Ming Toy

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“If you want me to do you tonight, come by about 4:30, I’m going to close a little early. Bring a nice bottle of Ouzo.”

Did I want her to “do” me? You bet your ass I did! It was Wednesday, and she “did” me every Wednesday for the last three months. I had been looking forward to it since I came on board on Monday morning. As the ship’s weather officer, I had a lot of free time and was almost always horny.

I hurried, wrapped up the day’s weather forecasting, dashed to the ships duty-free store, grabbed a bottle of Ouzo and was standing in front of Ming Toy’s Salon of Beauty, white hat under my arm exactly at 4:30 P.M. She let the last customer out, me in and locked the door.

Her name wasn’t really Ming Toy, it was something like Betty Ming, but in school they nicknamed her “Toy” because of her size. She was a beautiful, tiny, asian woman, less than five feet tall, with golden skin and stylishly short hair so black that it glistened like a raven in the sun. I’m sure she didn’t weigh 90 pounds even with her clothes on. Her waist was so small I could almost circle it with my two hands.

She looked about 18, but I knew that she was 29, divorced, with a seven-year-old son. He lived with her mother and father while she was away on the ship. She was a second generation Chinese-American, born in California. She had gone to hair stylist college right out of high school and worked in a beauty salon until she saved enough money to lease this shop on a concession basis from the cruise line company.

When we were away from our home port, she worked long hours, usually from bostancı escort bayan 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day except Wednesdays and Sundays. Wednesday she closed at five and Sundays we were in port.

I handed her the liquor and said, “Hi Ming, I hope you are as ready for me as I am for you.” I was almost shaking with anticipation.

She gave me a knowing smile, thanked me for the bottle and had me sit down in the treatment chair. She began by giving me a luxurious shampoo and shoulder massage followed by a haircut, then, as delicate and soft as a feather she shaved my face, using an old fashioned barber’s mug with shaving soap and a brush. The only concession to modern technology was a disposable razor.

Next, we moved into the back, private, treatment room. We undressed each other and got into the shower where she bathed me all over. In the shower she sat down on a little plastic stool and had me put my feet, one at a time on her lap so she could wash them. She giggled a lot when I wiggled my toes. Still sitting on the stool, she bathed me from the waist down, with special attention to my testicles, penis and rectum. If you ever had soft hands, lubricated with soap, slipping, sliding and fondling your privates you would know what it did to me.

By the time she finished, my enjoyment of the shower was evident by the shape of my cock. It stood straight out in front of me like some sort of testimonial wand. Carefully avoiding it, she positioned me on the massage table, face up. Again, out came the saving mug and brush. Another ocean of sensation ümraniye escort washed over me as the warm lather was spread on the area around my penis. When I looked down it was as if it were a flagpole, standing straight, tall and proud in a field of fresh snow. Using a new disposable razor, she whisked my pubic hair away, pushing, prodding and pulling my cock out of the way as she worked. I experienced another wave of stimulation when she used a warm, wet towel to wipe away the remnants of the shaving soap.

That done, she applied a nice, men’s after shave followed by a light dusting of powder.

The final step was to have me sit on the little, very low, leatherette couch. She then took a position, on her knees, facing me and straddling my legs with her pussy only inches above my ready, willing and able cock. She was looking me straight in the eyes and smiling as she commenced to sink slowly down onto my waiting dick.

One thing that really turned me on was her instructions and the continuous running commentary of the events as they unfolded. “Oh, that feels so good when I rub my clit against your cock. How does that feel to you when I rub it up and down like that without putting it inside?” She never waited for an answer, just kept looking into my eyes and talking. “Now, let me just rub the head against my clit. Ooh, that feels good. I want to put just a little bit of it inside me. That’s it, just the head, I can feel the ridge around it just inside the lips of my pussy.” With a smile, “What does it do to you when I constrict my muscles? Can you feel that?” I was escort kartal so wrapped up in my own sensations there was no way I could answer even if I wanted to.

“Let me slide down a little further and try it again. Not too fast, let me do all the work. Don’t push against me yet. You can do that when I slide all the way down. Ah, your cock is so big and it feels so good inside of me.” I think she giggled a little when she said, “It’s so long I believe it’s up above my belly button inside.”

Now a serious look, “Okay, let’s start all over again, but don’t take it all the way out, leave just the head in me. Now, I went to slide all the way down and see just how far up it does go. Oh God, I can’t believe how good it is and that I’ve got all of it inside of me.”

I could always tell when she was close. She reverted to a little girl voice, rested her head on my chest and with her hands on my shoulders, mumbled partial phrases, “Oh yes, that’s it. Mmm slowly… Now, ah, yes… Soon, very soon. Please, keep doing that! Oh yes, that’s it, now, oh my God, now, oh my God, now, yes, now, now! OOOHhhh.

There was no way I could control myself when she raised her head, looked me in the eyes and said, “Oh, Kent, I think I feel you. Are you ready to cum? Yes, I do feel it! You are shooting your cum into me! Oh, there’s so much and it feels so good, I’m glad you like it too. Now, just sit still and rest for a few minutes. I’ll clean you up and then we’ll do it again.”

I always did what she said. She was very good at clean up and following her orders were easy.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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