Michael and Jamie Ch. 03

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“Can you give me a massage baby?” begged Jamie after her softball game.

“Of course babe, anything for you!” I replied (I know corny but it works lol).

I in fact, loved giving massages. Starting at the feet and moving up touching every part of a female’s soft smooth body. We arrived home. “I just going to have a shower first, okay?” she said as she stripped out of her gear.

” Sure babe I’ll be in the bedroom.” She took forever in the shower but my cock remained hard the whole time because today I was going to surprise her with a rimjob and I didn’t know how she would react! She finally skipped into the room, her little tits bouncing up and down. Jumping on me she gave me a big kiss then laid flat on her stomach.

I started at the pads of her feet, working every inch on each foot with both hands before I moved on. She must have shaved her legs in the shower because they were incredibly smooth. After slowly working the muscles in her legs, I moved on to my favorite part her ass. Her Cheeks were so perfect, sitting there like two hills. My fingers kneaded and spread her ass cheeks, as my face moved in close. My breath on her rosebud caused her to shiver. After a while of this, I moved on to her back. canlı bahis My Cock was raging so hard that I didn’t spend to much time massaging each place I just moved up to her shoulders and back down to her ass.

She moaned as I started to spread her booty again. This time instead of breath, I placed my long tongue onto her asshole; she moaned and shivered. I continued to lap at her asshole. Slowly, my tongue starts to prod her asshole; her ass tightens each time I move in. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Michael I have never done this before,” she cries as her hips rock back and forth forcing my tongue deeper and deeper. (We had already discussed anal and she was adamant about not doing it so I don’t press that issue). I then reach around and start to play with her clit I notice how drenched her pussy is! Her orgasm is almost instant, as she claws the sheets of the bed I continue my movements on her ass. When her orgasm subsides, I turn her over and place my mouth over her pussy.

My tongue dances on her clit soft and fast. She turns around, smothering my face, and gets into 69 position. She greedily sucks my cock in between moans of ecstasy. She had been practicing deep throating and was getting fairly good at it. My cock just bahis siteleri disappeared and I could feel the muscles of her throat. I just wish I could see her neck bulge as my cock is forced into it Then, without a comment, by me she grabs my ass cheeks and gives my asshole a tongue-lashing. Needless to say this turned me on incredibly and I came all over both our stomachs almost instantly. While cumming, my assault on her pussy didn’t cease and her assault on my ass didn’t either she was trying to get as deep into it as possible. Her second orgasm followed a few minutes later with her tongue still deep in my ass.

“That was incredible, I can’t believe you did that; hell, I cant believe I did that.” she exclaimed.

“Me neither, and I’ll do it anytime for you baby,” I said smugly.

“Is your cock ready for another round cause my cunt is so hot, I need a fucking.”

Almost on command my cock popped to attention. I pushed her to the bed, holding my arm across her throat as I spread her pussy lips with my finger and placed the head of my cock at her entrance. She flashed that gorgeous smile and rocked back causing my rigid member to slide into her cunt. She tightened the muscles inside her cunt causing me to bahis şirketleri go into a frenzy of fucking. I pulled her up turned her around and started fucking her doggy style. ” Whose slut are you,” I demanded.

” Yours Michael.” I grabbed her hair and went to town on her wet snatch. She reached back and toyed her erect clit causing her pussy to convulse on my cock. My body smacked against her ass as I pulled her head back by her hair, she moaned. Her moaning grew louder and louder as I started to scratched down her back. The sweat on her back and round plump ass caused her body to glisten. My cock was buried all the way into her pussy and my balls kept hitting her clit. Hey pussy continued to tighten and release my cock till she cried out and screamed,

“Michael IM cumming on your cock I’m your lil whore.”

“Cum for me baby,” I loved the feeling of her cumming on my cock. Her pussy tightened around me like a vice and her ass shook just enough. I knew my orgasm wasn’t far away. When her orgasm ended, I slowed my pace due to her sensitivity. The slower pace increased the sensation along my throbbing member and my balls tightened and I blew my load ever so deep into her cunt.

We fell onto the bed exhausted.

“I still don’t want to do anal honey,”

“Not a problem gorgeous. I was thinking we should make a trip to the sex-store!”

“Can we get porn or toys, or handcuffs?”

“We’ll see babe, We’ll see.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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