Megan’s New Life

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This is my first submission of what I hope is many. I really welcome feedback to help understand how to make my writing better. This short first attempt begins with a glimpse of Megan in the middle of what I envision could be many chapters. I hope you enjoy.


Megan squatted over the toilet with her legs spread wide and heard the loud “plop” from the first big glob of cum that ran out of her pussy. “Shit, wasting it”, she thought to herself, and quickly stuffed two fingers into her well fucked hole to catch the next batch that was starting to leak out. She looked down between her legs to her hot shaved little box and marveled at how red and puffy it was. She loved her cunt shaved smooth and worked hard to stay well groomed. It made her big clit stick out and she loved how prominent it looked with no pubic hair to block the view. The boys liked it that way too. And so did the girls, she was just coming to learn.

She scooped the sticky white juice up from between her lips and brought her fingers to her mouth. She tilted her head back and let the first drops of cum fall from her finger tips onto her tongue. Almost teasing herself, she wanted the moment to last. She savored the flavor of the first few globs and then ran her tongue hungrily across her fingers. God she loved cum. It had become her favorite thing in the whole wide world. She shoved her fingers back into her cunt, deeper this time. There had to be more. For as many cocks as there had been, she had to have more come in her than that. Certainly many of the boys had shot their loads right antalya escort into her mouth…which she fucking loved! But, there were so many cocks that a bunch had blown inside her while her mouth was busy servicing someone else.

She bared down and pushed with her twat muscles and was rewarded with another dollop from up deep inside of herself. Hungrily, she pushed the latest load into her mouth. Swishing it around to get all the flavor. The cum tasted different mixed with pussy juice. She liked that taste. She liked it a lot. So many different wonderful flavors, and all of them different. Cum tasted different when it came out of her own pussy than when she licked it out of another girls cunt, even when it was from the same guy. And even her own pussy tasted different sometimes. Like when she was sucking a cock that had just been inside of her. The taste of her own pussy and cum seemed to mix different when she was sucking it right from the cock as opposed to scooping it from her cunt with her fingers

The cum flavor filled her mouth and she could feel her pussy start to get wetter from the sensation. She reached down and diddled her clit a while and tried to squeeze her cunt muscles a few more times to get more but it was all out now. She slipped some of her fresh pussy juice up and rolled her hot clit with the lubrication. Fuck, how could should be so horny still. She had been sucking and fucking for hours but she still wanted more. Well hopefully there were still some hard cocks around somewhere.

She slid forward on the toilet seat now lara escort and reached around to her asshole. She had been holding herself clenched and closed as best she could since she had left the bedroom. For as much fucking as the boys had given her ass it was not real easy to keep her butt hole closed. While a bunch of the cum had run out of her ass and down her legs (a complete waste in her mind) there were probably still some good loads up inside of her.

Megan opened her rectum above her hand and was rewarded with a nice handful of slimy wet goo. She tried to force her ass closed again and brought the treat up to her lips cupped in the palm of her hand. Like a kitten with a saucer of milk she lapped at the cum in her palm. First one short lick and then a longer one that coated her tongue. A small shudder shook through her body. Eating cum from an asshole always had that effect on her. She shook the first time she tried eating cum out of her friend Alison’s ass and it had continued every time since. She wasn’t sure why really. The cum tasted different from her ass, a little rawer maybe. But Megan always douched and rinsed herself well before “taking on all cummers” so to speak, so its not like she was picking up and shit with it. Maybe it was just the thought of it. Eating cum from your own ass. It just sounded dirtier. And with that thought she shuddered again.

Reaching back behind herself she inserted a couple of fingers slowly into herself. Megan worked her well fucked anus for a few minutes and tried to squeeze manavgat escort out her bowels from the inside. She managed to get out one last little bit. She pushed the slimy fingers into her mouth and sucked. Like they were a mini cock she sucked. Getting all of the flavor that was left, she worked her tongue over the digits. The last of the sweet flavors were fading out now, the taste of pussy, and of ass, and of cum. Oh the delicious cum. All gone now, but it had been so good.

Megan leaned back on the toilet and rested now for a minute. She had been soaked in sweat and it had dried to a create a light coating on her body. She ran her hands over herself. Her tight thighs, hard abs, and up to her tits. She was still getting used to her new tits, but she loved them. She cup and caressed them. They were a bit too big for her small frame. Certainly a girl as petite as Megan shouldn’t have tits like this, and certainly not a girl just 2 months past her nineteenth birthday. Unless of course you got them for the reason Megan did. They weren’t crazy big, just big enough to stand out and make a statement. To make men stare. The implants had somehow made her nipples more sensitive and made them bigger and longer when erect. She didn’t know if that happened to all of the girls but it certainly had with her. And the Doctor who had done them, wow, he was something special. Megan pulled on her nipples and closed her eyes and thought back to her new Doctor friend. But that was another story.

Megan stood up and looked in the mirror. She looked incredible. Makeup gone, hair out of place, covered in sweat and dried cum, nipples hard, and shaved pussy raw and wet. How many cocks had there been? Certainly there was still some hard cock out there somewhere. Megan turned to the bathroom door to go and find out. She fucking loved her new life.

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