Memoirs of a Lothario Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: ‘It’s Not Cricket But Who Cares’

Taking the pick-up was absolutely no problem and by 7.15 I was well on the way to the American Village. To do what? Well, not to put too fine a point on it, to fuck another man’s wife. Was that fair? This wife seemed to think so. How would my wife react? Well, as sure as hell I was not going to tell her. Would my wife fuck another man? To be honest, yes, if the time was right I think she would. She was a real horny woman was my wife and I knew that she kept her cunt well exercised, but would she take a live cock instead of her vibrator. Hmmm, yes I reckon she would, given the opportunity.

I had arrived at the American village without realising it, I drove slowly towards the Baseball ground, I slowed and stopped by the white sign, almost immediately the passenger door opened and Kate climbed in.

“Oh Simon, so pleased you were on time, very few people usually walk this way but several did tonight. Another thing, I should have asked you to make sure the courtesy light was switched off. People might see us when the door opens.”

I continued down the road, turning in where Kate indicated. The patch she had picked was very dark indeed, just beyond the bounds of the very bright flood lights.

“She slid over to me. “Is Chuck playing?” I asked. She pointed and I was pleased to see he was the Pitcher so very little chance of his coming over to our side. Before I could make further comment Kate’s arms were around my neck, her tongue licking at my lips as her hand was seeking my zipper. I was hardening as she feverishly groped to find the opener. Her hair was soft against my face, the perfume of her hair and body heady. I fumbled to reach her breasts but she had opened my fly, taken out my cock that was ataşehir escort hardening by the second and suddenly it was in her mouth.

She rimmed the flange with her tongue then sucked my prick deeply into her mouth. Her other hand was slowly wanking me. I was transported to heaven and just lay back and enjoyed the exquisite feeling. She licked and sucked and pumped, one hand found my balls which she gently stroked. She then came up for air and I pulled her to me, kissing her hot wet mouth, I could taste my pre-cum on her lips. I had her shirt high as I tweaked and nipped the large nipple. bending over I took that engorged nub in my mouth, licking and sucking as she had done to my cock which she was still slowly wanking. I ran a hand up her skirt. No panties, she spread her legs and I could feel her very wet cunt. before I could once more find her thrilling clit she again moved taking my tool in her mouth. She licked and sucked and I knew that I would shortly ‘cum’

“Kate, Kate darling, I am near to cumming” I whispered, as if I could be heard on the baseball field.

With one last lick she sat back but in one lithe movement she knelt astride me, I felt her hand on my prick and then I was in her. Straight into her wet cunt, the lips swallowing me whole.

‘Simon, keep still, I want to savour this, our first fuck, please don’t move.”

Move? Oh No, I did not have to move, this witch was wanking my prick with the muscles of her cunt. Then she raised herself until the helmet of my dick was held by the delicious flaps which seemed to be stroking and milking my hard prick.

Her tongue was busy with mine, I felt her hand go between us and I knew that she was frigging her own clit. She started to fuck me, rising and lowering as if riding kadıköy escort her favourite horse. I was not fucking her, she was fucking me. She began to shake as she had done on the night that I met her, but this time with my prick firmly embedded in her hot box. I started to cum too. She bit my shoulder hard, was that to stop her screaming with lust. “Kate, I’m cumming, I’m cumming I whispered into her ear.”

“I know darling, I am too, just shoot me full, I want your cream in my cunt.”

As I shuddered to a halt, emptying my balls into her delicious quim. I expected her to lift herself off. I had a handkerchief ready, but no.

She urged me to firstly fall sideways and then turn so that I was on top. As I withdrew my spent dick from her cunt she took my handkerchief and stuffed it between her legs. Then as I got off her, she swung round, picked up a little ball of material that I realised were a pair of panties.

“Kate, what ARE you doing?” I asked. In the reflected light I could just see her face and there was no other word to describe what I saw. She had a very wicked smile on her face.

“Darling, I hope you will not be too disgusted but after softball Chuck always comes home with a hard prick and he always fucks me. He then pulls out and shoots all over my cunt, afterwards he licks me clean, he loves the taste of cum mixed with cunt juice. Tonight my darling, Chuck is going to lick your cum but he wont know it.”

“Kate, of course he will know it, as soon as he slides his dick into you he will know that someone else has been there.” I said.

“Not him, believe me. I am a natural secretor, the more horny I am the wetter I get. he just thinks he makes me that horny. Now lover, I have to go, switch of the courtesy light. bostancı escort bayan By the way, I think you may well get an invitation to visit on Sunday afternoon. Chuck was quite surprised that you come from near my home and agreed we should invite you over.”

“Oh Kate, you wicked witch, you naughty bitch, what are you?”

“Aren’t I just lover? The next thing I have to do is work out some way to have you fuck me in the house. Now I must go”

With that she opened the passenger door and disappeared. I waited until I saw that the game was about to end and then I left. I did not expect a telephone call from her that night if she was going to fuck her husband. I did feel a shaft of jealousy. Jealous of a man fucking his own wife. What next?

* * * * * * * * * * *

The next morning I got another stab, this time of apprehension. Through the windows of my office I saw Chuck approaching. He knocked at my door and came in, all smiles!!

I bade him take a seat and asked if I could help.

“Well, Simon, you don’t mind if I call you Simon, do you? I got a bit pissed the other night at that party so could not meet you properly. Anyway, my wife tells me that you come from the next village to hers. I used to be based there with the USAF you know. Well, we thought you might like to visit with us this coming Sunday.

“Thanks I would love to” I said!!

“Hmm you know, I used to drink in the pub in your village, the Black Horse next to the Smithy.. ”

“Er! No Chuck, you don’t mind if I call you Chuck do you? It’s the Blacksmiths Arms by the Smithy and that’s in Kate’s village, the Black Horse is in Wareham. The pub in our village is the Rose and Crown near to the church.

“Ah yes, sorry, it’s been some time. Your English villages all look alike don’t they. Of course, I remember now. Well, see you Sunday then about 2.00pm OK?”

With that he left. Oh no, he had not been mistaken, it was obvious, too obvious. He had just made a juvenile attempt to catch either Kate or me out.

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