Melody’s Way Ch. 04

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*** Flashback to Summer After Senior Year of High School ***

After graduating high school, Melody and DC spent all of the time possible together mostly making out. With his parents working days and hers working nights they could usually find a place to be alone.

She was still ‘protecting’ him by keeping their relationship secret. She told herself it was so that no one would pick on him. If she was honest, she would admit she was a little embarrassed about being in love with a dork. He was just happy that she was letting him grab at her ass and fumble with her boobs.

She was pleased that he was learning how to touch her just right. She also spent time teaching him how to use hair gel and wear better clothes. She had taken the habit of wearing his clothes home from his house in order to steal the geekier shirts so that he could not wear them anymore.

She helped him pick out better clothes to replace the geek wardrobe and frequently reinforced the hair gel lessons. She thought that he was very handsome when he took the trouble to groom his appearance. “A good catch after all.” She told herself. Besides he was smart, sweet, and caring, and had a promising future. She realized, a little belatedly, he was better than anyone else she had ever dated.

After several weeks they had progressed to removing some clothes. Melody was only comfortable with undressing down to her underwear which was okay with DC because he liked the way she looked in them.

One day mid-summer he had her on her bed and he was licking her navel and pushing her bra up to her armpits. When he started to lick her nipples, he felt a timid hand straying into his boxer shorts. This was the first time she had ventured to touch him there. He hoped this meant that cebeci escort she would let him slide his hand into her panties soon. She had been resolute about having him respect the “panty rule”.

Her hand began to stroke along his length. She relished the pleasure she was causing as it fed back into her mind. She responded by turning him onto his back then squeezing his dick harder and stroking faster.

“Oh yes honey, that’s it.” DC encouraged her.

“I can tell you really like that, don’t you baby.”

He set a record speed that could only be boasted by a teenage first timer for how fast he reached his climax. He shot off a full day’s worth of frustration in a blinding, knee buckling, toe curling torrent that flooded his shorts. His pleasure crossed the bond to Melody so she felt the full effect of it too.

Melody collapsed on top of him muttering and cooing softly. Once she regained some semblance of coherent thought, she whimpered, “Holy fuck, what happened?”

“You made me cum.” He couldn’t think of a way to explain about the psychic link, but she didn’t seem to care.

She shouted, “That was awesome! Let’s do it again.”

“Okay, but I need a couple minutes to get hard again.”

“I think I can help with that.”

She got on her knees and pulled his soiled shorts off leaving him totally nude, then removed her bra.

She moaned at the sight of his large semi-soft cock. “Oh baby, you shaved it for me.” How they could influence each other was becoming clearer to her. He was trimmed exactly how she wanted him. It couldn’t be coincidence. She thought of the dark lip stick colors she always wore now. Before she had started seeing DC she had not liked that look, now it was all she put cebeci escort bayan on. She started shaving her privates too. She wondered what else had changed that she hadn’t realized.

She shrugged off the thought and slithered over him. As long as they loved each other nothing else mattered to her. Right this second the only important thing was to coax another orgasm out of him. As his hands traced her sides, it became her only interest.

She straddled his lap and leaned over him for a kiss. Her young boobs hung down for him to fondle. She wrapped her hand around his spunky and half soft shaft. While she played with the head of his cock, she ground her covered pussy along the base. She stopped kissing him so that she could put her boob in his mouth. Her actions worked well. She had him hard in no time. She wasn’t troubled by the gooey mess he had made one bit.

She alternated between grinding her pussy on his cock and jacking him off. He was a little slower to achieve escape velocity this time, taking almost ten minutes. He shared through the link again. When he got close she dry humped against him very quickly. She grunted in sync with him and when he bellowed in triumph her head fell back and she screamed in ecstasy right along with him. The resultant eruption covered both their stomachs. She collapsed on top of DC gluing them together with sperm.

She panted, “One… more… time…” She started undulating her hips against him.

“I’m not sure if I can so soon.”

“Nonsense. You have at least one more in you. I know you can do it baby. For me?”

She nibbled at his neck and ears while she jacked his soft member. She got up and walked over to her dresser. She slid down her sperm soiled escort cebeci panties with her back to him. He sat up to watch. Her nude ass was wonderful. He caught a glimpse of her pussy lips through the gap between her thighs while she bent at the waist.

She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled, “Don’t get any ideas, the panty rule still applies.” Then she put on clean underwear.

She swayed back to him, he was caught in the trance caused by the swing of her hips. By the time she climbed back on the bed he was fully hard again. She mounted him facing his feet.

She sat on his dick with it between her ass cheeks, humping and gyrating, silk on flesh. He sat transfixed on that perfect little heart shaped ass. The ass that he had so desperately pined for and wanted to feel. Now she was using it on his dick in order to get him off. He was in heaven.

Melody lifted up and forced his cock against his stomach by pushing the front of her groin down on it.

He shared every feeling and emotion he had. Melody moaned in response as her dry humping went into overdrive. “Oh god baby. Make me cum.” She demanded as she forced her clit against his shaft. This time he felt her orgasm first. It triggered his own release.

She lay back into his arms in mutual post coital bliss. They relaxed for nearly 30 minutes before she began to stir saying, “Now I understand why boys wank it so much. That feels great.”

“It’s not half as good without you helping out.”

“Be ready. Tomorrow, when I see you, we are going to do this like ten times.”

“You are going to kill me.”

She rolled over still on top of him and kissed his mouth tenderly. “Stop whining. Most girls don’t want to jack off their boyfriends so much.”

“You’re going to rub it raw.”

“I’ll bring some lotion.” She stopped him from saying anything else by tasting his mouth. She felt DC firming against her hip. Smiling around the kiss she reached down to hold him in her hand. She was going to enjoy this new phase in their relationship.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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