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I stand in front of the mirror brushing my hair. You come up behind and slip your arms around my waist. I lean my head back against your shoulder as you move your hands to my breasts. I watch in the mirror as you knead my breasts, making my nipples hard. I reach behind me to caress your sides as your hands move to the buttons on my shirt.

You slowly unbutton my shirt and then caress me from throat to top of my breasts. We look in the mirror and can see my nipples beginning to poke over the top of the cups of my bra. I watch as you pull and tug on my nipples, making them harder. You take a step back and unfasten my bra and smooth it and my shirt from my body. You once again move up against me, I can feel your cock as you pull me tight.

You slowly caress and knead by breasts as I push back against you and begin to moan. I reach behind me and manage to unfasten your pants and open them so I can touch your cock….all canlı bahis the time watching your hands knead my breasts in the mirror.

We both watch your hands move as you smooth them down my breasts to my pants. You unfasten my pants and move your hands slowly inside. You push my pants off as I watch your hands move slowly, caressingly, down my legs. I step out of them as you kiss your way back up my body. My hands tighten in your hair as you kiss my wet slit and flick my clit with your tongue. The image in the mirror wavers as my eyes begin to close with pleasure. You whisper to me to keep watching. I open my eyes and watch as your tongue makes contact again with my clit. My eyes widen and I shiver as you use your teeth to tug on my clit.

I tug on your hair to pull you to your feet. You stand and I begin to kiss and lick my way down your body until I am kneeling in front of you. Your cock is jutting out from your body. I bahis siteleri slowly stick my tongue out and touch the tip of your cock. It jumps, I smile. I stick my tongue out again…swirl it around the head. You watch me in the mirror. You can see the smile playing with your cock brings to my face. You caress my head and then grab my hair. I look up and see you smile as you hold my head still so you can fuck my mouth. You tell me to look in the mirror. I look over and see your big cock plunging in and out of my mouth. I moan around it… you feel me shiver and know I am wet and my pussy is wanting.

You pull out of my mouth and push me down on all fours. I turn and wiggle my rear at you. You can see how wet my pussy is and how much I want you in me. “Watch!” you tell me as you slowly enter my pussy. I look in the mirror and see your long cock enter my pussy….so slow… I start to thrust back. You slap my ass and grab my hips bahis şirketleri to stop me. You see the surprise in my eyes, but you also hear me moan and feel me get even wetter around your cock. I watch as you push more of your cock so slowly into me. My head drops as you fill me up; you slap my ass again and tell me again to keep watching. I lift my head and look at the mirror. I can see your cock…glistening with my juices as you pull out…then slam back in me. I begin to shake as I watch your cock go into me ever deeper and ever harder. You slap my ass in rhythm with your thrusting.

You hold my hips still and start thrusting hard into me, both of us watching in the mirror. You start pumping into me faster…harder… deeper… slapping my ass harder. I groan and my orgasm overtakes me as you thrust in me and begin shooting your hot cum deep in me. I milk your cock with my pussy.

We both end up lying on the floor. I look in the mirror. I see you looking back at me… both of us have tired grins on our faces.

“Hey,” you say. “Want to try the mirror in the bathroom?” I look at you, roll over, push to my feet…and lead the way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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