Marcus Pt. 01

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My instructions were pretty simple. Arrive at 8:00pm, enter through the library door, remove my clothes and assume the position of a submissive. I did as I was instructed and waited.

I waited like a good boy for what seemed like an eternity before they walked in. Not knowing who they were was of no concern. This is what I do. All I know for sure is, I was sent a first class ticket on Delta to Atlanta where an Uber picked me up and delivered me to the house. And the most important thing, the money was deposited into my account.

I am an escort. That sounds better than male prostitute or my least favorite, call boy. I work through an agency that is headquartered somewhere in the Caymans. I receive a text. I say yes or no. Money is wired and that’s that. My resume is quite impressive. Men, women, groups, senators, a judge or two and more business people and the lonely than I can count. I don’t have sex with all my clients, but it is always on the table, and it’s not cheap.

To be successful in this business, you must keep your body in great shape. The grooming impeccable. I read three books a week and every newspaper and magazine available. I can quote poetry when needed, the stock exchange and sports, when required.

Any new hotel I enter I always give the concierge and desk captain a small gift. The bartenders are tipped embarrassingly. As are housekeepers, bellboys and anyone else I come in contact with, all expensed to the client. As I said before, it’s not cheap.

But what would you be willing to pay for a night or weekend full of fine wine, theatre and great sex? Or Shiner Bock beer, a rodeo and great sex?

I did not enter into this line of work like others. I had a couple of mentors. A married couple that was thirty years my senior. He was a real estate developer and she, a judge. I was originally hired to work on their estate taking care of the gardens, the pools. I was paid a small salary but given a room in what, was loving called, “the bunk house.” There were three of us when I moved in. Ali, the girl who worked in the stable and Bart, an ex high school jock, whose job mainly was to do all the heavy lifting, already had the bigger bedrooms so I took the smaller one at the end of the hall, which worked in my favor as I was in my last three semesters in college. My employers knew that and allowed me flexible hours.

One summer, weekend night, after I had been there a bit, I was working out in the gym they provided for us, when the Mrs walked in. Never had I seen her in our little gym.

“Good evening, ma’am. Is there something I can help you with?” I released the bar I was using, wiped my face and grabbed for my t-shirt.

“No, I was going for a swim in the lower pool and I saw you working out through the windows.”

“I’ll remember to close them from now on ma’am.”

She giggled. “No, I’m sorry. I wasn’t complaining, I just thought I’d drop in and say hello. But you’re busy…”

“No ma’am. I was finishing up.”

She was wearing a thigh length robe that more or less covered her barley there bikini. Remember, she was fifty years old, or there about. Her body was tight. Her dark hair flowed over her shoulders. Her legs were perfectly diamond shaped. It was not my first time to see her in a bikini, but that night things seemed different.

“Well good. I was wondering if you’d like to swim.”

“Me, ma’am?”

“Yes, you, Marcus.”

“I’ll grab my suit.”

“I’ll meet you there.”

The lower pool was the one the employees used when it wasn’t being used by the family.

It was very cool. Secluded. And one of my favorite places on the estate. I once saw Ali getting off on an air mattress. I waited an appointment amount of time before letting her know I was there. I don’t think she ever found out I saw her.

She dropped her robe and dove in. I followed.

My head was not thinking sex. Why would she risk all this for a fuck with the yard boy? My cock was thinking something other. With her every stroke I got harder. She did that swimmers turn at the other end and came up in front of me. As she popped up, she put her right hand behind my head and kissed me. I kissed her back. And again. Her left hand went to the small of my back bringing me even closer. My hands went straight to her ass. She removed her top revealing some magnificent breasts. She had a daughter a couple years older than me but I would guess mom is in better shape.

“Grab that foam mattress,” she said as she stepped out of the pool. I did as I was instructed. “Put it here.”

She took a towel and pitched me one too, before she stretched out on the pad and indicated I should join her. I did.

She ran her hand across my chest and looked me in the eyes. I was busting out of my suit. She kissed me. Her tits on my chest felt wonderful. Her breath had a lingering taste of wine. I wasn’t that experienced with women but I had always been the aggressor. This was new territory for me. But I learned quickly. I nibbled her nipples and then moved straight to her pussy.

“Slow down, Marcus. We have all night. And, evidently, you have a few keçiören escort things to learn.”

At first I was pissed. She wasn’t my first fuck. But it didn’t take me long to realize what she meant. It was the most amazing night of my life up to that point. Everything I tried she either shut me down or at least slowed me down.

“The mark of a great lover,” she whispered, “is taking care of your lover.” She removed my trunks and began to play with my already hard cock. “You see, it’s not all slam bam thank you ma’am. It’s slowly teasing your partner.” She stroked my cock, occasionally running her nails along the underside causing me to jump.

“See? It’s not just about your orgasm. It’s the whole experience.”

Just when I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore, she stopped. She ran her hands all over my body, carefully avoiding my genitals.

I was going crazy. She kissed my nipples and my belly. She ran her nails up and down my torso. If she had even looked at my cock I would have exploded. But she didn’t.

“Remove my bottoms.” I grabbed at them and began to jerk them off. “No, sweet Marcus. You remove them gently, letting her lift her hips, thereby giving herself to you.”

She lifted her hips allowing me to gently remove the bottom part of her bikini. Her eyes never left mine. At first that was weird to me, but before long, my eyes were linked to hers. Erotic as fuck!!

I received an education that night. At least, my first lesson. All night she taught me how to please a woman. She was amazing. We made love a couple times before falling asleep outside on that mattress. At 3:00am I was awakened by her blowing me.

“You know what I want?”

“No ma’am, what do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me.”

“I have but will be glad to again.”

“You didn’t hear me. I want to be fucked. Fucked hard. No romance, just fucking.”

I rolled her over and entered her doggie. I plowed that pussy. I fucked her hard. She grabbed at the mattress. She came like a sorority girl on homecoming weekend. I wasn’t through. I rolled her over, putting her ankles on my shoulders and rammed it back in. It was my turn and I took full advantage. She bucked and screamed before cumming again. I couldn’t continue any longer and emptied a huge load in her pussy.

She was in my arms. Her left leg rolled over on mine. She twirled my hair. Neither of us spoke. Our breathing became one, in sync.

We stayed there quite awhile before she said she needed to go inside. In a few hours, the sun would be rising.

The next morning, I was awakened by a text. “Breakfast is served in ten minutes. Join me on the terrace.”

I ran through the shower, grabbed some shorts, a t-shirt and my Birkenstocks and nearly ran to the main house, where I found her looking radiant on the terrace.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning, ma’am.”

“Becky, please. Coffee?”

“Yes ma’am, Black.”


“Thank you, Becky.” She handed me a cup and curled up on the sofa next to me. She ran her fingers over my arm.

“Let’s talk about last night.”

Here it comes. The brush off. The it can never happen again talk. What happened next was totally unexpected.

“My husband and I have a unique lifestyle. We not only allow each other to have sex with others, but we encourage it. Does that shock you?”

“A bit, yes.” This was all new to me. I took a sip of coffee.

“We not only play separately, like last night, but together as well. We have no secrets. In fact, I called him a few minutes ago and told him about what we did.”

I nearly shit my pants.

“Don’t be concerned. He was very intrigued. You see, sometimes we find a young man, or woman, who has something special. I believe you are one of those people.”

She paused and let it adsorb. I took a bite of my omelette. There was a pause.

“What are you thinking?”

“I’m not sure.”

“We have been watching you. In fact, it was my husband who first thought you may have the right stuff. We think, with proper preparation you could really be special.” She took a bite of her omelette. Misha, a beautiful Russian immigrant, is the chef. She is thirty years old but her wispy blond hair, and small stature, makes her look younger.

“Exactly, what is the right stuff?”

“You’re smart, you’re handsome, you have manners. With just a little training, you could be quite…let’s say, desirable.”

“Thank you, ma’am but I still don’t follow.”

“Service, Marcus, service. You in service.”

Misha was summoned and Becky ordered Bloody Marys for us.

“There are people in this world, wealthy people, very wealthy, who pay for certain services.”

“Are you talking about a gigolo?”

“That’s a very harsh term. But in a sense, yes”

Quiet. Just breeze blowing the tree tops.

“Let’s take a walk, Marcus.”

Becky hooked her hand into my arm as we stepped from the Terrace. “You have a quality that could be very profitable. If you will allow us, we can help train you and introduce you to people who could help you.” keçiören escort bayan We took a few more steps in silence. “On your knees, Marcus.”


“On your knees. In front of me. Now, please.”

I did I was instructed.

She removed her house coat reveling that beautiful naked body. “I need you to lick my pussy.”

I sunk my face into her sex. She had a simple trail of pubic hair that led to her pussy. I grabbed her ass and started to dive in. Then I remembered. Slow down. Please her. I found her clit with my tongue and slowly circled it. Her breathing let on that she was enjoying it. Her hips circled as she placed her hands on the back of my head and pushed in.

“Yes, Marcus,” she whispered. “Yes.” She tensed and orgasmed in my face. Her moistness in my goatee. She pressed me harder into her pussy. The orgasm coursed through her body. She shook just a bit more before she regained herself.

“Whew…” she said. I stood up. My cock was sticking out of the bottom of my shorts.

“That was lesson one. Anytime, anywhere your partner wants sex, you provide it.”

“I’m not sure about what all the lessons are for.”

We walked in the gardens for quite awhile that morning. She talked. I listened. I’ll admit I was intrigued. There is a layer of money that people like me can’t even imagine exists, and I know I’ll never get to that level, but knowing those people sure couldn’t hurt. We made love in the guest house and later again in my little room. That night I slept in her bed where we made love and fucked all night.

The following weeks and months were like more college courses. I was finishing up my degree and getting my real education at the feet of the Mr and Mrs. I had a proper upbringing. Typical middle class, small town life. I had read Robert Frost in high school but studied him with Becky. Which eating utensils to use had never been an issue with me. But in society, evidently it is. Shoes, who knew the way they looked mattered so much? Which belt goes with which shoes. It was very time consuming, but I kept my eye on the future.

The first real big challenge happened on a cold night. My intercom rang and it was the Mrs. “Marcus, would you come up to the house, please?”

“Yes, ma’am. Do I need to bring my tool box?”

She let out that coquettish giggle. “No, dear. No tools.”

I was soon standing in the great room where a roaring fire was lighting the room. The Mrs was wearing black lingerie, hose and FMPs and standing to the left of the Mr’s massive leather chair.

“Come to me,” he said. I did. “Kneel in front of me.” I glanced at Becky. She simply nodded her head and I did as I was told. “I am willing to bet you have never been with a man. Is that right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Ever even been curious?”

“No, sir.”

“I want you to give me a blow job.”


“A blow job. You’ve had blow jobs before?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then you know what to do.” He pulled the silk robe back exposing a very large, very vieny and very hard cock. A thousand things were running through my head. “Remember, your job is to always satisfy your lover, even if your lover is a man. There will come a time when that will happen. May as well let me be your first. Come on, come on now.”

I inched closer and then took his cock in my hands. It was at that moment a light went off and I became a male prostitute. It was that very moment I decided I could do this, so I decided to give him the best blow job he had ever had.

First, I began to stroke him, gently. Barely touching him at times. I licked the soft under side that is so sensitive. It was a few more minutes before I took the tip between my lips. I swirled my tongue around it. I could tell he approved. Then I took him all the way in. I did not gag. It felt different. It was good. I was good. I edged him more. Tension and release. Tension and release. The Mr was grabbing the arms of the chair. His legs tensed. His hips bucked a couple times. I knew he was close. I prepared for him to shoot when he bucked once again and unloaded an amazing amount of DNA into my throat. I swallowed. I got it all then cleaned him further with my mouth. Yeah, I could do this and do it well.

Later that evening, after a superb dinner, prepared by the luscious, but standoffish, Misha, the three of us adjourned to the library, where we sipped B and B and talked about current events. And literature. And theatre. The liquor was heady stuff and it didn’t take long before I was buzzing.

“It’s time for bed,” the Mrs said. She stood and began to walk out of the room.

“I think she wants us to follow,” the Mr added.

As we walked down the hall toward the main staircase, she unzipped her bustier and dropped it on the floor. I picked it up. She was magnificent. Her body toned. Tanned. She kicked off her shoes. Now she was wearing just the belt and the stockings it held up. Her ass moved back and forth as she ascended the stairs. I was hard.

She sat in her chair, crossed her legs and began to remove the hose. A simple act that escort keçiören was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen.

The Mr removed his robe and walked toward me. He went to his knees and said “I am here to serve you. What would you have me do?”

Man! My head was swimming. All of this was new to me. So now this handsome man, this giant of industry was kneeling in front of me asking for his instructions.

“Undress me.” He slid my shoes off, then stood and removed the long sleeve t-shirt I was wearing. Then he placed his fingers on either side of my pants and gently pulled them down. My cock saluted like a good soldier. All the while the Mrs sat and observed. He knelt in front of me. I glanced again at Becky and she nodded again.

“Suck my dick.” He did. And he was very good. Oh my! Girls my age don’t know how to suck cock. They say they do, and for about one minute, they do. Then they just want to jerk you off and let you squirt on their face. Hardly a blow job. But the Mr knew how. Slow, shallow then deep. Erratic rhythms.

“Enough, Rodney. Boys. Let’s all get comfortable.” She stood and moved to the bed. I know I sound like a kid looking at his first Playboy, but she moved gracefully like a dancer. I was on her left, he on her right. I lightly played with her clit as he kissed her. We swapped roles and were both all over her body. I fucked her. He fed her his cock. Her first orgasm surprised us all. Out of nowhere she exploded as he was eating her pussy. She bucked like crazy and flailed about. I had been nibbling a nipple and just tried to hang on. I bit her a bit too hard and she screamed…then laughed. My, this was some woman! She rolled over on the Mr and sat on his dick and rode it like she stole it. I watched. My dick was screaming for attention. They were in their own world and when she had her second orgasm she went nuts!! He couldn’t hold back and shot his load. The enormous, oak bed shook. Her foot knocked something off the table. It was a wild scene. And when it was over, they collapsed into each other’s arms. Spent.

He eventually got up and went into the bathroom and brought back warm towels.

“I want Marcus to clean me.”

He tossed me a towel.

“You’ll not need that” she said as she pulled my face into her cunt. “Clean me.”

My decision had been made to explore this lifestyle so here I was. I dipped my finger in a pool of cum and then made a deal out of me tasting it. I put it on the tip of my tongue and then licked my lips. Then I did the same for her before licking her pussy clean. She mashed my head between her thighs. I thought, she’s getting off again. So I stayed with it until she, indeed, did cum. Not as intense as the others, perhaps.

The Mr, having cleaned himself up a bit, went down on me. Again, he took me deep and fast or shallow and slow. He worked my cock bringing me close then stopped. She ran her fingers through my hair and kissed my neck and ear. She kissed my chest, all the way down to my cock where she took over. Her technique was more gentle and seduction played a major role. Her eyes stayed laser locked on mine. It’s very hypnotic. And erotic.

The Mr joined her with my cock between the two of their lips. The feeling was like nothing else I had ever felt.

The Mr moved his attention lower, to my ass and began licking it. She was on my cock and he was licking my ass. I had a handful of her hair. I jerked it a couple times and she gasped then laughed and went back the my cock. I realized the pressure on my ass was not his tongue. He was easing a finger in. Slowly. I was thinking next test. I passed. I relaxed, the best I could as she lightly stroked my cock and he inserted his finger a bit deeper. Yes. It felt great. Not like the pain I was expecting. But when he inserted the second finger I jumped a bit. The Mrs engulfed my cock distracting me. But when he took my prostate between his fingers, she went deep and I shot ropes of giz. Ropes. I drained all my manly fluids down her throat. She licked her lips and took my head between her lips and got the last drop, which she shared with me during a very passionate kiss.

We rolled over and slept. I was in the middle. She held my cock and he had his hand on my ass all night.

There was a party one night for all the staff. It was catered and held in the great room in the house. Each of us were allowed to invite a friend. Misha brought a beautiful woman of, I guess, Polynesian descent. She had long, black curly hair. She laughed a lot and was fun to be around. They made quite a contrasting pair.

Ali brought a cowboy. Boots, hat and a buckle. Nice guy. I watched him, thinking, someday I may need to know vocabulary other than that of the uber sophisticates.

Bart’s girl was probably his high school sweetheart. She went to a local community college with an eye on a business degree. I thought, with a little training she could do quite the business. I laughed to myself.

I brought no one. I had just finished my own business degree and was thinking about staying on for grad school. I mean, room, board, a salary and the Mr and Mrs. Why would I leave? But with my school, work and play sessions, I had no time for a social life. And besides, the girls I knew, seemed just like that, girls. The Mrs, Becky, had opened my world up and now that I knew what was out there, I wanted it and Brittney, Tami and Babs couldn’t get me there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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