Masculinity Throughout Time

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Sometimes, it amazes me how much the world has changed in a few years. Yeah, I know I sound like an old-timer. It’s because that’s what I am. I’m sixty years old, and currently standing in a cemetery at night. looking at my wife’s grave sure brought back memories. I remember how we met. Yeah, those were different times indeed. The favorite daughter of a family of rich white southerners fell in love with a handsome black college man. It was an event which changed both our lives, and altered our relationships with our respective families as well as our views of the world. From that moment on, nothing would ever be the same.

The time is 1970 and the name is Joel Brown Derrick. I’m a six-foot-tall, somewhat heavyset but good-looking young black man living in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, I’m a first year student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. I major in civil engineering. My father James Derrick is a mechanical engineer in Houston. He owns his own business. He really wanted me to go to Morehouse College, his alma mater. Truth be told, I was quite tempted. I liked Morehouse, the only all-male and all-black college in the world, but I was more focused on Georgia Tech because they offered me an academic scholarship. Free room and board for four years. I had to go there! Now that I’m there, zero regrets. It’s definitely the place to be!

The story that I’m about to tell you involves me and some friends and admirers of mine. My girlfriend Tory Darwin is a very freaky female. canlı bahis Six feet tall, pretty-faced, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed. Her hair is short and blonde, her eyes blue and her skin alabaster. She goes to Spellman College, an all-female private school. This sexy Irish mama weighs three hundred pounds and she’s totally hot. I like big women. It doesn’t matter if they’re white, black, Asian or Hispanic. I like big women and I cannot lie! I don’t know why. Whenever I see a big woman with a big butt walk by, I get excited. I don’t know why. Maybe someone should do a story on that. Or perhaps a psychological study. Whatever. I met Tory at Spellman and we have been together ever since. I get along with her great because she’s a simple gal with simple tastes. In other words, easy to please, and not big on whining. That’s perfectly cool with me.

Currently, Tory and I are wrestling in oil. She likes wrestling and so do I. We grappled around the polished wooden floor, knocking stuff around. I weight two hundred and forty pounds. Tory is quite a bit heavier. She’s big and strong, and likes wrestling, but she doesn’t have much experience. Instead of grappling with her face to face, I managed to jump on her back and pin her down. She reached backwards, trying to dislodge me but I hung on. I caught her hand and pinned it behind her back, then twisted my right leg around her left one while supporting my weight with my left leg. We tumbled down on the floor. Tory bahis siteleri cried out. I laughed. Technique can overcome size almost anytime. She was a good wrestler, though. I did enjoy making her tap out. She grimaced, grunted, then tapped out. Laughing, I caressed her plump ass and kissed her ear.

Caressing Tory’s plump white ass caused my cock to harden. She turned around, and saw the desire in my eyes. Smiling naughtily, she nodded. I smiled, and gently spread her plump butt cheeks wide open. Slowly, I pressed my cock against her backdoor. One of the many things I liked about Tory is the fact that she liked sex. This big white woman liked sex just as much as I did. We did it many places. In the club bathroom, in her dorm at Spellman College and pretty much anywhere we happened to be when the need struck us. Yeah, we had fun. Recently, we had been experimenting with anal sex. At first, she was reluctant but recently, she transformed herself into the queen of all anal receivers. She simply loved getting my cock in her ass. Hell, sometimes she asked for it. Am I a lucky guy or what?

I slowly worked my cock into Tory’s butt hole. Holding her by those wide hips of hers, I thrust into her. The first thing I felt upon penetrating her asshole was one of warmth. Tory’s asshole was tight, but thankfully not too tight. It wasn’t very loose either. It was just right. As I began fucking her, she held her cheeks with both hands, prying them apart. Clearly, she wanted more of my bahis şirketleri cock up her asshole. Is this gal awesome or what? My girlfriend was an anal sex enthusiast! I began to happily pump away, shoving my cock deep down where the sun didn’t shine.

As I fucked her, Tory screamed in mixed pain and pleasure and begged me for more. I gave her all the cock I had. Eight inches of uncircumcised black stud. My cock burrowed deeper into her asshole, going into forbidden territory. Probing the depths of my big, beautiful and absolutely willing girlfriend was so pleasurable it’s not even funny. I felt like the walls of her anal cavity were massaging my cock. Damn, this was so damn hot! We went at it like this for some time, until I finally came, sending my hot cum deep inside her ass. Tory squealed in delight. Yeah, she loved this, and so did I. We lay on the wooden floor, panting. My cock was still inside her. I tried to pull out, but she wouldn’t let me. We had more wicked fun together later on.

Yep, and that’s how things were between me and Tory. The big white chick I fell for. We got hitched, and remained together, in spite of what both of our families thought. Yeah, many people opposed our relationship. My family didn’t want their brightest and best educated son to marry a white chick. Her family, a bunch of rich Georgian farmers, weren’t keen on their favorite daughter marrying a black man. Tory and I got hitched and stayed married. We had a couple of brats together. Two sons and one daughter. We lived in Atlanta. I became an engineer after graduation. She became a teacher. We were together until cancer claimed her in late 2007. I loved this woman, and enjoyed every day we had together. No regrets.

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