Metamorphosis Ch. 02

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Caro closed the front door and leaned against it with a sigh. Janet, Tim and the children were off for the weekend to visit his parents. The thought of two days alone was heaven for Caro, especially after yesterday. Her face flamed as she remembered waking in Mr. Bennett’s dark office. At first she was disoriented, not sure where she was. Tossing the throw off her body; she saw her open clothes; and it all flooded back. The lunch and the drinks with Mr. Bennett; the buzz from the liquor; the ride back to the office. Sitting up she felt like she was in a state of shock. Had that really been her lying under her boss moaning as he used his tongue and fingers on her? How many times had she came? She had lost count, her alcoholic haze and his talented tongue had done their work well.

Standing quickly, she pulled her bra back down over her breasts. Her fingers felt sticky and she lifted them, blushing furiously as she realized it was his cum. In a panic she found her panties on the floor, put her pantyhose in her skirt pocket and ran from the room. In her own office she saw it was after eight and taking her purse and coat she locked up. In the lobby; Will, the security guard; looked up from his desk and smiled.

“Good evening Ms. Walker. Finally calling it a day? Mr. Bennett said you were working late tonight.”

“When did he leave?” Caro realized her voice was no more than a croak, but her mouth was dry. “I was in the filing room for quite awhile.”

She watched as he dialed the phone, “He left at 5:30, kind of early for him but he asked me to call you a taxi when you came down. He even left cab fare.”

He handed her some bills but she shook her head no, completely humiliated. She felt her eyes burn and knew tears weren’t far behind. Suddenly she felt very cheap and she ran blindly out the door. Outside she gulped the fresh air, she must get a grip on herself. By the time the taxi pulled up she was fairly composed. The ride home seemed to take forever, the driver tried making small talk but she was too preoccupied to even hear him.

At home she suffered through Janet’s harangue about her thoughtlessness. “Honestly Carolyn, you are so inconsiderate. You could have at least called, but no that would be too easy.”

She started to say more but Caro mumbled something and pushed past her, she just wanted to be alone. In her bedroom she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror; hair tangled; clothes in disarray. Thank god she had left her coat on, all she needed was for Janet to see her this way. Rummaging in her drawer she grabbed a nightie and headed for the shower. She could feel the wetness between her thighs, smell the musky smell of his cum on her belly. In the shower she finally let the tears flow along with the water; sobbing even as she cleaned her body of all traces of their encounter. Toweling off she avoided her image in the mirror and hurried back to her room. Thankfully, with the combination of the stress and the liquor, sleep came quickly.

Saturday morning came early, her nephews were always up at the crack of dawn. Caro’s head felt like it was going to explode as she dressed, but a couple of cups of coffee and a few aspirin helped. She had forgotten that Janet was going to her in-laws, but it would be a welcome relief. After an hour of utter bedlam they had left, leaving Caro with a weekend alone. Two days to reflect on her behavior yesterday. In her bedroom she stripped and looked at herself in the full length mirror. Her face was … interesting, that was the best way to put it. She blushed as she remembered how focused he was on her body. Why did he want her? What did he see in her? Twisting and turning she evaluated her body and realized it wasn’t so bad. Her breasts were good sized, still high with no sag. Her waist was small, her hips full. Looking over her shoulder she looked at her ass, it was by far her best asset. She had often thought of buying a thong, but had always chickened out at the last moment.

Why had she hesitated? After all, no one but her would see it and the thought of wearing one sounded deliciously wicked. She had always loved beautiful lingerie but had never thought herself worthy of it. Why had she never treated herself? Her body was good, and besides under her clothing no one would know. Should she go shopping? Did she dare buy such things? The more she tried to rationalize it, the more she realized she wanted to buy the lingerie. Well, she had the whole day, why not enjoy herself?

Quickly; before she could change her mind; she dressed and went out to her car. It was a called a car only because it had a steering wheel and four tires. Most days she rode to work with her brother-in-law, preferring to leave it parked in the driveway. Miraculously it started and she headed for the mall. The stores were busy, it was the week before Thanksgiving but Caro took her time. It felt good to be out of the house, lately the walls had been closing in. As she walked the halls she took notice of all the couples. Some arm in arm or holding hands and she thought of Mr. Bennett. Immediately canlı bahis she relegated it to the back of her mind, her face heating up again.

She had heard the girls in the office talk about Victoria’s Secret but she had never been there. She wandered the shop, reaching out to feel the soft silk garments on the mannequins. It was a whole new sensual world for her, and she knew she wanted to join. Eventually she picked out four thongs and their matching bras in soft pastels. She winced at the expense but decided to throw caution to the wind and treat herself. First a manicure and pedicure, then a stop at the cosmetics counter where she purchased the basics. She had never worn makeup and wasn’t sure if she even wanted to but for some reason she felt the urge to buy it. Her mind kept drifting off to Friday and the office and she wondered again what her fate would be. She needed to forget awhile and when she saw the movie theater she went in. An action flick all the way; a romance was definitely out; she needed violence and noise right now.

It was dark when Caro got home and she felt her stomach gnawing. Rummaging through a draw she found a wine opener and uncorked the bottle of wine she had bought. She unwrapped the small cheese and cracker tray and juggling it all she carried everything upstairs. Janet and Tim’s room was off limits which made it all the more tempting. With a shrug of her shoulders; she went in. Why the hell not? If she was careful they would never know and besides they had a television and a whirlpool bath in their room. They would be home tomorrow and then it would be back to the same old- same old once again. As the water ran in the tub, she drank the wine and nibbled the crackers. Laying the lingerie on the bed she admired it, running her fingers over its softness. She hummed as she lay back in the tub, sipping the wine and letting her mind drift. Once more it went back to her boss and once more she shut him out.

Wrapped in a large towel, she sat at the vanity and brushed her hair. Her eyes kept wandering to the lingerie and she picked out the pale blue set. She smiled at how sheer and skimpy they were and realized she would need to trim her pubic hair. She wasn’t particularly hairy but the thongs were so small, it didn’t take much. Besides, it sounded slightly naughty and she smiled. In the bathroom she found a razor and shave cream. Under the sink she found one of the small tubs they give you after a hospital visit. Filling it with warm water and tossing a few towels over her shoulder, she went back to the vanity. Taking a pair of tiny scissors, she trimmed the hair as low as possible. The vanity mirror was on a swivel and she tipped it downward slightly. Putting a towel on the stool she sat down and positioned the mirror until she could see her pussy.

Wetting her pubic hair with her hand, she shook the shave cream and sprayed some in her palm. It was cold and she shivered as she spread it around and picked up the razor. This was one time it was a plus she wasn’t very hairy. Lifting one leg to expose herself; she ran the razor slowly up one lip; taking great care not to cut herself. It came off much easier than she thought and her head moved between the mirror and down to her crotch. That side finished; she switched; lifted her other leg and did the other lip. Finally she shaved the mound itself and taking a wet washcloth, she cleaned herself off. Taking a good look at herself for the first time she thought of Mr. Bennett. This was what he had saw, had licked the other night. The thought made her tremble and she poured a little baby oil in her palm and rubbed it over her pussy.

The sensations seemed to be heightened as she rubbed each lip, then over her mound. Her finger slipped between her lips and she slowly circled her clit. All she could see in the mirror was her pussy, she was headless and it was like looking at a stranger. She watched as she played with herself, her finger making a bigger circle with each pass. Her lips opened wide as her finger moved around and afforded her a great view of her fingering herself. She began to go faster, the sounds of her heavy breathing filled the quiet room. As her orgasm approached; she slowed dramatically and made wider circles; taking her time on the way to her climax. Her leg trembled as she watched her clit being mauled by her finger. As she came; she cried out into the open room; taking pleasure in being able to let the sounds out. The world tipped, then righted as she came down slowly. Opening her eyes, she righted the mirror and looked at herself. This was the new Caro and she felt good, she liked what she saw.

After cleaning up her mess, she went back to the master bedroom and poured herself another glass of wine. She was nude and feeling cold, she climbed into the bed to finish her drink. Her eyes grew heavy and let herself drift off. She awoke with a start and sat up, letting her eyes adjust to the room. It was after midnight and she stretched luxuriously. Her bladder was full and she went to the bathroom. As she came back, she picked up the thong and bra and stood bahis siteleri in front of the dresser mirror once more. The thong went on smoothly and she did a model’s turn looking at her body from every angle. She cupped her ass cheeks and looked over her shoulder, very pleased with what she saw. The front of the thong just covered her pussy, outlining her lips in soft silk. Hooking the bra she marveled at how it accented her breasts, pushing them high to make cleavage she never knew she had.

Turning the television on, she poured more wine and started flipping channels. The channels flipped by: a medical mystery, that new sitcom, a news program. She heard the channel before she actually saw it, the moans were unmistakable. The couple on the screen was having sex doggie-style and Caro changed the channel quickly. Porn had never held much interest for her and she tried to dismiss it now. But like a toothache she just had to keep going back to it; and finally giving in completely; she turned back. He was sawing away at the woman now, his hands holding her ass as she moaned into a pillow. As the action heated up, the man took her hair and pulled her head back. The woman’s face was twisted, she begged the man to fuck her hard.

Caro felt herself begin to get wet, she felt the slight twinge in her groin. Pulling her thong aside she began to play with her clit. The sounds on the screen were highly erotic, the woman was yelling she was cumming. With a snarl, the man pounded into her; the slapping sounds of their bodies mixed with her cries. Caro had two fingers inside her pussy now and her hand moved with the man’s strokes. She watched as he pulled out of the woman and jerked his cock. His cum came in a rope and covered her ass and back. As he groaned and the girl whimpered, Caro came along with him. Her soft moans mixed with his and she fell back exhausted.

Later; as she lay in bed; Caro thought of her day and the changes within herself. No matter what happened on Monday; whether she had a job or not; she was irrevocably changed. The rest of the weekend she spent watching the channel; masturbating; thinking of her boss. She took the time to get to know her body, to really get to know herself. All too soon, her family would be back and her life would be back to its old routine. By Sunday evening she was back to her old self, at least on the outside. To her sister and brother-in-law she was still good old Caro, only she knew the difference. It was a delicious secret and she hugged it to herself, it was hers and hers alone. Now to get through Monday, it would be hard but she had no choice.

Frank put the next part of his plan in motion on Monday morning. Arriving at the office, he said a quick good morning to Caro and shut his door. Her head had been down and he knew she was in a turmoil over last week. He waited awhile; letting the minutes tick by; before he finally buzzed her. She came in quietly and stood before his desk, waiting silently. Frank played it cool; keeping his head down; seemingly engrossed in the papers before him. Without lifting his eyes Frank told her to have a seat, until he heard the small sob. Looking up, he saw her eyes were full of tears. He stood quickly to get her a drink of water.

By the time he got back she was babbling, “Please Mr. Bennett, I have never done something like that before. Please don’t fire me. Please don’t tell anyone. I’m so ashamed.”

He handed her the glass, “Here, drink this.” As she drank his hands held her shoulders, rubbing gently as he said, “There is nothing to be ashamed of Caro, we all have needs.”

Setting the glass on his desk she implored once more, “Please don’t fire me Mr. Bennett.”

“Carolyn, firing you is the furthest thing from my mind.”

Her eyes met his as his hands caressed her shoulders, “Trust me Carolyn. I will take care of you.”

From the look in her eyes he knew she wanted to trust him. He figured she had spent the weekend waging a battle with herself. Her confidence was at its lowest, now was the time to take advantage of her confusion. Lifting her chin his lips caressed hers, his tongue tracing the soft folds. Drawing back, he let his thumbs brush her tears away. Frank felt the change in her, he felt the tension leave her body. In its place there was a willingness to follow his lead, to believe and to trust him.

Unsnapping the barrette from her hair, he tossed it aside. His hands slid into her hair, “Never wear it again, I want your hair down.”

She started to speak but his mouth covered hers, almost attacking in its ferocity. Frank felt her moan in his mouth, her tongue swirl his. Her body was molded to his and as he drew back, her eyes were large and wet with tears. Frank smiled as he stepped back and walked to the door to lock it. As he walked back; slowly unbuttoning his shirt; he saw her blush. She waited there, very still as he pulled the shirt out of his pants and removed it. His eyes looked down to her breasts and she took his hint. Her hands trembled as she undid the buttons on her blouse and let it slide off her shoulders. bahis şirketleri The peach demi-bra took Frank by surprise and he smiled inwardly as her pulled her to him. One change for the better already, her transformation had started. Kissing her again; he felt her nails on his chest; as they raked softly across his skin. Bringing his hands down; he palmed her ass; making her gasp in reaction. He pressed his cock against her, grinding into her belly. Her head went back and she looked up at him; her eyes imploring him to go on.

Caro’s arms were around his neck and Frank’s hands found the front of her slacks. He unhooked the snap and worked them down over her hips, letting them puddle at her feet. She stepped back to kick them away, revealing a tiny peach thong. The color was so light, at first Frank thought she was nude. His eyes roamed her body; taking in her breasts; fully defined in the bra. Her small waist tapered down to her hips and a perfect ass in the thong. He fought a battle with himself not to throw her on the sofa and fuck her then. He chided himself, take it slow and do it right boy. Her color was high and she was breathing hard which made her breasts heave. Reaching down, he slipped off his shoes and socks and unbuckled his belt. As he unzipped his fly he watched her reaction. Her eyes kept slipping from his eyes to his crotch as he stepped out of his pants.

Taking her hand, Frank led her to the sofa. “Take off your bra, Carolyn,” he said in a husky voice. “I want to see your tits.”

She blushed but put her arms behind her back and took it off. He knew she was fighting the urge to cover herself, and he reached up to let his fingertip circle each nipple. He pulled her down beside him and kissed her as his hands covered her breasts. His thumbs slid over her nipples and she sighed at the contact. Caro’s hands were moving on his chest and stomach and he knew she wanted to touch him.


Caro moaned as Mr. Bennett kneaded her breasts with his large hands. A few hours ago she was worried about her job and now she was on his sofa in her panties. The past weekend had been a learning experience, Caro had learned her true inner self. The lingerie, the shaving, the endless masturbation; had been an eye opener. At the time she wasn’t sure if this new revelation was good or bad. By the time she came to work Monday morning her emotions were in an uproar. What would Mr. Bennett say or do? Would he fire her? Would he laugh at her? Or even worse, would he act like it never happened? Her nerves were on end and with a great amount of trepidation she awaited his arrival.

Her worst fears seem to be realized as Mr. Bennett arrived at work and with a quick greeting closed the door to his office. As the moments passed her small tremors turned to out and out shaking. When he asked her to come in her office her legs could hardly carry her. She knew he was going to fire her, his casual indifference was telling. The stress of the weekend overwhelmed her and she broke down. To her surprise he understood her fears and before she knew it they were kissing passionately. She had worn the peach lingerie set this morning, glorying in the feel against her body. The dress slacks had been an conscience attempt at protection, she knew that now. But as his eyes took in her body in the bra and thong she forget everything, all her misgivings fled.

Now as she sat on the sofa beside him, her hands began to explore his chest. She was very much aware that he was only in his boxers and her eyes kept drifting to them. As if he sensed her indecision, he took her hand and placed it on his bulge. At the same time, his mouth left hers and traced down over her chest. His hand moved back up to join the other and pull her breasts together. His tongue began to dance over her nipples as she began to explore him. Her hand was in his hair, holding him to her tits while the other began to squeeze his cock. She could feel his cock spasm in her hand and she marveled at his size. He groaned as her hand reached inside and slowly began to move. His hand released her breast and covered her pussy, his finger pushing the fabric into her slit. Caro’s breathing was heavy and she gasped as he pushed and pulled the fabric against her clit.

Letting go; he sat back and using both hands; pulled her thong off. As he traced her newly shaven pussy he told her how beautiful she was. Standing; he pulled off his boxers; his eyes looking into hers. Caro tried to focus on him but her eyes inevitably went to his cock. Her husband had been average size but Mr. Bennett was big, much bigger. The realization that he was going to fuck her with that, was unnerving but she was more excited than she had ever been in her life. She knew she wanted to feel him inside her and she looked back up at him. The look in her eye was telling and he gently turned her on the sofa and pushed her flat as he spread her legs. Moving between her legs he pressed his shaft against her pussy, letting the ridge of the head grind her clit. Caro groaned and arched her back, lifting her hands to her breasts. She remembered sex with her husband, a quick experience that left her aching for more. But this was different, instead he continued to rub his cock over her lips. Her eyes were closed and she felt his tongue on her nipple.

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