, transferring their brother’s cum to her in a sticky, messy kiss. Their tongues danced together and they each swallowed a fair amount of saliva and cum when all was said and done.

“Now for my reward,” Jenna said triumphantly as she mounted Derek, letting his rock hard cock slide into her tight, wet pussy.

“Ooooh daddy,” she purred as she balanced her hands on his chest, thrusting her hips up and down.

“Oh baby, after Ashley’s tongue lashing I won’t last long,” Derek admitted as his gorgeous blonde daughter rode his cock wildly.

“That’s okay daddy, cum for me, give me my reward!” She said excitedly.

Before he could finish however, Julie re-entered the room, her body still moist from the shower and her blonde hair wrapped up in a towel.

“I leave you alone for five minutes and you’re already back to fucking, and making poor Ashley and Charlie watch.”

Ashley huffed.

“We had a deal; I made Charlie cum first so that means she gets to fuck daddy. She won fair and square…I guess.”

“I didn’t hear any rule that said you couldn’t cum again, sweetie,” Julie smiled brightly.

She walked briskly over to the bed and pushed Ashley down onto her back, burying her face between her thighs. She pushed her tongue deeply into her daughter’s pussy as not even a full foot away her older daughter continued to bounce on her husband’s cock.

“Oh mommy,” Ashley moaned, watching her mother feverishly attack her slit.

“Here it comes, baby!” Derek warned Jenna.

Jenna bounced even faster until she felt Derek’s cock spasm, shooting cum deep into her pussy as she herself quivered from another orgasm. She slid off him and licked his cock clean while Julie continued her work on Ashley’s cunt.

“Oh mommy, yes, right there right there right theeereeeee!” Ashley cried out as Julie suckled on her clit, making her entire body quake from an intense orgasm.

Julie wiped her mouth clean and smiled, standing from the bed once again.

“Now I REALLY need to get dressed and go visit my sister or I’ll be late. Don’t have too much fun without me!” Julie chimed as she went into the bathroom again.

“No promises,” Ashley smirked.

Julie resisted the strong urge to stay and have fun with her husband and kids and instead got dressed for the day, donning a simple black pencil skirt, pink blouse, black thigh high stockings, and four inch black patent heels. She put her hair up in a neat ponytail before departing, and after a short drive, she’d reached her sister’s apartment across town.

After being welcomed inside, she sat with her sister in the kitchen and the two of them chit-chatted over tea.

Rachel was six years younger than Julie at only 34, with no kids or family of her own. She never seemed to mind though, so Julie never made a big deal out of it. Julie also didn’t understand how she managed to stay single though, as she was a gorgeous woman.

She was five inches shorter than Julie, only 5’5″, a very petite little thing. She had a very large 38D chest though that almost seemed disproportionate to the rest of her body. She had dyed her naturally brunette hair jet black, so that in the right light if almost looked midnight blue. Her eyes were a sparkly shade of crystal blue, and they shone brightly anywhere she looked. Adorning her little body was a pair of short shorts and a plain white tank top, with a black bra visible underneath that.

“So how’s Jenna doing in college?” She asked politely, sipping her tea.

“Very well, actually. I thought she was having a problem in Professor Monroe’s class but she seems to have worked it out.”

“She always was a hard worker, your firstborn,” Rachel chimed in.

‘If only you knew the half of it,’ Julie thought.

“What about the twins? How’s their schoolwork coming?”

“Oh they’re both doing fine. I think they’re both trying to get into the same college Jen is going to.”

“That’d be nice, the three Reynolds siblings sticking together,” Rachel thought aloud.

‘Especially now,’ Julie thought to herself. She tried to shake her incestuous feelings but the more she looked at her sister’s bare legs and ample chest, the wetter her panties became.

Julie cleared her throat and set her mug of tea carefully down on the counter, taking a deep breath before finally speaking.

“Hey so…do you remember that time we made out because we wanted to practice kissing?”

Rachel raised a brow.

“Yeah. Why?”

“I just hadn’t kissed a girl in a long time,” Julie lied, knowing full well her tongue had bahis siteleri been in both of her daughter’s mouths. “I started to think about it again recently.”

“Are you trying to say you’re a lesbian?” Rachel asked, her voice full of curiosity as she set her own mug down and stared at her sister.

“No no, nothing like that. Bi, maybe…” She trailed off, thinking of a way to salvage the situation. Luckily, she didn’t have to.

Rachel stepped closer to Julie, brushing a few strands of hair behind her ear and smiling wide.

“You wanna practice kissing again with your little sister? Is that it?” She asked in a whisper.

“It had crossed my mind…” Julie said quietly, trying to scan Rachel’s face for any reaction or judgement.

Without another word, Rachel leaned forward and planted her supple lips right on Julie’s, kissing her softly at fist. Julie parted her lips instinctively and immediately felt Rachel’s tongue slither insider her mouth. Clearly she’d gotten better at kissing over the years.

Rachel broke the kiss but leaned her forehead against Julie’s so their lips were mere inches apart, her wide smile returning.

“How was that?” She asked in a sultry voice.

“Rachel, I…” Julie began to say.

She was cut off by another kiss. Rachel was standing on her tip toes to be able to make out with her sister. The five inch height disparity was already hard enough to deal with without adding Julie’s four inch heels to the mix. Julie leaned her head down to accommodate though, and felt Rachel’s arms wrap around her waist.

The two sisters kissed passionately for a long time, before Julie finally leaned back for breath, staring speechlessly at her sister.

“I want you,” Rachel said plainly.

“You can have me,” Julie replied without hesitation.

Rachel grabbed Julie’s hand and led her to her bedroom, where she unceremoniously shoved her sister down onto the bed. She wasted no time in hiking Julie’s pencil skirt up around her waist to reveal her black lace panties.

“Oh those are hot,” Rachel admitted as she tugged them down Julie’s legs.

She carefully slid them over her sister’s heels and folded them up, setting them on the bed and settling between Julie’s stocking-clad legs with a grin.

“They’re mine now, though. Proof of conquest.”

“Aw, but they’re one of my favorite pairs!” Julie protested.

Rachel licked her lips and leaned her head down, running her tongue along the entire length of her sister’s slit. Julie moaned happily. “Oh god, Rachel.”

“You taste so goddamn good,” Rachel said, driving her tongue deeply into Julie’s pussy and curling it up to gather as much juice as she could. This made Julie quiver.

“And your tongue FEELS good,” Julie replied, lifting her head from the pillow to watch her younger sister eat her out.

Rachel ravished her sister’s pussy, driving her tongue as deep as it could go repeatedly, before dragging it through the moist folds to her sensitive clit, latching around it and suckling. With how sensitive she already was from the morning fuckfest with her family, it wasn’t long before she was arching her back off the bed, cumming at her sister’s experienced tongue.

“I want to taste you too,” Julie moaned, still shaking from her orgasm.

“Oh you were going to whether you asked me or not,” Rachel grinned, standing up next to the bed.

She unbuttoned her short shorts and tugged them down, letting them fall to the floor and stepping out of them, revealing her own bright pink slit complete with a neatly trimmed landing strip. She climbed back on the bed and knelt over Julie’s head, smiling and reaching a head down to coil her fingers in her sister’s golden hair, lifting her head towards her waiting pussy.

“C’mon sis, eat my cunt,” she said in a raspy, lust-filled voice.

Julie ran her tongue through the moist folds excitedly as Rachel firmly held her head against her pussy. She began to gyrate her hips, rubbing her pussy all over her older sister’s face as her tongue explored every nook and cranny of her dripping snatch.

“Ooooh fuck Jules, shame for all the other girls you aren’t a dyke, that feels amazing,” Rachel said unabashedly, pressing down tighter against her sister’s face.

“Mmph!” Was all Julie could say in response buried so perfectly between Rachel’s thighs.

She was darting her tongue in and out of her opening, rubbing her clit with the tip of her nose at the same time. She wrapped her arms around Rachel’s legs, dragging her nails over her thighs as her younger sister continued to thrust her hips downward against Julie’s exploring tongue.

“Fuck Jules! I’m so close, suck my clit!” Rachel suddenly demanded, raising her hips just slightly to allow Julie some breathing room.

Julie took one deep breath and then wrapped her lips around her sister’s clit, suckling on it passionately, looking up at Rachel’s face the entire time with her sparkling blue eyes. Seeing her sister gaze up at her trapped between her thighs, bahis şirketleri Rachel lost it and screamed out in passion as she came, her nectar flowing freely over Julie’s mouth and chin.

Rachel slid down her sister’s body and kissed her passionately. Julie’s entire face was shiny from having to work so vigorously in her pussy, and Rachel just adored it. She reached an arm down between them though, inserting three fingers all at once into Julie’s still-wet snatch, pumping them at a steady pace.

“Cum for me again, babe. I want to hear you call out my name,” Rachel demanded, kissing her sister again passionately, savoring her own flavor on Julie’s tongue.

Julie couldn’t believe her luck. Not only did she have her husband, two daughters, and a son to fuck now, but her own sister was getting into the mix. She moaned into the kiss as Rachel tilted her head and began to feverishly suck and bite at her neck, thrusting her fingers in faster and faster.

“Oh god, Rachel…I’m cumming…Racheeeeeel!” Julie screamed as instructed, bucking her hips against her sister’s hand as she came hard, her juices trickling down between her thighs to the bed below.

Rachel withdrew her soaked fingers and thrust them into Julie’s mouth, letting her taste herself, not pulling them back until they’d been licked clean. Rachel again kissed her sister before laying beside her, heaving a happy sigh.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long. You don’t even know,” Rachel admitted.

“You like incest, huh?”

“Well you’re fucking hot, and yeah the taboo has always been a turn-on for me.”

“Then boy do I have a story for you,” Julie giggled.

Act II: Charlotte’s Return

A few days after their family orgy, the Reynolds’ had returned to the doldrums of their daily lives. Derek went back to work at the accounting firm he managed, while Charlie and Ashley returned to their classes, still being 18 year old high school seniors. Jenna had returned to college. Julie usually worked as an administrative assistant at the same firm Derek worked at, but she’d taken a few days off for more hijinx with her sister.

Julie and Rachel weren’t the only ones with lascivious thoughts on their minds, however. Ashley was feeling particularly horny and had been thinking about Derek all day. She decided to fake being sick to be allowed to go home early, and did so with no trouble, as she’d done it on plenty of other occasions. Rather than go home though, she made a beeline for Derek’s work.

Derek sat in his office in a pair of black slacks, button up white shirt, and black dress shoes. He sighed of boredom, going over the daily paperwork he had to sign off on. Just when he thought he was about to doze off, there came a knock on his office door.

“It’s open,” he said wearily, expecting a coworker with a question or more forms.

Instead Ashley slipped inside and closed the door behind her, locking it. She smiled sweetly, dressed in a pleated blue and gray skirt that barely went past her thighs, white button up shirt, thigh high white stockings, and black Mary Janes.

“Sweetie, what are you doing here? You should be in school,” Derek asked, setting down the stack of papers. Regardless of the fun they got up to at home, he still felt the need to try and be a proper father.

“I wasn’t feeling well so I left. I wanted to see you, daddy.”

“Are you okay, Ash?” Derek asked, suddenly standing from his chair.

Before he could take a step though, Ashley had rounded his desk and pushed him back down into the chair, dropping to her knees in front of him. He gave her a stern look.

“And just how aren’t you feeling well, young lady?”

“I have severe cock deficiency, daddy,” Ashley giggled as she unzipped his slacks.

Derek wanted to do the fatherly thing and tell Ashley she needed to go back to school; but his gorgeous brunette daughter looked so appetizing kneeling on the floor. Within seconds she’d fished his cock out of his trousers and boxer briefs. She licked her lips teasingly before sliding them down his shaft, swallowing the entire thing inch by inch as it hardened.

“Ashley…mmmm…you should be in school, baby,” Derek said, not at all sounding sincere.

Ashley released Derek’s cock with a pop and looked up at him as she wrapped her fingers around it, pumping her fist up and down slowly.

“Do you really mean that, daddy? You want me to leave, go back to class?” She asked in a sickly sweet voice, looking up at him with her sparkling green eyes.

Derek opened his mouth to speak, wanting so bad to tell her she should, but instead he closed it again and shook his head.

“That’s what I thought,” Ashley giggled before enveloping his cock in her mouth again.

She slid her soft lips up and down the length, making the entire thing glisten with her saliva. Derek groaned. His daughter’s warm, wet mouth felt so perfect. Between his wife, Ashley, and Jenna, he knew he’d never have to fantasize about another woman for as long as he lived.

Ashley bobbed her head faster and faster, her light brown hair swaying with each and every motion as she continued to blow her father. After a few more minutes of this, Derek groaned and placed his hand on her shoulder.

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