Mid-Life Adventure Ch. 05

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Rick Gaddis had accustomed himself to life alone, since his wife’s death over a year earlier. He still enjoyed the visits from and with his daughter, Evelyn, but he relished his time alone in his own backyard. In fact, he had begun gardening and the other backyard chores in the nude. He only had one close neighbor, and that couple was often gone for weeks, due to job responsibilities. Their daughter, two years older than his, had gone off to law school, and Rick hadn’t seen her in a while.

The neighbors’ daughter, Kellie, had been quite a handful, often testing her parents with outlandish behavior at school, over-the-top clothing, and less-than-desirable boyfriends. Rick and his wife worried constantly that Kellie would influence their own daughter negatively, but fortunately, that never happened. Unexpectedly, Kellie had gotten her act together, done well in school, and been sought after by prestigious law schools.

Rick had finished his planned activities for a Saturday morning of gardening, and decided to take a nap. He got a blanket from the garage and laid down where he could feel the warm sun over all of his nude backside. He had almost dozed off when his phone buzzed.

“Who would be sending me a message on Saturday morning?’ he thought as he reached for the device and looked at the screen. It read “Damn Mr. G. Your butt sure looks good. U been workin’ out? K”

Rick took a moment to absorb the message. Kellie had obviously returned home and looked out her second-story bathroom window. That was the only window higher than the fence between the two houses. A little unsure of what to do, Rick was holding the phone when it buzzed again.

“Didn’t mean to scare ya. Just enjoying the view!”

Rick turned onto his side and looked up at the bathroom window. What he saw was as disconcerting as the knowledge that someone had been spying on him. He could clearly see Kellie, clad in a very skimpy chartreuse bikini, with the front panel of the bottom pushed aside and her whole hand working over her pussy. She was staring directly at him, and perversely, his cock began to grow.

She leaned toward the window, pressing her smallish breasts to the glass, and frigging her cunt mercilessly. Her mouth opened, and Rick swore he heard her scream out in ecstasy. Not sure of what to do, he got up and walked into the garage.

Shortly, his phone buzzed again. It was Kellie.

“Can I come over? No one’s home and I’d like to talk to you.”

“OK” he sent back, still not sure of just what to do. He did think to put on a pair of shorts just before he heard the gate open and close. Kellie got almost to the patio before she saw him.

“I thought this was a nudie resort or something,” she said humorously.

“Well, I’ve become comfortable being alone in the yard, and didn’t see why I couldn’t work on my tan,” said Rick, as he went out to meet her.

They hugged very politely, and Kellie began filling Rick in on her recent life.

“Yeah, I did the law school thing, passed the bar, and have been hired by a medium-sized firm in Boston. I report to work in a month. That will give me time to find a place to live and get moved in,” she told him. “Do you have a beer?”

Rick, forgetting that Kellie was a full grown woman, not his neighbors’ little girl, said , “Sure. What am I thinking? Will a beer be OK, or would you prefer something else?”

“A beer’s fine, as long as you have one with me,” replied Kellie, getting comfortable in her chair by drawing her knees up under her butt.

Rick went into the garage and retrieved two beers from the mini-fridge. He turned and looked at Kellie before he started back into the yard. Her bikini, shining in the sun, barely covered her nipples, and he was sure he could tell that they were pierced. Again, his crazy dick did its thing and started to rise. Walking back to the table with the beers, it continued to grow and by the time he got to Kellie, his shorts were tented rather obviously.

Kellie noticed immediately and said, “Damn Rick. Is that a snake in your shorts?

Rick, embarrassed by her straightforwardness, as well as his protruding cock, decided to call her bluff. “It always does that when it sees a sexy woman in a very flattering bikini,” he said, as he sat down opposite her.

“You dog. You know I’m not sexy. My little tits barely fill an A-cup bra, and my ass is almost bony,” she retorted. “I think you’re coming on to me.”

It was as if his dick had control of his brain. Rick said, “Sexy is a state of mind, just like horny. When a man sees something he wants, he usually makes an attempt to get it. Often a hard dick gets him into trouble, like with a wife or girlfriend.” Grinning devilishly, he added, “I have neither.”

“Oh Rick. That’s more beautiful bursa escort than poetry. Does that hard cock trying to get out of your shorts mean you want me?” Kellie asked, feigning innocence.

“Well, what do you think?” he replied, as he stepped out of his shorts, fully expecting Kellie to run back to the safety of her parents’ house. Instead, she leaned forward in her chair and took a very close look at Rick’s eight-inch cock that had swollen to its full state of erection and was standing at a very proud 45 degree angle from his body.

“I think that is the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. I’m not all that experienced, but I’ve seen a few. Most college guys wish they were packing that much meat. Can I touch it?” she asked.

Feeling this was going well, Rick replied, “You can do anything you want – touch it, rub it, suck it, fuck it – I’m not going anywhere.”

“How do you keep it so big?’ asked Kellie, as she reached a tentative hand out to touch the tip.

“By fucking sexy young ladies until their eyes roll back,” said Rick, realizing that Kellie had become trancelike.

He moved his hips forward, shoving the head of his dick into her hand, and putting the ball in her hands, so to speak. Kellie had been coy long enough.

“Look Rick,” she said, rising from the patio chair. “I lost my virginity on the other side of that fence when I was twelve. I’ve been enjoying sex for thirteen years now, but I’ve never wanted to fuck anyone as much as I want to fuck you right now. I came over here to seduce you, but you’ve turned the tables. I’m so wet, I could take a baseball bat up my cunt. Let me take control now, and you just enjoy it.”

Rick loved being in control, but he also loved it when a woman took the initiative. Hardly before he could blink an eye, Kellie stood, peeled off her bikini, and knelt at his side. Taking his dick in her hand, she measured it with her palm, and squealed when she had the head and about an inch of shaft outside her hand. Her other hand began to stroke his thigh and ass, causing his cock to swell in her hand. Kellie sighed reverently, and began to pump her hand slowly.

“May I call you Rick?” she asked demurely.

“Keep that up and you can call me anything you want,” replied Rick, beginning to respond to Kellie’s ministrations.

“Oh, I’m gonna keep it up!” she said, “in more ways than one!”

Standing up, she kept her hold on his tumescent dick and led him to the blanket. “I just love sex outdoors,” she said as she had him lie on his back, never loosening her grip on his dick. “You, Sir, are going to get the first ‘Kellie is a lawyer’ blow job.”

She straddled his chest and leaned down to kiss him fully on the lips. Rick was aware instantly that this girl was an excellent kisser. While her pierced nipples were a distraction at first, but the distraction soon faded as Kellie’s mouth and tongue went to work. She moved from his mouth to his eyes, then his ears, then back to his lips, planting tiny, wet kisses and licks at each place. She looked into his eyes and said, “I’ve fantasized about this for years. I’m going to make this a morning you’ll remember for a long time.”

Kellie moved down to Rick’s chest and sucked each nipple, gently at first, then harder as her hips began to hump his thighs gently. She tongued his navel and continued her downward journey. Spreading his legs with her hands, she bypassed his cock and went directly to his balls.

Rick had been shaving his pubic area, including his balls, for some time, and Kellie noticed. She licked them, then sucked each one into her mouth and tongued it, giving each orb special attention. Looking up suddenly, she said, “Somehow, I just knew you would have shaved balls. They are so sexy and don’t tickle my tongue. I bet your asshole is just as good!”

She dove back down and this time, raised his legs into the air, kissing each thigh. When she got to his asshole, she gently probed it with her tongue, the rimmed it and said, “Damn, you are a sexy man! I could spend the rest of the morning right here. But, I promised you a blow job didn’t I?”

Rick, enjoying the time Kellie was spending down there, was beginning to feel the need for some attention to his dick. He told her, “Take your time, but know that I plan to reciprocate. I’ll gladly eat your ass now, if you’ll just turn it around so I can get to it.”

“Oh no, fucker. My ass gets special attention from that monster cock of yours,” she said, as she moved her lips to the head of Rick’s cock. She held the shaft as she licked around the head, covering it with saliva. Looking up to make sure he was watching, Kellie formed an “O” with her lips, and slid then down slowly. Keeping exquisite pressure all around Rick’s shaft, she slid up and down, going further down with each bursa escort bayan stroke. She pumped his shaft lazily, and allowed her spit to coat her hand.

When she got to the head to the back of her mouth, she easily relaxed her throat muscles and allowed the head to slide into her throat. It was as if his dick was engulfed by a writhing, live vacuum hose that was as tight as he could stand. Rick noticed another sensation he had never felt before.

Kellie’s tongue, moving along the underside of his cock, was sending thrills

throughout his body. Wanting to hump her face, Rick held still until he could identify the new sensation. Finally, it came to him. Kellie had had her tongue pierced! Just the thought almost drove Rick over the edge.

He gently took Kellie by the shoulders and brought her face up to his, kissing her fervently, and tracing the stud with is tongue.

“You like my sex ball?” she asked.

“I fucking love it,” he replied, kissing her again before urging her back down to resume what was turning out to be the blowjob of his life. Kellie returned to her task with relish. She slid his cock into her throat and did her best to suck a load of cum out of it. It was as if she had a switch in her throat that created suction.

Cupping Rick’s balls, she rolled them in her hand gently. Kellie then slipped a finger in

his ass, easily sliding it in to her second knuckle. That was all it took. Rick’s load exploded in Kellie’s mouth and down her throat. She swallowed the first two spurts quickly, then moved her lips up to the head and continued sucking as she pumped the shaft.

Rick kept shooting gob after gob of cum in her willing mouth, until he was spent. She looked at him with lust-glazed eyes, opening her mouth to let him see her mouthful of cum. This was one of the most erotic images Rick had ever seen. He pulled Kellie up his body and kissed her, enjoying the taste of his cum as they washed each other’s mouths with their tongues. Breathless, they finally broke their kiss and allowed themselves a breather.

When Rick could talk, he said, “Kellie, that was absolutely the best blowjob I ever experienced. Where on earth did you learn to suck cock like that?”

“Well, I started with boys here in town, but when I got to college, I improved my skills. I dated a guitar player in a band, and he was very vocal. He would tell me what felt good, where to put pressure, and everything,” she said, bending down to capture one last drop of cum with the tip of her tongue and transfer it to Rick’s mouth in one smooth, effortless move. “I guess you might say I have a Master’s degree in cocksucking!” she said, resting her head on his chest and rubbing his nipples.

“I know it was great!” Rick said enthusiastically, as he rubbed Kellie’s back down to her hips. She had slid her hand down to fondle his cock, and was delighted to feel that it wasn’t near flaccid.

“Wow Rick! You’re almost ready to go again. What’s your secret?” Kellie asked as she kissed his nipples and leisurely pumped his dick.

“I told you sexy ladies get me going,” answered Rick as he kissed her deeply. “Let’s get another beer and continue this party.”

“I’m up for that, and so is he!” she said as she stroked Rick back to full hardness. They embraced after standing up, and walked into the garage as one. When Rick bent down to get their beers from the refrigerator, Kellie took the opportunity to rub her pussy against his ass, and reach around to stroke his cock. When he stood up, she pressed her body to his, spooning him while gently pumping his dick.

Rick turned around and said, “You are full of very pleasant surprises. What else do you have on your lusty mind?”

“Well, I’d love to fuck you all over this yard, but I think I’d like to get rammed by that snake of yours on the picnic table,” she said coyly, as she rubbed her nipples with the cold beer bottle before chugging half of it in one swallow.

“That glass is slick enough when it’s dry. Your ass will be sliding all over it when your wet pussy drips onto it,” said Rick, as he rubbed Kellie’s ass.

“Well, that’s just the point. I want you to fuck my ass. Just let me take care of the sliding!” she laughed, as she turned and kissed him, sliding her tongue in and out of his mouth sensuously. She set her beer down alongside his, and reached to grab his cock. “I want that monster in my ass!”

“Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” asked Rick.

“Well, yes and no,” Kellie said, as she slipped her finger in her pussy and transferred the moisture to the head of Rick’s cock. “My roommate and I went both ways, but we kept our anal thing to ourselves. We used a strapon to see how long it took the other to come. She always lasted longer than I did. I think she escort bursa was practicing on the side! Anyway, no man has ever put his dick up my ass.”

By this time, Kellie was kneeling in front of Rick, and had the head of his cock between her lips. She was fondling his balls and edging ever closer to his asshole again. Rick had absorbed the fact that he would technically be fucking a virgin ass, and whatever indecision he had went out the window. Pulling Kellie up by her shoulders, he kissed her with more force and passion than she expected.

Pulling away slightly, Kellie said, “So, that turns you on – a virgin ass? Well big boy, just let me tell you what to do.” Turning and leaning on the picnic table, Kellie’s ass was just the right height for Rick to enter, but she stopped him. “I get a little potty mouthed when I’m really turned on. Is that OK?” she asked, wiggling her ass temptingly.

“Nasty talk is great,” said Rick, as he fingered her sopping cunt and slid his finger to her asshole. “I could probably get the head in right now.”

Kellie looked over her shoulder and said with an edge to her voice, “Not so fast, Mister. My ass needs the same attention your dick got. Get down there and lick my hole until you can get your tongue in there. No pussy eating now; that’s cheating. Just lick my asshole till it gets all rubbery. Also, I enjoy spanking. Slap my ass and get it hot!”

Rick did as he was told, and slapped Kellie’s right cheek tentatively. She called him a wimp, so he slapped it harder, leaving a red impression on her hip. He then parted her asscheeks until her rosebud was evident. He gently licked around it, then put the tip of his tongue in the small opening.

“That’s right, fucker. Lick that little hole! You’re turning me on! My ass feels hot! Spank me some more! Can you feel it?” Kellie wailed.

Rick was concentrating on getting his tongue in Kellie’s asshole. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to his face, rubbing the red spot he had created.

“Oh goddamn, Rick. You sure know how to eat an ass. Suck it! Hard!!”

Rick was getting ready to fuck that ass, just as Kellie said, “I’m ready! Give me that big, long dick, you assfucker!”

Rick stood and placed the mushroom head of his dick at Kellie’s asshole. Not giving her a chance to back out, he slipped the head into her tight anal ring.

“Son-of-a-bitch! That’s soooo good. Take your time,” she panted. “Now give me some more of that pole. I can take it all, but let’s enjoy this fuck!”

Rick slipped another inch of his steel-hard dick into Kellie’s ass, then pulled back gently. “You like a real cock in your ass, slut? Nothing like a fucking strapon, powered by a girly girl is it? I’ll fuck you till you can’t stand up!” he said, as he slid another inch of his eight-inch cock in her ass, going in halfway.

“Talk’s cheap, fucker. Give me all you’ve got! I’ll fuck that dick of yours till you can’t walk!” screamed Kellie, as Rick pounded her to the hilt. “That’s right! Pound that ass. Feel how tight it is. It’s getting slick so you can really fuck it! Work that dick. Fuck meee!”

Rick had attained his rhythm, and was fucking hard, but comfortably. His balls slapping her ass made a satisfying “Thwack!” with each stroke. Interestingly, Kellie’s foul-mouthed urging was turning him on. He felt Kellie’s anal ring tighten around the back of his cock, as if she was milking his dick.

“You like that tight ring around you cock?” she asked. “I like it too. Fuck me hard, you assfucker. I bet you never had an ass this good. Pump me hard! I want to feel that dick in my stomach! Give it to me!

Rick began to increase his pace, just as Kellie squeezed his cock with all her might. “I’m gonna blow your head off with this load!” shouted Rick, as his ball began to churn. He was fucking hard and fast, holding Kellie by the hips and pumping for all he was worth.

“Keep fucking!! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Rick held her hips tightly, letting her spend herself into a limp, orgasm-wracked puddle of flesh. He held her tight to his balls, not moving a muscle except raising his cock to touch her at a different angle. Kellie roused and said, “Well Rick, let me see what you’ve got. My asshole wants your cum now. Make me happy and fill my ass with your jism!”

Rick needed no further encouragement. He slid his dick out until the head was all that remained in Kellie’s ass, then pumped hard for three or four strokes. It was as if his cum was coming from the soles of his feet, up his legs and into his balls. Kellie screamed “Now!” and he let his load fly. He knew he had never cum so hard, nor so much. He continued to pump and come, even after his load began to ooze out of Kellie’s ass.

Finally giving one last lunge, Rick felt the last glob of jism leave the head of his dick. He grunted as he pulled his limp cock out of Kellie’s cum-slickened asshole. She fell forward onto the picnic table as he sat down in the nearest chair.

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