Mistis’ Adventures Part 64

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 64
IT WAS THE BIG DAY!!! The payoff for all the work and planning was for this very day. Everything was in its place, most of the decorations were there, save for the flower arrangements, which were supposed to be there in just a matter of minutes, and wardrobes were laid out and were ready to put on.

At Billy and Cathy’s house, Billy and Tod made an early start. The livestock needed care irregardless of what the humans were doing, so, while Betty, Cathy, and Gail were fixing breakfast, Billy, Tod, and Abe went out with only cups of coffee, and began doing the chores. Abe was unfamiliar with farm work, but was interested, and, besides, an extra set of hands were nearly always useful. He helped busting bales of hay both in the barn, and in the pasture. It had surprised him, and made his day when the new colts had allowed him to pet them as they nursed their mothers.

It took them much less time this morning to get all the chores done, and get back to the house. Just as they were pulling into the tractor shed, a truck pulled in front of the house. It had the florists name and logo on the side. The florist and his two helpers went up to the house and knocked on the door. They saw the door open, and , faintly, a voice inviting them in.

They finished putting the tractor away, and began walking toward the house. They went in and saw the three men sitting at the kitchen table, with cups of coffee in front of them. The coffee, though, was NOT what they were all looking at. They were looking at the three women as they finished preparing breakfast. All three of them were, as they normally were, completely naked. Two young ones, one pregnant, and a very pretty older woman. They acted as if they were completely unaware of the three guests. They were having their normal chit-chat, and the older one was asking about how the flowers were going to be placed. The florist answered her questions, giving her, apparently, sufficient answers, and fielding the next question. The two younger women were trying to catty on a conversation with the two much younger guys, but received almost no response from them. They were MUCH too busy taking in the scenery.

Betty, frustrated with them, went over to stand between the two, and tell them, “Here it ALL is. Feel anything you want. If you want to see something else, say so, and we’ll show it to you. Then, maybe the cat will give you back your tongue.” Cathy came over and stood next to her, fists on her hips in a stance of defiance. Both reached out sheepishly, and felt of both of their breasts, asses, and mounds. Cathy spread her feet wider, and both reached in to touch her pussy. One, then the other, stuck his finger inside of her, to which she contracted her muscles, to give them each a a gentle bite with her pussy. She smiled at both of them, and told them, “Come out sometime, when you like, and I’ll bite something more fun.” Betty, not to be outdone, told them, “So will I. Just because I got a bun in the oven, don’t mean I gave up on getting laid. It only made me even more horney.” Things loosened up and they both started talking to them. Betty, unusually for her, simply asked them to give them room to fix the table. They set places for all of them, making sure they would eat with them.

The men went into the bathroom, and washed up preparatory to eating breakfast. Betty asked how they wanted their eggs cooked, and how many did they want. A large platter of bacon and sausage was placed on the table, with a large bowl of home made butter, two pitchers of syrup, and a platter of hot biscuits. {ancakes were being laid on another platter, and a large pitcher of fresh milk, from another neighbors dairy rounded out the meal.

Everyone sat down and are as if it were their last meal. The florist, looking at the clock on the wall, announced that they were running short on time, so they better get cracking. Billy and Abe both told the others that, while it was cool, it wasn’t overly so. Betty stayed to clean the dishes and the kitchen, and the others,putting on house coats, and slippers, went out to place the flower arrangements in the barn.

As the two men, really not much more than boys, unloaded the truck and brought the flowers in, Gail and the florist discussed how they should be placed. Gail told him what she wanted, and mostly agreeing, except on a few minor details, told her what he thought would be better. Gail accepted his suggestions, agreeing that it DID seem more appropriate. 8 were placed in the front, 4 on each side of the alter, and 12 on either side of the seating. At the last moment, the florists took four more from the sides, and place them just inside the entrance. Everyone liked the last minute change. Cathy and Gail had both put their phones in their pockets, and got busy taking photos from every angle. The three men, as soon as they got the “go ahead,” went up to bathe, shave, and start doing what THEY needed. Gail and Cathy had shed their robes, and were quite naked, once again, much to the delight of all three of the guests. Dave and his crew had built a small stage, about a foot tall and made wide steps for it, and covered it in some carpet remnants he had obtained, for the wedding. Cathy and the two youngsters were sitting there talking. Cathy was sitting in front of them, giving them unobstructed views of her lithe, slender canlı bahis şirketleri body, and everything they night want to look at. She thoroughly enjoyed having men look at her, and displayed herself at every opportunity. They were making the most of it, unabashedly looking at everything she had. They were openly disappointed when the florist announced that they must be on their way. Cathy told all three that, while she and the others would all be fully dressed for the wedding, they were all invited to attend it they could. Nobody could know what MIGHT happen AFTER the wedding. Both women kissed and thanked the florist and his 2 helpers, and they left. It had only taken less than a half hour to complete. Putting on their robes, once more they went to the house. Betty was almost done with the dishes, and putting the leftover food away, and Gail and Cathy insisted that she sit down and rest while they cleaned the rest of the kitchen. All three were laughing and discussing the reactions of the three men. Betty admitted that, if she had been able, she would have taken them upstairs for a quick roll in the hay. Gail agreed.

The house was sparkling from the multiple scrubbings it had received from the host of women in the last few days, everything placed as neatly and tastefully as any of them could imagine. The sound of many cars pulling in in front of the house drifted in to them. Gail looked out a near window and announce that almost all of the “gang” had arrived. The only ones not outside were William and Sharon. Betty opened the door for them, and kissed first, then scolded by both of the Mothers as to why she wasn’t wearing anything. She meekly accepted their criticism, and took her robe from the couch and pulled it on. She was fully aware that their chastisement was made from love, and accepted it as such.

All had brought their dress clothes with them, and wore their “every day” clothes. They were determined to make this day as special as they were able. Last to enter were Rick and Barbara. THEY had spent the night with Mary and Jerry, and had much the same sort of night Cathy and Billy had enjoyed. They had swapped partners many times during the night, and were both as sated as they had ever been. Barb had been just as impressed as Cathy with Jerry’s stamina, and gentleness. Rick was impressed at Mary’s softness, and her willingness to do almost anything. Both had had a very exciting night.

They madness continued as Gail took the others out to see the finished result looked like. All the ladies walked around and inspected every minor detail. Heaven help if anything wasn’t up to expectations. An hour or so later they all decided that everything was perfect. They went back up to the house to prepare them selves for the wedding.

The weather was much better than they had ever hoped for. The temps were in the mid to upper 60s, the sky was brilliant blue, with s**ttered puffballs of cloud dotting the sky, and barely enough of a breeze to feel.

Everyone bathed once more, Dad Campbell shaved for the second time, as he had felt stubble in his face when he was downstairs, with one major difference. THIS TIME, there was NO hanky-panky in the showers. Each person washed their shower partner, and dried each other preparatory to getting dressed. The men oiled and powdered the women, with barely a feel. They each knew that it would be a near free-for-all later, so they all behaved themselves for now.

Sharon and William arrived while the others were getting ready, and as they had dressed prior to leaving home, they sat in the kitchen waiting for them to come downstairs. Cathy had heard them come in, and stuck her head out long enough to greet them and tell them that she would be down in a sec.

A few minutes later Cathy, and the 3 Moms came down the stairs. The Moms were all fully dressed, but Cathy was still completely naked. She was carrying the box her dress had been placed in at the store, and had a bag with her other things. While they were busy with Billy the other day, she had looked at a selection of fancy garters. She had paid one of the clerks on put it in her purse. She would, at the reception, put her foot on a chair so Billy could take it and throw to the assembled men, as she would throw her bouquet to the assembled women. She was purposely going to place it as high as she could, so when Billy went for it, her pussy would be in sight. The thought of all those men getting a quick peek at the goodies gave her a naughty thrill. Her Mom had already been told what she was going to do, and was prepared to be positioned to get a good shot with the movie camera of the whole proceeding. The only other things besides the dress and garter, were her shoes. She wasn’t going to wear ANYTHING under the dress. Her Mom had tried to get her to wear a veil, but she was not. It was too old-fashioned.

After the ceremony, tables would be placed around the walls, and chairs placed at them for the reception. The center would be kept clear for dancing. Her and Billy had many CDs of various kinds of music and Rick and Barbara had agreed to be the D.J.s. Both had excellent tastes in music for the occasion.

The four ladies went out to the barn to help Cathy to get dressed. It was only an hour before the guests would be arriving. They commandeered Billy’s new office for her purpose, canlı kaçak iddaa and would go out the door on the outside and walk around to the entrance for Cathy and the three Moms to make THEIR entrances. Abe would be there waiting to escort his daughter down the aisle to her new husband. Rick, the Minister, and Billy would be standing at the front waiting for her. The music had been prerecorded in a studio. Abe had listened to it, and it was as if an orchestra were in the room with them. Cathy had gone out to the barn completely naked as the weather was so nice. They went into the office, and, with a bit if tongue clucking at her chosen attire, helped her to dress. The gown fit her just as she wanted. It was snug above the waist, and flowing below. It was barely to her knee when standing, allowing a view of, what she had been told so many times, a breathtaking set of legs. She had gone, at the last minute, to a beauty shop, and had a wax job done on them, AND her bikini line, to insure that she was as smooth as possible. She and Abe had felt both areas extensively last night, and had marveled at how nice they were, just before he had fucked her 2 more times. One more time, tonight, and her dream would be fulfilled. After he had finished tonight, she would tell him that she had stopped taking the birth control pills. If she had told him, before, he wouldn’t have fucked her, let alone cum inside of her. So far, Dave was the only one she had told. He had promised to keep her secret.

The guests were arriving, and were being seated. The men were standing off to the side with the Minister from the church she had attended all her life, and were talking about what ever, and the chairs were filling fast. MIsti, MIke Mary and Jerry, were sitting in the second row an the left hand side. Rick had romantic music on the CD player, and the Wedding March CD right beside it. The women and Cathy started arund the outside to the front. The Moms had gone out to their places, nodding to Rick, who removed the CD and replaced it with the March. The bridesmaids, girls she had gone to school with, Barb, and her parents took their places. Betty little girl was the flower girl and their Minister’s grandson was the ring bearer. A nod to Rick, and the opening strains sounded. This music was from Tchaikovsky. Sweet and dignified. The procession made their way down the aisle in grand fashion. The flower girl, the ring bearer, the four brides maids, the Matron of Honor, and FINALLY! The Father of the Bride and the Bride.

Rick had asked one of his friends to stop the music when the bride took her place so he could stand with Billy. They marched down the aisle Cathy holding her Father’s arm and trying to do everything she should do. Abe was swallowing over and over, torn between seeing his baby going into a new life, and his realization that she would leave his household, and start one of her own. One part wanting to shout with joy and pride, and another wanting to weep.

They reached the front of the barn, and he placed Cathy’s hand on Billy’s arm, and took a step back. He had one more thing to say and he would sit down. A few seconds later he heard his cue. “Who giveth this woman to be this man’s wife?” He heard himself reply, “I do.” He turned and went to sit next to Gail.

The rest of the ceremony went as smoothly as could have been hoped for. All too soon, for Abe, he heard the final works from the Minister. “I now pronounce you Man and Wife. What God hath ordained and blessed, let no man put asunder. You may kiss the Bride.” He lifted his head to look over the crowd. “May I present Mr. and Mrs. Billy Breen!”

Ricks friend set the play button and the wedding music filled the building as the couple went swiftly to the door and around the side. They went back into Billy’s office, and after quickly checking to see the door was locked, Cathy pushed Billy down on the sofa, unzipped his trousers, and withdrew his pecker. He unfastened them and slid them down to his knees. She had already made him aware that the only thing under her dress was HER! The skirt was full so she lifted it as soon as she had him aroused, and with all the haste in her, seated herself where she wanted. She had him pull the zipper on her bodice down enough so she could stick her breast in his mouth. “Fill me up, MY Darling. I want YOUR pussy full of YOUR cum when we go outside.” She rocked back and forth on top of his lap, squeezing and biting him with her hot little box. She had rubbed one out before going to the front to insure her pussy was good and wet. She kissed him and licked around his ears, fighting the urge to give him a hickey. He tried to push into her but the force she was using drove him down too much. Her urgency made her orgasm several times before Billy delivered a load of sperm into her waiting vagina. He pulsed his load deeper than he thought possible. They heard the door knob rattle. Someone was wanting in. Cathy pulled a tampon out of her bag, and slid it inside her to hold the cum. She didn’t want a single drop to get away from her. Billy went to a water can by the wall and wet a hand towel. She used it to wipe her pussy, and the insides of her thighs. She tucked the string inside of her, so it wouldn’t show. All she wanted to show was her baby smooth pussy and thighs, when Billy took her garter off. It would canlı kaçak bahis smell like her pussy, now.

Billy cleaned himself and re-adjusted his own attire. She turned and he pulled up her zipper. She was just as neat and demure as she had been during the wedding. She smiled as she thought of the look on the Minister’s face when she stopped in front of him. Her bodice was thin and snug enough for her aureole to make a dark spot on her dress, and her nipples were in plain sight, as if she had been topless. He hadn’t been able to take his eyes off of them the whole time. She considered letting him see her naked at the first opportunity. He was much younger than her parents, so he should be able to take advantage of any situation. Mom would need help packing things for them to move, so she would have a chance then.

They went outside and joined the festivities. She danced with Billy, then her Dad, and finally Rick. Ten songs had played and they had been cut in on several times before she was able to sit down. After sitting for a little she danced with William, Jerry, and Mike. Dave was dancing with Sharon, so she sat down, again. She saw a young man coming her way. It was one of the boys that had delivered the flowers this morning. He was taller than he had looked this morning, and looked much older. He introduced himself and asked if she would dance with him. She joined him and they talked while they danced. It turned out that he was just a year or two younger than her and he was doing this job while he was waiting to go in the service. He had joined the Army and was due to start training in 3 months. He had signed up for 4 years, and would be trained as a MLRS operator. Those were the tank-looking things they showed shooting rockets. She looked around and saw that everybody seemed busy at the time. She took his hand and led him to Billy’s office. She wrote her number in it, and he gave her his number. She asked that he not say anything to ANYBODY, and said she would call him as soon as she could ant tell him where to meet her. She would give him some memories to take with him, and, maybe, even more. She gave him a long kiss, filled with promise of better things to come, and lifted her skirt to give him another feel of what awaited him below her waist. They went back outside for the rest of the reception.

She sat back down and Dave came over and she finally got to dance with him. He held her as a gentleman, and they enjoyed themselves. She saw Billy beckon to her, and Dave escorted her over to him. Toasts were made to the Bride and Groom, and several others, and the caterer started serving the food. The first course was Misti’s soup. Many were exclaiming that it was the best thing they had taste. Billy had her stand for acknowledgement, and she received loud applause. Later several women came by and asked if they could get the recipe. She was armed with many copies and gave all of them a copy. Two restaurant owners offered her a job if she wanted. She declined, saying that her and her husband were wanting to start a family. They both looked at her and shook his hand, telling him how beautiful and talented his wife was, and that he was a VERY lucky man to have a wife such as her. She blushed, and he beamed with pride, and thanked them. The rest of the meal was served, and there was more dancing.

The crowd began to drift away heading for home, or other destinations. Abe announced that the Bride was going to throw her bouquet, and it was caught by Sue. The Kelly’s daughter. Cathy had to stand for Billy to take her garter. They went up on the stage, and a chair was set for Cathy to place her foot on. Most of the women were crowded around Sue laughing and teasing her, as was to be expected. The men, however, were paying close attention, hoping to get a peek at some delicate undies. She lifted the hem of her dress just a bit so Billy could reach under it. It was the moment of truth for the men watching. Bets had been made on what color they were.

Billy ran his hand up her leg, seeking the garter, and it was even higher than he had thought it would be. His fingers brushed it and her pussy at the same time. He looked up at her and she nodded. He raised the hem even higher. She held it so he could use both hands to take it from her. There was a collective gasp as it was seen that the only thing there was a very beautiful snatch. Billy took his time pulling it down her leg, allowing a better showing, as she held her skirt high enough for everyone to have a good look, and , even, for some, to get a picture He slid it down to her slipper, and she had to lift her foot for him to remove it, all the while, holding her skirt up. He replaced her slipper, and she lowered her foot to the floor, releasing her dress so it could fall back into place.

He held it on the tip of his finger and, like a slingshot, propelled it across the room. Everyone was still transfixed by the sight of a very beautiful, and wet looking pussy that it hit one man in the face. They went back into Billy’s office. Carol had gone up and brought their street clothes down for them to change into, and Dave had brought Cathy’s Jeep down. They were coming back to the house later, but, they were going to drive around for a little while, before returning. That would give everybody that wasn’t spending the night a chance to leave.

Cathy was anticipating one more night with her Father, and Barb was looking forward to trying her new Brother-in-Law out in bed. Cathy and Gail had both told her it would be a night to remember. Cathy was also anxious to tell her Father that she had stopped her pills.

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