Mariam Hanaffi Does Anal!

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What’s up, folks? My name is Jean-Bernard Guillot but my friends call me J.B. I’m a young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I study civil engineering at Carleton University. It’s where I met criminology student and fellow Afro-centric social activist Mariam Hanaffi of Somalia, the young Muslim woman who changed my life. We met while I was recruiting people for my new club, the African Unity Center, and Mariam Hanaffi and I simply clicked even though we came from different worlds.

Man, if someone told me a few months ago that a card-carrying Haitian-Canadian Christian guy like myself would fall in love with a Muslim chick from Somalia, I would have laughed. Now look at me. Seriously. Mariam Hanaffi and I are simply inseparable and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way, folks. I can’t get enough of my foxy Somali sweetheart, and I mean this in every way you can think of, and then some.

Mariam Hanaffi changed my life, ladies and gentlemen. The tall, dark-skinned and curvy, deliciously big-bottomed Somali Muslim gal simply rocks my world. At the time we met, I was going through some things. I’d just ended a relationship with a certain Persian lady I’d been seeing, and felt quite jaded toward the opposite sex and relationships in general. Females know how to fuck you up, man. It’s like when you’re good to them, they can’t stand it and have to do something to piss you off. I dropped the Persian bitch, but not before some serious heartache.

I’m one of those brothers who considers himself open-minded as far as dating ladies of other races go. I’ve always been somewhat of an oddball in the Haitian community anyways, so it’s not like the Haitian sisters missed me when I started to date white girls, Asian girls and so on. The Persian gal ruined it for these other races of females because I decided to go back to black. I’m back in black like bursa escort the song says, and not a moment too soon.

Seriously, had I known that Somali women were this passionate in bed, I would have tried one a LONG time ago, folks. Of course, Mariam Hanaffi is the only one of those lovely East African Muslim ladies that I’ve been with thus far, and the Somali cutie is definitely a handful. I mean this in the most flattering and respectful way possible, of course.

Last night, Mariam and I came home from the movies, and let me tell you, the gal definitely laid her unique brand of magic on me, folks. Mariam simply grabbed me and started kissing me, and I didn’t dare resist. I kissed Mariam back passionately, and we didn’t even make it to the bedroom. Nope, we got down and dirty right there on my living room floor, and it was definitely one for the ages.

First, Mariam kissed me from my head to my toes, then she grabbed my long and thick, uncircumcised Haitian dick and sucked it with gusto while massaging my big hairy balls gently. I sighed in pleasure as Mariam pleasured me, and when I warned out that I was about to cum, the lady simply winked at me and continued what she was doing.

Mariam can suck a mean dick, folks. I bet you never thought you’d hear that said about one of them Hijab-wearing, long-skirted and Koran-quoting Somali Muslim girls you see on the OC Transpo bus or on the streets of Ottawa, eh? Well, now you know. Mariam licked my dick and sucked on my balls, causing me to moan and writhe in pleasure. Seriously, I didn’t know that Little Miss Somalia got down like that, for real.

Mariam sucked me off until I came, and when I did, the gorgeous Somali cutie surprised me by drinking up every last drop of my cum. Watching her lick my sperm turns me on like you would not believe. When Mariam finished licking me off, the gal winked at me and asked bursa escort bayan me if there was more where that came from. I looked into Mariam’s dark, lovely eyes and saw lust and mischief there. What do you think I said to her?

Mariam and I continued with our fun, and we began making love in earnest. I laid my thick, wonderfully curvy Somali cutie on the carpeted floor of my living room, and went to work on her. The sight of Mariam Hanaffi, lying stark naked with her legs spread before me thrilled me like you would not believe. I kissed my sweetie’s lips, then sucked on her breasts before making my way to the space between her legs.

Mariam sharply drew her breath as I buried my face between my legs and I looked into her eyes and saw some nervousness there. Mariam explained to me that she was a bit different down below, due to some barbaric things that were done to her by the women of her family/clan in Somalia. Due to that unpleasant bit of business, Mariam feels quite self-conscious about her womanhood, but I assured her that I found her lovely and would do my best to pleasure her. I considered it a challenge, I guess.

With that being said, I smiled and told Mariam to relax, then I went to work on her. I inhaled the hot, womanly scent of Mariam’s pussy, then began to lick and probe her cunt with my tongue and fingers. I licked Mariam’s pussy like there was no tomorrow, tasting every taste, delighting in the smell of her, and taking my sweet time savoring every sensation. Finally, as I pleasured her, the tension went out of Mariam and she began to relax and enjoy herself. A world of woman opened up to me, and I delighted in exploring it.

Mariam Hanaffi cried out and I watched as she moaned and writhed in orgasmic delight. Truly a wonderful thing to behold. Afterwards, we got our freak on. I put Mariam on all fours, and admired her big, round ass. Gently I escort bursa caressed Mariam’s big Somali ass and lightly spanked it, then at her urging, I began fucking her. I wanted to get into her pussy but Mariam had other ideas.

Winking at me, Mariam pointed to the lotion on the nearby table. Dumbly I looked at the bottle of Aloe cream, then at Mariam. What did my lady love want with that? Mariam groaned in frustration, and told me that anal sex without lubrication simply doesn’t fly. I smiled at Mariam and nodded, then grabbed the bottle of lotion and made good use of it. Rubbing my hard dick, I pressed it against Mariam’s butt, and the lady grinned and welcomed me inside of her.

How to describe the feel of Mariam Hanaffi’s well-lubricated yet still tight asshole around my dick? It was simply amazing. Gripping her wide hips, I worked my dick into Mariam’s asshole, which was wonderfully warm and tight, and the lady ground her big butt against my groin, driving me deeper inside of her. Mariam cried softly and urged me to fuck her ass harder. As if a horny brother like me needed any encouragement. I thrust my dick deep into her asshole, and Mariam’s screams of passion mingled with my own.

With the viselike pressure of Mariam’s tight butt hole gripping my dick, it didn’t take me long to cum and when I did, I shouted like a madman. Mariam moaned deeply then shrieked as I came inside of her. We shouted in unison, then lay on top of each other in the living room, kind of exhausted and dirty, but happy as can be. Mariam Hanaffi shot me a wicked grin, and we kissed, then headed to the showers.

As you can see, Mariam Hanaffi and I get along famously. When we’re out together, people honestly tend to stare. There’s a lot of Black folks in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, but you don’t often see a Haitian brother with a Somali Muslim sister. We’re from opposite sides of the world and hail from radically different cultures, ethnicities, nationalities and faiths. That doesn’t stop Mariam and I, Jean-Bernard Guillot of Haiti, from being happy together, though. Love is love, folks. Fuck all the rest. Peace.

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