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“How about a massage?” she questioned me provocatively, letting her thick eye lashes fall deeply as she smiled at my coyly. I instantly felt a small jolt below my belt as she twirled her short hourglass figure around, displaying her thick, round ass before she began to walk to the bedroom. As she walked she made sure to sashay her hips ever so gently from side to side. Not enough to be ridiculous, but just enough that her entire figure playfully danced away from me, forcing me to see nothing but that beautiful hourglass body with it’s thin waist and full-bodied thighs.

Miss was a little short at 5’4″, but more than made up for it with double D breasts that were constantly trying to escape her bra, a tight little waist line, and hips and thighs that begged to be hugged and tapped. Her long wavy chestnut hair reached halfway down her back and was perfectly soft and silky to the touch. She had slightly narrowed eyes and a small nose with just a few little freckles that came out with the sun, and she could smile in the most devious way to let you know that she now craved dirty hot sex.

This was the look I received as she spun around again before the bedroom door. If her sensual walk hadn’t gotten me interested the desirous look she now leveled upon me definitely sparked my cock into lengthening between my shorts and my leg. She put both hands on the front of her thighs and slowly rode them down her legs as she leaned forward letting her massive breasts hang and form a long line of cleavage down her creamy chest. It’s hard to define how the low cut shirt allowed her breasts to hang free while she was wearing a bra, but the sheer volume of soft tit flesh was working it’s hardest to spill out toward me.

I loved the entire package, but her swimming, swaying breasts were second only to her sweet and amorous face. I am a breast man through and through and Miss’ breasts were the kind that could get me stiff and dripping cum just by imagining their feel and softness. But more on those later.

“I’ll see you inside in a minute she said,” and closed the door softly leaving me now excited and breathing heavy with anticipation. My cock was definitely responding to her heated call. I knew what a “massage” meant. We always started with a body exploring massage that somehow ended up with my cock pumping hot love deep deep inside one of her lewd holes. And she was often happy to consume eryaman escort my thick spunk in any one of her tight spaces.

“Come inside,” she called playfully, the lascivious innuendo not being lost on me.

She was laying down on the futon, her sweet naked body gently relaxing on the pad. She had the most beautiful figure, hourglass soft and creamy even as she lay down on the bed. Flesh that was warm and soft and inviting to the touch. I felt the warmth enter my groin as I viewed the smooth skin I couldn’t wait to caress. She had been stressed out by work this week, but this night was going to allow us to wipe away all our stress and revel in sweet touch and release with each other. I was also undressed by now and I slowly climbed on the bed before mounting her, one leg on each side of her hips and gently rested myself on her ample and pleasing thighs from behind. My now blood thickened but still drooping member came to rest gently down the length of her soft ass crease. We both felt the torrid radiant heat from this intimate contact.

I pumped a generous load of lotion into my hands, the scent instantly increasing the warmth in my groin to a burning heat. I began to rub her back as she relaxed in to my hands. Her plump breasts, my favorite, most mind blowing and erotic part, pressed out on either side of her body. Boobs so heavy and soft that they could not but spread out sumptuously begging to be caressed. Already I was becoming fully stiff as my cock minutely rocked back and forth along her ass slit while I worked my hands up and down her shoulders.

Gently kneading her creamy shoulder skin in between my strong textured hands, I soon began to massage her mid back and then after a prolonged time moved down to her lower back. By now I was fully erect and we were both aware of this sensation. I had always been quick to drip pre-cum and now was no exception. I had been dripping for a while and the continued motion of my fattened red prick against her hot ass made me ooze pre-cum enough to lube the entire length of her cleft. We could both feel the veins and ridges of my cock slipping just slightly up and down that tight ass crack.

I soon began rubbing my hands just above the generous swell of her rounded ass which caused Miss to begin eliciting the softest of moans. Her moans were instantly intoxicating and my plump warm chub began escort eryaman to throb red and angry at the height of fullness. I pumped another generous load of butter lotion in to my hands and lightly shifted myself down her thighs, kneeling above her supple legs, as I spread the new shot of lotion all over her curved and now flushed ass cheeks.

My penis no longer focused on my desire to please her as it quickly engorged, now extending up the cleavage between her thighs and timidly pressing against the lower swell of her gorgeous ass. I continued the massage lower down her sweet cheeks, rubbing strait down her plump rear, then out the the sides, and then in toward the center. The sexy split between each cheek loomed large in my vision and desire, I continued massaging ever closer to that cleavage. My desire was mimicked by her now deeper moans, as I slowly split apart that slit and allowed my slick and lotion creamy fingers to run the length of her separation up and down, each time increasing my depth and the split of her cheeks a little more.

Soon I was pulling her sweet cheeks fully apart exposing her erotically creamy brown hole to my vision and then my massaging fingers. I pumped another load of thick white lotion from the bottle onto my right hand finger tips while my left continued to slowly massage the inner walls of her taut ass. I opened the walls wide with my left hand and pushed the slightly cold lotion right onto her tightly puckered sphincter causing her body to jump in unexpected shock and delight. An astonished Miss made a noise that I could only describe as a deeply erotic mewl. An exclamation that implied absolutely shocked and profound pleasure. That sound was so erotic that my pulsing cock involuntarily shot an actual load of pre-cum at the four corners where her ass crack met her leg split.

The warm lotion was then generously massaged into that same area causing her body to shudder with delight. I slowly rubbed small circles enjoying every small moan and whimper out of her throat. We were now in perfect sync, her moans and my need, and her need and my now throbbing cock all wanted the same intimate contact as I smoothly slid my weight forward on her thighs until I rested my hard member along the length of her slick crack. We both knew what we wanted and at that moment she began to shove her perfectly plump rounded ass up as eryaman escort bayan hard as she could into my wanting groin.

The lotion and the pre-cum both let my rock hard member penetrate her cheeks instantly and the thick swell of my meat was now cushioned perfectly between her cheeks rubbing hard and pleasingly against her tight butt hole. We both began to grind hard, the now rigid shaft of my cock was sliding up and down her ass crack and soon we both needed more so I pulled back slightly grasping my cock with one hand and began to guide my now slippery reddish purple cock head between her ass cheeks and up against her tight almond hole. At this she immediately lost all reason and began to cry out with pleasure loud enough that she was forced to bury her head in the pillows. We were lost in the reckless abandon of pure pleasure, desire and fulfillment of each other.

She lifted herself off the bed into doggy style and I knew instantly that she was beyond thought and reason and in the mood for a good hard fucking. Miss was still grinding against the shaft of my cock, as I reached around her thigh and dove between her legs with my hand. I didn’t have to search for her longing slit as a thick trail of love juice led the way and my fingers instantly found her now engorged and desperate clit between wet lips. I swiftly began to rub her hard clit in “circles”, just the way she liked it. Her cries of pleasure continued to fill my ears as she began to rock back and forth. My cock now ached for the tight sleek embrace of her pussy.

I grabbed the shaft of my cock, mid thrust by Miss, and quickly guided the pre-cum soaked prick deftly between her sumptuous plump dripping wet lips. As my rock hard cock hurtled toward her womb we both cried out in shock and pleasure together. I wasn’t going to last long and she couldn’t wait any longer. We pounded each other with reckless abandon. My thighs slapped loud and hard against her ass as we both pumped rapidly apart and together in rhythm. Her pussy was the best and only feeling I had ever wanted or dreamed of in my life. My cock was the only and most pleasurable sensation she had ever desired. And at that moment I felt the hot swell of orgasm as Miss began to lose her voice from her cries. A sea of white enveloped us both as she gushed around me and I blew a furious load of cum over a dozen pumps. I had never cum so deeply nor so much as she had never been filled by so much liquid hot semen.

We held that position for several minutes as my cock twitched inside of her depositing every last seed deep within her clutch. We were both fulfilled and complete. Eventually we collapsed in a warm and tight embrace upon the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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