Massaged by My Nerdy Brother Ch. 11

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By Pan and BurroGirl18

Chapter 11:

“Anytime,” Melvin muttered. “Anytime, anywhere.”

I nodded, and continued vigorously blowing him.

I’d never had anyone’s dick so deep down my throat before. It was starting to get uncomfortable, but I wanted to please him so bad. I wanted to get him off before Mom came upstairs.

I wanted to swallow my brother’s cum again.

“Easy there,” Melvin said, noticing my distress. He removed his cock from my mouth. “Easy, Alison. You’ll choke.”

A tear rolled down my cheek as a result of my painful efforts. I shook my head, wanting a second shot at trying to deep throat his cock, but he wasn’t going to give it to me.

“Go to the bed,” he said in a kind voice.

“No,” I wanted to say. The words didn’t make their way out of my mouth, but I held my ground. I stayed glued to the chair.

I wasn’t going to fuck him. I wasn’t going to fuck my brother.

“Go to the bed,” he repeated. “Be a good girl.”


I don’t know why, but ‘good girl’ did something to me. I found myself getting up, making my way to the bed. I wanted to be a good girl for my brother. I wanted to do as he said. I was his obedient little kitten.

As I stood up, I spotted the puddle I’d somehow managed to make on the chair, even through my jeans.

“You should take those dirty clothes off,” he said.


I nodded. He was right. Clothes were dirty. Should take them off.

I felt like I was high. My mouth was throbbing. I could still feel the bruises from forcing his cock so deep into my throat.


“Good girl,” Melvin muttered, and I melted.

My brother unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down, along with my panties. I stepped out of them once they were on the ground. I was now completely naked. Melvin only had a shirt on, which he quickly removed.

His chest was anything but hot. It was completely flat, with his ribs sticking out. I’d seen it before, but I’d never…I dunno, looked at it. Before, he was my brother.

Now, he was…

I shuddered with arousal. I didn’t want to think about what he was.

If I’d noticed his body, or thought about it in a sexual light, it would have grossed me out. Somehow, in this situation, it had a reverse effect on me. It felt so dirty to be with someone who I wasn’t attracted to.

It felt so dirty to be with my brother.

My brother.

“Shhh,” he said again. Another long, loud moan had escaped my mouth.

“Sorry,” I whimpered.

Melvin pointed at his bed, silently ordering me to lie down.

I obeyed.

He quickly climbed on top of me and began kissing my body. I could feel his acne against my skin as he kissed my boobs, my thighs. He left my pussy untouched.

I was no longer able to hold in the sounds of my pleasure, so he reached up with one hand and covered my mouth again.

I almost came on the spot.

My hands were clenching the sheets as I writhed with pleasure. I wanted him.

I wanted my brother.

My brain was no longer in control – my pussy had the wheel. I needed his cock. I needed it inside me. Now.

I wanted my brother. I wanted Melvin. I wanted his acne-covered face, his weird sticky-out ribs. I wanted his enormous cock.

I didn’t even care if Mom caught us. I wanted Mom to catch us. I wanted her to know what a slut her daughter was. I wanted the world to know.

I wanted to be fucked.

Melvin’s lips continued to travel up and down my body, inching closer to my pussy each time. As pendik escort he did, I felt his rock-hard dick brushing up against my body in different spots. It was all I could do to stop myself from grabbing it, from forcing it back down my throat, from forcing it into my pussy.



I couldn’t.

I could.

I didn’t want to.

I’d never wanted anything more.

I was a good girl.

I was my brother’s good girl.

Instead of finally finding my pussy, Melvin’s mouth made its way up my body. For the first time, I felt my brother’s mouth on my neck, while his cock brushed up against my labia.

I was losing it.

Every inch of my skin was an erogenous zone. As I writhed and flailed on the bed, my tongue was trying to escape my mouth. Melvin’s hand was still pressed up against my lips. I could taste it. I could taste my brother’s hand, his wonderful, magical hand.

I wanted it in ways that didn’t even make sense.

Without warning, Melvin bit down on my neck.

“Ahhh!” I screamed, the sound muffled by my brother’s hand. I was so aroused at that point, I’d forgotten about my parents, about the pizza. I couldn’t have told you which city we were in.

All I wanted to do was cum.

Melvin got up and knelt between my legs. As his hand left my mouth, he knocked over his iPad, stopping the music. For a moment, I felt my sanity coming back.

What was I doing?

My brother grabbed his enormous rod and started rubbing my clit with the head of his cock. My body was shaking with arousal, threatening to be overwhelmed by the bursts of pleasure coming from my pussy.

He’s my brother.

I openly moaned as I writhed beneath his touch. If my Mom was coming up the stairs, I wouldn’t have been able to hear her…but she would have heard me.

This is so wrong.

“I’m gonna put it inside now,” he whispered.


“Don’t,” I moaned weakly. “Please…”





Please, yes!

Fully lubricated by my juices, he started moving his cock up and down my pussy, rubbing it over the opening of my vagina without pushing it in.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered. “I’ll be gentle.”

I shook my head while moaning with desire. My mind was saying no, while my body was saying yes.

Each time he moved the head of his penis up and down along my vulva, he inserted a tiny bit more of the tip into my opening. I felt his thick cock stretch the entrance more with every brush.

“Just the tip,” he whispered, a grin on his face. We’d watched through Archer together. If I hadn’t been so turned on, so out of control, I might have laughed. “Relax…”

I shook my head while thrusting my pussy in his direction.

“Come on,” he said softly. “Who’s my good girl?”

The way he said it, I was suddenly overtaken by an unexplainable calmness. I nodded. Receiving the green light, he pushed the entire head in.

“Ahhhh-” I moaned loudly. “Oh, god.”

His hand reached out and covered my mouth.

“Good girl,” he said gently. “Good girl…”

He started moving the head in and out, and I felt like I could get off with just those few inches. But with each thrust, he went deeper.

“Tell me if it hurts,” he whispered.

I could feel his thick cock stretching my tight vagina. I was so wet, it was gliding in and out effortlessly, without causing any pain. He was so thick, so hard. He kept fucking me with more and more of his cock – soon, I was taking in tuzla escort half his length. Keenan was about seven inches, so I knew I could take at least that, but Melvin was bigger. He soon had most of his cock buried inside me, when I eventually bit his hand in pain and he stopped going deeper.

Now that he knew my limit, he started increasing his tempo.

As I’m sure my brother had worked out, I could cum very easily when my clit was being pleasured, but I’d never had a vaginal orgasm before. When Keenan and I had sex, I’d finger myself while he fucked me, or we’d choose a position where I could grind my clit on his body.

This time, as I was being fucked by Melvin deeper than ever, I felt something new, something I’d never experienced. Even though neither of us had gone near my clit, I felt an orgasm building up.

I couldn’t stop staring at him. His face, covered in acne. His eyes, staring into mine. His underdeveloped chest, his pale skin.

My nerdy brother.

I was my nerdy brother’s fucktoy.

I came harder than I’d ever cum before. As my vagina tightened around my brother’s cock, I could feel his penis twitching as he came inside me.

And that’s when I heard it.

“Alison? Pizza’s here!”

I tried to reply, but Melvin’s hand was still on my mouth. He was staring at me, awed, as though looking at me for the first time.

He’d just lost his virginity.

I’d just taken my brother’s virginity.

My brother’s first time was with the sexiest woman he knew: me. His sister.

I tried to glare him out of his trance – when that didn’t work, I bit him. Hard.


I could hear Mom’s footsteps on the staircase.

“Just a minute!” I cried out.

“It’s okay,” she replied. “I’m bringing it up!”

I wanted to tell her that she couldn’t, but my mind was still foggy from the best fuck I’d ever had.

“Wait!” I said.

“What is it?”

As I went to stand up, I got tangled in my brother’s stupid lanky legs, and both of us feel crashing to the ground.

“Are you all right?”

“Yes!” I cried, grabbing a shirt and throwing it on as quickly as I could. I didn’t have a bra on, but that was okay. I was around family.

I barely made it to the door as it was opening, and managed to stop it with my foot. Peering around the door, I smiled at my Mom, hoping that my sex hair wasn’t too obvious.

Hoping that it wasn’t obvious that I’d just fucked my brother.

“What’s wrong?” she said, a puzzled look on her face. My face must have been red. Flushed. I wouldn’t have been surprised if little hearts had been floating out of my eyes, popping above my head.

I’d never cum so hard in my life.

“I just knocked over Melvin’s lego collection,” I panted. “It’s a disaster in here. Don’t come in.”

Mom smiled, and rolled her eyes.

“Don’t get pizza on it,” she said, handing me the box. I opened the door, praying that she couldn’t see my bare legs, or – worse – my naked brother.

She didn’t seem to notice anything. The smell of sex.

That my brother had just cum inside me.

As I heard Mom going downstairs, I collapsed in the doorway, next to the puddle. This time, it wasn’t just my puddle – it was my juice, combined with Melvin’s seed.

“Mind if I have some pizza?” Melvin said with a grin, and I nodded.


We didn’t finish the massage. Truth be told, I was starting to wonder if the massages were just an excuse. A way of getting me naked. Horny.


Instead, ümraniye escort we watched TV and ate pizza. Melvin didn’t even bother putting clothes back on – he just lay back, occasionally dripping pizza sauce onto his pigeon-chest.

My attention was pretty evenly split between the show and my brother’s cock.

I’d never seen it flaccid before. I mean, not since we were kids. Not that there was a whole lot of difference…I guess my brother was a ‘grower’; when he wasn’t erect, Melvin’s dick was exactly what you’d expect. It looked like it was the size of his thumb, and that was being generous.

But I knew what that little penis grew into. I knew what it became, given the right…stimulus.

And when he noticed that I was staring at his cock, it began to plump up.

Before long, his tiny prick had grown into the enormous erection I knew it as.

“You wanna?” he asked, giving it a waggle.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

A few minutes later, he was cumming down my throat as I desperately rubbed my clit.

That night, I lay in bed, thinking.

How did it come to this?

I was thinking about Melvin’s cum, still slowly dripping out of my pussy. I was thinking about being able to taste my own juices on his thick cock.

But mostly, I was thinking about Keenan.

What did he do to deserve this? He was never rude to me. He never cheated on me, even though I knew he had plenty of opportunity. He had the looks, he was dynamite in bed…even his future looked great. He’d likely turn into a star athlete and earn millions.

And he was smart, too. He’d probably make a decent living even after he retired from sports.

He was the best boyfriend one could possibly wish for.

But still I cheated on him. With my brother. My twin brother; an ugly nerd with a face full of pimples, and a skinny body that just screamed weakness. Keenan could kill him with just one punch.


Melvin was the last person in the world I should ever, ever want to sleep with. Incest aside, he was so far from my type, it was ridiculous.

Well, except for between the legs, I guess.

Still. If you’d told me at the start of all this I’d let my brother fuck me, then lick his cock clean and let him cum down my throat straight after…it’s not just that I wouldn’t have believed you. I would have bet everything in the world that you were wrong.

But here I was. I would have never imagined that my brother would even have the guts to grope me, to run his hands all over my body, take advantage of my horniness, and fuck me in his bed.

Maybe that was why I kept letting it happen – because it was just so unbelievable. You can’t stop what you don’t believe is happening, y’know?

I didn’t want to believe that it had happened. It should have been impossible.

But…it had. It had happened, and I was responsible.

I had to come to terms with it – I’d slept with my brother. I’d slept with my brother, and sucked his cock. Not once, not twice, but three times. I wished that it wasn’t real, but it had happened.

As I lay there, my brother’s snoring filling the room, I started making up theories, trying to justify it. I argued to myself that it was a one-time slip-up. I could still save my relationship with Keenan. I made a mistake, but as long as it remained an isolated incident, it could be forgiven.

Especially if Keenan didn’t learn about it.

A couple of massages had gone too far, I’d seen my brother’s huge dick, and I had to know what it felt like to have it inside of me. That was it. An experiment. Nothing more. All brothers and sisters experiment with each other, right?

Now that I knew what it felt like, I could go back to my boyfriend and enjoy his (smaller, but still great) penis.

Yeah. Yeah, that sounded right.

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