Memories Pt. 02

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Chapter 1

Sarah was nearly ten minutes late pulling up to the curb outside her daughter’s school; she waved and smiled at Cathy.

“Sorry I’m late baby, something came up.”

“That’s OK mom.”

“So how did the exam go?”

“OK I guess, certainly better than I expected.”

“Good, do you feel like shopping?”

“Yeah, always.”

It was a twenty minute drive to the large shopping centre; they didn’t get much chance to talk as Sarah had her side window open, allowing cool air to blow through the car. Arriving at the shopping centre Sarah pulled into a parking space and turned off the engine.

“Let’s shop,” said Cathy as she climbed out of the car.

“I’ll be with you in a second baby,” said Sarah.

She looked to make sure that Cathy couldn’t see her and then lifting her hips she reached under her dress and slid her panties down and off’ hiding them under her seat. She wasn’t sure what had possessed her to remove her panties, but as she climbed from the car the warm breeze sent a shiver through her as it caressed her pussy, a pussy that was coated in the drying cum of her son.

The heat of the day hit her fully as she stood beside the car; Cathy was standing near the front of the car.

“All set mom?”

“Just a second honey, it’s so hot I think I’ll take my bra off.”

Cathy watched surprised as her mom quickly and expertly removed her bra as she stood beside the car, pulling it from the sleeve of her dress and throwing it into the car. Cathy thought to herself ‘why not, it sure is hot’.

“Hold on mom,” said Cathy as she copied her mom’s actions “catch.”

Sarah just managed to snatch her daughter’s bra before it fell to the floor, for some strange reason the feel of Cathy’s warm bra sent shivers down her spin, throwing into the car she locked the door and walked over to her daughter.

“Shall we grab a bite first?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Over the next two hours mother and daughter wondered around the shopping centre, drifting in and out of shops.

Sarah was standing outside the changing room in a clothes shop while Cathy tried on a short black dress.

“What do you think mom,” asked Cathy as she stepped out of the changing room.

“You look great in that, do you like it?”

“I love it mom.”

“Good, but I think if you’re going to get it you need some sexy underwear. Try the other dress on and I’ll go and pick some underwear out for you to try.”


Sarah wondered through the rails of underwear, choosing things that she thought Cathy would like things that she new would turn a man on. As she wondered around she also chose some things for herself, thinking about what Paul and even David would say. The thought of her son and husband seeing her in the tiny garments was turning her on.

Heading back to the changing room she picked up a couple of summer dresses that had caught her eye.

“How’s the dress,” asked Sarah as she reached the cubical.

“Mmm, it’s nice mom, but I’ve got a bit of a problem.”

“What kind of problem?”

“The zips stuck.”

“Would you like a hand?”


“Shall I come in or are you coming out.”

“Mom, get in here.”

Sarah slipped into the cubical with her daughter, it was more spacious than she had realised from outside. A large mirror covered one wall, while a chair stood in one corner, it was covered with Cathy’s skirt and t-shirt, while on the wall hung the dresses Cathy had already tried on.

Sarah paused to hang up the dresses she had brought and drop the underwear onto the chair. Turning to her daughter she saw the material of the dress had caught in the zip. Carefully she eased it out and slid the zip down, kneeling she helped Cathy remove the dress. As she knelt beside her nearly naked daughter Sarah was amazed to realise that she was becoming aroused. She gazed at her teenage daughter, naked except for a small pair of purple panties that seemed to mould themselves to her pussy mound. Shaking herself, trying to clear the sudden sexual feelings that were filling her mind, she stood up noticing that Cathy was looking at her with a deep penetrating eyes.

“I brought some underwear for you to try.”

“Thanks mom, are you going to try those dresses,” asked Cathy pointing at the garments that Sarah had hung up.

“I thought I would.”

“I’ll give you a hand.”

“That’s OK Cathy let’s get you sorted out first.”

“Don’t be daft mom, come on, here let me help with the zipper.”

Sarah shivered as Cathy unzipped her dress, her daughter’s fingers brushing down her naked spine.

As the dress fell to the floor Cathy gazed at her mom’s naked back and buttocks, she felt nervous, but was unsure why. Feeling as though she was dreaming Cathy stepped closer to her mom’s naked back and slid her arms around the older woman’s waist.

“I love you mom,” she said as she kissed Sarah’s naked shoulder.

“I love you too honey.”

Sarah turned in her daughter’s arms, stifling a moan kozyatağı escort as her breasts brushed against her daughter’s, she froze in shock and surprise as one of Cathy’s hands pulled her head forward and their mouths met. She stood frozen in place as she felt Cathy’s tongue brush across her closed lips. Then one of Cathy’s legs pressed between her own and a thigh pushed against her aroused pussy, she moaned, her lips parting and Cathy’s tongue dove in to explore her mouth.

Sarah was amazed at how turned on she felt, she’d never thought about kissing another woman before, but now as her daughter’s tongue explored her mouth and their bodies moulded together she felt nothing but feelings of elation and joy.

Cathy pulled herself from her mom’s embrace and gently pushed her backwards until she dropped onto the seat. Dropping to her knees she gazed at her mom’s naked, shaved pussy, as she lowered her face to it she saw the sticky jism that still coated her mom’s labia. With a skill learnt with her best friend Jade, she lapped at the sperm and fresh pussy cream that leaked from her mom’s aroused pussy.

Sarah jumped at the touch of her daughter’s tongue on her pussy and clitoris; she pressed her arm into her mouth to stifle her moans of pleasure as Cathy showed surprising experience at eating her pussy. It seemed only moments before she felt her orgasm building and covering her mouth she stifled her cries of pleasure as Cathy’s tongue and probing fingers pushed her into orgasmic pleasure.

As she recovered from her passionate release she pulled Cathy up and kissed her deeply. For the first time she tasted herself on another woman’s mouth, as their tongues entwined in a passion filled kiss.

Sarah slid off the chair and pushed Cathy towards it, as Cathy took her place she pulled her daughter’s knickers down and off, throwing them onto the floor. For the first time in her life she found herself looking at another woman’s pussy up close. The neatly trimmed covering of hair seemed to point the way to her daughter’s womanhood. Tentatively Sarah slid her tongue over her daughter’s aroused pussy, tasting for the first time another woman’s juices.

Sarah couldn’t believe what she was doing, here she knelt in the changing cubical of a large clothes store, licking and sucking her daughter’s pussy, where at any minute a shop assistant could appear to ask if everything was OK.

The risk of being caught seemed to increase the thrill of the sexual experience as Sarah dove in to feast on her daughter’s pussy. Although this was the first time she’d ever made love to another woman she knew what turned her on and soon her actions were driving Cathy towards orgasmic pleasure.

Cathy held her mom’s head, her fingers entwined in her mom’s long hair, guiding the mouth that worked on her cunt and clitoris, trying to hold in her moans and whimpers of pleasure as her orgasm quickly built. She threw back her head, eyes tightly closed and teeth clenched to stop the cry of pleasure as she orgasmed, flooding her mom’s mouth with her juices.

As her orgasm passed Cathy stood up on shaking legs, pulling her mom close so they could kiss.

“God that was amazing.”

“For me too baby,” said Sarah hugging her daughter.

“Come on mom, you’d better try these dresses on.”

With Cathy’s help Sarah tried the dresses she had chosen on, then helping each other they tried the underwear. Some of the garments were wet with pussy juice, the feel of the damp garments and the touch of each other’s hands soon had them aroused once more. Quickly they both dressed, gathering up the clothes they wanted they headed to the checkout and from there back to the car.

As Sarah drove out of the parking lot she was very aware of Cathy’s eyes on her,

“What’s the matter honey, do you regret what we did?”

“What? No mom of course not, in fact I hope we can do it again, if you want to that is?”

“O god Cathy, I know we shouldn’t, but yes I want it to happen again and again and again. If that makes me sick then I’m sick.”

“Then we are both sick, but I do have one question.”

“What is it honey, ask me anything and I promise I answer truthfully.”

“OK, who was he?”

“Who was who honey.”

“Who was the man that you made love to this morning, after all I know from this morning that you hadn’t fucked dad, so who are you cheating on him with.”

“I’m not cheating on your father, he knows everything I do, well apart from what just happened, I love your father and wouldn’t hurt him.”

“Does that mean you’ll tell him about us?”

“Yes, does that bother you?”

“I don’t know, what will he say?”

“I have no idea, but I can’t and won’t keep secrets from him.”

“So who filled you with jism.”

“Before I tell you there is something you need to understand.”


“Just a second and I’ll explain.”

As she spoke Sarah pulled the car off the main road onto a quiet country lane, she followed lane for about a mile küçükyalı escort before turning right into a car park on the edge of a wood. She stopped the car and turning off the ignition looked at her daughter.

“Let’s go for a walk.”

Climbing from the car Sarah took Cathy’s hand and together they walked into the woods, after about three quarters of a mile Sarah led Cathy from the main path onto a barely discernable one that wound between the trees. Following this path they walked into a little clearing beside a gently burbling brook.

Sarah sat beside the stream looking at her daughter who still stood beside her, she realised that by leaning back she could see Cathy’s naked pussy. The sight brought an instant tingle to her own pussy.

Cathy sat beside her mom, allowing her skirt to ride up exposing her pussy to her mom’s lust filled gaze. Reaching out she pulled her mom’s dress up exposing her shaved pussy, before running her fingers over her mom’s wet labia.

Sarah moaned in pleasure,

“I thought you wanted me to explain about the jism in my pussy.”

“Later,” was all Cathy said as she leant forward to kiss her mom deeply on the mouth.

Mother and daughter lay back, sharing a passion filled kiss as they pulled at each other’s clothing. In seconds they were both naked, naked breast pressed against naked breast, tongues and limbs entwining as they shared a deep kiss. Pulling apart slightly they entwined their legs, pressing their dripping pussies together, mashing swollen clits and swollen labia. They ground themselves together, their bodies glistening in the sweat of their shared passion as they both rose towards orgasmic release. The clearing filled to the sounds of lovemaking as they both cried out their pleasure as they orgasmed together.

Pulling apart they lay on their sides, the grass feeling cool on their passion heated bodies, without speaking they both dove between each other’s thighs, feasting on the girl-cum that coated each other’s cunts. The clearing filled once more to the sounds of pleasure, muffled moans and the lapping and sucking of mouth and tongue on hot, wet pussy. Until with muffled screams and cries mother and daughter drove each other to orgasmic release.

As they recovered from their pleasure Sarah held her daughter close, stroking her hair and cradling her head on her breasts.

“I told you that I have no secrets from your dad and that is true, and what’s more I love him with all my heart. We’ve always had a very loving and sexual relationship, we’ve experimented and acted out our fantasies together and always found pleasure in each other. The trouble is your dad has a problem at the moment, well for about eight months, he’s impotent. I don’t think, no I know it isn’t a physical thing, or rather it is but it’s due to stress at work and the worry about David. I guess now it’s more the stress and hard work, he’s tired, I won’t deny I’m worried about him, he’s working too hard and needs to take a break. The trouble is he can’t take a break at the moment, in fact he’s going away tomorrow for eight weeks”

Sarah felt tears come to her eyes as she spoke of her worry and fears.

“Anyway, last night Paul, I mean your father suggested I teach Davy about sex.”

“Teach him?”

“Yes teach him, make love to him, commit incest.”

“I can’t comment on the incest thing mom, after all I enjoyed it.”

Sarah couldn’t help smiling at her daughter.

“Anyway your father saw it as a way to kill two birds with one stone, Davy would learn about sex from someone who loved him and I’d have someone to satisfy me sexually.”

“And so this morning..”

“So this morning I seduced your brother after you and your dad had left.”

“Where do we go from here?”

“I don’t know Cathy, I love all my family and don’t want to hurt any of you.”

“Would it bother you if I slept with Davy or daddy.”

“No, why, do you want to?”

“Yes, I do. I won’t deny that seeing David walking around with an erection these past weeks has made me hot, and dads a bit of a hunk, and who knows maybe together we can help him over his problem.”

“Maybe we can.”

“We could try tonight, maybe watching his wife and daughter make love will give him a lift.”

Sarah smiled and kissed her daughter,

“Maybe it will, it’s getting late we should get going.”

Quickly they dressed and headed back to the car, and then home.

Chapter 2

As Sarah pulled the car into the driveway David was just coming out of the home gym/garage, his body glistened with sweat, the T-shirt he was wearing sticking to his chest. Closing the garage door he stood and watched as they climbed from the car, collecting their shopping from the boot.

“Hi mom, Cathy. How’d the exam go?”

“OK I think thanks bro.”

Smiling at her brother Cathy found herself looking at him in a new light, not as her brother but as a man.

David found himself feeling self-conscious as his sister stared at him.

“I’m anadolu yakası escort gonna go and grab a shower, do you need a hand with anything.”

“I’ll let you know,” said Cathy with a knowing smile.

Looking perplexed David followed his mom and sister into the house, heading upstairs as they made their way into the living room.

“From that look I’m guessing that you’re going for a shower too.”

“I thought I would, maybe if I’m quick Davy will wash my back. You don’t mind do you?”

“Of course not, I guess I’m slightly jealous. Although whether about you getting to make love to David or because David will get to make love to you, I don’t know. So go on enjoy yourself, it’s OK I’ll bring the shopping up, go quickly before he finishes.”

Running up the stairs Cathy kicked her shoes off, tossing them into her bedroom, before heading to the bathroom, undressing as she went. Easing open the door she stepped into the steam filled bathroom, catching a glimpse of David’s naked body through the frosted glass. Dropping her clothes into the laundry basket she stepped up to the shower door and slid it open.

The first David new of his sister’s presence was when the shower door slid open and she stepped in beside him, sliding the door closed.

“C C Cathy what are you doing?”

“Taking a shower.”

Cathy couldn’t resist glancing down at her brother’s cock, she smiled as she saw it jerk and begin to harden.

“But I’m in the shower.”

“So I see,” said Cathy as she reached out and wrapped her fingers around David’s now erect cock, “If you want me to leave I will.”

As she spoke Cathy stepped closer to her brother and not waiting for a reply she kissed him, releasing his erection she wrapped her arms around David’s neck, pressing her naked body against his.

David was surprised and shocked at his sister’s forwardness, he couldn’t believe that just that morning, to all intense purposes he’d been a virgin, no memory of ever making love with a woman before. Then that morning he’d made love to his mom and now he was about to make love to his sister. He wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight against him as their tongues entwined in a kiss filled with love, passion and desire. Pulling apart David lowered his mouth to Cathy’s breasts, her nipples were already swollen and erect with her arousal as his mouth closed over them, one after the other, sucking and gently nibbling at the swollen buttons.

Cathy moaned in pleasure, cradling David’s head in her arms as he suckled at her firm breasts. She slid her fingers through his wet hair as the water cascaded over them both and he slipped to his knees, his tongue sliding down her stomach and teasing her navel before moving down across her neatly trimmed pubes. She jumped and moaned in pleasure as David’s tongue brushed over her clitoris before lapping across her swollen labia. She cried in pleasure as his tongue pushed into her cuntal opening, entering her like a small hard cock. Cathy ground her hips rubbing her pussy mound over David’s exploring tongue and lips, feeling his nose rub against her clitoris, sending waves of pleasure through her aroused body.

Cathy reached for her brother pulling him up, she wanted, no needed his cock, needed to feel it inside her, filling her. The cock that had filled her dreams over the past weeks, that she craved to feel inside her, pumping her virginal womb with its seed. She wasn’t worried about pain; she’d lost her maidenhead years ago, to her best friend Jade and a hairbrush handle. Since those early teenage days of fumbling with each other, she and Jade had found satisfaction with various implements, both organic and non-organic. Now for the first time she would feel a man enter and pleasure her.

At Cathy’s urging David stood up, they kissed once more, before with Cathy’s mumbled words of guidance he lifted his sister, feeling her legs wrap around his waist as her arms wrapped around his neck. Leaning her against the wall he reached down to guide his cock to her cuntal opening, pressing forward he felt the head of his cock push into the hot embrace of Cathy’s pussy. Pressing forward he eased his cock into Cathy’s cunt, feeling it slowly stretch to accommodate his hard swollen manhood, wrapping him in its warm embrace.

Cathy moaned in pleasure, surprised and pleased at how great it felt to feel a real cock enter her body, feeling David fill her with his throbbing manhood as their bodies pressed together. Finally she felt their bodies meet as he buried his entire length in her womb, they remained still, as they savoured the feel of their joined bodies.

“O fuck Sis, you feel amazing.”

They kissed, tongues entwining, bodies joined at mouth and crotch.

“Fuck me Davy, please fuck me. I need you, need to make love to you, to feel your beautiful cock inside me. So fuck me brother mine, fuck me hard and fill me with your hot cum.”

David did need asking twice, holding his sister tightly he withdrew his cock until only the head remained buried within Cathy’s body, before plunging forward ramming his cock balls deep into his sister’s womb.

As the water cascaded down over them brother and sister made love, driving each other towards orgasmic release. The bathroom filled to their moans and cries of pleasure as their movements became more frenzied.

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