Military Mom’s Morning Ritual Ch. 01

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Cassie Eastman awoke at the crack of dawn, sans alarm clock. After a lifetime in the military, retiring as a sergeant after having lorded over countless soldiers, she was used to routine.

Hers was getting up without an alarm clock, same time, every day, an internal body clock honed by years of regularity. And every day of the school week, the trim, athletic 52-year-old woman with short-cropped blonde hair would march into her son’s bedroom, waking him up for classes at the local college.

It was a routine the boy needed, she knew. At 19, and a sophomore in college, he wasn’t the most ambitious kid, most his age weren’t. She didn’t hold it against him; she’d seen many soldiers like him. But she always broke them down, bending them to her will.

Cassie was a dominant sort, to say the least, and there was no doubt in her mind her aggressive attitude is what led to her marriage breaking up several years ago, leaving her to raise her son alone.

She stood in the kitchen, making coffee as she did every day at precisely the same time, more for her son than her. She ate and drank healthily, and rarely had coffee. And as usual, she wore her workout outfit, readying for her daily 10-mile run after Adam was off to school at 7:50. Her shorts were tiny, clinging to her amazingly muscular, tanned thighs, tapering to chiseled calves stuffed into short white socks and running shoes. Atop she wore a tight military T-shirt, her arms firm, shapely, forearms rippling with tendon and sinew.

She was a physical specimen unlike most women her age. She knew it, worked hard at it with her daily routine.

And down the hall, her son, Adam, was engaging in a routine of his own.

He knew his mom would literally march into his bedroom at precisely 7:30, announcing loudly and militarily that the day had begun. He didn’t mind it; he loved his mother, enduring her precision and authoritative ways. It was actually good for him, he felt.

And just prior to that, he routinely would wake up and jerk off. She had her routine, he had his.

Part of which, was to think about his sexy, muscular mom while he did it.

All of Adam’s friends loved Cassie, they’d visit often and for all her domineering, controlling ways, she was a great mom to be around, cooking for them, letting them host parties and keeping them safe, keeping them in line, forbidding excess drinking and making those who did sleep over, even if it meant on the floor with a blanket and pillow. And more than a few would comment to Adam how hot she was. He’d shake it off, while secretly agreeing, knowing he was lucky to have the hottest mom in town.

Her body, rock hard, muscular, so fit, drove him nuts. He imagined her now at the sink in those insanely sexy short shorts, puttering in the kitchen, and his cock immediately stiffened. He imagined licking her luscious body after a run, tasting and savoring her hard-earned sweat, the idea making him harder. He imagined fucking her, plunging into a pussy he assumed would be as tight as the rest of her incredible body.

He tossed back the covers, releasing the beast, all 9 inches of it. He’d been blessed with a larger-than-average cock, he knew, and had his fair share of sexual encounters with girls his age because of it. But it was his mom that fueled his fantasies more completely than any other woman.

It was wrong, he knew, but couldn’t stop the fantasies.

He had them now as he took his usual place at the edge of the bed, stroking himself to full length, groaning quietly; his mother had razor-sharp hearing, and the less noise he made, the better.

He looked at the clock on his nightstand, one of the old-fashioned wind-up alarm jobs, the ones that made loud ticking, a sound that he liked, the cadence assuring and making him sleep more soundly.

It read 7:20, about five minutes later than his usual time for waking up. He hadn’t much time. He had to work fast.

Adam was tall, lean, thin practically and owing to his mother’s insistence that he work out constantly, was very agile. Which due to this morning’s time constraints would serve him well.

He stretched his back up, leaning back, feeling and hearing the satisfying crackle of his spine aligning. He bent forward, stroking his dick, slowly dipping his head down until his outstretched tongue could tickle the tip of his enormous prick, lapping at the pre-cum already welling there.

Adam was blessed that way, a way he knew most men weren’t. He never told anyone about it, of course, but realized sucking their izmir escort bayan own cock was something most men had likely tried at some time in their lives, and most failing.

He was one of the lucky ones, ashamed of his gift at first when he’d discovered his nimble body could be his best friend. But he grew to like it. And he knew, as he did now, that sucking his own dick was the fastest way to a mind-blowing orgasm.

He stretched over a bit farther, his middle seemingly devoid of bone, supple and fluid, and now his lips surrounded his cock head, and with a little more pushing down and stroking up, he soon had the first inch or two firmly in his mouth. He groaned, stroking harder, running his tongue around the velvety smooth tip, bobbing his head up and down as his hand flew along his shaft.

When he blew himself, he could cum in five minutes, maybe less, far quicker than just jerking off. And now, imagining his beautiful mother kneeling before him with her mouth on his dick instead of his, he felt his nuts throbbing in the usual pre-orgasmic masturbatory routine of his morning.

With a sidelong glance, he looked at the clock: 7:25. He sucked harder, faster, imagining more outlandish things, like sucking his muscular mom’s asshole, a fantasy he saved for special occasions like this, when he was in a hurry to cum. He felt his balls knot and tense. He knew in exactly five minutes – no more, no less – his mom would bound into the room with military precision.

What he didn’t know was that because he didn’t wind the clock fully the night before, it was running slow – five minutes slow.

Cassie looked at her watch, read the time at 7:30, and strode down the hall, to Adam’s door, opened it and announced, as she did every day, “Rise and shine, soldier, it’s time to get up!” and then stopped dead in her tracks as her eyes met her son’s – which were about four inches above the biggest cock she’d ever seen in her life, firmly in her not-so-little boy’s sucking mouth.

That split-second of recognition seemed to last forever for both of them.

Cassie had seen a lot in her day, soldiers gay or bisexual or just shit-faced drunk and horny, in their barracks sucking and fucking, or huddled away somewhere at the base, stolen sexual encounters that she never had a problem with. For all her military ways which for the most part where right of center, she understood that everyone was different, and never judged them for their sexual proclivities.

And she’d had a few lesbian encounters in her time, which perhaps had something to do with her liberal attitude toward sex.

But this, seeing her only child bent over his cock sucking furiously and stroking madly, was the last thing she ever expected to see. As much as Adam never expected to see her see him doing it.

“MOM!” he screamed, popping his mouth of his dick and thrusting himself back on the bed, pulling the blankets over himself. “OH MY GOD!”

She’d been in enough emotional situations in her career to know how to react, and it was never to react too strongly. When faced with such things, she went into a calm state, slow, peaceful, rationale, her mind clear, most helpful when all those around were losing theirs. And that’s what she did now, she could feel it, that sedateness surrounding her, enabling lucid thought.

But there was one that couldn’t escape her: What that huge cock, that gloriously meaty, thick, long cock, would feel like in her mouth and not her son’s. She quickly shook it away, and calmly walked into the room.

“Well, now, we seem to have a situation here,” she said slowly, sitting on the bed as Adam, practically trembling in fear and shame huddled under his blankets, knees drawn up protectively, hugging them. “And what do I always say about situations?”

Adam blinked. He couldn’t believe his mom could be so calm catching him sucking his own dick.

“What?” he cried out, burying his head in his knees, unable to look at her. “God, MOM!”

“No, really, what do I say?” she asked again in a voice soft and maternal, and continuing when she realized he was in no emotional shape to answer. “We face it head on!”

She smiled broadly – and then the smile waned a bit when they both realized the double entendre she’d so gleefully just uttered.

“Oh my GOD, Mom, really!” Adam groaned, holding his arm over his face.

“OK, OK, maybe not the best phrase to use at the moment,” Cassie giggled, amazed at how calm she was and thankful for years of being just that in tense situations, which escort izmir this clearly was. “But you know what I mean. Now, Adam, let’s talk…”

“Mom, really, what the hell…what can we possibly…I mean Mom, really!” he groaned.

She reached forward, took his arms securely, pulling them away from his face. She smiled at him warmly. He just stared.

“Honey, you’re my son and I love you more than anything,” she said slowly. “And as a mom, and leader of men for many years, I fully realize masturbation is no big…oh, God, another unfortunate phrase…what I mean it’s natural, completely natural, it does not faze me in the least! Now I’m also fully aware that having your mother seeing you do it, well, that can be upsetting…”

“Oh, Jesus, Mom, ya think?” he cried out. “I mean jerking…masturbating…it’s one thing, but…”

“Honey, you can suck your own dick, so what, I mean think about it, what man wouldn’t love to gobble his own joint, ya know?” she laughed, her son groaning loudly at her amazing forthrightness, something he was used to but not at this most base level. “Helluva gift you got there, kiddo, more than your father could pull off…so to speak!”

Adam couldn’t hold back. Gone was the shame and fear. Acceptance, his mother’s acceptance, was so complete, so unconditional, that he broke into a giggle at her joke, and then full-out laughter. They hugged again, laughing into each other’s neck. And each feeling the unmistakable surge of sexual energy between them. Adam’s cock stiffened. His mom’s pussy went moist. They both tried, and failed, to ignore it.

She knew here were two things she could do: Walk away and let him finish. Or help him do it. Always a woman to make up her mind quickly, she decided.

“You really should get a better clock,” she said, glancing briefly at his on the nightstand and quickly returning her gaze to him, “but more importantly…you really should finish the job at hand…mouth…whatever!”

“MOM!” he groaned, throwing his head back and laughing. “I can’t believe you!”

When his head came back down, it was to look into her serious eyes – which then slowly drew down between them, a small smile erupting on her exquisite face, unmarked by any noticeable wrinkles.

“What? Now? Here? With…are you SERIOUS?” he asked, astonished.

“If you don’t, you’ll be edgy all day, and I suspect maybe you won’t be able to, what with any lingering embarrassment over your mom finding you blowing yourself!” she laughed. “So go ahead. Do it. In front of mom…FOR mom!”

“What! FOR you? What the…”

“Honey, I know how you feel about me,” she confided. “How you…you watch me, look at me. You think I’m blind? I have to admit for an old broad, I do keep myself in great shape, and you notice! That’s so sweet!”

She caressed his astonished face. He was busted. All those times watching her work out, watching those legs, that body…she knew, and she not only didn’t mind, she seemed to like it.

“And if I’m not mistaken,” she continued calmly, “you think about me when you’re…jerking off, and sucking your dick. Am I right?”

He could only look at her, lips moving to speak and saying nothing

“Am I right?” she asked again, now cupping his chin, tilting his head to look into his eyes.

He nodded weakly, blushing.

She smiled.

“And now…this close to me…” she said, scooting up against him, face nearing his, knowing this decision immediately made would be the best one. “You’re hard right now, aren’t you? That big cock is hard right now?”

He nodded again.

“Well, then,” she sighed, suddenly tugging off his blanket and pushing his legs flat. “Let’s get the job done!”

He didn’t resist. His enormous cock, still slick from his self-inflicted blowjob and oozing precum, shone and bobbed up straight and long and hard between them.

“Let’s? You mean…” he asked, suddenly realizing what she’d said.

“Yes, us, we, we’re a team, always have been, right?” she giggled.

He nodded again.

He still gazed at his mom’s smiling face as he let his hand creep to his cock, stroking the base. And gasped as she slipped her hand to it as well, cupping her strong fingers up high on the shaft, slowly, very slowly, masturbating him.

He let his eyes tilt down, widening as he watched her stroke him, pulsating her grip, twisting it a little faster, harder. He groaned. She tipped his head back up and moved closer, lips brushing lips, and then they kissed, softly and gently at first izmir escort but then more insistently, both groaning, tongues wrestling each other’s, heads moving in unison.

Their combined hand speed increased and she felt him tremble. She slowed a moment, breaking the kiss.

“I want to see it again!” she snarled, kissing his cheek, licking it, working to his ear and lancing her tongue inside. “I want to see you suck…your…cock…”

“Oh my God,” he groaned as she licked. “Really?”

She left his ear, smiling at him, still gently pulsating her fingers on his cock tip.

“Really,” she said with a throaty growl. “Suck it. Suck it for Mommy!”

He didn’t need to be told twice. As she held his cock in her hand, she watched and gasped as he bent over, his back stretched out enough by now to easily engulf that thick tip, two inches worth, his tongue slithering over the head, making himself groan. She took her hand away from his cock, kneeling between his legs, watching as he jerked faster and harder, his eyes locked onto hers.

She looked at her watch.

“Haven’t much time,” she said. “Can I help you?”

His eyes went wider and he nodded frantically, his mouth full of his own cock.

She smiled, pushing her head forward, nuzzling his massive, smooth balls with her nose, smelling his scent, making him cry out. Slowly, she sucked them, one by one, wetting them with her tongue and then slurping both into her mouth. He screamed in agonizing pleasure around his cock as he sucked and jerked it, looking down at his mother’s smooth cheeks bulging with her son’s balls.

She knew he was very close and let his nuts pop free of her sucking mouth and now slowly, ever so slowly, ran her tongue up the base of the shaft, wiggling rapidly left and right, and up, so slowly it was driving him crazy, darting the tip up toward his lips that were clamped around the tip. She looked directly into his wide eyes, smiling, her magical, hot tongue flickering like a lizard’s, snapping over the sensitive back of his cock. She brushed his hand away, replacing it with one of hers, then both, twisting them around each other. Jerking him off faster and harder, she felt it throb in her tight grip and knew it was time.

“MMMMMMMMMM!” he cried out around his dick, and she knew he was trying to scream ‘Mom!’

He grunted, groaned and shot his load into his mouth, swallowing, gulping, slurping it down, watching his mother’s tongue flicker madly against his cock, her hands stroking him to completion. He came longer, harder and more fully than he ever had in his young life, alone or with a girl. She watched, her eyes widening, as he ate his cum, a load so massive he couldn’t take it all. A thin ring of white appeared around his trembling lips and she lapped up to suck it into her mouth. He slowly stopped cumming, her hands still stroking slowly, and it popped free of his lips. She quickly attached hers to it and gobbled up the remaining sperm oozing from his cock tip.

She said nothing, just smiled, her mouth creamy white with him, kneeling up to frame his face in her hands and kiss him. He didn’t resist a bit, accepting her thrusting tongue and the thick bubble of his cum that she brought into his mouth with it. They kissed, groaning, her hands clutching his face, his eyes wide open and locked onto hers.

She broke the kiss, smiling at the little silvery strand of jism that clung between them, reaching for it with her finger and swiping it. She playfully stuck it into his mouth to suck clean.

“Now THAT’S how you face a problem head on, I’d say!” she laughed.

They both did, heartily, fully, laughs free of nervousness and judgment. She stood, holding his hands and looking down at her son’s smiling face, his giant cock wilting between his legs.

“Better shower up, solder,” she said. “Gotta get to school…”

She turned to walk away, Adam’s eyes locked on his mother’s incredible legs and ass.

“Uh, Mom?” he asked softly, and she turned to face him. “Can we…uh..make this a regular thing? You know, a morning routine?”

“Well, I WAS gonna go get you a better clock today,” she laughed. “But I think mine works pretty well, don’t you?”

He smiled and cocked his head at her, realizing it had been all about him.

“Mom,” he said, “what about you? Shouldn’t we…you know… take care of you, too?”

She smiled broader still.

“I’ve raised you right, soldier, you are SUCH a thoughtful young man, a team player, thinking about others!” she laughed, leaning on the door between her hands just before leaving. “Tell ya what: We’ll talk about it at dinner and see what we can come up with, as a team. That sound good?”

“That sounds great, Mom,” he sighed as she walked out. “REALLY great…”

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