Meeting For The First Time

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She made the first contact, emailing him after seeing an ad on a personals site. “Married woman looking for fun on the side” Her profile caught his interest as he reviewed her email over and over. Should he contact her back? Should he make the move? Deciding to take a gamble, he does, telling her what he’s looking for in a woman. Someone to have some fun with, someone willing to explore their bodies in a wild, hot session.

Seeing her email address, he gets up the courage to Instant Message her. Would she respond? Was it all talk? He hits enter and the IM gets sent. Waiting patiently, nervously, wondering if she’ll respond he watches the screen. Ding, the IM window pops up. She answers. On her IM profile, there is a picture of her, she is absolutely gorgeous. Blond hair, gorgeous face, luscious lips, his mind starts wandering immediately. They start talking, learning more and more about each other. The topic soon turns sexual and some of her fantasies and likes/dislikes are revealed. In turn, he reveals some of his finding out that they share many similarities.

Over the next few days, they chat regularly, learning more and more about themselves and each other. Her name is Julie, his is Greg, she’s 38, he’s 36. She likes to be on top, he likes women on top. Chatting one day, Greg learns that Julie is real estate agent in the same town he lives in. Coincidence? Fate? He’s not sure but he wants more and more of her. Driving by a listing she has, he gets her phone number off of her sign. Calling her number, he realizes she’s right there in that house. So close, yet so unreachable. Not sure what is happening in his mind, he races home to contemplate his, their, next move.

The days go by, his work schedule, and their “real life” pass the time by. Wanting to meet her so bad, he calls again. The phone rings, and rings, and rings some more. Will she answer? Does she ignore his calls? “Hello, this is Julie, I’m unable to get to the phone right now, please leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you shortly.” Not wanting to leave a message, he hangs up. He thought about it but not knowing if her husband may check her phone, he doesn’t. He doesn’t want to ruin a possibly great thing here.

Later that day, Julie calls Greg back. They chat for a bit, nervously at first as every other contact had been online. Their conversation starts to have some sexual overtones, the sexual tension mounts in their voices. Julie asks “Do you want to meet me today? We could meet face to face if you’d like.”

Startled, yet thankful she asked, Greg says “Of course I’d like to meet you, I’ve been waiting for this.” They settle on meeting in the shopping center parking lot close to her office.

Greg anxiously awaits Julie to pull into the parking space next to his. “Is this her car?” he says to himself. He watches as this beautiful blond pulls into the space next to him. She looks even better in person than her picture. Unconsciously, his jaw drops as she exits her car and opens the passenger door of his.

“You can stop drooling now, put that tongue back in your mouth or put it to use!” she says. Smiling, he breaks out of it and quickly apologizes for canlı bahis being so blatant about it.

They have some idle chit chat, breaking the ice all over again since it’s the first time they’ve met in person. Then they decide to go for a little drive so as not to attract attention from any of her co-workers. Along the drive to a nearby state park, Julie reveals how horny she’s been since she decided to meet. Greg tells her he’s been just as horny and hard. Together they just smile at each other with a wanting, lustful manner.

Pulling into the empty parking lot at the state park, Greg backs in to the space closest to the woods edge. He turns the car off leaving just the radio on. Unbuckling their seatbelts, they turn to each other to continue to talk. Greg gets a better view of Julie for the first time. Blond hair, luscious lips, beautiful blue eyes, gorgeous breasts under her button down shirt and a short skirt that barely covers her thighs. He wants her, he wants to kiss her. His mind is just working on overload. Julie is looking back at him, checking him out also for the first time. He has blond hair also, moustache, a polo shirt and loose khaki shorts. She wonders what’s in those shorts, will she like it? Will he show it to her?

Sitting there, Greg rests his hand on her thigh as they chat. Slowly moving his hand back and forth on her thigh as the sit and talk. The talk is sexual now, then tension in the air is thick. Julie grabs his hand in hers and leans in to kiss him. Their lips meet, slowly they kiss, sensually, mouths opening up to accept each other’s tongue. Greg pulls away slightly, moving to her neck, gently nibbling on her earlobes, kissing her neck, so close to her he can even feel her slight moaning. She reaches up to him pulling his lips back to hers kissing him deeply. Feeling some movement in his shorts, he adjusts in the seat to get more comfortable.

His hands start caressing her sides through her shirt, he can feel the sides of her breasts. Not feeling any bra, he leans back and just gives a big smile. She just looks at him sheepishly and says ” It’s hot today and I didn’t want to feel to confined.” No explanation needed as far as Greg was concerned. Greg’s hands get back to work, caressing her breasts through her shirt. Julie’s hands start to wander also, starting at his shoulders she moves down his chest, caressing him moving all over his body. Her hands drop to his legs, rubbing up and down his thighs. Her fingertips slide under the hem of his shorts, moving from the outside to the inside of his legs.

The console of the car prevents her from moving more easily up under his shorts. Frustrated, she mentions “let’s move to the back seat”. Greg just nods in agreement. As they move to the back seat, Julie decides to undo a couple of her buttons on her shirt.

Sliding into the back seat, they both meet in the middle in a tight embrace. Kissing again, expressing the passion they both have for each other right now, they get back to feeling and caressing each other’s bodies. Greg’s hands move to the front of her blouse. Slowly, he unbuttons her shirt, kissing her luscious lips between each one. He slides the front of bahis siteleri her shirt open, exposing her wonderful, beautiful breasts. Leaning forward, he flicks his tongue across each nipple, teasing her hard pert nipples, he hears a deep purposeful moan from her. Taking her cue, he takes her right nipple in his mouth, flicking it, teasing, twisting it with his tongue, gently nibbling it with his teeth. His hands rub her tits, kneading them like dough bringing her mounds together so he can flick his tongue across both nipples quickly. Moaning, she encourages him to continue, wanting to feel more of him. She grabs his hands, holds them tight against her chest, looks longingly into his eyes and says “My turn.”

With that, she let’s go of his hands and moves hers to his chest. Rubbing through his shirt, she feels his chest and abs working her way down. Sliding her hands up under his shirt, she lifts it up to expose his chest. Taking cues from him, she gently nibbles on his nipples while rubbing him all over. Looking up to him, she leans up and kisses him again. Her hands drop to his thighs as she kisses him, she slides her fingertips up under his shorts again. Realizing what she’s trying to do, Greg adjusts himself to allow her hands to move all along his thighs.

Julie is moving into new territory, having neither of them reaching for the “pleasure zone” up until now. Her hands slide up under his shorts, gently grazing his balls and the shaft of his cock. She pauses, looks up to him and says “You’re not wearing any underwear are you?” He just grins with the knowledge that he shocked her some. She pulls her hands back out from his shorts and grabs his crotch. Feeling his cock through his shorts, she gets a devilish grin on her face. Wanting a peek at his growing cock, she unzips his zipper exposing his rock hard cock. Julie just gets a big smile on her face, knowing that she will soon be tasting and feeling his cock deep inside her. Greg leans back some against the door, giving Julie some room to lean down and take his cock deep in her mouth. Julie takes the full length of his cock in one swift move, swirling her tongue around his shaft and tip. Now it’s her turn to hear a low, moaning from deep within. Knowing that she’s doing something good, she picks up the pace some, taking his cock in both deep and shallow in her mouth. She pulls off a bit, flicking her tongue across the head of his cock, tasting some pre-cum that has worked it’s way out. Not wanting to explode so soon, Greg stops her mid stroke and pushes her back against the opposite door making her shirt fall wide open. Seeing her now exposed breasts, Greg dives in and sucks on her nipples with a lot of force. This just drives Julie up the wall with excitement.

Greg moves his hand to Julie’s thighs, rubbing and caressing them. Moving his hands up under her skirt he feels for her wetness, guided by the heat of her pussy, he finds it and gently rubs the lips of her swollen pussy. Liking the way this feels, Julie slides her skirt up around her hips exposing her shaved, silky smooth pussy glistening with her wetness.

Seeing this, Greg lowers his head into her, flicking his tongue at her clit. bahis şirketleri Startled, yet wanting more, she pushes Greg’s head deep into her. The taste of her juices, the smell of her pussy is just too much for him and he goes whole heartedly into making her feel even more fantastic than she already does. Leaning back against the door, she bucks her hips up into his face giving him more access to her hot, wet juicy pussy. The feel of his tongue, the touch of his hands on her hips and ass is too much for her to bear. Her body starts to shiver, feeling an orgasm coming on she pulls his head up, looks into his eyes and says “I want you to fuck me now, give me your hard cock!”

Not wanting to disappoint this beautiful woman, he scoots her down so she’s laying on the back seat and guides his hard swollen cock into her moist, wet pussy. Slowly entering her, she starts gyrating her hips to get him to go deeper. Knowing that she wants more, Greg plunges deep into her pussy slapping his nuts against her ass. She screams in delight, letting him know she wants more and more of his cock. Greg keeps up the pace, pounding into her, going as deep as he can, leaning in to kiss her just as deeply as he’s fucking her. Kissing him back she whisper’s “I want to ride your big cock.”

Changing positions, he’s now sitting on the car seat, she climbs on top of him taking his full cock deep into her pussy. Now in control of the depth, Julia changes the pace on him, sliding up and down his cock, alternating between shallow and deep plunges. Bouncing up and down on his cock, her tits keep hitting Greg in his face. He times his attack and grabs one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking hard, teasing them. He reaches up and cups both of her tits, massaging them, making her feel out of this world. She’s been close to the edge since they started and the pressure of an orgasm is building, her body starts to shiver again, her pussy starts to tighten around his cock even more. She’s riding him like a wild bucking bronco, holding on to his cock with her tight pussy. Sensing the tightness of her pussy, Greg is having trouble holding back his own orgasm. Feeling his balls tighten up, the head of his cock deep within her, the tightness around his shaft, he can’t take it anymore. “I’m gonna cum real soon” he tells her.

“So am I” she responds. Together the ram their bodies together bringing each other to the brink.

“Ohhhh…..I’m cumming….Ohhhh my god!” Julie screams, her body tightening feeling so wonderful as she moves on his cock. Greg can’t hold back now, feeling her tighten even more around his cock, his balls tighten one last time before shooting his hot cum deep inside her with each thrust. Feeling his cum deep inside, she stops moving, loving the sensation of his cock pulsating with in her. Leaning in to kiss him again, their lips touch, their tongues meet in a deep embrace, their bodies together as one. They just melt into the seat, savoring their new found friendship.

Knowing that their time is limited together, they get dressed again, and after getting back into the front seats drive back to the shopping center where they first met. Pulling into the space next to her car, they stop, turn to each other and give one more deep longing kiss. Breaking away, she pauses and says with a smile on her face “Same time next week?”

“Of course” Greg answers, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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