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Frequent reader, first time poster. Submitting this under Erotic Couplings rather than Romance – thanks for the heads up people. It’s sort of a romantic casual hookup. Would love comments. Vote if this turned you on!


Every pore on my skin is in ecstasy. I’m feeling that delicious exhaustion from pushing my entire body, every single muscle, way past what I’m used to. Now, sitting on the beach, I feel the warm night breeze caress my cheek, my shoulder, making my beachy hair wisp gently across my back… it’s heaven. I close my eyes, trying to capture the feeling.

I’ve sat down way past the entrance to my hostel, distancing myself from the cheery bonfires and drunken teenagers. Just me and the moon. But when I open my eyes, I see a shimmery white shape dart past me. It takes me a second to realize it’s a massive, ridiculously furry dog, so perfectly white he’s catching the light of the full moon and reflecting it. He seems unreal and all I want to do is bury my arms in his fuzzy fur.

The little girl within me takes over and I clap my hands enthusiastically and let out a giggly squeal. The dog just keeps running though and for a second my shoulders slump in disappointment. Then I see a shape next to him turn around and head my way, causing Falkor (as I’ve named the dog in my head) to follow.

As he runs towards me, I clap my hands encouragingly, and soon he’s slobbering onto my cheek as I reach my arms around his neck and delight in his soft fuzziness. Soon, the dog’s owner has reached us and I freeze for a second, recognizing his sunbleached hair and navy boardshorts. It’s the surfer I had been staring at this morning before my own surf lesson, who seemed to move in the water like he was made of it. Well, damn, if I wasn’t already a fangirl over his surfing skills, now I definitely am as I notice how good-looking he is, toned, tanned body towering over me, an easy-going smile lighting up his face, his hair pulled back into a manbun as though on purpose. Man I’m a sucker for a good manbun.

“He likes ya.” And there’s that Aussie accent that makes me melt.

“Well, the feeling’s definitely mutual. Happy Australia Day!”

“Haha, yeah, happy Australia Day. How should we celebrate?”

I’m probably blushing right now, thoughts flying through my head of me pulling the straps of my white dress off my shoulder and down to my waist, as straight-forward an invitation as it gets. Would he kneel down in the sand and cup my breasts with his hands? Would he lock eyes with me as he’s rubbing my tits? Would his dick bulge up as I reach my hand to stroke it through his boardshorts, holding his gaze playfully defiant, both of us trying to push the other’s buttons?

Maybe. His directness is so refreshing, it’s hard not to picture us fucking by the end of the night. Perfect.

“Well, I just got here yesterday and it’s my first time in Australia. So I kinda wanna do something stereotypical like eat a meatpie. Don’t judge me,” I say grinning.

“What’s there to judge? Meatpies are great. I know just the place.”

We stroll down the beach, Falkor by our side (who is apparently called Saga, but fuck that.) Near the entrance of the beach, we pass by a couple on a towel, enjoying the most shamelessly public blowjob I’ve ever seen. They guy’s laying on his back, shorts pulled down to his knees, and the girl’s head is bobbing up and down his dick in a steady rhythm. I’m trying not to stare, but it’s impossible. We’re so close I can see his girthy, veiny dick stretch the girl’s mouth wide open as he puts one hand on the back of her head and lets out a contented moan. Just then he notices us, and smiles.

“Ay guys! Great night, huh?”

The girl tilts her head in our direction, giving his dick a few more gulps, then lets it pop out of her mouth with a smacking noise. She smiles our way, nonchalantly.

“You guys wanna sit down? Here, we’ll make sincan escort room.”

In a true sign of hospitality, the guy even tucks his still erect penis into his boardshorts. Surferguy chuckles, bemused.

“You two enjoy yourselves. We’re off to have a meatpie, celebrate Australia Day.”

But blowjobguy isn’t so easily deterred.

“If ya really wanna celebrate, you should go for a skinnydip in the ocean. The water’s perrrrrfect. It’s tradition!”

I turn to surferguy, mischievously. “Well, if it’s tradition…”

He lifts an eyebrow, then nuzzles his dog. “Saga, home!” The dog trots off towards a house by the beach.

We turn to face the ocean and I’m suddenly feeling shy. I don’t dare look over at him freeing his dick from his boardshorts. I lift my dress over my head and bend down to pull my panties off. As I do, I see the blowjob pair are back at it, the girl’s tongue stroking the swollen tip of the guy’s cock, drizzling saliva down his shaft. The guy is looking up at me, clearly enjoying the view of my round, juicy ass laid bare. I find myself turned on by their display, my pussy getting wet. Rising back up, I briefly slip a finger into my cunt, and hear a throaty moan from blowjobguy who was clearly watching. Mmmm.

Surferguy and I lock eyes for a second and I feel exhilarated, naked, free, far from everything I know. A wicked grin flashes on our faces and we charge for the water at full speed. I can feel my tits bouncing, my feet pounding the wet sand, my hair flying loose behind me. Surferguy has long, lean legs that take long strides, and as he passes me I get a full view of his ass and his tanned, muscular back. Even in the moonlight, I can see every muscle in his back, toned and defined, athletic but not jacked. A few blonde babyhairs have slipped out of his manbun and reach down below the base of his neck. My brain is like a Beatles chorus. “I want you. I want you so baaaaaaad…”

I reach the water, splashing, laughing with glee. He looks back at me over his shoulder, smiling a big handsome smile that crinkles the corners of his eyes. I watch him slow down, really taking me in, turning his entire body my way. He’s looking at all of me at once, my perky tits, pale in the moonlight, accented by the tanlines from my swimsuit. My taut body. The absolute childish joy painted on my face. My neatly-trimmed hairy pussy. He’s looking, and he likes what he sees.

I stop and stand confidently in the water that barely reaches my knees. He’s facing me ten feet ahead and I get to take him in as well — the long, meaty dick, the defined line where his legs meet his torso, his broad, smooth chest, lifting up and down as he steadies his breath. I can see his dick nudge at the sight of me, starting to stiffen. There is noooo shrinkage here — and if there is, I’m intimidated to think how big his dick is out of the water.

Our eyes meet and we smile at each other. I walk towards him, closing the distance, feeling the water rise up my legs, to my thighs, to just under my pussy, to — Ah! — my pussy, to my navel. It feels so liberating. I can’t remember the last time I was naked in the ocean. I reach him and he puts his hand on the small of my back, guiding me forward. His touch feels electric, like current flowing between us, like it’s the most natural thing in the world. My body eases to it, and I lean my weight back, wanting to feel him closer. It’s suddenly as though we’re in a trance, gliding through the ocean, synched up and plugged into one another.

His hand moves from the small of my back (no! why!) only to grab my hand. We plunge into the dark waters, somehow swimming hand in hand, using our other hand to pull us forward and paddling our feet to propel us. I can feel the force of his legs, carrying me through the water, making me feel weightless, guided, safe.

We’re swimming towards a cove as we suddenly sincan escort bayan see a glow underwater. It’s like fireflies, shining in the moonlight. Bioluminescent plankton! I realize, nerding out. We come up for air, exhilarated.

“I’ve never actually seen this before!” I gasp. “It’s incredible.”

“I’ve seen it in Thailand but never here. And this is my favorite cove in the whole bay!”

His accent makes me smile as I dip back underwater. In the soft glow of the plankton I see him smiling too. His hand moves to my arm and up my cheek. I’m on my stomach, floating in place, closing my eyes to feel his touch. I feel him swim closer to me bringing his other hand to my face, pulling me in for a kiss. His lips feel soft against mine, gentle at first, but with increasing urgency. We come up for air not breaking the kiss and my hands tangle behind his neck, pulling him close to me. Our mouths are teasing each other, lips nibbling on lips, sucking, pressing, and I feel his warm tongue against mine. I want more of him. I press my wet, naked body against his chest, snaking my legs around his waist. The water’s deep but he’s effortlessly keeping both of us afloat.

With one hand, he pulls my head even deeper into the kiss, then moves it down my neck, my back, under my naked ass. Feeling him this close to my hole is too much to handle.

“I’m dying to fuck,” I growl.

Our bodies are pulsing together, pressing into each other rhythmically. Under my ass, I can feel his dick fully stiff.

“You’re driving me wild,” he responds.

It’s a scramble to get to shore. When we finally take our hands off each other to swim, he circles me like a shark, until he swims underneath me, facing me. I feel his arms glide up my thighs and over my ass, grabbing it as he digs his face against my pussy, his nose on my clit, his warm tongue spreading my lips. Then he swims further up my body, his hands massaging my tits, his mouth trailing kisses up my stomach and chest, his hard dick grazing against my pussy, sending shivers through my body.

“Not fair,” I complain when his head emerges above water. “You’re a better swimmer than me.”

“But you, are such a tasty view,” he grins.

We’re finally close to shore and I can see we’ve left the sandy beachy area and are amid rocky coves.

“It’s slippery here. Hold onto me.”

He reaches back and grabs my hand. With my other hand I cling onto his arm. We’re stepping slowly, carefully. He pauses, making sure I’ve got my footing. His instinctive thoughtfulness is so endearing. It’s strange, we’ve barely exchanged a few words but it feels like we care for one another in a way I can’t explain. Ever since he first put his hand on the small of my back and sent a surge through me, I’ve had this feeling of belonging, like we fit together somehow. He lets go of my hand and jumps off the edge of the rocky cliff onto a sandy cove, then holds up his hands to grab my waist.

He lowers me onto the sand and I lie back on my elbow lazily. The careful stepping dissipated the blind hunger from earlier and now we’re laying next to each other naked, slowly taking each other in.

He brushes his fingers against my ribs, against the bottom of my right breast, circling the outline where it meets my ribcage. He blows a cool breath onto my tits and my nipples perk up, making him bite his lips, visibly pleased. He kisses the top of my shoulder, first a peck, then another onto my collarbone, then he buries his head into the nook of my neck, kissing my neck with increasing passion.

My fingers dig into his tied-back hair, pulling him into me and my body turns onto my side, angling itself towards him. His hard-on, having relaxed during our climb, now presses against my thigh, throbbing. I wrap my leg around his hip, opening myself to him. His hand reaches down my stomach to my pussy, fingers playing with escort sincan my lips, my clit. His thumb anchors itself on my clit, rubbing it in small circles. I moan and lean my head back as he continues kissing my neck. I can feel heat building through my body, first in my crotch, then waving to my chest, my thighs, my feet.


I lift my head and he does too as we look at each other. I can feel our shallow breaths synched up. His middle finger circles my entrance as his thumb continues to rub my clit. Our mouths are both half-open and I can feel his warm breath. My eyes roll back in pleasure. I open them again to see his eyes still fixed on me, almost pained with desire.

“I want you,” he says in a low, decisive tone that turns me on even harder. “I wanna be inside you.”

His hand leaves my clit only to position his dick against my entrance.

I take a sharp breath as I feel him entering me, his throbbing head first, then inch by inch by inch… goddamn! He’s pushing in slowly then rocking his hips back and forth, watching me. I tighten my pussy around him and he closes his eyes as his head falls back in pleasure. Yes. I want you. I want you right there.

He starts pumping me harder, until he finds the spot that makes me writhe in his arms.

“Oh god yes. Ugh give it to me.”

The animal intensity returns to both of us. He slams me on my back, getting fully on top of me, riding me. His ass moves in rhythm with my moans and before I know it my nails are digging into his back, his asscheeks.

He’s giving me his dick in full force now, buried to the hilt. I’m pulling him in as deep as it gets, loving the feeling of his big dick inside me.

Our eyes, glazed over with pleasure, find each other again and it’s like an overdrive, synching our pleasure with each other. I feel my orgasm build inside me.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. YES.”

“Fuck you’re amaaaazing.” His Aussie accent comes out even thicker as we fuck. I’m smitten so hard.

Behind us, the ocean feels as wild as our pumping, waves crashing into the rocks. A wave curls all the way to our bodies, almost to my bum. It jolts us, only making us more exhilarated.

He leans his body down towards me, heat filling the inches that set us apart. Our breaths are one and his eyes on me are too hot to bear. I shut my eyes, felling him fill me.

“Babe…” I hear him say in between breaths.

I blink, looking up at him.

“What’s your name?”

I can’t help laughing and we laugh together, wide smiles of pleasure and amusement all at once. He’s moving inside me as he laughs and I feel us vibrate together.

“Anna,” I answer finally.

“Hi Anna,” he smiles, thrusting into me. “I’m Nolan.”

I pull his face onto mine, locking him into a deep kiss. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I feel the heat rising with every thrust, my breath starting to catch in my throat.

“Fuck Nolan… you’re fucking me so goooooood…”

“Fuck it’s hot when you say my name.”

I can feel his dick getting even stiffer, even more swollen, as my pussy keeps getting wetter.

“Your cunt’s so juicy… I never wanna stop fucking you.”

“Ugh yes… yes… Oh fuck, fuck. Just like that. Ride me.”

“Ahhh…yeah… take it…. FUCK you got me wild.”

He pounds me with abandon, faster and harder, pressing down on my hips giving me his all.

“Anna… I’m gonna cum…”

“Ugh… me too…”

As soon as I say it, I feel my eyes shut tight. His hand is on top of mine, squeezing hard. My breath catches and I feel my body tremble, electrified as I cum.

Inside me, his dick seems to grow thicker then throbs, and I feel his hot cum splash into me. I tighten my walls, milking him, my legs pulling him as far into me as I can.

We both collapse, spent, me on my back, him on top of me, head between my neck and shoulder. For a minute, all we can do is breathe. Then his hand reaches for my chin and turns my head to face him.

We’re both smiling dumb, happy smiles and he pulls me in for a kiss, slow, gentle.

“Pleasure to meet you, Anna.”

He pauses, smiling a playful smile.

“Still in the mood for a meatpie?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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