Melanie’s College Break Ch. 03

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After they had all finished their meals, Dale smiled and got up from the table, went to the fridge for another tin of ale, then went out to the back deck for a little air. Melanie helped Emily clear the supper plates from the table and pile them neatly next to the kitchen sink for washing. Once Dale was out the door, Emily turned to Melanie and asked “Are you really ok, Mel?”

Melanie blushed a little, her nipples still straining at the fabric of her t-shirt. “Sure, Mum. Why?”

Emily smiled and playfully threw a handful of cold water from the tap on to Melanie’s t-shirt, hitting her perfectly on those very hard, very visible nipples. Melanie screeched and Emily, laughing, said “That’s why! Your nipples are so hard you could cut glass with them! Are you still that horny?”

“I’m sorry, Mum! I don’t know what’s come over me. I’ve been like this for weeks now.” Melanie was half telling the truth, she truly had been acutely horny for a few weeks, although most of her present state was due to her encounter with Dale that afternoon and her thoughts of herself and Emily while she showered.

“You looked as though you were taking quite good care of that earlier.” Emily smiled as she shoulder nudged Melanie.

“I thought that would help, too, but it seems to have only made it worse.” And after a few moments, she kissed her mother’s shoulder. “Mum, I left my dildo at school. Would it be ok if borrowed yours?”

It was Emily’s turn to blush a little. “I’m sorry, Mel, but ever since you’ve been away at school, I haven’t been using my dildo much. Dale and I have been much more open about when and where we have sex, I don’t think I even know where it is right now.”

While Melanie was showering, Dale had already told Emily of the afternoon’s events. He was so terribly worried that Emily would be angry with Melanie, or worse, with him, if she’d heard it from her daughter, that he figured it best to tell the truth first.

It was one of Emily’s fantasies that he was working on when Melanie walked in on him. It was Emily’s fantasy to walk in the house and “catch” Dale wanking to some Internet porn, and then take it from there by either mimicking the photos they saw, or reading erotic stories, whatever fancied them at the time. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending how it’s looked at, Melanie just happened in before Emily got home. Dale’s “this isn’t what it looks like” was part of the game. That was part of what Emily meant by being more open about where and when they have sex.

Dale had admitted to Emily that he had felt very guilty about it all, after his endorphin rush had calmed and Melanie had left the room. Emily wasn’t angry at all with either Dale or Melanie. It wasn’t his fault, and it wasn’t Melanie’s. There was no reason to be angry with either of them. It just happened. Besides, it really turned Emily on.

Ever since the very first time they’d made love, Emily worshipped Dale’s cock. And the thought of Melanie receiving Dale’s spunk all over her beautiful tits really excited Emily. And she told Dale so. She had confessed her first night of sex with Melanie to Dale quite soon after it happened, though the few other times weren’t actually secret, just not spoken about. And since they had both had pleasant sexual experiences with Melanie, they figured it wouldn’t hurt for the three of them to enjoy each other. Neither Emily nor Dale had any doubt that Melanie would be open to joining in.

As the two women washed the supper dishes, Dale walked back into the kitchen to deposit the empty ale tin in the bin. He kissed his wife on the cheek and said “It’s really nice out this evening. I’m thinking about having a swim.” He then made his way upstairs to change into his swim shorts.

“A swim sounds good,” Emily called after him. “I’ll be up to change in a minute.” Emily then turned to Melanie, “You want to come swimming, too? The cool water may take your mind off things, if only for a short time. I’m sure I have a bikini or two you could choose from to wear.”

“Sure, Mum, that sounds good,” replied Melanie, not really sure if swimming would ease her horniness or not, “but I have my own bikini, if that’s ok.”

“Fine by me, love. Let’s give Dale a chance to get changed and then we’ll follow after him.”

Emily and Melanie finished washing up the dishes as Dale descended the stairs wearing his swim shorts. “We’ll meet you outside,” winked Emily as they passed. Dale smiled back as he turned and watched Melanie and Emily ascend the stairs, each going to their respective rooms to change into their bikinis.

Out by the pool, Dale could feel his erection getting harder as the increasing thoughts of sex twirled through his mind. He slid off his shorts and pulled them back on, twice, in his anticipation, not knowing if he should be dressed, not dressed, in the pool, not in the pool. Dale was still madly in love with Emily. Nothing, not even sex with Melanie was going to change that. But, he was still going to have some form of şirinevler escort sex with Melanie. And Emily. And the both of them together. Dale was to the point of wanking just to cut the edge. He wondered if another pint of ale might just calm him down some. He laughed to himself “a litre of Jameson’s wouldn’t calm you down enough right now, old son.”

Upstairs, Emily was deciding on two different, very small, very showy, extremely sexy bikinis. The bottom of the satin looking red one barely covered her neatly trimmed bush and clung to her hips and the crack of her arse in the tiniest of straps, while the top barely covered her nipples and had the same kind of very thin straps to tie. The shinny neon yellow was still a t-back, but with a little bit more material at her arse and covering her breasts. “Fuck it,” she grunted. “The red bottoms and nothing else. That should get them both going.” Luckily, she’d shaved that morning, so there was a little less bush to worry about covering.

Meanwhile, Melanie had left he bedroom door wide open, had stripped out of her shorts and t-shirt and was fully nude. She was rummaging through the clothes she’d brought with her, searching for the bikini bottom to go with the top she’d worn that afternoon. She didn’t have any other bikinis. At school, if she and her friends wanted a swim, they’d go to their friend Judy’s house that was close by campus. Her pool was heated and nobody ever wore swim suits. It was the “Number One Rule of the Pool”.

Melanie now thought about just going swimming nude that evening. Why not? Her mum had seen her nude so often through her life, it didn’t really count, and Dale had seen her just that afternoon. Besides, as horny as she was, she’d try to find a way to get out of her bikini anyway. Maybe she could be bold enough to just strip it off in front of Mum and Dale! Then, the picture of Dale wanking and spraying his spunk all over her tits earlier flashed through Melanie’s mind. She was just about to touch herself at the thought when Emily peaked her head in Melanie’s door.

Emily had thrown on a very long t-shirt that fell to her mid thighs. She thought the show of her taking it off would be an extra treat for Dale.

“I can’t find my fucking bikini bottoms,” whined Melanie.

Emily unconsciously licked her lips as she saw Melanie standing there nude. “That’s alright, love, not to worry, I have two more to spare. The yellow t-back is very comfortable, but a bit small, it’ll cover your sexy little bush and not much else. And the blue one’s got enough material, it’ll cover your arse. Both tops should cover those pretty tits of yours. You want to try them?”

“You have t-backs?” smiled Melanie, wide eyed. “If those are your spare ones, what are you wearing?”

Emily turned and lifted the hem of her t-shirt enough to show some cheek and hip, making sure not to raise it enough to show any breast. “The yellow has a bit more material, but not a whole lot. C’mon and try it.”

“That’s so fucking sexy, Mum! Dale’s gonna cum in his shorts!” Melanie felt her pussy getting wetter and said in a lower voice, “I just might, too. But I thought this was to help me not be so horny.” She instantly knew better. She had hoped that she knew better as soon as it was mentioned.

Emily thought about it for a second or two. She really couldn’t keep Melanie from knowing. Besides, she could tell Melanie was suffering a bit from being so horny. “Here’s the thing,” she smiled as she pealed off her t-shirt, revealing her beautiful 38 DD breasts. “Dale told me about this afternoon. Now, don’t you worry, you are both so very far from being in trouble with me. To tell the truth, I wish I’d been able to see it.” Her nipples visibly hardened. “To see him shoot his spunk all over you…” her voice trailed off as she bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. “I would have loved to lick it all off you…” She unconsciously began kneading her large breasts, but quickly stopped, snapping back to reality. “Unless you object,” she managed after clearing her throat, “we’re all going to have sex together tonight.”

“Oh, Mum!” smiled Melanie. “Yes, please! Dale’s cock is so perfect, I just wanna…”

“You’re not supposed to know the plan,” Emily interrupted, “Dale and I were going to seduce you.”

“Change of plan,” whispered Melanie as she stepped toward Emily and kissed her tenderly, lovingly, on her mouth. As they embraced, their kiss grew stronger, their breasts mashed together, and their breathing became deeper and more laboured. Melanie cupped Emily’s breast and ran her thumb across her ever hardening nipple. Emily shivered as the sparks shot all through her with each touch to her nipple. Melanie broke the kiss, only to take the other of Emily’s breasts in her mouth.

Emily’s moan was loud. She held Melanie close to her chest as she enjoyed the different and wonderful feelings going on at each of her tits. “We’re supposed to be going to the pool. şerifali escort Dale’s gonna…”

Melanie broke her suction on Emily’s nipple, “If Dale is even a quarter as horny as I am, if we’re not there soon, he’ll come looking.” She stood back up and once again kissed Emily’s mouth. “Do you want him to find us here, or maybe on your bed?”

Emily’s eyes flashed as she grabbed Melanie’s hand. They crossed the hall and went into Emily and Dale’s bedroom. Emily tossed the t-shirt she’d briefly had on into the hall so Dale could find it on his way back to their room. She didn’t know why, but it sounded good. Then she gave Melanie a light shove to the bed. Melanie fell on her back on the bed and spread her legs. She knew what Emily wanted and she wanted it, too. So very badly she wanted it. They didn’t tell each other, but both hoped that Dale would walk in at any second to find them this way.

Emily knelt between her daughter’s open legs, smiling as she took in the beauty of the only pussy she’d ever made love to. She wasn’t going to wait for Dale. She wasn’t going to ruin the spontaneity of this. And now, even more than all of the times before, she so wanted to taste Melanie’s juices.

No matter how many times Emily kissed Melanie’s pussy, she’d always start with a few light kisses. And, no matter how many times Emily kissed Melanie’s pussy, this would always drive Melanie up the wall. And of all the women that Melanie had sex with, Emily was truly the best. As soon as Emily’s tongue touched Melanie’s very swollen, very hard clit, Melanie was in heaven. Her moans of pleasure rivalled those of Emily’s when Dale would happily fuck Emily senseless.

Meanwhile, down at the pool, Dale had looked at his watch for the third time in 5 minutes. His erection had long gone. “Where the fuck sake are they?” he muttered to himself, almost angry at having had to wait so long. “It’s been almost an hour.” He decided not to wait any longer. Melanie probably wasn’t wanting to “go for a swim”. As he closed the door behind him while entering the house, he chuckled to himself “Probably for the best. Y’know, the best laid plans and the best planned lays…”

Suddenly, he heard a very familiar noise emanating from upstairs. They’d started without him! “That’s ok,” he thought. “I can certainly work with this.”

All sorts of sexy pictures of what Emily and Melanie could be doing with each other ran through Dale’s mind as he took the stairs, two at a time. Nothing had prepared him for the actuality of what he saw when he arrived at his bedroom door.

There was Emily, wearing a barely there red bikini bottom, kneeling between Melanie’s wide spread legs, her face buried in Melanie’s muff. Melanie was on her back, one hand kneading a breast while the other was at the back of her mother’s head, fingers entangled in her lovely auburn hair. The sounds Dale had heard were actually from Melanie, not Emily as he first thought. Like Mother, like Daughter.

He watched as Melanie’s legs wrapped around Emily’s back as she pulled Emily even closer, if that was at all possible, into her. “Yes, Mummy, yes! Fuck, yes! I’m gonna cum! Mummy…” With that, Melanie’s body was convulsing and Emily was holding on for dear life, doing her very best to not break her mouth’s grip on Melanie’s spasming fanny.

Dale stood undetected next to the bed, wide eyed and smiling, his erection more than fully recovered. Melanie’s hand brushed Dale’s thigh as she thrashed on the bed in splendourous orgasm, causing her to open her eyes and see him smiling down on her.

“If you want the best fucking blow job of yer life, get them fucking shorts off and stick that cock in my mouth!” Melanie wasn’t playing around. She’d had his taste in her mouth since that afternoon when she’d sucked the last few drops of his cum off his wilting dick. Now she wanted it all.

Dale instantly complied, dropping his shorts and freeing his raging 9 inches of man meat. He knelt on the bed next to Melanie and she quickly devoured him, taking all but an inch or so into her warm, wet, hungry, horny, young mouth. Dale groaned in pleasure as he watched his step-daughter sliding her mouth up and down his straining cock.

Emily released Melanie’s spasming cunt and realized that her daughter had cum so hard that she was wet to her collar bone. She stood and dropped her soaking wet bikini bottoms and crawled on the bed next to Dale. With Emily’s kiss, Dale tasted Melanie’s juices. His head already swimming in sexual delight, he trembled all the way down to his rigid cock, still in Melanie’s mouth.

“She tastes so good, doesn’t she?” whispered Emily into Dale’s ear. “So sweet, so young.” All Dale could do was swallow hard and nod his agreement.

“Cum in her mouth, love,” Emily continued her whispering between hard, passionate kisses. “Cum in her mouth. She wants you to. I want you to. I know you’re close – so close! Go on, love, cum in her mouth…”

Emily şişli escort returned to kissing Dale and letting him taste Melanie’s love juices on her face and neck. She was right, he was so very close. It only took another couple of moments of Melanie’s expert ministrations to make Dale shoot his hot cum deep in her throat.

After a couple of hard shots of Dale’s cum, Melanie pulled Dale’s love fountain from her mouth, it still spewing it’s reward all over Melanie’s cheeks and chin. “Yes, yes! I love it!” she croaked as two more spurts of hot, sticky cum landed in her hair before taking it once again into her mouth.

Dale fell back on the bed, lost in a post-orgasmic endorphin rush, breathing hard and trying desperately not to giggle. His cock, though still warm and safe in Melanie’s mouth, was slowly losing it’s hardness.

Emily, still kneeling on the bed, reached down and scooped a finger load of cum from Melanie’s cheek and quickly deposited it in her mouth. She smiled and went in for seconds.

Melanie released Dale’s falling cock. “That was stellar! You taste so fucking good!” She licked her lips.

“You’re not so bad yourself, miss,” smiled Emily. “And the both of you together is marvellous.”

“Mummy, we’ve both cum, but you haven’t yet. I don’t want you to be left out.”

“Well, actually, I did cum a little when you did.”

“But I want you to have a big cum like Dale and me. Can I suck you off? Please?” She crawled up next to Emily and kissed her on the mouth.

Dale’s deflated dick was once again on the rise. “Mel, baby, why don’t you rest a sec and let me give your mum a good cum?”

Emily smiled. “I’ll tell you both what,” she said as she positioned herself leaning back on the headboard, propped up by a couple of pillows. “Why don’t you two get on either side of me and suck my tits? I’ve never had both of my tits sucked at the same time and I really would like that now.”

Without hesitation, Dale and Melanie climbed up next to Emily, each taking a hard nipple in their mouths. “Oh, god, yes!” Emily moaned. “I’ll give you both until next week to stop.”

As if of the same mind, Dale and Melanie both roamed Emily’s body with their hand while licking and sucking her sensitive nipples. They both found Emily’s soaking wet pussy at the same time. Taking turns, they alternated their fingers between her swollen clit and her pulsing canal, until Melanie stayed at Emily’s sensitive bud and Dale had three fingers rhythmically stroking her inside.

The sensations were far too intense for Emily to hold back for long. Her body started to convulse and her pussy tightened around Dale’s fingers. That was Dale’s signal to speed up his stroking. Melanie followed by quickened the diddling of Emily’s clit. Both Melanie and Dale continued their suction on Emily’s engorged nipples. Gasping for breath, Emily loudly moaned her pleasure. At the height of her build up, just before her peak, Emily cried “Fuck me, Dale! Fuck me with yer giant cock! Stick it in me! Oh, yeah, fuck me!”

Dale’s erection had returned full force well before he started working his fingers into Emily. He quickly removed his hand from her snatch and manoeuvred himself to enter her. Melanie, however, didn’t move. Neither Emily nor Dale tried to get her out of the way.

The large purple head of Dale’s cock disappeared into Emily’s opening as he pushed himself all the way into her in one single thrust. Emily groaned her pleasure and her back arched as Dale’s cock touched her cervix. Melanie still had her mouth hoovered onto Emily’s nipple and her fingers flailed over Emily’s clit. Dale’s thrusts were strong and consistent, filling her completely, then pulling almost all the way out, only to fill her again. It only took a few of Dale’s strokes for Emily’s orgasm to hit high gear.

Then it was Dale’s turn. Emily’s orgasm caused her canal to tightly clench Dale’s cock, milking it with every stroke and with every contraction. He thrust into her even faster and harder. Melanie finally had to relinquish her spot as Dale put his hands under Emily’s knees and pushed himself so hard that her legs were now over his shoulders. Melanie watched in full lust as Dale’s back arched and he loudly growled his orgasm while continuing to pound Emily’s tight cunt with his spurting lance, his arms tightly embracing Emily’s legs.

Then for just a moment, Dale and Emily froze. The strain of his testes emptying was written in the tension of each of Dale’s muscles. His back arched, his head thrown back, mouth clenched. Emily, too, had her back arched and head thrown back, but her mouth was wide open in a frozen “O”. So much more intense and connected than any sexual experience Melanie had ever had or had ever witnessed.

In just a blink, Dale and Emily had collapsed on the bed, giggling, kissing, panting. Dale’s erection slipped from Emily’s open, convulsing canal. Both of them wet from their knees to their bellies.

Dale turned on his back, still focused on Emily, his erection still proudly standing tall. Without a word, Melanie crawled up and impaled herself with Dale’s cock.

“Fuck!” shouted Dale, mostly to Emily. “I forgot she was here!”

“You’re massive!” exclaimed Melanie as she rode Dale’s cock. “Mummy! He’s massive! No wonder you love him to fuck you so much!”

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