Marlon Ch. 04

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It had been a few weeks since Marlon had contacted me to come fuck. I was beginning to think he was over my white ass & focusing on girls again, specifically Sierra. I couldn’t help but get insanely jealous at work.

“Fuck him!” I thought to myself as I laid back on my bed, needing to relieve myself. I was stripping almost naked, a pair of yellow panties riding my ass, my white shaved cock poking out the side. I rolled over onto my stomach, my cock pressed against the bed & started to grind hard, very quickly getting to an orgasm, my mind filling with Marlon pounding me from behind. Just as I was about to cum, I heard my phone go off, I grabbed it to read:

Marlon: come over tonight little slut

Before exploding all over myself to those words!

I couldn’t wait to get his big black cock back in & around me, it had been too long! I sipped some bourbon to calm down & took a long shower, then threw on a new light blue thong, some sweatpants & a long tee & headed over.

I knocked & heard his big, deep voice telling me to come in. I walked in two steps to shut the door & couldn’t see him but saw a light on in the bedroom. I walked in & saw a single dull yellow light switched on the bedside table. In a chair in the corner I saw Marlon, completely ataşehir escort nude.

I let my mouth hang open as I watched another white boy, Nick from before, between his legs completely naked, slobbering all over his big black cock.

“Come pull up a seat” he said to me, Nick didn’t even look up, just kept sucking.

I pulled off all of my clothes except my thong & slid down to my knees, Nick smiled at me, a loud pop sound as he left the thick cock out of his throat.

“Here baby!” He said pointing the cock towards me. I eagerly accepted, his cock was so slick already & immediately picked up deepthroating him! Nick went down to suck his big black balls.

“This is the life, two sluts on my dick!” Marlon exclaimed.

I smile through sucking loving the position I’m back in. I feel Nick hand glide back & start groping my ass.

“I bet you want me to cum don’t you white slut?” Marlon asked.

“Fuck yes daddy I’ve missed your cum!” I gasp back.

“Good cause here it comes!” He said as I felt his thick cock expand even more in my throat & start pouring cum down my throat.

“Fuck yeah fuck yeah fuck yeah!” He moan increasingly calmer as his spurts got smaller. I felt his big hands cradle my kadıköy escort head as I kept sucking him til he dropped to a semi. “No one better than you with my cock!” He said getting up. “Now I gotta shower, you two entertain each other.”

He left & Nick & I looked at each giggled & I reached over & pulled his lips to mine. We kissed deeply for minute on the floor before we stumbled up to the bed.

We laid side by side & he stripped my thong off me so our pale white cocks laid on top of each other & then we each wrapped our hands around one side & jerked our cocks off pressed together.

Marlon came back just in time to see us get close & he laid down behind me. Nick & I we’re red in the face switched between kissing, moaning, & soon letting each other know we were going to cum. We came at the same time, out little cocks spitting in our combined hands all over each other.

“That’s it I need that ass!” Marlon growled in my ear. I felt him reach around & wet his fingers in our cum & lube up my hole a little. Meanwhile Nick grabbed lube from the bedside table & rubbed it over his cock.

Marlons hands pushed me to my stomach & leaned over me. His big cock pressing against my tight hole. “Let’s see how tight you are after a couple bostancı escort bayan weeks…” he whispered before slowly pushing his dick into my ass.

I peeked over to see Nick fingering his ass while Marlon started to thrust into me. His long strokes pleasuring every inch of me. I could do nothing but moan & grip the bed sheets my cock quickly building up again. “Fuck daddy you’re going to mask me cum!” I moaned as my cock slowly built up with his thrusts & grinds & exploded all over me & the bed!

“That’s a good slut cum for Daddy!” He moaned in my ear before starting to drive into me. His thrusts got harder but stayed just as long. Long dicking me til he came. He growled in my ear, arm wrapped around my throat as his cock pulsed & pumped load after load into me.

He stayed in me draining his cock before rolling off & Nick crawled between his legs & sucked his cock back to life. Now it was my turn to watch as he straddled that studs hips & rode him both to orgasm!

Marlon then crawled up to the middle of the king bed & we draped a white leg over his big strong legs, arms & hands playing with his chest & abs. He took turns leaning over & kissing us. I couldn’t help but notice his insatiable cock hardening again & we wrapped our hands around his shaft pumping his cock & playing with his balls until he released again.

We all start to doze off, I fall asleep draped over his big strong black body, his last words I hear, “sometimes I gotta make you miss this dick so you go crazy on it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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