Mary Potter’s Final Swing

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I am Ryan Kelly and I have a good window cleaning round in Shepperton near London…

I have about twenty properties I do in Burlesque Road which took me a while to build up so being friendly with prospective customers was my aim.

But not to the extreme of anything more than accepting a cup of coffee and a biscuit from a couple of the widows who liked someone to talk too.

Well I felt sorry for them and was glad to have a friendly chat, so long as it didn’t hold me up too much from my work.

But with Mary Potter I unwittingly took up her offer to look at her bedroom light which needed a fuse and one thing led to another and I felt sorry enough for her, just to please her in a way I could never have envisaged.

That was a one of – I did not want for her to get into the habit of it. I did it once for her pleasure, she being and elderly lady and obviously missing her husband long gone. She scared the pants off me when she almost gagged doing what she loves most – well not quite because my pants were already off if you know what I mean .And then she blamed me for spoiling her pleasure when I pulled her away from me.

But next time but one I cleaned her windows again with the prime intention to collect money and away.

But she looked at me and smiled so kindly I could feel myself being drawn by her sadness and her suggestion that it would be lovely if we would go up to her bedroom again. Just for a little while.

“I need to get on” I said. “I have got a bit behind you see” I lied in the hope of getting away pronto.

“You do have a lot behind and very nice too, but a lot more in front which I adore” she said with a mischievous grin. “Just for a short while Ryan. You don’t know how much it means to me. I appreciate I am old and you are obviously interested only in younger women. But as I said last time we did it, you don’t have to look and I don’t want to do anything else, I am too frail for that you see, but it was so divine for you to let me do that, can you please let me do it right now. You can close your eyes, all I want is about fifteen minutes of your time that will do nice.”

Being the softie I am I submitted thinking that it wasn’t so bad, in fact it was quite nice, It just seemed bizarre that’s all; being with an old woman doing something my girlfriend enjoys… How would she react if she found out.

“Okay just once more! I ascertained. We must not let it happen again.”

“Then I had better make the best of it hadn’t I, just one more thing to do before I die!” she smiled and I followed her upstairs to her beautifully kept ataşehir escort bayan bedroom which smelled of a certain perfume I remembered from last time, which enticed me to go along with what she wanted.

Just stand there as you are, that will be lovely Ryan” she whispered sitting on the edge of her bed facing me.

“Do you mind if I handcuff you, with your hands behind, I would like that so very much, Henry loved me to do that you see” (Henry was her late husband.)

I said it would be fine just so long as she was careful this time. I didn’t want her to gag again.

She gave me a wry grin and fitted the handcuffs and had me like she wanted me, on full display facing her.

She promptly got on with the job in hand and I just let my mind wander, asking me why on earth is this happening!

“It looks divine Ryan. You are so beautifully equipped. I bet your girlfriend thinks so too.”

At least I did feel something, that I was doing a good deed for a woman who had missed sex so much. She made it plain that she didn’t want more than oral sex because she was closed up anyway, but she said she does so enjoys the sheer delight of taking me in her mouth.

I knew that from last time, extravagance was on understatement, she had this ability to transport me to another place the way she concentrated on me, supping up my cock in the most sensual way

I stood there like she wanted and felt her nimble fingers gently unzip me as she deeply sighed. And I did feel a certain tingle run down my spine. It was like the first time with her all over again. I felt sure I could never get an erection and that would be the end of it. But her gentle masturbation over my boxer shorts certainly started me off and hearing her delight I knew I was soon at full mast.

“Oh dear Ryan” she uttered with so much pleasure and delight. “You look so very good “and she started to feel and squeeze me full length and do you know what? It was so good, just doing nothing, just stood there to let her have her fun and I was thinking what the hell -If I can give an old person some enjoyment before she dies I should be proud of that.

Soon she started to draw me deeply into her mouth. It felt good and I loved her little sucks, the way she licked me and moved her busy tongue along the length.

“Beautiful, wonderful!” she kept whispering between doing what she did so well. There she was taking my cock sideways and calling it her ‘ham sandwich’

“So beautifully primed” she gasped. You smell divine too. I adore the smell of you.” and she sniffed me before she escort kadıköy took me full in the mouth once more.

This woman was certainly in her element and it is strange but I was too. There was something about her warmth that made me feel so good and wanted, I forgot about time and what I had to do, very content to let her have her enjoyment of me.

Withdrawing a little she whispered if I could part my legs and I did. She mumbled something rude and then apologized, but I said it was okay, if that makes it better for her then go ahead.

“I simply adore the taste of you, I haven’t enjoyed cock like this since I can’t remember when, just to have you in my mouth means so much to me. Just to taste a man again works wonders.”

She moulded her tiny crinkled hands around my circumference saying how beautifully flexible it was.

She squeezed me, watched the foreskin stretch back as she pulled, her eyes opened wide seeing the bulbous head pop out which prompted her to suck and lick me again. I closed my eyes, stood there legs apart so she could let her hands wander beneath and that was lovely too. She sniffed me between sucking, but when she sucked it was very long and it felt like ten minutes at a time and she was really flushed and shaky.

As for me I felt a certain numbness of a well sucked cock, but she didn’t want to stop. I felt her fingers explore my hind, squeezing now and again and then reaching my balls from the back she bunched them, still sucking me at the front and I felt the so gentle feel of her hand rolling them in her palm. She was really having a good time and I felt good about that too. I stood there, handcuffed at the mercy of an old woman. How bizarre is that!?

I asked if she was okay and she replied of course she was- she could not be better. But she was taking me in so deep into her throat because it was up to the hilt. I glanced down and there was no sign of my erection, because it was sucked deep into her throat. I felt a sort of tingling sensation when she began to make a gargling noise like she was gagging. Again, like she did last time. She was in a frenzy and I was almost there, last time she complained I withdrew before I had cum and now I realized why she handcuffed me, no way could I pull her away, her fingers nails were now digging into my back as she maintained the deep sucking, seemingly intent this time to take me all the way. I tried to pull myself away from her away from me but she seemed so intense in what she was doing, her hands grasping my buttocks like she would never let go, her finger nails still digging into me.

I bostancı escort was getting worried and concerned. I was still getting worked up to the point of no return and then her frenzy took me all the way and I felt myself cum so strong like never before, deep into her throat. She was certainly gagging. Her eyes were rolling and her look told me this was a priority that she needed air quickly but still she wouldn’t relent. I made one final effort in trying to part us and at last succeeded.- but only because she slumped to the floor

I did not want to think the worst. I was thinking that this old woman was simply exhausted as she was when she did it before but then although she had a sort of happy smile on her face, she wasn’t breathing..

She was quite dead!

I was shocked, quickly went to the bathroom and tidied up confused and shocked.

Then it occurred to me, remembering her saying something about wanting to do this for a last time before she died. Had she planned this, is this the way she wanted to go? But she was happy wasn’t she? She had a smile on her face sure enough.

I heard a banging at the front door, Scuffled down. My mind in a whirl, wondering how I could explain what had happened.

A couple of large policeman stood there with a woman I recognized to be Mary’s next door neighbour.

“Stand aside sir” and soon they discovered the body of Mary, accusing me of doing something nasty and horrible.

“What I was doing Mary wanted” I explained.

“Not from what her neighbour here says, she heard all the shouts and screams and cries for help. It is down to the nick with you until we get to the bottom of this.”

I was in a quandary. How won earth did her neighbour make such false accusations?

As the police took me off still handcuffed the neighbour spitted at me yelling and screaming that |I was dirt and scum, having heard Mary was dead.

I spent a whole day in that bloody cell at the police station until it all came to light.

It was the woman the other side of Mary’ s neighbour who had been screaming the odds. It turned out her partner was beating her.

It was touch and go for a bit tho9ugh because the police forensic people found semen in Mary’s mouth and conjured with the notion I had purposely murdered her by gagging her, like I was s sexual pervert and maniac.

But all’s well that ends well and the fact Mary had handcuffed me led the jury to find me not guilty and the judge concluded it was death by misadventure.

But I think poor Mary had plenty of adventure in her last minutes and I heard a group of women exclaim “What a way to go!”

I walked free out of the court, sad Mary had died buy happy that she died happy.

Those women approached me – they were there waiting for me to appear reckon.

“Can you clean our windows for us?”

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