Mary Enjoys Cyber Sex

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Big Dick

Mary Nasi was a high-powered executive in a top marketing firm. She was in the top of her game until Michael Brown joined the company and basically stole her job. He got accepted into the boy’s club and several months later Mary was out the door.

They gave her a nice severance package and was sent on her way. Now Mary, had always had a nanny who cared for her house and the children. But, when she lost her job, her husband said she needed to lose the nanny. They weren’t hurting for money, but if Mary was going to be home now, she could certainly clean the house and care for the children.

At first, Mary really enjoyed doing all of her mundane chores. Their house was clean and organized and looked better than when the Nanny was there. She brushed up on her cooking skills and was delivering delicious gourmet meals. Her husband was delighted that his wife was settling into being a housewife.

This was how it went for about six months. Eventually, Mary grew bored of being the happy little housewife. Her kids were in school and went to afterschool activities and weren’t home until about four o’clock. Mary had a lot of time on her hands. She was tired of watching televison but needed something to fill up the time.

She started out with social media. She played games and joined forums. It was kind of interesting but became boring really fast. Mary was looking for something else to do. She didn’t want to leave her house. The internet was a big place with all kinds of interesting websites to visit. She would just have to find something that was more interesting to do.

Her husband was a bit of a control freak. He expected things his way. He wanted the house clean, his children put to bed, a nice meal with some wine and his wife in a sexy negligee ready to give him head and some nookie. He figured since she was home all day it was the least she could do for him.

Again, this was fun for a while, but Mary needed more excitement in her life. She started fiddling with the internet again and accidentally hit a wrong word and was directed to a porn site. The site seemed different than your usual porn site. It wasn’t a place with videos. It seemed interesting and worth taking a further look.

The website appeared to have chatting and it reminded her of another popular social media site. Mary found it interesting and made an account. If you were going to chat, you needed to be a member. Mary thought this was the perfect place for her. It was a place for men and women to have conversations with each other. It appeared to be harmless fun. She didn’t even need to leave her house and could meet interesting people. Mary knew this was going to be her new indulgence.

She was excited to make friends and have adult conversation. She hadn’t had any adult conversation since she left her job. She was eager to join the site. She couldn’t wait to get started. She would definitely bursa escort keep this from her husband. She didn’t think he’d be happy with her having sexual conversations with people.

She created an account, so she’d be able to chat. She’d call herself “Sexy_Mary.” She was a bit nervous and very excited to get started. She’d cybered with boyfriends back in college and thought it would be something dirty and fun that she could do to pass time.

After her account was made, she entered a chat room. It was crowded and a bit confusing. She tried to see what people did while they were in the room. Most of the people were just having idle chit chat. It kind of felt like going to Starbucks. People were just shooting the breeze. Mary wasn’t sure what to do but did see that people were having cyber sex out in the open. Some were disgusted by it and told them to go into a private room. Mary wanted to find somebody to have a conversation with. She didn’t want to share any private information. She wanted to role-play with somebody.

“Sexy_Mary, that’s a really cool name. I bet you’re hot as hell.”

“Jim22, I’m blonde and blue-eyed.”

“You sound very sexy. Do you have nice tits?”

“I do. Do you have a big cock?”

“I do. Want to chat privately? I can make you cream your panties.”

“Sure. What do I need to do?”

“Just hit the private button and we can chat.”


Mary did as Jim said to do and was routed to a different place. She was very excited to chat with him. Jim entered the room and immediately started to flirt with her.

“Hey gorgeous! I’m sitting here with a hard-on for you. Tell me what you really look like. I bet you have a wet pussy. I’m stroking hard for you baby.”

“I’m 5’7″ and have blond long hair. My breasts are double D.”

“Fuck! You sound gorgeous. Why don’t you take your clothes off and masturbate with me! I want you to tell me about your pussy. Do you have a hairy bush or are you nicely smooth?”

“I’m already naked and my fingers are rubbing my bare pussy. Does that make you hot?”

“Yes! Fuck baby that sounds sexy. I bet your shaved pussy is so fucking cute. Rub your clit baby. Make that bald pussy cream for me. Daddy has a big cock that he’s rubbing fast for his sexy slut!”

“I’m sliding my fingers into my wet pussy. My pussy is so juicy while I fuck myself with my index finger. My pussy is making all kinds of wet slushy noises while I fuck myself up to my knuckle.”

“Fuck! You’re so sexy Mary. Tell me how wet your pussy is? Make sure to fuck yourself hard with your fingers. Are you coming for me?”

“Would it be okay if I play with my vibrator instead? I really like to fuck myself hard. I have a nice vibrator that makes me come fast.”

“Yes! Fuck your pussy hard and fast. I want to come for you. My cock is seven inches long and my come is about to blow. Fuck that cunt harder bursa escort bayan and faster for me. Shit! I’m thinking of those big tits and your blonde hair. Could you take a picture of yourself and send it? I want to come while looking at your photo!”

Mary had a picture of herself fucking her pussy that she had previously taken. She didn’t show her face but did show her pussy sliding in and out of her pussy. Her breasts and shaved pussy were in the picture. It was a very sexy shot of herself. She knew that her friend Jim would find it sexy.

“Fuck! You’re hot! I’m coming! Thanks baby! That was so hot! I hope you came too. Add me as a friend and we could chat again. I got to go!”

Mary never took off her clothes. She wanted to elude to the fact that she did. She thought it would be fun to get Jim off, but she wanted to find somebody who she could have detailed cyber fun with. She had no intention of pleasuring herself while she chatted but would pleasure herself after the fact.

Jim signed off and Mary went back into the other room. She wanted to find somebody else to talk with. Mary was interested in detailed chatting. Several people said hello to her. They all seemed like they just wanted to jack off to her sexy words. She didn’t want to be somebody’s word whore for a cheap thrill.

“Sexy_Mary is a hot name! I bet you’re very sexy. My name is Robert and I’m thirty-two.”

“Nice to meet you Robert. I’m Mary and I’m thirty-five.”

“I see you’re new. You’ll really like it here.”

“It seems really cool. Do you want to do a role-play?”

“Sure. Would you like to go private?”


“Great. You initiate the chat and I’ll meet you there.”

Mary hit the private button and waited for Robert to enter the private chatroom. She was hoping they could do a more involved roleplay. Just having him jack off wasn’t going to do it for her. She wanted to create a sexy scene.

“Mary, are you here?”

“Yes. Would you be interested in doing a detailed role-play?”

“Sure. That would be great. Most women just like for me to say sexy things while they masturbate. I’d be up for something more tantalizing.”

“Do you have a subject in mind?”

“Anything would be hot. Why don’t you surprise me! I’ll follow along.”

“Great. I’ll start then. Imagine that I’m a lady cop and I’m sitting in my squad car while you’re in your White SUV. You speed down the road where I’m sitting in my idling squad car. I put my cherry siren on and chase you down the country road. You pull over on the deserted road and wait for me to come to your window. You take out your license and registration and wait for me to address you.”

“Good afternoon Officer.”

“Do you know that you were forty miles over the speed limit?”

“I’m sorry officer. I didn’t think I was going that fast.”

“I’ll need your license and registration.”

“Here escort bursa you go.”

The officer takes his license and registration and goes back to her squad car. She’s quite taken with how attractive he is. She has no plans on giving him a ticket but plans on having sex with him. She walks back over to his SUV and hands him back his information.

“I’ll give you a break if you want to do something nice for me.”

“What would you like officer?”

“I’d like to fuck you. I really had a bad day and you’re such a scrumptious morsel.”

“That’s really hot officer. Why don’t you take off your clothes and I’ll lick your pussy!”

“That’s what I’m talking about.”

The hot guy gets out of his vehicle and helps the officer off with her clothes. He opens the passenger side door and the officer climbs in. The officer spreads her legs and the hot man positions his head between the officer’s thighs. He kisses and licks her pussy.

The officer moans and groans and plays with her breasts. Her pussy is so wet while the hot man pleasures her. The officer is moaning in delight while he pleasures her with his tongue. He’s making slurping noises while he munches on her hot box.

“Fuck me with your tongue!”

“You got it honey.”

The hot man tongue fucks the officer until she creams on his tongue. Her pussy cream is thick and creamy and the officer is enjoying the hot man’s actions. She screams out to him.

“Fuck me now!”

The hot man stops orally pleasing her. He gets out of his vehicle and takes off his clothes. He sits down on the chair and the officer climbs onto his lap and positions her pussy in line with his cock. She eases down on his cock while rocking and moving over his dick. Her big breasts shake while she makes love to the hot man.

“Fucking hell! Mary that was so hot. I must go now! My boss needs to talk to me. I’d love to be your friend. Add me and we can chat again. Bye darling!”


Mary was disappointed that her friend had to go. She turned off her computer and went upstairs to her bedroom. She took out a towel from her linen closet and put it onto her bedspread. She took off her clothes and opened the side drawer on her nightstand. She took out her favorite vibrator and opened her long legs.

She slipped the toy into her wet pussy. She found that all the sexy chatting made her pussy nice and moist. She thought of her sexy roleplay and fucked herself deep and hard with her vibrator. The vibrations felt amazing on her pussy. She rubbed her clitoris and jammed the vibrator in and out of her bald cunt.

“Oh God! Fucking hell!”

Mary thought about her sexy chatting and wondered if the two men had jerked their cocks off by her sexy words. She was really turned on while she fucked herself hard. She moaned while she orgasmed.

She cleaned up her pussy and washed off her vibrator. She got dressed and put her vibrator away. Her children would be home soon. Mary had a new indulgence that she’d do every day. She was excited and was looking forward to when her husband got home. He’d probably enjoy how horny she was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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