Megan and Molly

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This story features two minor characters from an earlier one, Legal Affair, and is set some years later. It won’t matter if you’ve not read that story, all the background you need is here. There is a long lead-in before there is any sexual activity, so if that is what you are after, look elsewhere.

It is based in Glasgow, Scotland. All characters are fictitious and any resemblance to living persons is accidental although the places exist. All sexual matters are consensual.

Going home

I managed to get back to my seat without losing any of the coffee. The train was nipping along at a fair clip and there was some movement that made walking tricky when carrying coffee and a small bag of goodies. I flopped down and watched as the countryside sped past whilst enjoying my treats and the passable coffee.

I was tired and thankful to be heading home. I’d been in London for a month running an advertising campaign, all aspects of it, and it was the first one that I’d led from start to finish. The clients had been happy this morning when they saw the final results, so I packed my bags and headed for the station. I’d been staying in a residential apartment, which was better than a hotel, but it had been non-stop and I’d had little chance to enjoy being in London.

I was pleased with myself and eager to see my mum and dad again. I still lived at home, unusual for a twenty-four-year-old but I had no desire to rush out and live on my own just so that I would have freedom. I had plenty of freedom and it would only be a problem if I wanted to entertain someone and that had not been an issue for a while.

My Aunt Helen had invited me for dinner with her wife, Rachel, on Sunday evening and I was looking forward to that as well. Helen wasn’t actually my aunt; she’d been best friends with my mum ever since they sat together on their first day at high school all those years ago. She’d been there for me throughout my life and closer than most relatives are. She’d paid a fair chunk of the fees to send me to a private high school and helped me through University. I’ve never been in any doubt that she cared for me a great deal.

Helen had been in the police for years and leads a major crime enquiry team. She’d met her wife Rachel through work. Rachel was a senior Procurator Fiscal Depute who ran the prosecution team that carried out jury trials Glasgow’s Sheriff Court.

I tugged open the ring pull on the can of pre-mixed gin and tonic and poured the contents into a plastic tumbler with some ice. It wasn’t too bad considering but I’d earned it. The train kept up its pace as it sped through the Lake District and I briefly caught sight of a road sign indicating the direction to Penrith. I closed my eyes and thought back to the time that I’d been to CentreParcs not far from Penrith. I’d been ten years of age and it was the first time that I’d been away on holiday with Helen and without my parents. It had been Helen, myself, Rachel and her niece Molly. Molly and I had been friends for a few years by then, not close but we saw each other a few times a year. We’d got closer when we both acted as bridesmaids for Helen and Rachel and during that holiday, the year after the wedding, we became best friends. I’d gone to the same private school as her and she’d looked out for me.

Helen and Rachel had taken Molly and me to Florida the following year. It was quite an experience for the two of us and although we enjoyed all of the theme parks – we’d laughed and screamed on the big rollercoaster’s, the week spent at the beach had been quieter, at least we weren’t screaming as much, and it was even more enjoyable. The two of us had enjoyed fooling about in the sea and long walks on the beach which had allowed us to share our secrets and thoughts. We’d had plenty of laughs with Helen and Rachel and had also laughed at them, they were so much in love, constantly touching or kissing.

Sadly, as Molly was two years older than me, she went away to University in Manchester to study pharmacy when she was eighteen and since then we’ve only managed to see each other a few times a year. We’d been on holiday to Malaga together once and had a great time but things had never worked out for us to repeat it. We spoke on the phone a couple of times a month and emailed each other regularly.

It made me sad to think about her. Almost two years ago we’d met for dinner when she was visiting her parents for a few days. It had been a nice evening and I’d been very happy when I went to bed that night until it suddenly hit me; I was in love with her! I thought about it a lot for weeks, it was stupid; it had to be a fad, a fantasy, something unreal. But the feelings persisted and sadly I knew that it would never be anything more than complete insanity on my part. She’d never shown any interest in me. I could never bring myself to tell her or admit it to anyone; it was a secret that I couldn’t share with her.

The change in speed woke me up. I’d dozed off. I recognised the buildings of Glasgow canlı bahis as we crossed the River Clyde below us and drew into Central Station. I collected my rubbish, gathered my handbag and suitcase before stepping onto the platform. I’d told my mum that I was on my way and assumed that she would meet me. After clearing the ticket barrier I heard someone call my name and was surprised to see Helen and Rachel waving to me.

“Hi Megan, welcome home, was it a good journey?”

“It was okay, but why are you here?”

“Your Mum and Dad are at the Royal Concert Hall tonight, to see the BBC Symphony Orchestra and asked us to collect you.”

“I’d forgotten about that. It’s kind of you and so nice to see you both.”

“Are you hungry? You could eat with us and Janice could pick you up later, or we’ll drop you off.”

“I’m shattered and I’d like to go straight home, have a bath and an early night. Would that be okay?”

“Of course.” We chatted about my trip to London and their recent trip to Barcelona, their third time.

Molly’s break

I’d managed to get out of Manchester before the evening traffic went crazy and it was always worse on a Friday. It was a relief to get onto the motorway where it was a straight run right into the heart of Glasgow and I should be at my Mum’s by about 6.30.

Work had been a struggle this week. I’m not sure why, my boss had been a lunatic but he always was so that wasn’t new, it had just seemed worse in the last few days. My social life had been stagnant for months and the few friends that I had seemed somehow boring. Manchester was a great place to live and I’d loved it from the minute I’d arrived at University eight years ago. There was an incredible social life, all the big names played gigs there and there was no shortage of top-quality sport, but it had lost its appeal. I missed my family, I missed Glasgow and my friendship with Megan was at an arm’s length.

Megan and I had met through our aunts when we were little kids. When they married, Rachel asked me to be her bridesmaid and Helen had asked Megan. We became much closer during the preparations and the following year Rachel, Helen, Megan and I went on holiday together. From then on we were about as close as you can get and both ended up attending the same high school. I left for University when I was eighteen and she still had another two years of school. Although we’re still in touch it’s not the same. I miss her but tomorrow we’re spending the day together.

I passed the junction for the A66 which leads into the Lake District to the west and to the east it crosses the country, over the moors, to the east side of England. It was a few miles eastwards along that road where we’d spent that holiday together. It still made me smile to think of the fun we’d had. We’d also been to Florida with our Aunts about a year later. I’d loved the theme parks, the laughs and the screaming but it was the time the two of us spent together talking that I’d cherished the most.

There was something about being with Megan that I liked, we connected and she was the person that I missed the most. I needed a confidant, but not one at the end of a phone or email. Still, there was nothing I could do to change that. I had a decent job; Megan loved the advertising industry and had experienced some early success. She was far more creative than me, I was a geek. As I thought about her I wondered if she’d put on some weight. She was a bean-pole, tall and skinny, hardly any bust but her legs went on for miles. She had the figure of a model and could easily have been on the other side of the camera posing instead of directing. She was beautiful and had the most wonderful face. It puzzled me that she didn’t have people queuing up after her.


Molly was at home, well she was visiting her parents and we’d arranged to spend Saturday together. My mum dropped me off at University Avenue and I walked to the coffee shop where I was meeting Molly. She was late and I’d almost finished my first latte when she appeared. Medium height, but that was the only average thing about her, long blonde hair, stunning curvy figure, perfect eyes and lips. She was wearing a beautifully cut pair of linen slacks with a sweater that hugged her bust and which I was sure would act like a guy magnet.

“Hi, Skinny.”

“Thanks for the compliment.” I was skinny, no bum, long skinny legs; I couldn’t fill a B cup bra without help. But I looked good, I’d paid stupid money for these jeans and getting them on as a challenge they were so tight but they made the most of what I had. I also wore a tight white T-shirt under my beloved tan leather jacket that Helen and Rachel had given me for my birthday two years ago and what they’d paid for it could have financed a small war. “Hi yourself, you look good.”

“Thanks, so do you. I have no idea how you look so bloody good.”

We had a couple of coffees before heading into the city centre to hit the shops in Buchanan Street. We bahis siteleri stopped for lunch in Princes Square and chatted so much that we didn’t spend as much time in the shops as we’d both expected but we did spend a small fortune. Molly bought me a pair of amber earrings that looked great with the colour of my jacket. She’d admired a pair of black suede ankle boots with a three-inch heel and I insisted that she wear them. They brought her up to my height and I got a kiss on the cheek when I paid for them.

We stopped for an early dinner at The Anchor Line. It wasn’t fancy but the food was good and it gave us the chance to keep chatting. It was great to talk to Molly and I still looked up to her as I’d done when we were at school.

It was late when we shared a taxi. I got a kiss on the cheek when we stopped outside her mothers. I lay in bed thinking about our day and what fun we’d had. It had been the best day that I’d had in a while. If only things could be different.

The job – Molly

I’d done a lot of thinking on the way back south. It had been a nice weekend, seeing my parents, Rachel, Helen and Megan had been good, lots of fun. It made me realise that I was missing my home town but I was puzzled over what I could do about it. I missed Megan more than I’d realised, she was fun to be with, we had so much in common. As slim as she was there was just something about her figure that I found attractive and she had a gorgeous face with those huge glorious eyes.

As I lay in bed that night I was thinking about her, could it be that I fancied her? No, no way, she was my friend and it made no sense.

I was having lunch in the hospital cafe in the middle of the week and leafing through a medical magazine when I spotted an advert for a job in Glasgow. It was a senior post at the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital that had opened a couple of years ago after I’d left Glasgow. It was on the site of the old Southern General Hospital and I’d seen the huge new building, of course, you couldn’t miss it especially the ugly helicopter landing pad on the roof. I dashed back to the office to find a computer and check the details. The more I read the more I thought that it could be an answer to my issues. Back in Glasgow, back with family, away from my crazy boss and a more senior post.

I spent two evenings preparing and submitting an application and smiled with satisfaction when I pressed the button to submit it.

Two weeks later I was heading north again. The interview was on Monday so it made sense to spend the weekend in Glasgow. Megan had agreed to have dinner with me on Saturday and I was excited to see her again.

It had been a busy day, spending time with my folks and visiting relatives, so I was relieved when I managed to get half an hour soaking in Mum’s bath, something that I didn’t have back in Manchester. I’d brought a new dress recently, sea green, heart-shaped neckline and a flared skirt that stopped well above my knees. I slipped into some new underwear, a pair of glossy tights and new heels that I’d chosen to go with the dress. I looked good when I checked myself in the hall mirror as I slipped on my jacket. Mum saw me and asked, “You look stunning are you sure you’re just meeting Megan?”

“Yes, Mum. Megan and I are having dinner and then probably going dancing.”

Megan stood up as I reached our table at Number 16. I stopped open-mouthed as I took in the sight of her in a simple but nicely cut black dress with chiffon sleeves. The skirt was short and the heels must have been five inches, her hair was pulled back in a loose bun. I saw several heads turn to look at her and my pulse quickened, maybe a touch skinny but stunning.

“Molly you look great that colour suits you. I look dowdy by comparison.” As I was easing into the seat the man at the next table looked over at us and spoke.

“Young ladies, neither of you looks dowdy. You’re both stunning and it does this old heart good to be allowed to set my eyes on you both. Beautiful!

His wife laughed. “Excuse my husband, he may be getting on a bit but he can recognise a beautiful woman when he sees one and there are two of you.”

“Thank you,” Megan replied and blushed.

Dinner – Megan

Dinner took us a couple of hours as we caught up on news and gossip. The night was too young to go home so I asked, “Do you fancy going dancing there’s a new club opened just up the road?”

We got our coats and walked for about fifteen minutes arm in arm still talking nonstop. After a drink at the bar, we went to the dance floor.

We danced a few fairly fast numbers; we were close and smiled at each other. I loved this, spending time with Molly was something that I loved and wished that I could do more of it although truthfully I wanted to be in her arms. Then the DJ announced some oldies but goldies and the first was ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations and I smirked inwardly wishing that she was ‘my girl.’ We got close together and she put her bahis şirketleri arms out. I wasn’t sure what she wanted but I moved close to her and felt the warmth emanating from her, I snuggled, what bliss, we looked at each other and at that moment something went ‘ping.’ We kissed, lips met lips, our eyes grew wide. I sighed inwardly, something that I’d wanted for a very long time was happening and feelings that were new and strange to me coursed through my body.

Feelings — Molly

I pulled back with a jerk. Suddenly I was scared, frightened, shocked and horrified. I panicked and grabbed my bag. I ran. I needed to get away fast so I ran down the road and around the corner into Ashton Lane. It was busy at this time of night so there was plenty of cover and I was soon out of sight.

I saw Megan looking for me; she was crying and looked distraught. What had I done? I got a taxi back to Mum’s and for the next two hours, my phone kept ringing and pinging with messages. I ignored them all, sneaked into bed and lay with my head under the pillow crying. I’d just screwed up the closest friendship that I’d ever have.

I baled out of the house early on Sunday and drove aimlessly for a while until I found myself in Drymen where I stopped to buy coffee and some snacks before continuing up the lochside to Millarochy Bay. I sat there staring at Loch Lomond for a couple of hours barely aware of the other people nearby. I couldn’t concentrate on anything and had no clue as to what I could do to fix the mess that I’d made.

I was miserable waiting to be called into the interview but gave myself a metaphorical shake just as they called my name. I was good, they liked me I recognised that and I doubt if it could have gone any better. I made it back to my car and slumped over the steering wheel. I cried for ages and a parking warden even came over to ask if I was okay.

I drove to my Mum’s, left her a note and headed back south. I cried most of the way. It was ironic, I’d wanted to return to Glasgow and had my best ever interview but did I want the job now?

I couldn’t bear to listen to the messages or read the texts and I sent all the emails to the trash, except one. It was short and I couldn’t help but see the brief message. ‘Please, please call me and let me know that you’re okay.’ Well, I was far from okay so there was no point in calling. It too went into the trash.

Feelings – Megan

I stood there like an idiot with my mouth open. One minute the world was perfect, and then she turned, grabbed her bag and fled in tears. I must have been paralysed for a minute or two but shook myself, grabbed my jacket and raced outside, but she was nowhere to be seen, gone!

I stood there outside the club and tried calling her but it went to answerphone. I was shocked and didn’t leave a message. Then I called again and this time left a message telling her that I was desperate to know what had gone wrong. I hailed a cab and sat there like a zombie all the way home.

Mum asked what was wrong and I told her something inane before heading to my room. I sent a text message and called Molly again, nothing. I knew that I’d fucked up badly by kissing her but she was there and I’d let my emotions carry me to a place that I never expected to be.

I cried for hours that night and when I did manage to fall asleep I had the most terrible dreams.

When I brushed my teeth the following morning I had black bags and red eyes. There were no text messages and still she didn’t answer my calls. I sent her a long email apologising, it went unanswered and I have no idea if she’d read it.

On Monday morning I dressed for work and sent Molly a message wishing her luck at her interview.

My work colleagues wanted to know why I looked so unhappy and why I was off my game. Mum wanted to know why we’d argued but I couldn’t tell her the truth. It was the most miserable week of my life, my best friend, the person who I loved had gone, disappeared and it was my own fault. I didn’t even know if she was okay.


It was driving me crazy, I had to do something but I couldn’t confide in my Mum or Dad and there was only one other person that I trusted, well maybe two. I called Helen to ask if I could go over and she agreed as I knew that she would.

Helen met me at the door, I kissed her cheek. “Hi, but there’s a problem, I can see it.”

I went into the living room, sat on the sofa and knew that tears were coming. Rachel put her arm around me, “Come on, you’re here and you’re safe, we both love you. Helen’s been there for you all of your life, you know that she loves you.”

“I know that she’s been so kind to me and the two of you have been wonderful.”

“So what’s this all about?”

I told them about the day we’d spent together, our conversations, the meal and the dancing. I skipped the kiss and explained that she’d run out on me and wouldn’t answer her phone or reply to messages. “I’m worried about her and sad.”

Helen took my hand. “I have no idea why she behaved like that but something must be wrong, she’s your friend.” Helen paused before asking another question. “So what else is it? What’s upset you so much?”

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