Mari and Me

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This is the first story I’ve submitted. My lover, Mari, asked me to use our names so all would know how much we love each other. It’s my story for Mari.

I welcome your constructive criticism. Please remember it’s my first time and be gentle…

We hope you like it.


Guess what? I’m horny…been thinking about you, Mari. Yep, that always does it. I hope you enjoy this as much I as I love telling you what I would love to do to you. I just can’t get enough of you. I’m so hot, I think I might melt a hole in my chair! I know my juices are boiling. Omg! I am ready to devour you. I’d love to start at your feet and just eat my way up to your face. I want to make every little square inch of your body feel the heat from my tongue, leaving a trail of wetness that I would blow on to make you shiver. I love how you open for me, letting me make love to you with wild abandon…mmmmmmm…I think I’m addicted to you. You are so beautiful.

Did I mention we had quite a time getting our clothes off, and to this point? Way too many clothes for the warm weather. Me? I just stripped out of mine and flung them to the floor. I have been ready all day! You wanted to take your time because you know it will drive me crazy. I helped you along, a bit impatiently, taking off your top. I’m going to say it’s a button down blouse because I like to unbutton blouses, and it’s my fantasy.

There is something so sensuous about unbuttoning a blouse. I know. I’m crazy…giggles…I get your blouse pulled out of your skirt and looking into your eyes, start unbuttoning it from the bottom…my hands shaking a bit with desire and anticipation. I push the blouse off your shoulders and down your arms tossing it on the floor to land on top of my pile of clothes.

Your heavy breathing makes your breasts strain against the bra. We kiss, deeply, passionately…tongues tangling and fighting for ownership of each other’s mouths. Reaching behind you, I unclasp your bra, not so easy to do with the tongue duel going on. I persevere and succeed in unclasping your bra, letting your breasts escape their confinement, and fall freely into my waiting hands. mmmmmmmm I love holding your breasts in my hands, massaging them, feeling how soft and warm they are. Have I told you how beautiful you are? Your entire body glows in arousal. I love the passion I see in your eyes.

I step back, turn you around and whisper in your ear to drop your skirt. I put my arms around you, grasping your breasts while you put your hands in the waistband of your skirt and push it down. When the skirt flutters to your feet, you step out of it and kick it to the side into the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Putting my chin on your shoulder, I watch my hands massaging your breasts. Looking down over your body to your panties… the only thing left before you are totally naked before me. I tell you, you are a “good girl”. You put your fingers in the waistband of your panties to remove them, but I say “No”.

I love how you lean back against me, my breasts pushing into your back, my nipples hard and casino siteleri pressing into your skin. Kissing your neck, smelling you…you smell so good. Nuzzling your neck, my fingers start exploring your body, probing and touching wherever my hands can reach. I stare at my fingers as they seem to move of their own accord. Starting at your flat tummy, just above your mound, up to your tummy button, ringing it and dipping in and back out. Tracing your ribs up to your breasts. Your breasts thrust forward and your nipples so hard and extended. You moan softly in my ear as my fingers flick across your nipples, letting my fingernails graze them at the same time. Sadly, my fingers leave your breasts to trace a line up to your neck, your face, running my fingertips around your cheeks, tracing your nose, then running a fingertip around your lips. Your lips part, letting a sigh escape. Nibbling my way up to your ear lobe, my finger plays with the other ear, tracing around the outside, dipping it into your ear. You’re so delectable.

I tell you to take off your panties. Your breath hitches as you reach to push them down and off your feet. (Sorry, I have you in my arms so it takes you a bit to get them all the way off.) Now, it’s my turn for my breath to catch as I let my hands find your pussy, dipping my fingers into your essence and finding you so wet. “Good Girl” I whisper in your ear and feel you shiver. Turning you around to face me I step back and marvel at your beauty, your eyes so bright, so much love showing in them. I hope mine convey to you the love I feel for you. Taking you by the hand, I lead you to my bed and lay you down. “Lay you down”. That phrase causes me to shiver, thinking of how you surrender when I lay you down.

mmmmmmm… I love this view of you. I straddle you, leaning down and kissing you. Sliding my hands under the pillows, I pull out wrist and ankle cuffs. Raising up, I let you see what I have. You lift your hands up to me and I put the cuffs around your wrists, clipping them together and raising them above your head to attach them to the bedframe. I move and put the cuffs on your ankles, spreading your legs and attaching them to the sides of the bedframe. I look down at you smiling. Your body is mine now, hopefully your mind will be soon. The look in your eyes is full of desire, mixed with some uncertainty…mmmmmm I tell you “good girl” and kiss you.

Breaking the kiss, I straighten and let my eyes roam over your body, your breasts rising with each breath, your nipples hard and extended, your tummy quivering, your legs spread for me, your pussy glistening, so wet for me. You twist a bit and blush as I just drink in your body, savoring how you look.

I reach into my nightstand and bring out a feather. I’ve been keeping this for you for a special time. Holding it so you can see. Starting at your wrists, I trail the feather down your arms, across your armpits, up to your neck, and under your chin to the other armpit and then up your other arm. I see your body shiver, your eyes close. The feather traces around your face, sliding down your nose canlı casino and across your lips. Then I bring it down to your breasts, sliding it across your breasts, then around each one, circling your right breast making the circles tighter, getting closer to your nipple. I long to reach down and take them in my mouth, but I wait, watching you push your breasts up to me, the feather brushes across the nipple. Hearing you moan, I move the feather to your left breast, circling ever closer to your nipple, finally letting the feather trail across it. Your breath hitches and you let out a sigh and a moan. The feather trails down your ribs, down your hips, your inner thighs, caressing and teasing. You shiver as I bypass your pussy…letting the feather slide down your legs to your ankle and start up the other leg. Getting closer to your pussy, letting it glide into the crease of your leg, then up your ribs to your breasts again.

mmmmmmmmm… I love watching you as your body trembles, jerking when I hit a sensitive spot. And, I memorize all your sensitive spots. You’re gasping and begging me to stop and to take you. Ah, my love, all in good time. I look in your eyes and ask if you want to be my “good girl” tonight. Your eager response is “Yes, I Want to be Your Good Girl, please let me be your good girl”! mmmmmmm…just the answer I want to hear. The feather finds its way to your pussy lips, gently stroking them making your body heave and shake. I ask you what you want as I let the feather slide around your pussy lips letting it just barely touch your clit. Around your pussy lips again and then I bring it up through your wetness, through your folds. You moan, your body twisting a bit more now. I ask you again what you want. You stare at me, trembling, wishing you had the use of your hands to pull me towards you, grab the feather and toss it away. I just keep the feather, now all wet, sliding up and down your slit, waiting for your answer. You strain against the cuffs as I hold the feather just above your skin. Your body bridges up on the bed, digging your heels in and pushing up, only touching the bed with your neck and heels, longing for me to touch you.

I look into your eyes, questioning if you are going to answer. Kissing you again, letting my tongue fuck your mouth. And then, you have finally found your voice! Between gasps you tell me what you want. You want my hands on your breasts, pushing them together, my fingers pulling and stretching your nipples, letting my fingernails dig in slightly. And you want me to eat your pussy. AT LAST!! What I have been waiting for and longing to hear you say! I throw the feather aside and do just that. You are all mine now, body and mind. I don’t tease you anymore. My mouth eagerly laps at your pussy lips spreading them, licking from your bum to your clit, across your clit and back down. Separating your labia, pulling and sucking it into my mouth. My tongue leaves your labia and washes up over your clit, flicking it gently in passing. I find the other labia and suck it into my mouth. Your sweet juices are flowing and I lap up as much as kaçak casino I can, a losing battle, but I love a challenge!

My hands engulf your breasts, massaging, rolling and pulling your nipples with my fingers, stretching them, my thumbnail grazing them. Ooooohhhh yesssss! Your body thrashes and strains against the cuffs, and you moan continuously as my fingers and thumb roll your nipples, pulling and stretching them out. And my tongue feverishly laps at your essence. Your eyes glaze over…I stop…you gasp…”Noooooooo!!” you scream. I stare into your eyes and say, “Say It”. You know exactly what I want to hear.

You don’t wait this time. Your body is primed and ready for your orgasm. Your whole focus is on wanting to go over the top, to fall helplessly over the edge and let your orgasm thunder through your body. Your eyes burn into mine and you say “Fuck My Pussy. Now!” Oh, my sweet lover, I thought you’d never ask! My fingers leave your breasts and plunge into your pussy. You are so ready I’m able to shove 3 fingers in all at once. I wish I could push your legs up…(I must remember to reposition your legs next time.) I shove a finger into your anal canal all at once and hear your gasp and mewl. Now for the last. My mouth engulfs your clit and I suck hard on the engorged bud, sucking and flicking it with my tongue, while my fingers start a rhythm, fucking both your holes. Your body bridges up, tenses, and then crashes as you go over. Your muscles spasm around my fingers in both canals, your throbbing clit spasming, the sounds coming from you are so sexy, so guttural. You cry out “I’m cumming Carol!! Omgomgomgomgomg! Don’t stop!!”… I love it when you call out my name.

I finger fuck you through your orgasm and keep my mouth on your clit, sucking it like my life depends on it, pulling it as far into my mouth as I can. Your body arches up and thrusts against my fingers, flooding my face with your juices. I look up at your face. Your eyes are closed as you gasp for air. The rapture on your face causes me to shudder. Feeling your body starting to calm down, I gently finger fuck you now, lapping up all your juices. I love how you taste, and I don’t want to waste a single drop.

Letting my finger slide out of your anal canal, I reach over and release the cuff on your right ankle, then the left. Your legs come around me and I pull myself up your body, letting my weight settle on you so you will feel comforted and loved. I leave your hands in the cuffs for now, and whisper “good girl” over and over in your ear.

Your body is still shuddering. Kissing you, letting my tongue slip inside so you can taste yourself, my face shiny with your juices all over it. I raise up and release the cuffs from your wrists so you can bring them down around me. I look into your eyes and say …”Good Girl”. I pull you into my arms and hug you closely, still trembling, but breathing more steadily now. I hold you close as your body finally relaxes and goes limp. I whisper “You’re My Good Girl” as you drift off to sleep.

Oh…you may remember at the beginning of this story, I said I was horny. While making love to Mari certainly keeps me charged up and ready, I didn’t let myself cum with her. This was her special night. Stay tuned as I’m sure she will want to reciprocate!!

Mari and Carol

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