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Have you ever met a woman, who by just being around her, could make not only your heart ache, bit your balls ache with desire as well? Sounds ridiculous and maybe even a bit rude, but I have met such a woman. Her name is Mary.

Mary is four years older than I am. I’m 25 and she’s 29. She is married to a guy about her same age and has two children with her husband. To look at her you would say she is living the happy and loving life that marriage and commitment are designed to offer.

I, on the other hand am divorced. I have no kids, and I am tired of the single bar scene kind of life that a lot of guys my age seem to enjoy.

That is why I am so surprised that things have developed over the last six months as they have.

Nine months ago I applied for a position with a communications company in my area as a service tech. After my interview I was told that my background and experience were sufficient to make me more suited for a supervisor’s job instead. Of course, I accepted the higher paying job without hesitation.

My first day on the job went well. I was introduced to my fellow workers and the office staff. I settled into my office and got right to work trying to prove myself worthy of the new position.

I was expected to go to lunch on my first day with my boss, the manager of my department, who’s name is Art. Art is a great guy. Maybe in his 50’s he was easy going and very likable. He and I hit it off right away.

During our conversation Art laid out the game plan for the department, telling me the goals they wanted to reach and the responsibilities that I would be expected to cover.

“Look if you ever need anything, and you want advice on how to get it, just go and ask Mary.”

“Mary?” I asked. “Did I meet Mary yet?”

“No not yet. She’s out for a few days on vacation.” Art said rising to leave. “Mary is my secretary, and you’ll meet her next week. But if you need anything done, just ask her and she’ll help you out once she gets back.” He added. “She secretly runs my department for me.” He joked.

I would soon learn this to be his best advice of the day.

So I started to work in my new job with all the enthusiasm and devotion people bring when they first get a new position.

That week, and the weekend flew by and on Monday morning I went to my office with great plans to start a new project with the engineering department. My service guys were going to be replacing some hardware in a series of systems that were out in customer locations and we had to get the procedure down, to help prevent any trouble with the change out.

We worked on the project most of the day, and came up with a set of guidelines that each of the service techs were to follow. I went back to my office and began writing them out in a way there could be few if any misunderstandings.

About half way through the typing job, there was a knock on my office door.

“Come on in!” I called out turning to look to see who it was.

Through my door, in walked Mary.

Jet black hair down to her shoulders, the cutest face you can imagine, and a smile that could melt the ice in the coldest winter. She wore a beige blouse that had puffy sleeves pushed up to her elbows and the lower hem of her blouse flared out in a roughly kind of shape that hung just at her hips. She had black pants that fit her snug from her slender, fit waist, down over a great set of curved womanly hips, and then belled out at her ankles. She wore plain, black, flat shoes that had little bows on top. Yes, I remember it all so well.

I just sat there and looked at her, without saying a word. I was pleasantly surprised at my good fortune to have a visitor who looked so good.

“Hi, I’m Mary, Arts secretary, you must be Phil?” She said walking up to my desk and extending her hand for me to shake.

I reached out and took her soft hand in mine and finally said, “Hi ah, yes glad to meet you.” As I starred into her bright green eyes I thought to myself that Art was a lucky son of a bitch.

She smiled again at my apparent loss for words and I felt a blush flow over my face.

“Art said you were working with the guys from engineering and that you might need some help?”

Realizing that I still held her hand I released it abruptly and said, “Um ya, ah, I’ve got to get these instructions typed and copied before the end of the day so I can give a class to the service techs in the morning.”

“Well, give them to me and I’ll take care of it. Typing and the like are my job so if you ever need this kind of thing done, just let me know.” A slight grin remained as she watched me squirm.

I handed over the papers to her and once again found myself mesmerized by her face, hair and, well just her whole being. I tried to be as professional as I could but I was truly stricken by this woman.

“I’ll be in my office if you need me.” She said, turning away and walking toward my door.

As she walked away my gaze was drawn to her perfectly shaped tear drop ass incased in those snug black pants of hers. When she reached the door she turned around catching my checking out her rear end.

“Nice to meet you too.” kızılay escort Laughing at my obviously unsettled condition as she left.

That was the start of what could only be called a month of flirtation. Every chance I had, I stopped by her office to ask for this or that. I would seek her out in the lunch room or try to find any excuse to engage her in conversation. She always greeted me the same, a smile and an amused demeanor at my infatuation of her.

After a while I began to notice two things. First, that Mary it seemed, was starting to enjoy our conversations more and was doing the same thing to me. When I wasn’t looking for her, she would come around looking for me. And second, that a lot of the other guys in the office seemed to get upset about she and I being around each other.

In fact it had become a concern to more people then I had realized.

After maybe three months on the job Art came into my office and said he needed to talk to me.

“Rumor has it that you and Mary are getting to be good friends?”

“Yes, she’s a great lady, I like her.” I stated, trying to sound as if I liked her for her professionalism instead of those green eyes and perfect body.

“You know she’s married and has a family?” He told me looking for some reaction on my part..

I got the hint. I didn’t want it, but I got it.

“Sure I know, she told me about them. You’re not thinking that I’m doing something with her are you? We’re just being friendly.” I said in the most persuasive tone I have. “Has Mary complained about me or something?”

“No, she would never say anything. But a lot of people are talking about the way you two get along.” He said sitting back in his chair. He seemed to be relaxing more about the topic. “There are a lot of people around here that really like Mary and Frank, and they get kind of protective when it comes to her, that’s all.”

I was taken back by this comment. Frank was someone I really didn’t want to get to know.

“There’s nothing going on with she and I and nobody needs to worry about us.” I stated allowing a little frustration into my voice.

“They’re not worried about you.” He said flatly. “They’re worried about Mary.”

“Well they needn’t be worried about her. I know she is married and besides we’re just being friendly. What is this, a junior high school?” I said in my defense, even though in reality I had none. “But hey, I get the message. I’ll cut down on the talking and visits.”

“Ok! That’s a good idea. Why look for trouble when there are easy ways to avoid them?” Art said and he looked like he was done with me.

“Was that all you wanted to talk about? Me and Mary?”

“Yes, that was all. But don’t underestimate the power of rumors and office talk. I don’t want any trouble for either of you, or this department. I don’t know for sure what the truth holds, but it won’t matter in the long run.”

I spent the rest of the day, and most of the rest of the week avoiding contact with Mary. But I had to admit, I missed her being around. I missed her smile. And I missed her conversation. And I wanted more from her.

Late on Friday of the same week I was in my office when the door opened and Mary peeked in.

“Hey, what-cha doing?” She asked quietly looking to see if I was alone before coming in.

“Just working.”

“Where have you been hiding? I haven’t seen you all week?” She looked worried, shutting the door behind her.

I thought about it and decided to tell Mary about the conversation with Art.

“That’s crazy. And besides who’s business is it who I talk too anyway?” She was getting angry and I had to calm her down before she said something to Art.

“I know, but Art is our boss, and he is unhappy with us talking so much.” I explained, insuring that she knows it was not my idea to stay away for so long.

Mary got a surprised look and then put her hands on those sexy hips of hers. “You don’t like talking to me now?”

I must not have explained as well as I thought.

“I didn’t say that. I just thought we should cut back on the conversations a bit. At least where people can see us, you know.”

“Fine!” She said in a bratty kind of way. “Don’t talk to me then. In fact don’t even look at me anymore.” And with that she stuck her tongue out at me and stormed out the door.

I had to laugh at that. She is so damn cute. Even when she got mad

The next day was a bit of a surprise for me. I had a voice mail from Art saying that I had to bring the monthly service reports in early for accounting because of the beginning of inventory. There was no way I was going to get them done in time without Mary’s help.

I gathered up the paperwork and went in to ask Mary to help me out.

“Can I help you sir?” Looking up from her work at me with a blank stare. I guess she was still upset about what I had said.

I just smiled and gave it back to her. “Oh stop being like that, you’re not mad, and you’re not so tough. And you know you STILL like me.” I said smiling.

She just gave me quick toss of her hair and a “Humf” noise. “What do you need meany man?” But the kızılay escort bayan look in her eyes told me that she was glad that I was there..

I explained what was happening and asked for her help.

“I’ll help, but I won’t do it all. You have to stay and help too.”

As we sat trying to arrange and complete the reports, Mary and I started joking and talking like used too. It seemed however, that everything we said could be taken in some sexual context or flirtatious way.

As well I started looking at her face and smile for long moments, a little too long to go unnoticed. Our eyes met continuously causing the tension to build and the attraction to become more then I could hide. I found myself looking at the shape of her breasts. I wondered what her nipples looked like. I watched her lips move as she talked. I watched the way her ass moved when she walked and bent over to pick things up.

Unknown to me, Mary had noticed something about me too. I saw her looking and followed her gaze down to my obviously stirring manhood. I was not erect, but more “full” then normal.

Mary didn’t say anything about it. She just gave me a knowing look that said volumes.

I really need to think about changing from boxers to briefs. At least with briefs, you can tuck it away and keep your secret desires secret.

At one time while we worked Mary dropped a stack of service reports on the floor next to her chair. As she turned and bent over to pick them up, I moved over to help.

Mary had on tight fitting brown pants that day, and as she stooped to retrieve the reports she spread her legs wide apart and leaned over between them. I sat back and watched as she moved. My mind wandered into fantasies of Mary opening her legs like the, without the pants.

Mary looked up at me a whispered. “See how flexible I am? I was a cheerleader in high school”

I nearly choked hearing her say this. We had flirted and joked all afternoon and many times before, but she really caught me off guard. A picture of Mary in a cheerleader outfit popped into my head. Although the cheer leader thing might be played out and stale, the idea of Mary jumping and doing the splits, well, I’m sure you know what I mean.

She saw my reaction and laughed. Sitting up straight, but keeping her legs wide apart, Mary looked at me and again smiled. “You’re a nasty man Phil. You are thinking how much you wish I have on a cheer leader skirt right now aren’t you? Or would just any skirt do?”

She was right.

“If I did have on a skirt, you could see right up it. You would see everything that I have down there. Would you like that?” She was teasing me mercilessly. “Oh! And what if I wasn’t wearing panties?” She raised her hand to cover her mouth pretending to be shocked by the potential exposure. She raised her eyebrows and tilted her head, inquisitively.

I looked her right in the eye and said with all seriousness, “Yes, I’d like to see that very much.”

She stopped smiling and got a look that could only be described as lustful. “Maybe you should come and see me more often then.” She said in a soft voice.

Without warning, and breaking the tension, but at the same time causing even more, Art walked into Mary’s office.

“So what are you two working on?” He said looking around and then giving me a stern look.

“We’re just trying to get the reports ready for you today.” Mary answered.

“Ok, well, get them done.” He told us and walked out.

We got the work done with no further interruptions. Mary did however go out of her way to tell me goodnight, and to say that she would see me tomorrow.

The next morning I arrived at the office early to insure that Art had his reports. I put everything together and took them to his office. Mary hadn’t arrived yet, but Art was always first one in, so I took them in to him myself. As we stood in his office I heard one of the other secretaries talking outside his door.

“Wow! Look at you. I think that this is the first time you ever dressed up like that for the office.” She was saying.

Then I heard Mary reply. “Yep, I figured it was time I showed everyone that I really am a girl.”

I turned at looked through Art’s open door. Mary was wearing a short little summer dress that came up to above her knees. As she talked she did a little spinning turn to show her friend her outfit. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail. I love ponytails, and she knows that from our conversations

“Very nice.” The other woman said. “You better stay off the production floor today or you’re going to cause a work slowdown.”

“I’ll be in my office most of the day.” Mary said laughing. Then she turned and looked at me just for a second. “Besides, for anyone to see it, they would have to come in here and look.” Then she went and sat at her desk.

Art gave me a suspicious look but said nothing. I continued with what I was doing. But my mind was over in Mary’s office, doing nasty things to Mary.

Later that day after having spent most of the boring day in my own office, I got a call from Mary.

“Hello, what are you doing right escort kızlay now?” She asked.

“I’m just spending time trying to stay busy and out of sight. Why what’s up?”

“Art’s gone for the rest of the day and I need help with some questions about the phone system upgrade for our building.” She said. “Do you think you could find a minute or two to come over and help me out with this stuff?”

“Art’s gone?” I was surprised that he hadn’t mentioned it to me. Maybe he didn’t want me to know he was going to be gone.

“Yes, for the rest of the day. So you don’t have to worry about him scolding you for coming over to see me for a minute.” She teased.

I felt a stirring in my crotch that I had been fighting for some time. I couldn’t help but think of the dress Mary had on today and to hope that she was going to maybe step up the teasing and flirting to the next level. After her comments from the day before I had high hopes regarding the dress.

“I’ll be over in a few minutes.” I answered.

On the way to Mary’s office I was keenly aware of everyone in the building. I felt sure that they all knew that I was on my way to see Mary. And in my paranoid state I was sure they all knew why I was going. Although no one said anything or even looked my way, I just knew they had heard of Mary’s dress, and I hoped that they didn’t think the same thing that I had. That Mary was dressed for my pleasure and no one else’s.

As I entered her office I saw Mary working hard on some files stacked up on her desk. I moved over and stood behind her and looked to see what she was working on. As I stood there I smelled the perfume that she was wearing and I looked down over her shoulders at the swell of her breasts under the thin material of her dress.

I felt myself starting to grow hard just being this close to her.

As I stood there Mary quickly turned toward me and her shoulder bumped into my groin. She looked at the bulge in my pants and then up at me. She had a surprised look on her pretty face. She looked down again at my now increasing bulge and then turned back to her desk and resumed working. I saw a blush creep up her neck and into her face. She looked embarrassed. “What are you doing? Go over there.” Pointing across to the other side of her desk.

Suddenly I was in a panic. Had I misread her intent? Maybe she wasn’t really dressed for me after all. I started to think that after all this time we had been talking that maybe I had had misunderstood the meaning of our banter. After all she was happily married with kids, and she is gorgeous. Maybe I had gone too far by not trying to hide my desire for her.

I quickly moved away from her and around the desk. I found a chair and made sure the front of my lower half was blocked from her view. “What do you need me to do, Mary?” I said trying to cover my tracks.

“I just need a few pointers on how to write this up.” She said shyly and not looking up from her work.

Oh shit, I had blown it. I was feeling like a total fool.

As we sat there I went ahead and told her what we needed on the work request for the upgrade and I tried to put on my most business like manner in an attempt to convince her that I was there on business not pleasure.

She was doing the same. We made no small talk and we concentrated on the work at hand.

Just as we finished, one of the other secretaries stopped in and asked Mary if she and her husband were going to make it to the company party that weekend. Mary smiled and said yes that they would be there. When the other woman left, Mary looked at me and gave me a guilty smile. I felt uncomfortable for the first time in months just being in her presence.

“Am I going to see you at the party?” She asked.

“I think I’ll skip this one, this time.” Not wanting to face the idea of shaking the hand of the man who was married to the woman I lusted after.

“Well, I think that’s it then.” I said standing up and getting ready to leave.

“Wait, I need to ask your opinion on something else.” She said standing and turning around facing the file cabinets. She was nervous and her hands were shaking.

As she opened the file drawer she pulled out a coffee cup with a naked woman painted on it. She handed it to me and I read the words that were printed on it. “Hot and wet, just the way I like it.” I read to myself.

“I saw that at the mall and thought of you. It’s yours, it’s a present.”

Mary stepped back against the file cabinet and looked me in the eye. She stayed standing like that for a minute and then took a deep breath and spoke softly.

“I have something else for you to see.”

As I watched, she lowered her hands to the bottom of her dress and lifted the hem to above her waist. She wore nothing underneath. “Do you like my dress? I bought it for you too.”

Her legs were toned and tanned up to her bikini line. Above this point they turned to a cream color and her hips flared out and then curved in to her slender waist. Where her legs joined there was a thin patch of black hair covering her center. The lips of her beautiful pussy showed below. Her clitoris was visible and extended, pink and inviting. She was excited; you could easily see it in her body. Her pussy lips were swollen and her hands were shaking as she held up her dress up above her waist for me to look at her most private parts. Although not showing through her dress, her nipples stood out hard from her arousal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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