Manual Labour Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: If anybody is interested in finding out how Eve found herself in such a compromising position, the first half of her adventure can be found in Erotic Couplings under “Manual Labour Ch. 01”. Enjoy.


“Damn, Erik. It looks like your talents go beyond woodworking.”

She froze. Erik’s tongue stopped, though his finger remained in her ass. She was suddenly very aware that she was in the middle of a construction area, laying on a work bench, exposed from the waist down with a strange man’s face buried in her cunt.

She looked over. Scott was standing a foot away from her face, bottled water in hand. His eyes, as always, were looking at her tits. For her part, her eyes were drawn to the impressive bulge in his pants. She couldn’t…could she?

She clumsily grasped at his package. From this angle she couldn’t get a good grip on his cock, but she could tell Scott wasn’t a small man. She heard the bottle drop. Erik plunged back into her pussy, apparently satisfied that her groping of his co-worker was consent. He worked his pinky in and out of her asshole while he lapped at her clit. The sensation caused her eyes to roll back and for her hand to fall away from Scott’s cock. She spread her legs even further apart to give him more access. She felt a finger slide into her wet hole. Then another. She shuddered with pleasure.

She felt hands wrap around her arms, forcing them to straighten above her head. When the grip loosened, she reflexively began to relax them again. The hands returned. “Stay,” Scott said evenly, without a hint of playfulness. She obeyed. The hands let go again, and she could see Scott’s long tanned arms reach towards her waist and grab hold of her bunched up dress. He pulled the dress up over her head. She heard it slide across the floor.

Erik was still working his tongue into her pussy. She felt him use his thumb to pull her fat pussy lips upwards towards her navel. Fuck. Now her clit was even more exposed. Her whole body convulsed at the newly intensified sensation. She could feel her cunt spasm and release another gush of juices. She threw her head back and her body tensed. All her muscles were locked and her mouth hung open in a long, barely audible moan. His tongue on her pussy only moved faster in response. She blacked out for a moment, her orgasm the only thing that mattered.

When she regained her awareness, she realized that when she threw her head back, the work bench was no longer supporting it. When Scott took her dress off, he must have pulled her back a little. Her head hung loosely over the edge. She felt skin tap gently against her cheek. What was that? She opened her eyes and sincan escort could see lean muscled legs with pants pooled around the ankles. Scott. He wants me to suck his cock. She began to part her lips. Maybe that train of thought took longer than she accounted for, because it did not seem fast enough for Scott’s liking. The smell of sawdust filled her nostrils the moment before they were forced shut.

Her mouth opened wide to breathe. She managed one breath before he thrust his dick inside. She panicked, she couldn’t breathe. She screamed, the sound muffled by his cock. He let go of her nose.

At this angle, he had unimpeded access to her throat. He fucked her face with no regard for her comfort. His balls were proportional to his large shaft and slapped against her face with every stroke. Tears welled in her eyes, and saliva was running up her face. She was a mess, but despite this she felt more desirable than ever before.

She reached towards her breasts, amazingly still contained her black lace bra. She wanted to feel them bounce as they fucked her. Luckily, she had chosen a front clasp bra today. The cups parted jerkily, a little with each thrust. Scott’s pumping slowed a bit. Between the cold air and her level of arousal, her pink nipples could cut glass.

“Damn,” he pushed deep, causing her to gag a bit, “those tits are almost better than I’d been picturing them for the past few days.” He bent forward to play with them, his lean abs pressing against her chin. His large hot hands felt amazing cupping her pale globes. They seemed a lot bigger than they really were on her petite frame. Illusion or not, he was clearly impressed by the sight.

His thrusting had stopped. She enjoyed him playing with her breasts, but now felt an overwhelming urge to have his cock inside her pussy. Being pinned down, with a large cock in her mouth, she didn’t have many options to express her desires. She reached backwards and cupped his sack, playing with each testicle individually. She began to dance her tongue up and down his cock.

Her efforts managed to take his attention away from her tits. His cock twitched a bit in her mouth. He pulled out. He leaned against the bench next to her, the edge of the bench top cutting in just below his firm ass. “You want a ride? Get on.”

She was turned on, and as such, would do anything these men wanted if it meant somebody touching her. She didn’t hesitate. She got up, rolled off the table. She took a moment to wipe her bleeding mascara off from underneath and above her eyes. She climbed to straddle him, her knees pressing painfully into the surface of the bench. She leaned forward tandoğan escort a bit and put his face in between her tits as she hovered over him. He used his hands to press them together even harder around his face. She could feel his stubble scratch against her delicate skin. She could tell he was in heaven. She wanted to sit down on his hard cock, but being as small as she was, she knew that if she did, she would be taking her breasts away from him.

“I do all the work, I get first crack at her.”

Erik. She had been so busy trying to not suffocate on cock, she hadn’t gotten around to wondering where Erik had gone after he was done munching on her. Careful not to pull her tits away from Scott, she turned her head to see Erik. He was behind her, so she could only see out of the corner of her eyes. He was fully naked and holding his cock in hand. It was veiny, and had a slight upward curve to it. He positioned himself so the head was touching her bare ass. That would feel so good in her pussy. She popped out her ass to try to get him lined up. The head slid over her wet pussy. She whimpered. She wanted it inside of her. He moved closer and then back away a little. As he did so the whole length of his cock slid over her clit and backwards towards her ass.

He pushed forward. He hadn’t even fucked her cunt yet. She lifted her pelvis so that he was at her gash again. He used both of his hands to grab hard onto her hips. She realized she had no control. She was pinned between these two muscular construction workers, and she was going to do whatever they wanted. Erik, once again, re-positioned himself at her rosebud, and slowly pushed. Even though the tip was slippery with her juices, it still hurt. She inhaled sharply.

She had thought Scott lost inside her cleavage forever, but he suddenly let go of one of her tits, suspending it in his teeth only by the nipple. Then she felt his cock brush up against her clit. It felt great, especially in contrast to her anus right now. She relaxed into him a little. Erik was still burying his shaft in her ass, but the pain seemed less significant with her clit being rubbed.

He was in her ass up to the hilt now, and was pressed up against her back. His chest was hairy, unlike Scott’s smooth set of abs. Erik bit into her shoulder. He pulled out, and then thrust back in. The initial pain now passed, his cock inside her ass felt amazing. She moaned. He bit her other shoulder. “You like that, you dirty girl?” His thrusts become harder, causing her ass to jiggle with the motion.

Her mind once again unable to come up with anything clever, she just breathed “More.”

Erik tunalı escort paused mid thrust. Scott stopped stroking her clit. He moved his cock head to her entrance. Even though Erik had already been playing with her pussy, the head stretched her. She suddenly remembered how big it had felt in her throat. She wrapped her arms around his back, flattening her breasts against his chest. Her nails dug into his back as she lowered onto him. She thought she had reached the base of his shaft and exhaled in relief. She cried out when Erik forced her down further onto his friend’s shaft. Erik bent his legs and moved closer to accommodate her new position, and began thrusting anew.

She could feel everything. Every inch of each of their hard cocks. She could even feel them rub against each other through the thin membrane that separated her ass and pussy. She was literally pinned to place with cocks. She felt so full. She had never felt anything like this. Her pussy pulsed. She was about to come again.

Without warning, Erik pulled out. She felt her asshole gape for a moment, before feeling hot liquid running down her back into it. She clenched. The warmth of his seed felt great but his pulling out had aborted her orgasm.

Scott shifted a bit, happy to have a bit more freedom of motion. He kissed her for the first time in the evening. As his tongue explored hers, she leaned forward and he bent backwards to lay on the bench. Now she’d ride his cock. She rolled her hips around his member. It was so big that there was no danger of slipping out. Her tits bounced wildy. She began to flick her clit as she rode. She wanted to come again. She didn’t think she had slowed her pace, but Scott suddenly grabbed her ass and held her in place as he bucked into her faster than she could manage on top. It was like a jackhammer. She saw his tanned face contort, as she began to feel her own muscles spasm. She screamed.

She rolled off of him, breathing heavily. She felt his seed drip out of her pussy. She reached down and brought some to her lips. She smiled as she licked it off.

Erik turned on one of the work lights. Eve looked around for her dress. She could see the trail it had made in the dust as it skidded across the floor. She sat up. She caught a glimpse of the scene reflected on the window, now that it was dark outside. Scott had just stood and was buckling his belt. Erik was shaking the dust out of his shirt. Her? She looked every bit the slut she that felt like. Her hair was matted. Her mascara was smudged. She had red marks on her hips and ass where their strong hands had gripped her. The cum on her back and legs formed clean drip marks against the layer of construction dust that covered her and everything else in the room.

She realized that if she could see herself in the window, anybody passing by could catch a glimpse of the scene. She stood there, naked and semen-covered, a full minute before asking Erik to turn off the light.

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