Merry Christmas, Ava

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I had known Ava since middle school. She had always been unconventionally pretty, smart and quick-witted. She gave great advice and was always there for everyone.

Ava and I chatted pretty regularly after high school ended- she was practically a psychiatrist to me. I, in turn, did pretty much anything for her that she needed. About a year after graduation from college, she moved to Chicago, where I was living. We met up for lunch, and I saw her for the first time since high school graduation. She had changed. Her blonde curly hair was long and shiny, and she developed a shapely figure. She was a coordinating manager for concert halls, but was also a bartender at a local bar.

“I can’t find a good apartment, though. There aren’t many good places available.”

“Hey, I have a nice apartment. You could live with me.”

She finally agreed. A few weeks later, she showed up at my building. We spent most of the morning moving her stuff into the spare bedroom, and she rearranged everything until she was satisfied. I was a contractor and didn’t have to go into an office very often, and she managed most of her work from her laptop, save the bartending job. We both went and did some work, and I was getting something to drink when she came out of her room, dressed for the bar.

“Wow. You’re counting on tips, aren’t you?” I said, smiling, appreciating her tight black tank top with the bar’s logo across her breasts and the jean shorts she was wearing. Her hair was up but tendrils escaped and curled around her face. She smiled.

“You should come visit me! Bagman’s serves some really great dinners.” She grabbed her keys and purse, kissed me on the cheek, and slammed the door shut as she went to get a taxi.

I went down to the bar and found a few of my friends there. Sports were on TV, but we were watching women. By and by, a friend pointed out Ava at the bar. I rolled my eyes, and they told me to go get her phone number. I got up and walked over to the bar.

“Hey sailor, you showed up!” she said, smiling. “What can I get you?”

“Whatever’s on tap, thanks. How’s business?”

“Pretty good!”

“How’s tips?” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“You tell me,” she said. She leaned over the bar, the cut in her shirt showing ample cleavage, and handed me my drink. “Eyes up here, darling.” She turned away and laughed, cleaning a couple of glasses left on the counter. I grinned and took my drink back to the table.

“Did you get it? It looked like she was coming onto you hard, man!” I recited her number to them as I sat down, and they all congratulated me. I laughed and changed the subject.


I waited until the guys had left, then sat down again at the bar. It was just past two on a Friday night, and the bar still had a few people before it closed at three. Ava and I pretty much just sat there, talking about various things until she closed up. We walked back home together and stayed up another hour watching a movie on TV. Neither of us were paying much attention to it. Ava had her head on my shoulder and kept drifting off then waking up again. I had my arm around her and was mainly focused on discretely looking down her shirt. After the movie ended, I gently shook her. She woke up and said she should be getting to bed.

“Night, roomie,” she said, hugging me before she got up. She went to her room and I watched her walk away. As soon as the door closed, I realized I had a hard-on. I sighed, and wondered if becoming roommates was going to be a bad idea.


The days passed, and they turned into months, until Ava had been living with me for almost a year. Most weekends were the same- we went to the bar, I hung around and stayed with her until her shift was over, and then we went home and sat on the couch for another hour. I was constantly tired, but it seemed worth it that I could sit with her and look at her for a while without her raising an eyebrow and ask what I was doing.

Ava being with me actually was good for my work life. Anytime I had work to do, I focused and plowed through it efficiently, in order to go to the bar with her, or to eat dinner and watch a movie. Besides my own reasons, she actually was huge motivator and gave me tips on efficiency, something she was very good at. I did bring girls home on occasion, but they never were relationship material. Ava didn’t date much, though I knew she got asked out almost every time she worked at the bar. She was cute and extremely flirty, making her irresistible to many of the customers. On the few times she did bring a guy home, I was irritable and didn’t talk to her until he left. I couldn’t count how many times I thought of doing unspeakable things to her, instead of whatever guy was in her room. I started fantasizing about how I could actually sleep with Ava. These were always rough, heated fantasies and I was guiltily turned on by the thought.


At illegal bahis the beginning of December, Ava announced she wanted to have a holiday party.

“Think of how much fun it’ll be! We can decorate, and make cookies, and do a Secret Santa…” Ava had always adored the gift-giving season, and she wasn’t going home for Christmas this year, so I told her I was fine with whatever plans she could come up with.

I helped her decorate the apartment, and invited a few of the guys from my law firm, along with some friends I had from college. Ava invited many of the people she worked with, at the concert hall and at the bar. On Christmas Eve, there were around 30 people in our apartment, filled with holiday music and twinkle lights. Ava loved hosting parties, and was smiling and laughing and giving everyone a good time. She was wearing a short red fitted dress with green zigzag around the edges and green shoes with bells on them. Her hair was in a long braid down her back, and she looked sparkly and ethereal. Ava found me out on the balcony that we had and stood there with me, looking at the city. It had been lightly snowing for the past couple of days, and everything was all stop lights and snowflakes. Ava shivered and I hugged her.

“Thank you, for everything,” she said. I let go of her and smiled. She smiled back, and there was a second when we were looking at each other and weren’t sure what to do or say, which didn’t happen often. She broke it, looking down, blushing. I kept looking at her, and she glanced at me again, really turning red. “I…. um, I’m going back inside.” I stood out there for another minute, thinking.

“Tonight. I’m doing it… I’m doing her. Tonight.”

It was late when everyone left, around two. I helped Ava clean up, not saying much. We finished, and sat on the couch. Everything was quiet. The music had long been turned down, and the lights were still twinkling. The snow kept falling, and Ava and I sat, with my arm around her. She slowly relaxed, leaning into me, sighing.

“Are you happy?” she asked me casually. I looked at her.

“Yes.” She didn’t seem very sure with that answer, and looked away again. I wrapped my other arm around her and looked out the window, at the decorations, and at her. We sat in silence for what seemed like a year, but were only a few minutes. She finally broke the stillness with a sigh, and got up, stretching. She went and unplugged all the lights, except for the ones on the tree. She looked at it for a second, and then turned to me.

“I’m going to bed.” She walked over and kissed me on top of my head. “Merry Christmas.” I grabbed her arm as she straightened up, and stood myself. I put my arms around her and crushed her to me. I released her some, looking her in the face.

“The party was great. Everything looked perfect. You did a great job.” She smiled.

“Thanks.” She looked at me again, and then looked away. It frustrated me.

“What?” I said, half laughing, half angry. She didn’t say anything, just bit her lip. “What?” I said again, more angrily.

“Nothing,” she said hurriedly. “I just… I’m tired. I’m… I’m just going to bed. Night.” She tried to break away from me, but I held onto her.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” She said. Now she was angry. “I’m just tired. I’m going to bed.”

“You said that already.”

“Well what else should I say?” She asked. I stared at her, and she looked away. Again. This was getting old, I decided. I picked her up, suddenly, and she squeaked with surprise. “What are you doing?”

“You said you wanted to go to bed, I’m putting you to bed.” She laughed, anger ebbing away. I opened her door and deposited her on her bed, softly.

“Thanks,” she said, laughing. I laid down her bed next to her, and grabbed her pillow. “Hey! What are you doing now?” she said, rolling onto her stomach, grinning.

“I’m sleeping in here tonight.”

“What? Why?” I glanced at her. She looked confused and a little apprehensive.

“So that Santa doesn’t wake me up in the night.” She smiled, cocking her head.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” I looked down at myself in mock surprise.

“Gee, you’re right! These aren’t my PJs.” I got up and stripped off my shirt and jeans. Ava’s giggled died off as I turned around to face her.

“I usually sleep in the nude, so…”

“Uh-uh. Not in my bed. Go put on pajamas.”

“I can’t sleep in pajamas.” She rolled her eyes.

“Fine. Go away while I put on PJs, then.” I sat down on the bed.

“What if I don’t?” She huffed, and got up. She went over to her dresser, finding something to sleep in. I got up and stood behind her.

“You should wear that.” I grabbed something made of pink and black lace and pulled it out of the drawer. She yelped and tried to get it back, but I dangled it over her head.

“This, definitely.” She blushed and tried again to grab the lacy underwear. I reached behind her and rummaged through the drawer. She protested, illegal bahis siteleri trying to pull my hand out, but I came up with a fistful of silky material, which I held against her.

“What is this?”

“It’s a nightgown.” She tried to grab it but I threw it behind me. As she went to get it, I looked through the drawer again. She complained but was blocked from the drawer. I found a few t-shirts and shorts, but I finally got a black lace corset and matching thong. I held it out to her.

“This, or that, or that,” I said, motioning to the flimsy scraps of cloth she was holding.

“Stop being funny,” she said.

“Hey, wear these or nothing.” She looked at me for a second, then sighed and grabbed them from me. She stalked into the bathroom and slammed the door. I looked through the drawer some more, and found a few other little scraps of underwear and lacy one-piece things. One was all strings and lace, and I yelled through the door that I found something else. She opened it a crack and I handed it to her. A moment later, she yelled back, “Are you crazy? That’s like wearing nothing.” She popped her head out again.

“Can I sleep in here?”

“Hey, it’s up to you. Sounds really uncomfortable, though.” She laughed and closed the door. She emerged a few minutes later in an old tank top and lace panties.

“Happy?” Yes.

“No. Where did you get those?”

“I left my pajamas from last night in the bathroom this morning. Did you really think I was going to wear lingerie in bed with you?” She bent over to grab a few things I had dropped while looking through her drawer. Her panties fit tightly and showed off her ass. I turned and climbed into the bed to try to hide my rising hard-on.

She finished putting her underwear and lingerie away and climbed in bed. She took off her bracelet and earrings and let her hair out of its braid so that it cascaded all over her pillow. I looked at her for a moment, then smiled as she looked back at me.

“Night!” She laughed and turned over, so that her back was to me.

“Goodnight to you, too.” After a few minutes, I heard her breathing become heavy, and knew she was asleep. I gently rolled her over to face me. She was fast asleep, with a slight ‘o’ on her mouth. I took a second to look at her, just her face. Then I slid my eyes over her chest, down her hips, skimming over the purple lace that covered her center, and down her legs. I sighed, and leaned closer. I gently slid the straps of her tank top off her shoulders, and feeling the smoothness of her breasts. I climbed over her, palming her tits, playing with her nipples. She shifted slightly and softly moaned, so I kept going. She was breathing heavily as I started licking and sucking one nipple, rolling the other between my fingers. As I switched, she moaned again. I stopped for a second to make sure she was still asleep. She sighed and I resumed. I gently bit one nipple, then the other. Ava stirred and I softly licked them, half hoping she would stay asleep, and half hoping she would wake up. She moaned and I bit again, harder, wanting her to wake up and know this wasn’t some wet dream. She sighed and tried to roll over. I groaned inwardly. I climbed off of her and stood, looking at her scantily clad body. The tank had ridden up, so I slowly pulled it up, over her head until it came off. Now, the only thing she was wearing was the panties. I grabbed a couple pairs of the regular underwear that she had picked up and gently tied her wrists to the bed. Now I looked at her again, much more pleased. I climbed back over her, caressing her naked body with my hands, feeling her legs, thighs, tits, behind, everything. I brushed hair off of her face, and pressed a kiss to her lips. At the same time, I twisted both nipples, hard. Ava’s eyes flew open, and saw me on top of her. She immediately started struggling, realizing her hands were bound, and squealing into my mouth. She looked livid as I kissed her. My hands slid down over her stomach and legs, and she squirmed and struggled more. I broke the kiss and whispered in her ear, “If you struggle, it’s just going to make me want to fuck you more.” She stilled for a second, looking at me.

“I… I… What? You wouldn’t…” She shuddered as I kissed her neck, biting down gently.

“I would. In fact, I can. And I will.”

Ava struggled again, pulling against her tied wrists.

“Careful, you’ll stretch your panties.” She looked up, startled, and groaned.

“You owe me new panties.”

“Is it my fault you’re feisty?” I nipped her breast. “Or sexy?” I nipped the other one. “Or… hmm, turned on.” I had moved a hand down to her underwear, and was surprised at how wet they were. I slid down her body until my face was at her crotch. With one motion I ripped the panties off of her, and she yelped. I tried to spread her legs, but her thighs were clamped together, trying to hide herself. I slipped a finger between her thighs and felt her wet center. She moaned and relaxed her thighs some. canlı bahis siteleri I quickly pulled them far apart, spreading them for my viewing pleasure. Ava squirmed under my gaze, but I held her open. She didn’t say anything, but her eyes were tightly closed. I leaned into her and gently licked her, tasting her. She breathed quickly, biting her lip. I did it again, harder, finding her clit. I teased it with my tongue, latching on and sucking. Ava moaned.

“Oh god oh god oh GOD.” I smiled and gently eased 2 fingers into her. She was incredibly tight. She arched her back, moaning, as I found her g-spot and stroked it and her clit simultaneously. I kept this going, driving her crazy. Ava writhed and squealed incoherently until she contracted around my fingers, and came. I kept the pressure on her clit and g-spot, extending her orgasm until she fell back onto the bed, exhausted. I released her clit and pulled my fingers out of her, licking them. She was breathing heavily, eyes closed. I lay next to her, playing with her hair until her breathing slowed and she drifted down from the cloud she was on.

“There, was that so bad?” I asked, playfully. She shook her head, opened her eyes and looked at me. Her blissful smile changed into a fierce scowl, and she lashed out to kick me. I caught her leg and pulled it over my hip, restraining her.

“You had no right to do any of that! That’s a horrible thing to do! You asshole, jerk, bastard, misogynist pig!” she ranted at me, straining to hit me. I grabbed her head with one head and wrapped the other around her waist, rolling back on top of her. I pressed close to her and kissed her hard, effectively silencing her. She still struggled, though not as much. I put my full body weight on top of her, and she felt my rock hard erection against her. She tried to say something, but my lips made it indistinguishable. I pulled off my boxers and her words turned to whimpers as I moved my cock against her wet slit. I caressed her face with my hand, and plunged my full length straight into her. She screamed against my lips, moaning in pleasure. She wrapped her legs around my back, moaning against my mouth. I slowly pulled out of her then slammed back in, making her squeal. I did this again and again, until she broke our kiss, panting with lust.

“Oh god please PLEASE fuck me, fuck me harder and faster please please, I- OH!” I slammed into her again, and this time pulled out and plunged back in rapidly. Her words turned to moans and she bucked against me, grinding her hips into mine as I ravaged her. I groaned.

“You’re… so… goddamn… tight…” I rotated my hips and she moaned, arching her back and pressing her chest into mine. I reached down and rubbed her clit, rolling it and pressing it until she came. I clamped my lips over hers to muffle her, and she moaned as her orgasm hit her like a brick wall. She kissed me back passionately, our tongues dueling. I grunted and moaned with her, fucking her throughout her orgasm. She started coming again, and this time I thrust deeply into her, spurting my semen into her until it dripped out of her, mingling with her cum. I collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily. She gasped and took shallow, soft breaths, head back. I pulled out of her and untied her wrists. She lay there for a second as I sat there, feeling a bit guilty. I started to speak, but Ava looked at me for a second, then rolled onto me and kissed me passionately.

“What? I thought I was a….”

“Misogynistic pig, yes,” she said, looking me in the eyes. “And you still are. But….” She shrugged and kissed me again, tenderly this time. I wrapped my arms around her, playing with her hair. Finally, she sat up, as did I. We stared at each other until she looked away, just like she always did.

“Why do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Not look at me.” She blushed, looked at me, and looked away again.

“No reason.” She smiled, touching my cheek with her fingers. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight? What, am I being kicked out?” She laughed.

“I told you, I’m tired. If you can control yourself…” She traced her fingers over my torso, and I was hard again. She giggled. “See? You can’t.”

“For good reason,” I said, glancing at Ava. She stiffened, not looking at me, then relaxed a fraction.

“Right.” She sighed, looked at me, and kissed my cheek. “G’night.” Ava smiled. “Oh, and Merry Christmas.” She rolled over onto her side and snuggled against the pillows, eyes closed. Mystified, I rolled onto my back, looking at her sleeping form. I decided I would figure Ava out in the morning.


I woke up to Christmas carols on the radio and the smell of pepermint. I looked over at the other side of the bed, but Ava had already gotten up. I rolled out of her bed and walked into the kitchen. She was dancing around in a short red robe, making tea and singing along. She saw me and started singing at me, laughing and handing me a cup of coffee as I sat down at the bar.

“Good morning, sunshine!” She trilled, stirring sugar into her cup. “Sleep well?”

“Very well. Better than normal. No idea why, though.” I said sarcastically, looking at her. She blushed and avoided my gaze.

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