Midnight Visit

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I was working late one Thursday night, trying to get a little bit ahead of the game so that I could enjoy a long weekend. I work from home, and while you’d think that would allow for as much free time as I care to take, that’s hardly the case. I’m a freelance writer, and there are always deadlines I need to meet, and they usually all come at the same time.

So, this particular Thursday evening, I was burning the midnight oil, finishing up a rough draft of a piece that was due early the next week. Just as I was shutting down my laptop for the night, my doorbell rang. I jumped. My house is at the end of a dirt road, and though I have a few neighbors within walking distance, I’ve never had any of them visit at this hour!

I rose and peeked through the curtains at my front window, my heart still racing. I had my cell phone in my hand, just in case I found myself in need of making an emergency call to the police, but realized that it was my neighbor’s son, Mark. He was a few years older than me, probably in his late 30s, and he was fairly good looking. I’d only met him casually a few times when he was visiting his dad, so I was surprised to see him on my doorstep at midnight.

My next thought was that his dad, Mr. Carson, had been hurt or had a heart attack. I flipped on the porch light and quickly opened the door.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen to your dad?” I asked. Mark smiled, his dark green eyes glinting in the porch light.

“No, sorry to bother you so late. Dad’s fine. He’s asleep. I, uh…well, this is kind of lame, but, I was up and saw your light on and thought I’d stop down to see you, that’s all. Dad always tells me how you check in on him and all. I appreciate that. Just wanted to thank you in person.”

“Oh, well, you’re more than welcome,” I replied, at the same time wondering why his thanks couldn’t wait until the next day. I didn’t have time to ask.

“Um, mind if I come in for a bit?” he asked. He was tan and I could tell he took care of himself, his full chest rippling against the navy t-shirt he had on.

“Well, um….no, I suppose…”

He came in at that, brushing against my arm as he passed by. I felt an involuntary thrill pass through my body.

“So, Carlie…that’s your name, right?” I nodded. “Carlie…you look like you were working,” he said, nodding toward the now shut down laptop, papers still spread over the table nearby. “Am I interrupting?”

“Oh, no…just finished up. I was going to be heading for bed soon,” I said, putting all of my papers together, feeling just a little invaded as he glanced over them.

“Hm,” he nodded, looking around my simple living room. The house was small, but cozy. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking. “It’s too quiet here for me to sleep well. I’m used to the city noises, I guess. Maybe you could help me out?”

“I’m not following…how?”

Mark walked over to me now, standing directly in my personal space. His eyes were fastened intensely on me now, roaming canlı bahis from my face to my hair and back down, across my ample chest…

“Maybe you could…make some noise with me, Carlie…help me get to sleep?”

He leaned over at that, put a hand behind my head and drew my mouth to his, kissing me deeply, his tongue roaming freely against mine, grazing my teeth for a long, passionate moment. My heart raced with both fear and arousal, as my hands pushed back against his hard chest in an attempt to free myself from his grasp.

“No! Mark, no!” I said, finally freeing myself. He wasn’t to be daunted, though. He followed me as I backed toward the kitchen. “Mark, my boyfriend, he’ll be….here soon…”

“Funny,” Mark said as he backed me into the corner by the sink, “Dad tells me you aren’t dating anyone. Are you lying to me, Carlie?” Both hands were now tangled in my hair behind my head, and his was pushing his pelvis into mine, allowing me to feel his hard member straining at the zipper of his jeans.

“No, I don’t think there’s a boy friend coming over, Carlie…but I’m here. Let’s play….”

I tried to let out a scream but Mark’s mouth covered it over and his tongue quickly pushed into it again. Now his hands were freely roaming my body, working their way up under my black, v-neck shirt, over top of my silky bra, rubbing the tips of my now hard nipples with his thumbs. He gently pressed in on them, causing me to squirm.

“Getting excited?” he growled, grinding his still-restrained hard cock again into me, bending his knees slightly to align it with the crotch of my pants. Suddenly I felt his hands up under my bra, lifting it over my tits, and his mouth went down and began to suck on my left nipple. His tongue grazed the tip as his mouth sucked hard on my whole tit. His hand was rubbing my quickly moistening crotch.


“Shhhhh…” he said, raising his mouth to mine again, this time working my jeans button and zipper. He eased my pants down part way and then lifted me up onto the kitchen counter, pulling them the rest of the way off and discarding them on the floor by the fridge. My underpants had come off with them, so my lower body was now completely exposed to this man.

“Mmm. Carlie…you smell so hot…do you liked having you cunt licked, Carlie? How about you let me lick it for you? Hm…?”

My breath caught, and I couldn’t answer, not that an answer would have mattered. He’d already eased my legs apart and brought me to the edge of the counter where his mouth went down to meet my now dripping wet hole. The man had the most incredibly long tongue, and he used its every inch to explore my private area, alternating between licking my clit and invading my throbbing slit. I couldn’t help but moan in ecstasy.

“Oh…oh, yes…” I said, running my fingers through his short, black hair. I didn’t know much about this man, but I knew that I needed him to keep doing what he was doing.

He continued sucking me and tonguing my cunt bahis siteleri as I moaned my enjoyment. Then he stopped, but only long enough to lift me from the counter and carry me through the living room into my bedroom. Laying me on the bed, he stood back long enough to unzip his own pants and remove them, tossing his t-shirt aside as well.

“Take off your shirt, Carlie…” he commanded. I did as he said. “Now the bra…” I cast that aside as well.

“Carlie, move over to the edge of the bed now…” I did as he said, unsure if I could refuse even if I wanted to. He caressed my head again, and gently guided it to his long, stiff cock. Using his other hand, he placed his cock next to my mouth. “Suck me off, Carlie…suck me like a little slut…”

The words shocked me for a minute, but suddenly that was exactly what I wanted to do…be his little slut. I opened my mouth and took his thick cock in, sliding my tongue over the tip, causing his to groan in pleasure. Then I wrapped my lips around its girth and began to move back and forth, sucking and slurping, tasting his pre-cum as it oozed out the tip.

He continued to hold my hair as I sucked his massive member, and it wasn’t long until I could feel that initial twitch that told me he was going to cum. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and squirted his huge load of white cum all over my chest. After releasing his load, he pushed me back onto the bed and, reaching for the flashlight I keep on my nightstand, he whispered huskily in my ear, “Now its your turn…”

The flashlight was about eight inches long with a smooth, round barrel. He began rubbing it along my wet slit, causing me to groan. He worked it around my clit and down to my swollen pussy lips and then with one motion, he plunged it into my sopping hole. I gasped, both at the thought of this foreign object being imbedded in me and the full feeling it gave me, being close to two inches in girth.

He began pumping the flashlight in and out of me in a steady rhythm, causing my vaginal muscles to close around it. It felt so good and I didn’t want it to stop. Mark had reached down and was now sucking one of my nipples again as he fucked me with the flashlight, his thumb just grazing my clit enough with each stroke to quickly bring me to my first climax.

“Oh! Ooohhh! I’m cumming!” I cried, spasms seizing my cunt, which grasped the flashlight harder. Mark stopped sucking my tit and roughly pulled the light out from my pussy it with his tongue. “I want to taste you coming, Carlie…mmmmm…”

I ground my aching pussy into his face, the first wave of pleasure subsiding slowly, when I realized his cock was once again hard as it pushed against my leg.

“I want to fuck you, Carlie…you’re nice wet cunt needs to be fucked,” he said, and he rolled me over onto my stomach. “Get up on your knees.”

I obeyed. On my knees, I rested down on my elbows, my full tits swinging below me, the nipples just grazing the bed sheet below, offering even more bahis şirketleri stimulation to my already roused body. Mark nudged my knees apart a little further, leaving me wide open and fully exposed.

It only took a moment when I felt the head of his massive cock being run against dripping snatch. He pressed it inside me just an inch or so, and then removed it, repeating the process a few times until he suddenly rammed it fully into my cunt. It was huge, and like the flashlight, it left me with a wonderful, full feeling inside me.

He pumped in and out of me vigorously, and then suddenly, slap! His hand came down hard on my ass. I jumped, and let out a small cry into the pillow, but he slapped me again as he pumped away. The sensation was incredible, and I couldn’t resist reaching one hand down to play with my clit while he was fucking my cunt and abusing my ass like that. Once he quit slapping me, he started inflicting another erotic tactic. He began pressing his forefinger, wet from the juices coming from my cunt, into my ass hole. He worked it in and out as he pumped his big, stiff rod in and out of me. Then I felt a second finger enter me, and I thought I’d go crazy, it felt so good.

I could feel myself heading toward another major orgasm, when suddenly his cock left my cunt and his fingers left my ass. Then, just as quickly, I felt his big wet cock push into my ass where his fingers had been! “Oh my gosh! Mark…ahhhh!!!”

“Like that, Carlie? Feel good?” he said, as he slowly went in and out of my ass, forcing his prick further and further into me until it was completely buried in me. I was going insane from the feelings I had…my full ass, the feelings of his balls slapping up against my now oversensitive pussy…

“Oh yes, Mark…fuck my ass…fuck me!”

“I’m gonna fill up your ass with my cum, Carlie…I’m going to shoot it in you…”

He pumped faster, his large hands holding my hips as he banged into me, and I rocked back to meet each push, my hand still rubbing my hugely swollen clit. His pace quickened to the point of no return and his movements got harder and more determined. He bent over me enough so that he could grasp one of my swinging tits in his hand, squeezed it and pinched the nipple to make me gasp.

With a few last violent strokes in my ass, he rammed in as far as he could go and held it there, letting out a loud groan as I felt another load of his hot cum squirt up inside of me. Just as he began to come, my clit spasmmed and I experienced the most rocking orgasm of my life.

His semi stiff dick was still inside my asshole when we rolled over together and lay on the bed, spooned together. I was exhausted but couldn’t help to think that a short time ago, I had only known this man in passing.

When he withdrew his cock from inside me, he reached down and gently massaged my cheeks. “Did I hurt, you, Carlie?” I shook my head in the negative. “Good…I didn’t want to hurt you…” His strong arms wrapped around me and held me close. “Carlie?” he whispered, “Did I mention I’m going to be staying at my dad’s house for a few months?”

I closed my eyes and smiled. Somehow, I knew a few more midnight visits were going to be in my future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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