Meeting Cassie Thorne

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As I pulled my suitcases out of the taxi trunk, I heard my name being yelled. I glanced up to see Jacob walking down his driveway, a smile on his face, “Hey man, how’s it going?” His words came out in a jovial manor, and as he came to stand next to me, I cocked an eyebrow at him.

Instantly the smile that had been plastered on his face faded and he nodded, “Yeah, I suppose I should already know the answer to that.” He raised his arms in the air for a quick hug. He slapped his hand a couple times on my back before backing off, “Well, at least you can relax now dude. Get away from all the shit, you know?”

I nodded slowly, rest was what I needed. The past couple of weeks had been so chaotic, that I had lost track of time. Time that I could have spent being productive were lost to the same repeated fights. A lot of things suffered because of the break up- my job, my social life, and to a lesser extent my health. For the most part, if I wasn’t arguing with Anna, I was sitting down with a bottle and a shot glass.

“At the very least being out of New York will be enough.” I tacked on. While moving to the big city had been a boon for my professional life, it was hard to say that I thrived in the environment. All the noise, people and constant hustle were maddening.

Here, out in the country air, everything was calming. You could hear the wind over the buzz of voices. It allowed you to think, instead of screaming at things to shut up over and over again.

Jacob nodded and beckoned toward the large house behind him, “I guess you haven’t been here since the new place was completed?” Jacob had been my friend for a very long time, so his sudden shift of topic wasn’t carelessness, it was a carefully planned move.

I turned and glanced at the structure in front of us. Jacob had been doing fairly well for himself. The home he had built only served to show that. It stood two stories, but what I could see was limited by the thick brush that hid the rest from view. From what Jacob had described though, it was a mansion compared to anything either of us had lived in as children. And clearly dwarfed my single room apartment back in the city.

“Impressive.” The word came out dry, but I slapped him on the shoulder and gave a small smile to let him know I wasn’t being droll entirely on purpose.

He nodded and headed back up the driveway, motioning for me to follow him up to the house. Jacob was only a couple inches shorter than my six even feet. His mop of brown hair was well kept, gelled in a conservative fashion, but just enough to not look like an old man. He was a bit on the pasty side, which pronounced his bright blue eyes to an odd level.

I followed and continued to examine the house as we walked toward it, and placed a hand against my forehead to shade my eyes from the twelve o’clock sun. It really was an impressive home. If anyone deserved it, it was Jacob.

A flutter of a curtain near the front door caught my eye, but I only saw a hand retreat, “Got someone else over, dude?”

Jacob stopped in his tracks, one foot planted on the bottom of the steps that would take us to the front door, “I don’t live alone. I’ve told you that, right?” He turned on me, a quizzical expression on his face.

As far as I had ever been aware, he had been living alone for a long time. Jake was a good guy, but he had always had difficulties with finding a girl that would stick around. They would hover around for a month or two, before taking off.

“You neglect to tell me something?” I asked, passing him one of the two large bags to carry up the steps.

He shook his head, “Yeah, I guess I never told you. Which is fucking weird since I’ve been with this one for just over a year now.”

He said the number, and instinctively I reached up and gave him a light tap on the back of the head, “You have someone in your life for that long, and you don’t tell one your best friends?” The words come out as a scold. More often than not, I would hear about a girl a few days in. Had we really been that busy?

He hefted the bag up and began to make his way up the steps, “Well, she’s awesome dude, I think you’ll get along great.”

Without adding to the conversation, I began to make my own way up and enter through the front door. Inside, I was blasted by a wave of cool air, which is a blessing compared to the dry heat outside of the house.

I took in my surroundings as I closed the door and nodded slowly, “Did I already say impressive?” I asked, dropping the handle of my bag and stepping next to Jake, “Like seriously dude, this place had to have cost a fortune.”

Jake shrugged a bit, “Enough to keep me in the banks pocket for a long time.” He chuckled at the thought, with a slow shake of his head, “Well, I know you’re probably a bit exhausted. So let me show you to the guest room so you can take some time to yourself.” He led me up the stairs to the room where I would be spending the next few weeks and left me to my own devices, telling me etimesgut escort that he would be in the kitchen if I needed anything.

With a slap on the shoulder, Jake was gone and for the first time in a very long time, I was alone. I pulled my suit cases into the room and closed the door, dropping on to the bed and letting out a deep breath.

I had been with Anna for nearly six years. For the most part, it was a good relationship. Anna had been very supportive of my career. She was intelligent, and beautiful. Somehow though, something went wrong. I was working a lot- ten or sometime twelve hours a day. My career was taking a priority as I entered the second half of my twenties. I was trying to make something of myself.

While I was attempting to do that, I ended up neglecting Anna in the long run. That is where I played my part in the break up. She ended up telling me she wanted to leave, and began getting vile. She would blame me for where she was in her own life, saying that instead of focusing on herself, she focused on me. That of course, was not true.

Anna had wanted many different things. She wanted to act, or sing, or one of any number of jobs. She hardly ever pursued any of them. She lacked drive, and it was obvious. Now, many times I offered to help her pay to go to school. Other times, I told her that if she just wanted to stay home, I could easily support us both. Yet somehow, it was all my fault she was where she was.

Regardless, it was one slanderous remark after another, and it turned in to an avalanche of arguments. It had taken a toll on me, and I began to drink a lot. When Anna finally moved out. It was all I really did. I would work with a bottle perched on my desk. And when I was done, I would polish it off and order another. All in all, it was destructive. I knew I needed to get away, readjust, and just take some time for myself. Between the job and trying to keep things afloat with Anna, I had not spent a minute for myself in a very long time.

I ran my hands across my face and let out another deep breath. Being back home made it feel like I could actually breathe again. It had been at least three years since I have made time for a visit. I had almost forgotten how calm things could be outside of the city. How quiet it was without a car zipping by every half second. Or how clean everything was for that matter.

As I cleared my head of my past few weeks’ ordeals, I heard voices coming through the ventilation, “So, how’s he doing?” A female voice cut through first, while it was the furthest from being familiar, she had a cutesy tone to her.

“Like someone dropped him in a ball of shit.” Jake cut in second, and from what I could tell, there was a trace of concern in his voice. I couldn’t blame him for that. Until I called Jake, I had been quiet about the entire ordeal. He was the first person outside of the city that I had spoken to about it.

When I had told him that I was drinking too much, and how difficult it all had been, he had told me to fly out almost immediately. We had been friends for ages, and he didn’t want to see me go through all of that. So, I had taken as much leave from work as I could allow myself, and had my ticket in hand a few hours later.

I stood from the queen sized bed and moved my way in to the attached bathroom. I braced my hands on the counter top. I stared at myself for a minute. Jake was right, I looked like shit. My dark brown hair had not had attention in a while, and even though I had not slept, it looked I had been in bed for a day straight.

The subtle beard I kept was disheveled and untrimmed, random hairs spurting underneath my normal cut and down my neck.

I turned the faucet on and splashed some water on my face. I stared at myself again, taking note of the heavy bags underneath my eyes. I groaned at myself, trying to express my disdain for my current state. I was stronger than this, at least I thought.

I glanced back at the bedroom at the cozy looking bed. I should have tried to get some sleep. I had not had a good rest in quite a few days. Of course, it was daylight out, and I had a hard enough time sleeping when the moon was actually out.

Deciding that sleep would not happen even if I tried, I retrieved one of my cases and dug out my hygiene products. A lot of people run with the theory that if you look good, you’ll feel good too. I was here to try and feel better, so wallowing would have to stop. I cleaned up my facial hair, brushed my teeth, and slopped some product into the mess of hair atop my head. When I was done, I looked a bit better. The bags were still present, but that would have to wait.


I left the room and headed downstairs, the echoes of Jake and his girl’s voices allowed me to locate the kitchen without a problem. As I entered, I saw Jake sitting at a marble countertop in the middle of the room. He had a bowl in front him, and was flipping through a magazine.

He looked up as etimesgut escort bayan I did and nodded in my direction, “I figured you’d be asleep.” He said, flipping the magazine shut and sliding it away from himself, “Hungry?”

While I probably could have used a bite to eat that wasn’t airline food, I shook my head, “Just don’t really feel like sleeping.”

“Fair enough,” before saying anything else, he motioned to the corner of the kitchen just out of my sight.

I glanced around the corner as I properly entered the kitchen, “Garret, this is Cassie,” he motioned to me, “and Cassie, this is Garret. Who I have known since the beginning of time.”

I rounded the corner fully to see who Jake had been pointing out. Cassie was leaning against one of the counter tops opposite Jake. She was a short woman, floating somewhere between five foot, and five-three. She appeared to be in excellent shape, though it was hard to tell with the baggy sweater she had over her t-shirt. He hips were generous in size for a girl as petite as her. She cracked a smile as our eyes met and waved, “Nice to meet you!”

Though I tried not to, I stared a bit. Cassie was a beautiful girl. Her dark eyes shone as she smiled, and the black hair on her head cascaded around her thin face perfectly. While not tanned, she also wasn’t a pale ghost, her skin appearing soft and unblemished.

I nodded to her and waved slowly, “Yeah, nice to meet you too.”

I managed to pull my eyes way before I started to check her out more. Though I had to admit, I was impressed. While Jake was not an ugly guy, he had never managed to find one quite like Cassie.

My stomach saved me from my thoughts by letting a heavy, audible growl loose. I stared at it for a moment, “You know, I think I could use something to eat.” I admitted, pulling a stool out and taking a seat at the counter.

Jake nodded immediately, “Cass, you mind throwing us some lunch together?” He asked.

She paused at the request, but nodded shortly after,” Yeah, I can do that.” She spun around and began to go to work. While I tried not to, my eyes immediately landed on her backside as she moved around. The dark blue shorts she wore hugged her shapely ass. While I had noted her hips were quite full, I did not imagine that the ass they were paired with would be so nice. Cassie was clearly fond of working out, as her toned legs gave away immediately. Her ass was firm and round, and I could feel my cock twitch in response to her movements.

I shook my head (mostly at myself) and looked to Jake, “So, you going to be very busy this week?” It was the first question I could think of, as I tried to distract myself from Jake’s girlfriend moving around the kitchen.

“A bit at least. I have a lot to get at work the next few weeks. Hopefully you can find some ways to entertain yourself though.” He sounded guilty. It had been a long time since we had seen each other. Being in the city made it difficult to maintain ties. Jake was one of the few people I had managed to hang on to.

I nodded, I wouldn’t need anything crazy to keep myself going, I had come here with the idea of relaxing, and refocusing myself, “Yeah, I’ll likely survive when you guys aren’t around.”

“Well, at the very least Cass will usually be around.” He assured me, “She only runs a small home business while working on some schooling online.” He added.

As she was brought up, again my eyes were drawn back to her. She still had her back to us, and I couldn’t help but admire the shapely ass that was bobbing around. I closed my eyes and took in a breath.

“Home business, doing what?” I asked, pulling my gaze away again.

Jake didn’t answer, but Cassie spun around and moved to the island, resting her elbows on it, “I make custom women’s clothing.” She said, plucking the collar of the sweater she was wearing. Standing closer, I could see the subtly emblazoned CT on the upper collar.

“Very cool,” I nodded my head, “And schooling, what are you doing?”

She pushed away from the island and moved back to preparing lunch, “Well, I never finished high school, so I am finishing off a bunch of science stuff so I can maybe go into a nutrition and health field.”

I nodded again, unlike Anna, this one actually knew what she wanted to do. It was an admirable quality, “Looks like you’ve got a good one on your hands here,” I tagged Jake lightly on the shoulder.


The rest of that first day passed quietly. We ate lunch, talked, and then Jake had to go and do something for work. When he did that, to save myself from ogling Cassie, I banished myself upstairs and tried to get some sleep. It goes without saying that it didn’t work. But I at least got to pull the curtains and lay in the dark room and enjoy the quiet. I eventually did fall asleep, but it wasn’t until much later in the night.

As I awoke, I turned to check the alarm clock sitting next to me. 9:38 was flashing me in the face. escort etimesgut I pulled myself out of bed, and gathered things to have a shower. As I cracked the door open, I heard nothing in the house. Apparently, Jake was at work. Based on just how quiet it was, I assumed Cassie was out as well.

I crept out of the guest room and headed toward the shower. The room was massive, and held a large shower. There was no tub to speak of, but the shower could easily accommodate more than one person comfortably.

I showered, dressed and readied myself for whatever my day would hold. I ate a quick breakfast after finding some eggs and bacon in the fridge. And then I kicked around in the living room, blindly flicking channels.

As I was laying on the couch, I let out a deep sigh. I was bored. Normally I was very good at keeping myself busy. I would work, hit the gym, and work more. Now though, as I lay on the couch, I found myself immeasurably bored.

I sat up and tapped my fingers on the table. I stopped and nodded. I recalled Jake mentioning that the pool was fair game at any point. So I went upstairs and changed into a pair of swim trunks. Doing laps at least in the pool would kill the need to work out.

With my towel thrown over my shoulder, I proceeded out to the backyard. Jake had not skimped on the luxuries. He had a large area squared away with a barbeque built in, a fire pit down near the very back of his property, and a large pool taking up most of the space in between.

As I made my way to the pool area, the chairs sitting in front of it came in to sight. Much to my surprise, Cassie was laying on one, a pink and black bikini leaving very little of her body hidden. Again, I felt a twitch in my groin.

When we had met the day previous, it had been clear that she was in good shape. He legs were toned, and matched the curves of her gorgeous hips. She was laying on her back, so I was spared having to look at her entrancing ass.

I let myself continue to stare at her. When she was in the kitchen, besides her legs and ass, she had been fairly well covered, hiding just how well shaped she really was. Her waist was thin and delicate, though the ton of her stomach gave away just how much she did work out. She was no body builder, but there wasn’t a bit on her that was not tight.

My eyes travelled up further, and I was greeted by a surprise. My cock twitched and grew a bit as my eyes landed on her breasts. They were round, full and larger than I had thought they would be. Her bikini top stretched and bulged to keep them in, but left an ample amount of cleavage. I took in a deep breath and swallowed hard. The day prior I had noted that Cassie was a beautiful woman, now I was convinced she was a goddess.

I tried to steady my breathing as I stared at her. The sight of her body in the sun was making my cock stiffen, and I could feel it slide down my leg. The beads of sweat between her gorgeous tits looked welcoming, and I imagined stuffing my face between them. I had always had a thing for large tits. Cassie made it even worse. Her tits would have been large on another woman. On her tiny frame, there was hardly room between the two of them.

Luckily for me, I had put sunglasses on, Cassie turned suddenly, and her lips spread into a smile as she spotted me, “Hey sleepyhead!” She greeted me calmly, and I tried my best to make it look like I had not been standing there long.

“Hey Cass. How’s the sun?” I asked throwing my towel onto a chair, doing my best to avoid ogling her more.

“Perfect. Fancied a dip?” She asked, the smile on her lips still in place.

I nodded, “I didn’t think anyone would be here actually. Everything was so quiet.” It may have been better off if no one had been around.

“Yeah, Jake took off really early this morning. Taking most of yesterday off put him behind on some things, so he wanted to make up for it today.” She explained, she then spread her arms out, “And I couldn’t let this gorgeous day go to waste, so I wanted to start by relaxing, of course.”

I smirked, “Oh no, we couldn’t let this sun go without company. I’m sure it would get lonely.” I made sure I kept my swelling cock pointed away from Cassie as we spoke. The last thing I needed was for her to know I had been checking her out. If there was one way to make this visit as awkward as possible, it would be that.

To save myself some effort I dove into the water immediately, “You know, Jake made it sound like you were so busy all the time, I didn’t think you had time to keep in shape.”

Before I could start taking the laps, I spun around, “What do you mean?”

She had sat up in her chair, her legs crossed in front of herself. She was leaning forward, and I was met with a full view of her cleavage. Even further, I felt my hard on increase, “Well, you clearly take care of yourself.” She added lifting an arm to motion at me, “It’s not often you find someone with abs by accident.”

I chuckled a bit, to me it sounded a bit nervous. If it was, she didn’t indicate it, “Well, with my schedule the way it is, I have to find time for myself every now and then. With the city being as loud as it is, quiet is out of the question, and doing most things solitary just looks bad. Working out is one of the few ways I can relax.”

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