Minnie and the Newlyweds Ch. 02

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That Saturday night had set the scene for what was to become a nightly ritual for the next 2 weeks. At bedtime Angie and Peter would shower, put on their pyjamas, and descend the stairs into the lounge, where Minnie, their landlady, would be sitting, either reading a book or watching television. By now Peter knew the routine. He would paddle over to Minnie and stand patiently beside her chair. Angie would stand at the doorway, projecting her best frown. She was a reluctant spectator in this whole charade, and she despised the hold that Minnie had over her husband (a hold, both figuratively and literally!).

Nonchalantly Minnie would reach out and grip Peter’s penis over his pyjama bottoms. If it failed to respond, she beamed them her best smile and bid them both goodnight. If his penis did respond, which was more often than not, Minnie would tilt her head and nod. She didn’t have to say anything. Peter would untie the cord of his trousers and let them fall to his ankles. His landlady would squeeze tight and then pump him. Sometimes she was gentle, other times she pumped so hard that his eyes watered.

Even though he would try to hold back, he would ejaculate quickly into Minnie’s hand. Angie knew it was her task to fetch the tissue, and even though she hated doing it, she knew that the quicker she did her little job the sooner they would be able to say goodnight to their landlady.

Angie could not believe that her love life was disappearing into the palm of her landlady’s hand, all apparently for the sake of a good nights sleep. She had no desire to live a life of celibacy. Minnie had already informed them several nights earlier that when she felt they were ready for it she would allow them to have sex, but they must seek her permission before hand. Angie almost screamed in disbelief. ‘The cheek of the woman,’ she silently fumed. ‘She might have a hold over my husband, but she won’t control me!’

Two weeks after the nightly ritual had begun Angie saw her chance. For one of the few times Minnie had ventured out for the evening and had not returned by 10.00pm. Angie and Peter were in the lounge watching a movie. Angie went to the window and peered through the curtains. No sign of Minnie’s car in the driveway. Hastily she turned off the television, which caused her husband to protest that he was watching the movie. Angie ignored him, instead grabbing him by the arm and hauling him upstairs.

By the time they reached the bedroom Angie had reached under her dress and wrenched off her knickers. She felt so damn randy as it seemed like an age since she had had sex. She threw herself onto their bed and tried to haul her resisting husband down on top of her

“No honey, we can’t,” Peter protested, “Minnie told us we can’t have sex without her permission.”

“To hell with Minnie.” With that Angie sat up and pulled her dress over her head and quickly removed her bra so that she was totally naked. She well knew that her husband was always totally turned by the sight of her naked body. She had been a competitive swimmer until recently and had the characteristic broad shoulders, beautifully formed, petite 32 inch breasts, narrow waist and long muscular legs that seemed to go forever. Her blond hair was layered and shoulder length. Angie was rightly well proud of her body.

Predictably, Peter’s resistance quickly melted away. He swiftly removed his jeans and boxers, and laughingly threw himself on the bed. He quickly entered his wife and could not believe how wet she was. He realised how tough the past two weeks of deprivation must have been on her. In no antalya escort time they both erupted in a noisy chorus of groaning and moaning, both wishing the ecstasy of their orgasms could last forever. Afterwards they climbed under the sheets and enjoyed the feeling of sleeping naked, without the hindrance of their flannelette pyjamas.

The next morning, which was a Sunday, Angie awoke late, and peered over at her still sleeping husband. She smiled to herself. She felt good, especially about the fact she had got one over her landlady. It felt like a great victory, akin to when she won a race at a big swim meet. She was tempted to awaken Peter and have sex with him again, but decided not to push her luck. Instead she showered and dressed, and went downstairs for some breakfast. When she came across Minnie in the kitchen she couldn’t help but give a self-satisfied smile.

“You look like the cat that just got the cream,” Minnie chirped.

‘If only she knew,’ Angie thought smugly to herself

Following a day spent at the beach and a cheap meal at a local restaurant the newly weds returned. Minnie was snuggled up in her favourite chair reading a Jefferson Parker novel. Peter and Angie showered, reluctantly put on their flannelette pyjamas, and ventured back downstairs to say goodnight to their landlady. Awkwardly Peter went and stood in front of his landlady. He was pretty sure that following last night’s sex that his penis would behave and remain flaccid.

He stood in front of his landlady, but she made no move to reach out and grip his penis. In fact she totally ignored him. Peter glanced over at Angie and frowned. Angie shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly, but underneath her calm veneer she was becoming concerned. Something was up, and it made her nervous.

After what seemed like an eternity Minnie put her book down and looked up at Peter, before slowly shifting her gaze to Angie. Angie could feel herself beginning to sweat, and cursed herself for not being stronger.

“Come over here, Angie.” Minnie beckoned for her to stand in front of her beside Peter.

Angie briefly flirted with the thought of refusing, but instead found herself shuffling across the carpet to stand beside her husband. She was so close she could smell Minnie’s perfume, but didn’t have the courage to look her in the eye. Again she cursed her own weakness. It shouldn’t be like this. She was a proud, independent woman, well able to stand up for herself. She had been the main instigator in persuading Peter to elope and travel to New Zealand. She saw herself as strong and independent, not weak and subservient.

“Look at me, Angie,” Minnie’s voice was quiet but carried authority. Angie forced herself to look up at her landlady.

“You had sex last night.” It was not said as a question, but a statement of fact.

Peter opened his mouth to utter a denial, but Minnie raised her hand. “I am talking to Angie. Please don’t lie to me, young lady.”

“What if we did,” Angie suddenly responded petulantly, “you might think you control our sex lives, but you don’t, you know.”

“Did I not say to you that you needed my permission before you could have sex?”

“I’m not asking you if I can…”

Minnie interrupted her mid sentence and patiently repeated her question.

Angie wanted to be strong but she could feel her resistance melting away like ice on a hot day. She had this horrible feeling of inevitability in her gut.

“Well, did I?” Minnie continued to push for an answer

“Yes,” Angie responded in almost a whisper.

“Go to lara escort my bedroom and get the wooden hairbrush off the top of my dresser.”

Angie’s eyes opened as wide as saucers and she stared at her landlady incredulously.

“Now, girl! If I have to go and get it myself you will certainly regret it.”

Angie whimpered and her bottom lip pouted. The walk to the bedroom felt like a trip to the gallows. The hairbrush sat on the dresser. It looked huge and foreboding. ‘Surely she is not going to do what I am fearing she might do,’ Angie’s mind raced. She had been smacked by her stepfather as a thirteen year old when she had sneaked out of her bedroom one night to go to a party she had been forbidden to attend, but she was only a girl then, not the full grown adult she is now. ‘Adult woman don’t get spanked,’ she rationalised to herself.

“Hurry up, young lady!”

Minnie’s voice made her jump. She had been staring at the hairbrush in a trance. With great reluctance she picked it up. It was heavy in her hand. Slowly she made her way back to the lounge. She tried to muster her courage; the inner strength she felt she possessed, but it had abandoned her. Resuming her place beside Peter, she held out the hairbrush which Minnie took from her and placed on her lap.

“Take down your pyjama bottoms.”

Angie’s heart began to beat even more frantically. She tried to muster her courage.

“No, I won’t. You can’t make me!” Even to herself her voice sounded like a petulant whine. She felt like the 13 year old all over again.

It all happened so quickly that Angie did not even have time to react. Minnie bounded to her feet, hairbrush firmly gripped in her left hand. With her free hand she took hold of Angie’s arm and swung her side on. Without any hesitation Minnie took to the young lady’s backside with the hairbrush. The smacking noise filled the room, followed quickly by Angie’s howls of shock and pain. She began prancing up and down and frantically tried to pull away but her landlady held her firmly in place with surprising strength. Peter had stepped back in surprise, his mouth wide open. He had never witnessed anything like this before.

After a flurry of spanks on her backside, Angie began sobbing real tears. She pleaded with Minnie to stop.

“Will you do what you are told?” Minnie demanded.

“Yes, yes!” Angie blurted out between sobs and screams.

“Say ‘Yes, Mummy'” Minnie continued to spank her.

“Yes, Mummy!” Angie didn’t care what she said if it would stop that wicked hairbrush reigning down on her poor bottom.

The spanking stopped, and Angie wiped the tears rolling down her cheek. She could not believe what had just happened to her. Minnie sat down and crossed her arms, a satisfied look on her face. She stared patiently at Angie.

Angie could not believe the act of undressing could be so gut wrenching and humiliating. She was use to being nude, and in fact sometimes liked to flirt her nude body in the women’s dressing room when she was at a big swim meet. Most of the girls would go into the shower cubical to take off their swimming suits after a race, but Angie would strip off at the far end of the dressing room and brazenly stroll down to the shower. She liked the feeling of some girls stealing an admiring glance at her body as she passed by.

But this situation was far different; being forced to take off her pyjama bottoms while standing directly in front of a relative stranger was so humiliating. It was then that Angie remembered that her landlady had professed manavgat escort to being gay and she had to force herself not to run away in shame.

With great reticence she untied the cord to her pyjamas, took in a deep breath, closed her eyes, and then let her trousers fall to the floor. She was thankful that her pyjama top was long and would cover her pubic triangle, but her landlady was not about to let her off so easily.

“Lift your pyjama top up to your waist and hold it there.”

“Noooo!” Angie pleaded

Minnie picked the hairbrush up from beside her chair and began to stand up. This quickly sprung Angie into action. She gathered her pyjama shirt and lifted it up slightly.

“Higher,” Minnie demanded.

Angie could feel herself blushing with shame. She lifted her shirt higher and knew that her pubic region was totally exposed to her landlady.

Minnie sucked air in between her teeth, obviously enjoying the sight that had been reluctantly revealed to her. “How delightful. Delicate milky skin topped off with a thick thatch of beautiful pubes. I would have taken you for being blond all over that sweet body of yours.”

It was true. Even though the hair on her head was naturally a light blonde, her pubic hair was pitch black. She thought it was pretty neat to be a bit different, but right at this moment all it did was add to her embarrassment.

“Get over my knee.”

“Please don’t punish me again,” Angie pleaded, “my bottom is so sore. Please!” Angie remembered how Minnie had asked her to call her Mummy when she pleaded for the spanking to stop. “Please…please Mummy, don’t spank me again. I realise I have done wrong.”

The use of ‘Mummy’ made Minnie smile, and obviously caused her to reconsider. “Alright my little darling, I won’t spank you again tonight”

“Oh, thank you, Mummy,” Angie decided to reinforce the good impression she had made by addressing Minnie in the same manner again. Even though it felt totally weird, she would say anything to avoid the hairbrush.

“Not tonight, But you are still owed a spanking and you will receive it tomorrow night. Now off to bed the both of you”

Angie’s heart sank, but she did not have the courage to protest unless her landlady changed her mind and decided on further punishment tonight.

When the newly weds got to bed they spoke very little. Both were too shell shocked to try and rationalise what had happened to them in recent weeks. They knew they could pack their bags and go to the backpackers until they found somewhere else to live, but for some bewildering reason neither of them raised the subject. Peter reached over and sympathetically rubbed her tender bottom as they drifted off to sleep. Any thoughts of further illicit sex were well and truly off the menu.

The following day, Monday, both Peter and Angie were working at the café. Angie was thankful of the distraction as it took her mind off the spanking Minnie had promised her. Her mind kept straying back to the events of the night before, trying to make sense of it, but it was too bewildering for her to comprehend so she forced herself to think of other matters. She found herself thinking of her own Mother, Stepfather and her younger sister. Her Dad, who was an alcoholic and violent when drunk, had thankful left when Angie was nine, and her Mum had remarried a couple of years later. Her Step Dad was strict, but very fair and loving. Angie knew that her family would be worried about her. She had never said goodbye, but had left a note to say her and Peter were eloping and going to New Zealand. For the first time she felt guilty, and just a little homesick.

The day dragged by for the newly weds, and in the evening that sat silently in their bedroom and read. Both avoided any conversation of what had happened the night before, or what was likely to unfold tonight.

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