Mid-Life Adventure Ch. 03

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Adult Gif

Rick Gaddis felt great. Although he had been a widow for a year, this vacation was a good idea. With his daughter’s approval and help, he was beginning to rebuild his life. He had gotten back in shape at the gym, returned to his former productive self at his job, and had even gotten a little sex action before he left. Ah, the sex action. Rick had met and fucked a very desirable young lady who happened to be a gymnast with an outstanding set of tits.

Rick was enjoying the Caribbean sun on his body when he remembered the events of the tryst with Lacy, the gymnast. Her enthusiasm, as well as her body made the night memorable, and before he knew it, Rick was sporting a boner. The small swimsuit he wore did little to hide his erection, and he was tempted to reach down and rearrange things to make them more comfortable when a shadow fell across his body.

“Looks like you have a problem there,” said the sultriest voice Rick had ever heard.

He opened his eyes. Standing beside him was a tall, athletic woman’s body, clad in a modest bikini that did little to hide her generous assets. The woman’s black hair matched the black bikini, and when she took off her sunglasses, Rick saw that her eyes were equally dark.

“Um, yes, I guess you could call it that,” said Rick attempting to sit up and hide the bulge in his suit.

“Well, it could be a problem or an opportunity,” said the woman, as she knelt down beside his chair.

Rick, while not accustomed to being hit on by beautiful women, was not averse to allowing the conversation to play out.

“Just what kind of opportunity?” he asked, as he realized the woman’s breasts were at eye level, and really straining the bikini top. He was staring at the most alluring cleavage he had seen in quite a while.

“Well, I have a daughter who is in need. She’s had some experience with sex, and as a college sophomore, she’s had plenty of opportunities. Her problem is, none of her lovers is experienced enough to give her an orgasm. It’s ‘Wham, bam, not even a Thank You Ma’am.’ I brought her here in hopes of finding her a skilled, caring lover who will open the door to a new world of pleasure,” said the woman.

Rick could feel the heat emanating from the woman’s body, and his erection showed no signs of going away. “Let me get this straight. You want me to educate your daughter in the ways of lovemaking?” he asked.

“Yes, but we only have a short time left. I wanted to pick the right person, and you fit the bill. Your body, your sexy graying temples, your tan — I’ve watched you two days, and I want you to fuck my daughter as soon as possible. You are a very desirable man, and I may just have to get a little action myself,” said the woman, as she leaned very close to Rick. “My name is Jan, and that is my daughter, Sue,” she said as she pointed out a tall slender brunette walking towards them.

While not as well-developed as her mother, Sue had plenty of womanly attributes that her bikini did little to hide. Her hips had begun to flair and here breasts had a definite jiggle as she walked briskly. Her body was that of an athlete — long, sinewy muscles that rippled as she walked.

Quickly, Rick made his decision. “Hi, Sue,” he said as he arose from the lounge chair. “I’m Rick, and your mother has asked a very special favor of me. I want you to know that I am greatly honored at the request, but I need to know just what you want before I commit,” said Rick as he gazed into her eyes and shook her hand.

“Hello, Rick,” said Sue. “I guess Mother has explained my needs and lack of experience. I just need someone to make love to me and help me experience the pleasure of sex.”

“That’s all?” asked Rick. “No strings, no commitments?”

“None whatsoever,” answered Sue. “I just need to know how it feels to give and receive the pleasures of sex. I’m not ready to fall in love yet — I just want to learn how to fuck.”

“Well, I may be your man,” said Rick, as he looked into Jan’s eyes for confirmation. “Is this OK with Mom?”

“Yes. It’s great,” said Jan. “Let’s get together in the hotel restaurant at seven, and I’ll let you two take it from there.”

Not believing the events of the last ten minutes, Rick watched as the two sexy asses swayed down the beach. “Why not?” he thought. Maybe he could be of service to the young lady.

Rick showered and took time to trim the hair from his balls and clip some of the longer ones from around the base of his cock. The attention and thoughts of what was to come gave him a raging hardon. Wondering about his stamina, he debated jacking off, and decided against it. Part of Sue’s “education” would be how to revive a spent cock.

Seven o’clock found Rick at the hotel bar, enjoying a beer, when Jan and Sue breezed in. They were stunning, and caused quite a stir among the male bar patrons. They were wearing identical black miniskirts, barely covering their pussies in the front and asscheeks in the rear. Their tops were equally as sexy, with Jan’s being escort ataşehir an electric blue sheer top that showed off her gorgeous breasts. They bounced slightly as she walked, and the dollar-sized nipples seemed to be trying to poke through the flimsy material. Sue, on the other hand, wore a red halter of curve-hugging, slinky material that might as well not have been there. Her nipples stood out like the nosecone on a missile. Her breasts, while not as large as her mother’s, were perfectly formed and stood on her chest proudly. Her long, muscular legs were showcased by the miniskirt, and when she walked, it appeared as if she was gliding on air.

Rick had dressed casually, with khakis and a collared shirt. His blazer added the touch of elegance he hoped for. Jan and Sue saw him at the same time and whispered to each other as they approached him.

He rose and greeted each with a light kiss on the cheek. After they were all seated, the waiter took their order and disappeared. They were in a u-shaped booth, with Rick seated between the two gorgeous women. He could feel the heat from both their bodies, and was pleasantly surprised to feel a soft leg in contact with each of his own legs.

As the meal progressed, Rick began to feel that delicious stirring in his loins that told him he needed to get the show on the road. He turned to Jan and asked, “What are your plans for the evening?”

“Oh, I won’t be bothering you two lovebirds. I have a little rendezvous scheduled myself,” she answered saucily. “In fact, here he comes now,” she said, nodding to a thirtyish young man approaching the bar.

“I’ll see you two tomorrow,” she said as she got up to meet her date.

Rick immediately turned to Sue and said, “Let’s get better acquainted,” while calling for more wine.

The two talked quietly and soon were very comfortable, even making small jokes and enjoying each others’ company.

It was Sue who took the initiative. She took Rick’s hand and placed it on her thigh, saying, “I’m ready when you are,” and leaning in for a kiss. The kiss lingered, and Rick felt a tentative hand on his own thigh.

“Let’s get somewhere more private,” he said as he looked into Sue’s deep blue eyes, and gently stroked her cheek with the back of his hand.

They left the restaurant hand-in-hand and entered the elevator. As soon as the doors close, they embraced and passion became the priority. As Sue turned to face him, Rick placed both his hands on her hips, gently rubbing them. Sue kissed him, tracing his lips with her tongue, then pressing until he opened his mouth to her. She toyed with his tongue as his ministrations on her hips became more intense.

They arrived at their floor, and Sue fished out her room key. “I want this to happen in our room, so I can remember everything,” she said huskily.

They walked down the hall with their bodies pressed close together — almost as if by breaking contact, the spell would be broken. Sue opened the door and started to undress immediately. Rick stopped her gently.

“Let me do that,” he said, and embraced her again. His kisses started at her lips, but soon covered her face, ears, and neck.

“You are a very sexy woman, and you deserve to be treated like one,” he said, as he guided her to the center of the room.

“We need to talk a bit before we get much farther. This is your night. We’ll do whatever you want to do, as long as you feel comfortable. If at any time you aren’t one hundred percent comfortable, just say ‘Enough’ and we’ll stop right there, no problem. I’ll not do anything that you won’t enjoy, and neither should you,” Rick said.

Sue was overwhelmed by his compassion. She had never had a man be concerned about her feelings and said so, “You can’t imagine how that makes me feel. I’m so at ease right now, it doesn’t matter what you do.”

“Well let’s start by getting those sexy clothes off you,” Rick said, as he unsnapped Sue’s halter, allowing it to start to expose her breasts. Stopping it with one hand, he tilted her face to his and kissed her like she had never been kissed before.

When he finally pulled away, Sue was breathless and realized that her breasts were exposed. “Ummm, that was good!” she said as she looked down on her naked breasts, her nipples pointing upwards jauntily. She smiled into Rick’s eyes and said, “Do you like my little boobies?”

“They are fabulous. I could spend a few hours on them alone,” he said as he bent down to take the left nipple in his mouth. His left hand cupped her right breast gently, and soon, he was tenderly rolling that nipple between his thumb and finger. Sue moaned in pleasure from deep within her body.

“Nobody has ever rubbed them or kissed them. My lovers have always pulled them when they touched them at all,” she murmured, as Rick switched sides. He was still caressing her covered ass, and she was beginning to move her hips into his hand.

Taking his mouth off Sue’s succulent morsel, Rick said, “I need to kadıköy escort bayan take off your skirt. Will that be OK?”

Sue answered breathlessly, “If you don’t take it off, I’m going to fuck you with it on!”

Rick released her nipple and moved both hands to the back of Sue’s skirt. Finding the zipper, he slid it down slowly. When he got it to the bottom, Sue simply wiggled her hips and the skirt fell to the floor. The sheer thong she was wearing was already soaked and he got his first whiff of her womanly aroma.

“Do you smell that?” he asked, rubbing between her legs softly.

Inhaling, Sue could easily detect the fragrance emanating form between her legs. “Oh, yes. It’s somehow exciting and musky at the same time,” she said. “I’ve never paid any attention to it before.”

“That’s the aroma of wonderful, loving, delightful sex,” said Rick as he slid his hands under the elastic holding up the thong and pushed it down Sue’s lovely legs. Noting that she was completely bald elicited a chuckle from him.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m just not accustomed to groomed pubic areas,” he said.

Really beginning to feel wanton, Sue said playfully, “You mean shaved pussies?”

“OK. Shaved pussies” replied Rick, as they both enjoyed the exchange. Looking closely at Sue’s vaginal lips, he noticed a faint glimmer of moisture. Touching her lips, he said, “You’re already beginning to make this easy for me.” He slipped a finger between her lips, coating it with moisture.

“Would you like to smell yourself?” he asked as he removed his finger.

“Yes,” she said tentatively.

Rick brought his moist finger close to her nose and let her inhale.

“Oh, that smells sooo sexy,” said Sue as she reached out to take Rick’s hand. “What does it taste like?”

“Pure, clean, sexy fun,” replied Rick. “And, it’s edible!”

Sue laughed and took his finger between her lips, really feeling heady with the situation.

“It tastes like it smells,” she said, as she began to lick the moisture from his finger. Moving her mouth to get all the aromatic moisture, her mischievous eyes met his. “I could do this all night,” she said languidly.

“There are other, more urgent matters,” said Rick as he took her hand and guided it to his very erect cock. Sue was amazed and thrilled at the same time.

“God, it’s big!” she gasped. “And so hard!

“You made it hard. The big part is just my luck,” said Rick as he removed his finger from her mouth and kissed her. “Do you want to take it out, or should I?”

“Please let me!” said Sue, as she knelt in front of Rick. She immediately began to unfasten his belt and pants. Rick shrugged out of his coat and shirt as Sue slid his pants down his legs. She was eye level with his dick when she looked up at him.

“I thought mature guys wore plain white underwear,” she said impishly.

“Well, as you can see, colored stylish underwear is not just for the female sex,” laughed Rick. He had become accustomed to low rise briefs and now was glad he had chosen a black pair for the evening. “See, they match your thong!”

Slipping out of his shoes, socks, and pants, Rick resumed his place in front of Sue. “Take it out when you’re ready,” he said.

Sue slid his briefs down until they hung on his eight-inch cock. When she slipped the elastic over the head, his dick sprung up and almost hit her chin. Laughing, Sue reached a tentative hand out to touch the first cock she had ever had the opportunity to explore.

“God, it feels so hard, yet soft at the same time. It’s gorgeous!” she exclaimed, as she used her fingers to rub the shaft and head. A drop of precum formed in the slit and her thumb smeared it over the head.

“That feels so sexy,” she said, almost hypnotically.

“Yes it does,” said Rick, “but, we’re here for your pleasure, not mine.”

Reaching down and taking Sue’s hands, he stood her up and kissed her gently. Looking into her eyes, he said, “There will be enough time for that later. Now, I want you to enjoy having a man pleasure your fabulous body.”

The sincerity and compassion in his voice overwhelmed Sue, and she hugged him with all her strength. She buried her face in his shoulder and breathed deeply, loving the contact with his body, and realizing that he was indeed considerate of her needs.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Lie on the bed and let me take it from there,” said Rick, as he turned off the room light, and turned on a bathroom light. By leaving the door ajar, he created a soft, cozy ambience in the room. Looking at the vision before him on the bed, he thanked his lucky stars for his good fortune, and made a mental note to thank Mom also. “What now?” asked Sue, bringing Rick back to reality.

“Just enjoy,” said Rick as he crawled onto bed. He started at Sue’s forehead, and kissed her lightly, moving to her eyelids, her nose, each ear, skipping her mouth, and down her throat. When he got to her breasts, escort bostancı he kissed each nipple softly, giving them a slight tug with his teeth. Hearing Sue’s sharp intake of breath, Rick made a mental note to return to that pleasure zone.

Kissing down her stomach to her navel, Rick nuzzled his way down to her pubic mound. Sue spread her legs slightly, allowing him access to her pussy. Skipping that morsel, he kissed down her thigh to her foot, and gently sucked each toe.

By now, Sue was breathing rapidly and wondering just how long this exquisite torture would last. Rick recognized the signs, and told her, “Just be patient my Dear; I assure you the wait will be worth it,” and moved to her other foot, licking her ankle, and kissing up the inside of her leg. When he got to her knee, Sue’s legs parted as if by magic. Noting how wide she spread her legs, Rick wondered if she was a gymnast, like his most recent lover.

“I’m amazed at your flexibility,” he said. “Are you an athlete?”

“Dancer,” Sue answered, loving the compliment, and basking in the sensations Rick was giving her body.

Rick approached Sue’s dripping pussy with delight. He put his face close to her lips and blew gently. Aware of the moisture oozing out of her slit, he tenderly placed his lips on hers and put his tongue in the very center of her cunt. He slid it in with ease, and felt Sue begin to shudder in climax.

She grabbed his head and ground her pussy up into his face.

“Oh, God! Oh, God! I’m coming!!” she screamed. For the first time in her life, she experienced an orgasm. Shaking all over, she released the pressure on Rick’s head and lay back on the bed.

Knowing he had only scratched the surface, Rick moved up to lay beside her. Kissing her closed eyes and allowing her to get accustomed to her scent, he said softly, “I assure you, that is only one way for you to experience that feeling. When you get ready, I’ll gladly show you another.”

Sue rolled onto her side, looking him in the eye, and said, “I’m so ready!” and kissed him deeply. She found that she was excited by the taste on his tongue and said so.

Rick told her, “That’s why men love to eat pussy. It really tastes good and it sometimes excites his partner.”

“Sometimes my ass!” Sue said emphatically. “I don’t know what else you have in store, but if it’s any better than that, I might not last out the night.”

“Oh it gets better,” said Rick, as he began to stroke her nipple. He rolled onto his back and said, “Why don’t you climb up here and see how much better it gets?”

Although not clumsy, Sue was tentative and said, “I don’t know what to do.”

“Just straddle my body and let me do the rest,” Rick said, as he helped move her leg over his body. He helped her settle on his stomach, and gently began humping towards her pussy. The head of his cock contacted her lips, and Sue’s eyes flew open.

“Now, just slide back gently, and let me guide you,” Rick told her, as he held his dick in line with her pussy. “Feel that?” he asked as his cock began its journey into her hot, slick cunt.

“Oh, my God! Do I feel it? It’s like a log, splitting me open!” said Sue huskily. “What next?”

“Just take your time and move forward and backward until you get used to it. I won’t move, but it sure feels good to me!” Rick said, as Sue slid her pussy further onto his dick.

Her eyes were half closed, and she began to move quicker, trying to straighten up.

Rick stopped her upward movement by kissing her nipples and gently biting them. “That angle is best for now,” he told her, making sure not to rush the moment. He began to meet her thrusts gently and suddenly, Sue realized the wisdom of his decision. She slid down his dick and he slid it into her pussy, causing excruciatingly delightful friction and wonderful sensations. Sue began to moan quietly, and increase the speed of her movements.

Rick, realizing the signs of an imminent climax, said quietly, “Stop. Let’s have some more fun.”

Sue looked at him questioningly. Rick took the opportunity to move her back onto her haunches, which put her sitting squarely on his throbbing cock. “Now just sit there and rub that pussy all over my cock. Feel it on the sides?” asked Rick, as Sue began to writhe in place. “Take your time and fuck me like the sexy woman you are.”

Sue looked down into his eyes with pure lust. “I want to fuck you all night!” she said urgently, picking up the pace of her erotic movements.

“Take your time, my sexy kitten. We’ve got all night, but we want to be able to enjoy it,” replied Rick, luxuriating in the heat of her tight, yet slick cunt. He could hear the squishing sound of their coupling, and knew this was one of the wettest women he had ever fucked. It was easy to see that she was a natural fucking machine. The sensations she was imparting to Rick’s eight-inch cock were incredible. It was hard to believe that she was a novice.

Sue seemed to know where to rub Rick’s dick for their maximum pleasure — first on the sides, then at the tip — she continued to surprise him with her ministrations. From the expression on her face — eyes closed, half-smile playing on her lips — he could tell this was just the education she wanted and needed.

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