Master PC Reboot

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It is with this that I try to honor, JR Parz. The great and powerful wizard behind the original Master PC story. I hope that this story can do justice to the greatness that was his writing. s


It began with the lasers. Jack Daniel stood over his science fair project with pride. It had taken him several months to program the lasers in his small, glass box to interact with a person’s hand gestures. Theoretically, he presumed, if there was more time spent on the technology, it could open the door to sign-language on computers, or the ability for human facial expressions to be recognized by devices everywhere. It was quite the achievement by itself, although not too many people understood it but Jack.

And it seemed like not too many people decided to come down for the moderate science fair that was happening at the local high school. It wasn’t a bad school, or a good one. It was in a good and prosperous neighborhood.

But the people suck, Jack was reminded as he saw the ten total people drift from booth to booth. The other four participants to the fair had other various booths. There was one called, “What a watermelon looks like on the inside,” where a student proceeded to smash a melon with a hammer. Jack reminded himself that this kid won the fair last year. He should not be underestimated. Another student’s booth was about how to burn floppy disks onto smartphones. Jack respected him, but c’mon, floppy disks? Where did he get those?!

The fourth project was a volcano, made by Jack’s worst enemy: Sara Reynolds. Star cheerleader, straight A’s, very popular, and very attractive — Sara was the girl you’d hope your kid came home with to dinner. She had the perfect angelic golden hair and the right amount of cleavage where she could play at being modest, or ignite torment for her admirers. Jack hated her, because underneath all that charm and beauty, there was a monster seeking to manipulate the pawns around her. Jack knew this, because it was Sara that bullied him in school. It was Sara that made everyone thing Jack was untouchable, gross, or unholy. She killed every chance Jack had with asking someone out or trying to get close to a few friends. And Jack knew why: She feared how smart Jack was. A manipulator only can thrive when she beguiles the stooges around her. But Jack was smart, smarter than her probably. In her own words to Jack, “I know that my looks will only get me so far. I have to do what I can to stomp out the real competition before their weeds grow in my perfect garden. Ya understand right Jackie-boy?”

Jack hated when he called her that. It was demeaning. And there was nothing more torturous than knowing exactly why Stone Cold Sara was stomping all over him. It was because he could take her down. And today was the day that it would be possible. With his tech, no volcano would stand a chance at winning.

Jack straightened everything as the judges came around to look at his invention. Four lanky old women with clip boards. Their beady black eyes roamed all over his project.

“Hello there,” Jack said brightly, “I have here something that will revolutionize the way we talk with our machines! Think about all the times that you made a sour face when you saw who was calling you. Wouldn’t you like your phone to know not to answer that person? Or how about trying to google search things using sign language? I give you my Wonder Box! Compatible with — “

“What’s this? A phone app?” One of the judges squawked, “Another one of those silly phone and computer gadgets? I thought we already did this booth.”

“It’s not very original then. We already had a computer booth. This kid’s just copying his work.”

Jack thought he was going to get a nosebleed. What the what now?

“Excuse me,” Jack said politely, “Although both projects were based in computers, our ideas are far, far apart. They have very different concepts that-“

“We know you kids today love your computers and your apps and your small phones. But it’s all the same.” The judge interrupted him again, “We can give you points for trying. But I think this should be a disqualification.”

“Ooh why don’t we let that lovely girl with the volcano get first prize?” A third judge piqued up, “She’s so brave to be the only young woman to enter into the fair. I think that should be rewarded don’t you girls? We need to support women in science!” The fourth nodded in reply.

Jack was dumbfounded. This made no practical sense. He looked over to where Sara was standing next to her booth. She was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Jack knew that the Queen of Cold hadn’t even tried for the fair. She knew the judges were going to pick her. He had to contain his temper and his grief. He couldn’t give the satisfaction to her. He had to be emotionless.

The next half-hour was grueling. Jack had to sit and watch the other booths win over him. Sara came in first, that bitch. The second, was the floppy disk guy. Third was melon man. And Jack won the opportunity to take the winner’s kartal escort photo. Sara insisted.

Jack was packing up his experiment, although he felt more like torching it. What was the point now anyway? Sara got what she wanted and now Jack was stuck with more terribleness.

“You should have won.” A voice said. Jack turned around to see the floppy disk guy standing over the project. “Lasers huh? That’s brilliant. If these old vultures could see that this actually had more potential than a damn volcano, you’d have won. Don’t forget that.”

Jack smiled. “You’re new here aren’t you? Not many people are nice to me, and I certainly don’t have good ideas.”

Floppy disk guy chuckled. “Dude, I’m just passing through. I’ll be gone after Spring Break. I’m just doing this contest for credit. But you man, you deserve a real reward.” The guy pulled out a floppy disk from his pocket. “I think you should be capable of decrypting whatever’s on here. My grandfather Samuel said that it was something amazing, but the program inside never worked right on my tablet. Here man it’s all yours.” He handed the floppy to Jack who looked back at him.

“Thanks I guess. I’m sure I’ll give it a shot sometime.”

“Try it over break man. Get your mind off the contest. It sucked anyway.” Jack agreed with the guy on that part.

Jack was about to ask the dude’s name, when he heard a very distinct shill. It sounded like a goose giving up on life, but in reality, it was the honk for Jack’s mother’s car. No one in their family’s price range knew how to fix it. Jack sullenly nodded, grabbed what was left of his stuff, and headed to his mom.

“Better luck next time Jackie-Boy. Maybe your mother has some better ideas for you.” Sara whispered to him as he passed by her. Jack repressed every urge he had to snap back at her. That was playing into her hands.

As Jack closed the door to the car, he was surprised to find his sisters cramped in the seats with him. Jack had two sisters, Jess and Steph. Jess had raven black hair, that started to curl when she wore it too long. She had large, beautiful breasts that Jack tried to take his mind off of when he saw her. But it was her brown and gold eyes that usually captured his attention. She usually kept to herself and her books. Steph was different. Her hair was much frizzier and brown, and her personality was as perky as her breasts. They were all close in age, only a few months apart from each other.

Jack’s Moms sat in the front seats. That’s right, Jack had two moms.

Natalie and Kelly Daniel fell in love when they met in college, introduced by a mutual friend named Jeremy. They married, but when it came time to have kids, they both ask Jeremy to be a donor for the both of them. That is how Steph and Jess were born. Jack on the other hand, was brought in to the world by Jeremy’s wife, who passed in labor. Jeremy asked Kelly and Natalie to raise his son, as he tried to find the joy in life again. Jack never met his father or saw him ever again. His Moms told him the truth when he was thirteen, and revealed that not even Steph and Jess know who their real birth mom was, they were born so near each other. This way the whole family could just be a family without caring about who’s who.

“How did it go?” Kelly, as she insisted on being called instead of ‘Mom Two”, asked him, “Were they amazed by your brilliance as they should be?”

Jack gave a half smile, “Nope. Not this year. Sara and her volcano won.”

His sisters snickered, but his Mom was furious, “A fricken volcano beat your device? What kind of show are they running here? Do you want me to go back and give them a piece of my mind?”

Jack held his smile. Mostly to keep himself from breaking down.

“That’s why you don’t go up against her.” Jess said, not looking up from her book. “She’s just going to destroy you.”

“Yeah she keeps owning you bro,” Steph chided, “you gotta learn how to play your role.”

Jack nodded, his thumbs going over the floppy in his hands. Maybe this weekend he should fire this thing up to see if it was anything at all, or just another joke.

“It will be ok sweetie.” Kelly told him, “Something’s going to turn around. You’ll see!”

Jack certainly hoped that it would.

Oh, and boy would it.

The next two days were a blur of Spring Break. For those people like Jack who were social pariahs, Spring Break blurred together because nothing happened. No one wanted anything to do with him. And thus he was home alone. Well, not completely alone, his sister Jess was reading in the room next to his. But she as well as might be gone, because Jack was enthralled by the decryption of the floppy disk. He had been trying to uncover it for two days straight. It took forever to find a way to hook up the floppy to the computer. Nothing made sense. But finally, Jack had made it to one final value. Of which he had no idea to input. It looked like the computer was trying to ask for a never ending source kurtköy escort of code that was not in the floppy or on the computer itself. Jack was so stumped he began to bite on his nails, a habit that he swore to his mothers’ grave that he’d never do again. It freaked Steph out. But right now Jack was chewing them like they were double mint.

Suddenly, Jack felt a sharp pain on his finger. He looked down to see that he had bit too much. His nail had gone all the way to the quick, and was bleeding heavily. Before he could do anything about it, a drop of his blood fell down onto the keyboard of his computer. Jack’s eye’s widened when he realized that it could have done damage. But when he looked where the drop landed, Jack couldn’t find squat.

Jack drew his wounded finger to his mouth and looked up at the screen. For some strange reason, the final value had been accepted to the program. Suddenly, a text box popped up. Inside, tiny green letters began to form. Jack enlarged the box to read.



Jack clicked. Was Floppy guy’s program working out?

Up popped another black command box, with green letters typing. Jack saw three buttons that said, “Detect subject”; “Enter subject name”; and “See current changes”.

Jack clicked on the “Detect Subject”. A loading bar appeared, then suddenly, another window popped up with a list of names. But about the list read, “20ft radius”. Jack ignored it, more intrigued by the names listed. At the top was his own, Jack Daniel. But right below him was his sister, Jess. He decided to click on himself. The screen changed, and an image of Jack, naked, appeared on the screen.

“What kind of prank is this?” Jack asked aloud. Did floppy disk guy give this to him as a joke? To see what the nerd kid could do? There were several dials and scales around the 3D figure of Jack on the screen. There was a type box at the bottom. The scales had labels, weird labels like, “stamina, muscle, length,” while the dials had things like “morality, arousal, intelligence”. Jack laughed. This was hilarious. It was like editing and avatar for a videogame. But he was the avatar apparently. Knowing that this was some stupid prank, Jack clicked on the ‘penis length’ scale, and decided to humor his prankers. He slid it higher and higher, until Jack noticed something uncomfortable in his pants.

“No way.” Jack mumbled. He fumbled with his buckle and then fished out his now monster of a cock. Jack looked at the screen. “Bullshit.” He looked at one of the dials. He took the one labeled “morality,” and turned it. He didn’t feel anything happen. Ok, this was 1 for 2. There was a label that said, ‘horniness’. He clicked a box that said, “steady build”. Again, nothing seemed to happen. He played with a scale that claimed to adjust the speed of the build. Even with it maxed out, nothing seemed to happen.

He took the muscle slider and began to slide it. Slowly and subtly Jack felt his body grow denser, then larger.

Jack sat in stunned silence. He had a machine that could edit bodies. He looked at the screen again. He looked at the open text box below his avatar. Green letters suddenly appeared in a black command box that said, “Input your changes here!”

“What in the holy hell?” Jack muttered as he started to type. What the hell should I type? How does this thing even work?

Then a Jack got an idea. He began to quickly type in the text box, “Jack understands how to use this.” Nothing seemed to happen. He looked at the text box. That didn’t make sense. Jack checked the program. Anything he typed should have become real. He knew this. Then it dawned on him. The program did work. It had seamlessly made the knowledge a part of him.

He had all the power. What the in the world should he do now? Jack began to feel a sensation deep in his body. He looked at the program. The slow build to the horny switch had been turned on. It had been building for a few moments now. He felt hornier than he had ever been. He needed to be satisfied now. His thoughts turned to his sister in the room next to him. They were the only two people in the house for hours. Jack looked at the program and a wry smile spread across his lips. His fingers touched the keyboard, and he began to type.

Jess Daniel was sitting alone in her room reading the same book she had read a thousand times. It was a trashy romance flick, but its prose always sparked her imagination. She wasn’t the most popular girl in school. Her breasts developed too quickly and too largely, spawning the ire of her classmates. Jess withdrew to her stories and her studies. She wasn’t as hated as her brother though, however their relation didn’t seem to help her situation any more.

Jess sighed as she read her book. This chapter was her favorite part. It was when the muscular protagonist swept the heroine off her feet and carried her to a night of passion, romance, and tantric sex. Jess bit her lip as she read about pendik escort the protagonist, picturing the chiseled abs and throbbing hard-

Jess had to take a breath. For a moment, she imagined her brother in place of her usually fantasy guy. That was strange. Very strange. She shrugged it off and kept reading. She was reading the scene where the man was holding the heroine and about to savagely take her and slide his manly meat inside her. As she read, Jess found herself getting more aroused than usual. She started to unbutton her shirt and tease her breasts. She was surprised to hear herself cry out as her hands touched her nipple. She was extra sensitive.

Jess kept reading on, dreaming about how the heroine began to straddle her man’s cock and give in to her base instincts. Meanwhile her hand made its way down to her unbuttoned pants, sliding her fingers through her folds just right above her clit. It felt different than usual. Jess was feeling it more intensely than ever before. Her mind raced, thinking of the man holding the heroine, no, holding her. Jess was imagining herself in the heroine’s place. She put down her book, using her free hand to stroke the most sensitive nipples that she had ever felt in her entire life.

Jess was getting lost in the pleasure. She couldn’t stop. She needed this more than anything else. Her hips started bucking against her fingers, as she began thrusting her hand in and out of her very, very wet pussy. She was imagining the man of her fantasy pinning her to the bed with his cock. He was so very, very sexy. She imagined looking up at his face, but she was shocked to see her brother’s instead. She thought of stopping, but she was too turned on. She needed this relief. She needed it now, brother be damned. Jess was imagining fucking back on her brother’s cock, using her hands to trace around his back as he took her. She was loving it. She felt herself getting closer and closer to an orgasm. She cried out. She had never masturbated this intensely before. She was almost there.

But then the fantasy of her brother evaporated. She couldn’t finish. She was stuck. She needed to cum. She needed this. Her mind was clouded with lust. There was only one thing that she could do now. She stood up and tore off the rest of her clothes, a ravenous smile flashed as she checked herself in a mirror. She needed this to work. As she headed towards the door, she almost tripped on her novel. She kicked it to the corner of her room.

“Fantasy can only get me so far.” She said, “I need the real thing.”

Jack sat patiently in his room. His sister’s cries echoing through the wall. She was a passionate one, he noticed. He looked up at the Master PC program on his computer. He closed the window, and then tried to put on his most innocent face. He had to keep his desire in check for now.

The knock on the door got Jack trembling with excitement. He had to calm down. He knew too much and he was going to ruin this for himself. He opened up the program again and made some adjustments to himself.

“Jack!” Jess called coyly, “I need to talk to you about something. Can you let me in please?”

Jack blinked his eyes. He was wondering why he was staring at his computer. He must have zoned out or something. He got up and started to walk towards his door. His jaw dropped as he opened it. In the hallway stood he very attractive sister. Naked. Her eyes looked at him like they were sizing up a meal to eat. She started to slowly walk into his room, swaying her hips as she moved. Jack noticed how confidant she seemed.

“Jess, what’s going on?” Jack couldn’t help but stare.

“Oh brother dear, don’t make a fuss.” She reached out and touched his chest, “I’ve seen you stare at me before. Every guy has.” She made a frown, “And I thought it was so unfair, the way you’ve eyed me. I don’t get a chance to return the favor. And my,” her hand began to feel up Jack’s muscles, “are you keeping secrets from me.”

“Jess,” Jack said as she gripped Jack’s hand, “I don’t think that this is a very good idea.” Jess put a finger on his lips.

“Jack, I know you’ve always wanted to feel them,” She moved his hand right over her beautiful DD’s. “Go ahead, they’re yours to play with.” She pulled him in to feel the warmth of her body. Jack couldn’t help but feel the weight and the warmth of her breasts as he began to squeeze on them. “All I want from you bro is a chance to play with your toys.” She let go of his hand and started to unzip his pants.

Jack was getting so hard playing with his sister’s amazing tits, but as her hand began to fish out his cock, he looked up to see the lustful look glazed over his sister’s eyes. She wanted this, badly. And Jack would be lying if he said he didn’t want it. He reached out and brushed his fingers through her hair and pulled her had towards his. Her lips met his without hesitation and hungrily began to kiss him back.

“Oh Jack it seems you hit the genetic lottery.” Jess said as she began to stroke his massive cock. It was at least eight or nine inches long. “Don’t worry, I know how to take care of you.” She knelt down, and dragged his pants off while she sank. Her mouth began to kiss upward from his thigh all the way to his balls, where she began to blow softly then lick with her tongue.

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