Meeting You

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Dear Reader: I’ve taken the liberty of writing this story in an unusual manner by writing each line as a statement and not following the usual structured paragraph style. I hope you’ll see the story for what it is and hope that its style doesn’t offend you. If you like it, thank you very much. If it bothers you, please accept my humblest apology and feel free to pursue another story. In any case — I appreciate any vote from the lowest to the highest — it will help me mature as a writer.

We’ve talked on the Web and on the phone and late into the night. We’ve made long-distance love from thousands of miles away. We’ve yearned and watched through video. And now . . .

I had two weeks off from work plus a weekend and the season was early Fall. I wanted it special. I wanted it different. I wanted it fun. I knew it would be beautiful. I used the Web and found an RV park, rented a large RV for the week with an option for two weeks, and flew out that Friday night. I bought a white satin bed set, sheets and pillow coverings, and three king-sized pillows when I arrived. I picked up the RV, stocked the refrigerator with specials for a week, topped off the gas and water tanks, and again cleaned the interior. I drove to the RV park, made the hook ups, and started dreaming — again. I put away my stuff in the closet and dresser, shined my shoes, took a shower and donned fresh clothes.

You couldn’t get the full time off, but we had most of three weekends, and you did manage scheduling two weeks of half day work while I was there. You too packed, arranged for the mail and newspaper, made some ‘special’ purchases, showered and dressed in a sleeveless sundress. You packed your car with most of what you’d need; other things could be purchased as they came up. I’d taken a cab, and didn’t want your neighbors suspicious so I was let out two streets away. You met me at the door in all your beauty, we kissed, and that evening you drove us to the park.

I helped you unload the car, and already knew how difficult it would be for me to help you repack it later. We put your things away and I marveled at the delicacy of your garments. I could smell the tantalizing scent you wore, and see your soft curves in every movement. I caught a glimpse of the softness of your neck, and the soft bulge below your arms when you raised them. I watched the curve of your hips and the soft movement of your cheeks as you walked. I studied the way the dress hugged your breasts, your hips, your body. I saw your long legs and ankles as you stepped up to reach a higher closet.

Finally, you locked the car and we reopened the RV’s door, maybe, for the last time until Monday morning. You asked what we should do now, but I was already there and I took you in my arms. This time we really kissed, while my body ached. and I wrapped you in my arms. I said hello to you my cyber gal, and this cyber guy was overwhelmed in your presence. My hands moved to cup your shapely bottom and pull you closer to me. Your arms went around my neck and your breasts pushed firmly against my chest. You strained your hips against my own and it was all worth it to end our endless wait.

My hands were frantic to touch you, to hold you, to find your hidden treasures. Your hands responded too, as our lips and tongues centered our needs and urged us on. I wanted to slowly undress you, but you wanted to trade item for item, yours for mine. A shoe each, a sock for me and a slip for you, pants for dress, shirts for bra, brief for panty. I stared and marveled because your body was more than I’d dreamed, expected, and hoped for. Without more touching, I devoured your body with my eyes and memorized each feature. I was embarrassed about my own body, but you soon put me at ease and we approached again.

Your body was electric to me and shocked me into action. We’d forgotten to prepare the bed and we hurriedly put the table away and lowered the bed and mattress. I grabbed the bed set from a drawer and the pillows from the floor at the back and we prepared the bed. Working together, naked, was a new and erotic experience for me that I’d never dreamed before. We met in the middle of the bed and a serious, full sensuous exploration began. I roamed your body with insatiable hands and unfillable appetite while desperately trying to calm the raging in my loins. I wanted to satisfy you in every way, before I let myself lose control while uncertain that I could wait. I loved your neck and the small spot on your back that made you quiver when I kissed or ran my tongue over it. I worked my tongue around and down to your breasts and felt you shiver as I touched a nipple and my hand surrounded it. My other hand began a slow massage of your other breast as I sampled your sweetness and felt you reach down for me the first time. I felt you explore me and squeeze me and knew you could feel the surge of excitement that traveled into it. I nibbled and sucked and gave a small delicate bite before moving to your other breast and then cebeci escort I felt you raise your back and strain to feed it to me.

I felt you cup and then stroke me as I moved away from and further down your body. As your hands left me, I heard a moan with a hint of despair that was replaced with a soft sigh as my face moved further. Your tummy was great fun for me as I teased and tickled it and then felt your hands go to my head forcing me to continue my journey. Finally my year long journey was approaching a milestone as I felt the rise at the entrance to your womanhood. Your legs and thighs spread wide as I laid you down and crawled over one leg to center myself for your extended pleasure.

I was on all fours, seated on my own legs with an erection that burned with passion and drove hard into the mattress as I started to feast. Suddenly, as I touched you with my tongue, your feet slid back and your knees came up and again your back flexed up and toward my mouth. I tasted that first exquisite wetness and the sweetness that it provided as I moved my tongue urgently along you. Your knees seemed to lay flat on the sheet at each side as you widened your hips even further and I felt the taughtness increase in your cheeks. My arms came up, over, and around you to grasp those cheeks, restraining them while pulling you forcibly to me.

I took your lips to mine and locked them in a kiss as I sucked lightly and then forced my tongue deeper. I explored and stroked and eventually released the kiss to allow my tongue to travel more freely. I found the back and traveled between it and the front of those soft, delicate, sweet lips with my tongue. I paused when I raised the cover on your clit and teased it with my tongue as your legs wrapped themselves around my neck. I felt the start of a mild climax and then placed the flat of my tongue against your clit and circled it and applied a light suction to it with my lips. Your hips tried to raise and drop and quickly rise again as they spasmed and I restrained them. Your first climax was exquisite and I could taste the sudden release of a small torrent into my mouth.

I continued and stroked and then raised my fingers to seek your depths and explore them fully. My exploration was rewarded when I happened across that special spot that offered a second form of climax. My tongue remained busy as I began to stroke, push, and fondle that special spot and I could feel a new excitement in your body. I heard you cry out softly and felt one hand grab and pull the bottom sheet and when I looked up I could see your teeth against the knuckles of your other hand. I hadn’t stopped when I looked up, and drove my tongue and lips more firmly as I increased your pleasure and then slowly inserted one finger after another. My fingers spread and rotated and rubbed that special spot as they stroked in and out synchronized with movements of my tongue.

My hardness was extreme and its two companions ached with unfilled passion and desire. Suddenly I was rewarded as I felt your entire body convulse and a louder scream tear from your lips. Your body flexed and relaxed and flexed again while straining to move and your womanhood seemed alive with contractions. I was instantly rewarded and nearly drowned in the flood you released as I hurried to keep up with it. I didn’t stop as your body convulsed and your breathing increased and the pressure from your hands wanted to tear the sheet. Eventually you began to relax and I heard your soft voice saying please and please again and then felt your hands in my hair pulling me up. Reluctantly, and only temporarily I released my restraint of your hips and allowed you to pull me up.

The intensity of your ravenous kiss took me by surprise as you pressed yourself to me and reached for my sustained erection. Your taste was sweet and you licked my lips and tasted of that sweetness. You squeezed so hard and with such ferocity that I almost asked you not to, but your hand relaxed and then began a slow steady stroke while we kissed. I felt you pause at the head and begin to trace it around and around before circling it with your finger and thumb. I felt your fingers rub across the head several times and then slowly reach under and lightly tickle that special spot of my own. Your other hand joined the first and began a slowly increasing and rhythmic stroke while I strained, too.

Urgently you broke our kiss and pushed us apart and dove onto my erection while your hands both gathered at its base. I felt the softness and dampness of your kiss and your tongue before you took my head between your lips. You used your tongue and stroked my head and then my special spot while sucking gently. You moved your lips around it as if you were tasting a new sweet flavored ice cream and loving the way it filled your mouth. Your hands began to stroke and then your head began to bob as my erection firmed even more and threatened to explode. You took me in, deeper than I thought possible cebeci escort bayan and increased the tempo of your movements. For an instant I was lost in the moment, but then I felt something begin in the muscles used with an erection and felt the delirious traveling of that sensation. I felt my hips convulse, my cheeks tighten savagely, and my back drive me forward seeking more depth as I exploded releasing my own juices in primal bursts and screams from deep within me. The suddenness of my orgasm and the intensity at its peak was new to me and more than just exciting. After my erection diminished and your insistence at cleaning me, I pulled you up and we kissed. Our mingled juices were only sweet indications of what was yet to come.

We kissed again and you nestled snugly in the crook of my arm and we drifted off to sleep. I awoke to a gentle pressure and stroking that had already aroused a part of me while still asleep. Your body was warm against me and the scent of your hair was intoxicating while your kiss explored my neck. I kissed your hair and your face turned up and smiled like the dawn of the special evening it already was. You strained and we kissed and I forced one arm under and the other arm over to enclose you in an embrace. I held you and exhaled softly as I rejoiced that finally we were together and hoped that you felt as I did.

The continued stroking brought me from reverie and I started to plan how to best expand your pleasure in our meeting. I have no fetishes that I’m aware of, but I had heard of one and while at the grocery had prepared for something that sounded spicy and interesting. I excused myself, relieved myself and cleaned myself before going to the kitchen and the door to the refrigerator. I had purchased large gum drops, a box of malted milk balls, a fresh cantaloupe, and small chocolate covered Donettes. I had continued with frozen strawberries, frozen melon balls, a container of bee’s honeycomb, and an assortment of ice cream bonbons. I had prepared for more than a week of food fetish but was concerned about your involvement. I selected the variously flavored bonbons and placed them in a dish to warm slightly as I returned to our bed. You commented on my derriere as I walked and my body as I worked, and marveled that I was still as hard as you’d made me. You’d asked what I was doing and if you could help, but I was doing fine and wondering if you’d enjoy it. As I moved to set the dish on the bed behind you, you picked out one, bit it into two pieces, and placed them in your mouth then wrapped your arms around me. You kissed me, passed a piece to me through your lips and it was the sweetest strawberry ice cream that I’d ever tasted. I thrilled as I ran the tips of my fingers along your sides from shoulder to knee and then returned on the inside of your thighs. You were lying on your back and I lowered the coolness of my lips to your breast and gently took the nipple in. My tongue was warmed by you and the cream still in my mouth was as the sweet taste of suckling to a baby.

I blindly groped for another bonbon and when I found it, raised it and circled your other teat. I felt you shudder and tremble from the sudden chill. I pulled my head back, brought my hand over and continued circling in the dampness that I’d left. This time I bit the piece in two and used one piece on each nipple, stroking and circling as they began to melt. I placed one piece at your lips and one at my own, and we each sampled the vanilla as the second course of our evening meal. We kissed again and our tongues mixed the cream as we rekindled our passion from its embers.

As we paused for breath, I selected two more pieces and descended to that center of your passion and slowly inserted them in sequence. You quivered and I knew the chill would pass and hoped it was not painful but would be the start of a new climax. You didn’t complain, perhaps the chocolate was the barest of insulators for the cold, but soon the chill would enter you. I used my fingers and slowly closed your lips and held them for a moment before again lowering my face. I marveled at their simple beauty and promise as I released them and reclosed them with my lips. I felt the chill of your flesh as I kissed and then laved you to begin a slow warming from the outside.

Slowly, I entered and probed you with my tongue and worked to extract the first delicious piece. I found it and wrapped it safely with my tongue and began the extraction as my fingers worked from behind to remind you of my passion. I placed it between my lips and again raised it to your mouth and this time we shared a cherry bonbon. Again, the exquisite taste of you served to thrill me and heighten my burning need and arousal. Again, I paused at a nipple and tasted the sweetness of the cream and our passion. Again I descended and stroked you with my tongue and encircled and sucked your erect and swollen clit. Again I entered, explored and found that second treasure and it escort cebeci tasted even sweeter than before. Again I delivered and presented the treasure to you and again you split the prize. This time it was chocolate flavored, enhanced by the sweetness of your juice but the chocolate was a poor second in my taste preference. We finished the bonbons and it was a first in thrill and experience that I’ll always cherish.

This time you left the bed and returned with wet warm cloths and a towel and washed me.

As you started to cleanse yourself, I took the warm cloths and to my pleasure I cleaned and explored and patted you dry. I massaged the weariness of the past weeks shown in the tautness of muscle in your neck, shoulders and thighs. As I worked I could feel that tenseness ease and relax and feel the flesh and tone of what lay beneath. I spent extra time on your buttocks and the sides beneath your ribs and felt their delightful response.

When we finished, we talked, and I listened and studied your voice in its own particular beauty. Each of us has a unique voice and an inherited quality that we acquire from our environment. I could tell where you were from by the richness of tone and selection of word and hoped my own voice to you was as rewarding as yours to me. I could listen all day and all night and still be enthralled by merely listening to you describe and explain. You told me some of your childhood and youth, told me some of your family and work, and you told me some of your past loves and desires. I listened, participated and prompted and queried, but mostly I admired and was attracted and enjoyed.

We slept again, and this time I awoke first I think, and spent my time admiring the form and beauty of your body. I quietly left the bed and used the bathroom, the shower, a razor, a toothbrush and a comb and returned. I watched you turn and the swell of your breast cushioned on the sheet, and on occasion the relaxed form of your cheeks. I marveled at them both and the full lips that rested in sleep as your knees bent and straightened. I thrilled at your closed eyes, delicate nose and warm mouth as your chest rose and fell with each soft breath. I even enjoyed the gentle snore that occasionally escaped and the rapid movement of eyes under closed lids. I enjoyed the scratch of an occasional itch, and the occasional rub of nipple, breast or center of your womanhood, but mostly I enjoyed you.

When finally your eyes fluttered and opened I could see the puzzlement at your surroundings. When you turned your head and saw me, I was delighted at the instant smile and whispered hello. You reached for me and wrapped your arms around me, again, and nuzzled my neck. You didn’t want to kiss before brushing your teeth, but I wanted to taste you exactly as you were and are still today. Your kiss was still sweet and still arousing and still warm, and still exotic, and still perfect. I lingered in the kiss until you withdrew and excused yourself to the bathroom while I enjoyed your body as you walked. I heard the toilet and then the shower, and when it ended I waited for your return.

I wanted to consummate our love, but you insisted on me dressing in my walking shoes and jeans. To my mild disappointment, I followed you out and locked the door as we found the sun still not up. The sky was lightening in the east and the RV Park was quiet, but nestled in a nice area with easy entrance by foot to the surrounding area. You headed off at a brisk pace, holding my hand and dragging me after you and we began to explore. It was a new adventure and a delightful time of day that was cool, but not cold, damp but comfortable, quiet and unbothered by noise or activity. We walked for awhile, following a small path, and then you paused and we watched the sun begin its ascent into the heavens. We stumbled on and alerted small animals that scampered away seeking safety in covering and distance. A few at a greater distance became alert and watched excitedly as we passed and intended no harm.

Finally, we came across a small clearing and you turned and put your arms around my waist and your face against my chest. My arms draped over your shoulders and across your back and my hands sought and pulled you in warmly for an intimate embrace. We held that embrace and then you pulled back and kissed me lightly on the cheek before pulling me away again. You released my hand a few times and explored, but each time you returned and took my hand again. After more than an hour I found that we were re-entering the park from another point and we walked to the RV, unlocked and entered.

When safely inside you quickly undressed me and aroused me, and then you wanted me to watch as you undressed for me. I watched and drank in your beauty, and I was still aroused as you watched me and watched my face.

I wanted so much to help, but I stayed committed and enjoyed a careful unplanned and unrehearsed striptease. It was your everyday method of undressing, but much slower, and for me a consummate thrill and anticipation. When finally you had dropped the last dainty garment and folded it and placed it on a chair, you came to me. Your soft mound was at my lip height and my arms entwined you and pulled you to me as I felt your warmth and sensed your fragrance.

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