Man’s Best Friend Ch. 03

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“Level of passion you say William, Aye.” Would that level be the same as when – with your, ballerina Hmmm?” She placed her greasy thumb in her mouth, making sure I saw it, and smirked as I looked down at her;

“Fishing for another compliment huh?” Okay, you’re certainly right up there.” Kate glared at me; I did nothing to play down her response by adding;

“And that’s all your getting for now.” I lied, in reality; there was nothing amateurish about her technique. Her endearing puerile desire to freely explore and please enhanced my experience to levels beyond even the most memorable. She was fun and deliciously void of inhibition, she had total freedom, totally free to make her own sexual decisions, most likely due to her past, not having to face any possibility of judgement, other than her own.

Kate frowned, looking a little disappointed; she abruptly got up and strolled over to the emptying bottle on the bed stand;

“Up there eh? Well, A suppose that calls for a drink.” She took a quick nip and sat up cross legged on the bed, holding the bottle tight on her lap.

“Serves me right for letting you speak.”

Poor pitiable thing, I made the wrong play there, I had forgotten that this was her ‘first time’ and should’ve given her a little more praise than I did so I thought I’d try to explain away my deception;

“You were great; I’m just messing with you, way better than a much younger figure skater I once knew!”

Kate looked up at me unconvinced;

“It’s alright William, A understand. No need to explain, A’m sure she was mooch younger and prettier than me, prolly with a pretty an’ neatly shaved fud, A’ll wager, being a ballerina and all. “

I had to get this monkey off my back; her fixation on Shannon was borderline troubling, so I cut her off;

“Skater, not a ballerina, I suppose in a way Shannon she was a ballerina but not in the classical sense; She was a tad butchy and very solid a Tom Boy type of figure skater, her over-developed thighs, not like a ballerina at all more like a speed skater I suppose. I was certain she could do severe damage to me if she used those guns to clamp my head, which she eventually did do! Not exactly your virginal porcelain doll type.”

“Ooo, a ballerina tough then”, Kate smirked probably because I took her bait.

“Skater damn it” I laughed at her stubbornness;

“Anyway I met Shannon at the arena, and we became very close very fast, I really liked her, and for months we dated, but not much happened in the sex department because she told me it wasn’t allowed, due to her training- competitions and all. Needless to say, when something did happen it was – well not exactly what you would expect, especially from a competitive skater, so that added to the – Oh geez, how can I explain…Surprise, let’s just say she was in control, and things got pretty forcefully oral, then more so until – well, I’ll let you put your homework to use and you can fill in the blanks.”

I reached for the bottle and she held on to it;

“A will not! Yer gonna tell meh!” She scolded, again with the sternness of a headmistress;

“So she humiliated ye, boot how, ye didn’t finish yer story William, tell me the truth, yer squeaky clean ballerina, how exactly did she surprise ye?”

Kate had the look of the Cheshire Cat on her face, I knew she wasn’t going to let go of her curiosity, besides at this point I figured she was just feeling me out so I would be better served if I just laid it out there;

“Not going to let that one go are you,” I challenged.

“Well, A won’t force ye, but you will tell me because ye want to, isn’t that right? Noo Snuggle in behind meh.” She directed me to sit against the headboard, and then nestled into me. She removed the bottle from between her thighs and drank half of what was left, and then passed it to me; I finished it and left the ‘dead soldier’ next to me. She placed my arms around her tummy, a smear of dirt loosened by her urine trailed from her heel onto the sheet as she straightened her legs, as if she was getting ready to retire to read a good book;

“Okay carry on.”

“Well since you’re so eager I’ll get straight to the climax so to speak. One thing led to another, so one day I ended up tied to her bed, thinking I was finally going to be able to consummate our relationship, but Shannon had other ideas. She straddled my head then clamped me solid between her thighs, and then she just sat on me and covered my mouth and nose with her ass and pussy. She just sat there until I almost suffocated. And you were right, her pussy was clean shaven ’cause I remember how soft and smooth it felt against my nose and lips. I could hear my heart beating so loudly that it just – well let’s say I was mesmerized to the point that I forgot that, at some point I would need to breathe. I tapped on her back and she lifted just enough to allow me to take a breath, then sat back down and continued to smother me over and over again. It was so intense, I almost passed out, but she seemed to know exactly when to lift off of me.

Kate’s hand moved toward her crotch, she began to rub the bulge under her panties, which reminded me of another detail I had almost forgotten: etlik escort Shannon had a big clit. She never admitted it to me but, from what I know now, it was most likely she was taking steroids to keep up with the younger girls. I mean she was only 20, but for a figure skater that’s probably the twilight of a career.”

Taking the bait Kate straightened up, her hand stopped pleasuring herself;

“Big Clitty ye say, how big?”

It was my turn to pry;

“Kate, you know- the usual…that comes from an athlete, a female bodybuilder to be more specific.”

Kate knowingly nodded;

“Oh Aye, A’ve seen those, Aye, amazing what those girls do to themselves just to look more like a man. So that’s what surprised yeh then?”

“No, not exactly, I mean it was a pleasant surprise compared to my previous encounters, but what really surprised me is what she did next.

Kate nestled back in, and then enthusiastically motioned me to continue;

“Well she got up and squatted over me then told me to open my mouth and to it drink all, and then she emptied her bladder into me. When she was done she told me to l had to lick her clean.”

“And my dirty Urophile licked her clean, and liked it, din’t he?”

“Yes and no, I mean it was pleasant enough but it happened so fast my brain didn’t really register. I was more surprised than turned on at the time. She rubbed herself all over my face until she was satisfied she was clean, then I kind of felt sick to my stomach. I mean it was a lot of piss, not because I was disgusted, just to be clear.”

Kate laughed, “Oh its clear enough – ye noo ye liked it!”

“Not as much as what she fed me next” I slyly added.

“That’s what really surprised me, surprised me a lot.” I paused, her hand was now pinching the bulge showing through her panties so it felt OK to let her squirm a little.

“Need I carry on? You seem to be a little busy.”

Kate likely forgot that she wasn’t alone and immediately stopped her movements, she placed her hands around mine.

“Okay – I’ll take that as a Yes.” I smirked “I’ll try to spare you the ugly details.”

She slapped my arm and turned to face me;

“Don’t ye dare!,” she hissed the back of her head and nesting back into me.

I laughed, then decided to give her a very descriptive account to reward her patience, whispering directly into her ear;

“Shannon wedged me between her calves then she squatted over me, she started to push, I could see her anus extend as her shit broke through her ass. She teased me with it, pushing it out little by little, then she reached her hand around and pinned my head to the bed trying to get me to force open my mouth. I resisted at first, then when the smell hit me I just had the urge to open up – so I did.”

I paused then moved Kate’s hand towards her bulge, she took my cue and continued to stroke off. I seductively continued;

“Things started out a little messy at first, Shannon dropped a hard log into my mouth, I needed a little time to get over the initial shock to my taste buds so she was going too fast. Most of it rested up against my ear. She got angry at my incompetence then reached back and squeezed my balls hard; as punishment. She pressed my face into the bed and hovered her ass over my mouth until I felt her hole on my lips, then she sat down hard so I couldn’t move. She demanded that I “Eat it”, her second drop was quite soft, she filled my mouth up until and slid her ass so it packed into my nose and I could barely breathe.”

“Kate, obviously aroused, drew her hand helplessly across her wetted panties.

“I was forced to chew and swallow it down, only after I was finished she lifted off of me just enough for me to take a breath. That’s when the horror of reality of what I was eating, hit me.

Kate let out a facetious “Wow that must’ve been terrible for ye. Ye poor thing!

“I gagged and some came back up, before I could take another breath she shit on me again, expelled the rest of it all over my face, but most went right into my mouth.

“Then whoot did ye do?” Kate avidly questioned.

“What could I do? She stood up and dipped her toes in it, and mashed it into my mouth, then… well the act of ingesting what ran through her excited me in a way I didn’t think possible. I chewed it down, I really didn’t protest much to be honest. It was too much, and I ended up throwing up all over the place. I would have never guessed she was capable of such dominance. I mean she wouldn’t let me penetrate her but I was good enough for her to crap into my mouth! It was a mix of fright, excitement and shame all at the same time, but ya, I guess in a way I liked it.”

“Ye like it cause A was right about ye, ye like to be dominated, even humiliated, boot why were ashamed; were ye ashamed of letting her shit on you?”

“Not exactly, I was more ashamed that despite puking, All I could think of was wanting to clean her foot…

“Oh my, ” Kate giggled

“That, and feeling pretty stupid for being respectful by waiting to fuck her! She fooled me into thinking she was some sort of angel, well as it turned out she was quite the opposite, it was really etlik escort bayan kinda violent, she just did it – you know?

“Aye, well it takes a hard woman to do that without permission, but ye loved her, and it sounds like you got what you longed for in the end, she must’ve been quite the keeper after that.”

“Well I thought so, but immediately after I began on her foot she just laughed walked away, leaving me covered in her filth, and I never heard from her again, she stopped answering my calls. Basically she dropped me like a hot coal and totally ignored me. When I did manage to track her down, she was with a friend and just called me a pussy that wasn’t worth her time, then she simply walked away – It hurt, so I gave it up. I figured it out in the end, so all good…” Kate tersely interjected;

“She left ye? Well A need to call Bull Shite on that William! How could all be good being thrown to the curb like that? A mean honestly, you seemed to give her what she wanted, and in a big way, you taking what she had to give, Aaugh; doin’ that sort of thing needs to be mutually understood, not joost done, then she joost leaves ya forever? That’s far from guid.”

“Ya, I took it initially as a loss, but if you really think about it, it was her fantasy and partially mine as well. I mean good on her – She lived it out. In her mind the fantasy was stronger if she dumped me like the useless inanimate object I was in her mind. See what I mean? Power Kate, her fantasy was power and control, mine was the opposite so in a way we both benefited…all good.

Kate adjusted and took my hand, there was an awkward silence as she ran the story through her head. I was happy at her virtual non-reaction, and felt fortunate to be able to bare my soul to her, now I was totally naked, it was time for me to disrobe her, taking her thumb into my hand ;

“So what’s your story Kate, how’d you become such a dirty girl?”

She simply got off the bed, left and re-entered her Fathers room then went to another room and came back smiling, another bottle of Scotch and 2 glasses .

I laughed, and waved my arms:

“Don’t try to change the subject, if you’re trying to get me pissed-up you’ve succeeded, it doesn`t take a scholar to figure out that I had enough, and considering not throwing me out after that story you certainly have to!”

Kate put the glasses on the bed stand and handed me the bottle to open, another fine example of scotch,

“Well since you put it that way, there may be room for one more.”

“Thank you William that was certainly a Humdinger of a tale, yer story tells a lot William.” She placed a pillow at the end of the bed, and offered me the glasses to be filled;

“Let’s have civilized drink, no need to hear my sordid life’s tale right now, but if you are a guid boy, I may feel inclined to tell ye later on.”

I looked down at the sheets, covered in dirt, piss and whatever sloughed off our bodies, and laughed;

“If this is your idea of civilized I think I may be in love.”

Kate just smiled, and clinked her glass against the bottle, motioning me to pour, then she raised her glass;

“To civility, may it be found in the most ruddy of places.”

“I’ll drink to that, but at this point. I’ll drink to just about anything”, I answered clinking her glass and placing the bottle back to the night stand;

“Sordid life’s tale huh, I can’t wait. How long are you going to make keep me in suspense, I mean really?”

“Wheest!” Kate hissed turned to away me and knelt facing the foot of the bed, and started to pull down her panties revealing her pale cellulite pocked cheeks. That got me to shut up pretty quick. Her saddlebags thinned into her thighs which were as magnificently thick and wobbly as her ass, she stopped just as her bush contrasted bright orange, teasing me.

“William, please take these out on the deck, try not to look at them as I am a little sensitive about their state, she turned facing me and smiled;

“No peekin’ now just lay ’em out nicely over the rail.

” Hmmm, for some reason I doubt your sensitive about their state, C’mon tell me your sordid story.”

“Joost do as yer told, ye clatty freak.” she scolded

“Wow, that hurts, I smiled, obediently doing what I was told, when I returned Kate was leaning up against the footboard her hands between her thighs concealing her pussy, her legs were bent and she was wiggling her toes looking at her feet planted on the mattress.

“A love mah feet, they are the only thing about meh that reminds me that A am still a proper lady, A think they are meh most becoming feature wouldn’t you agree?”

“Aye K”, I responded,

“A take great care in keeping them soft and beautiful, but look at them now all sweaty, dirty an’ smelling of pish, come over and look at them, what am A to do, she stretched out her legs and waving her toes inviting me in closer.

“Perhaps A shall ask you to fetch the basin, hmm but yer a little unsteady aren’t ye, wouldn’t want an accident to happen on those naughty stairs. A know, why don’t ye finish where ye left off, would you be so kind?” Kate seductively arched her foot I took escort etlik the filthier of the two in my hand caressing it;

“No, not yet, Kate demanded, “First put this on, she grabbed a nearby pillow and removed its case, then handed it to me put this around your eyes, make sure it’s good and tight so that you cannae see a thing, that would be fun don’t ye think? Trust meh it’s better this way.

Geez, was I ever going to get a good look at her, her clit size was certainly intriguing me and I was sure she trusted me enough not to be turned off by it;

“Aye K”, I sheepishly answered folding then tying it around my head;

“Now reach into the right drawer, and pull out the largest thing you can find in there, you’ll know it when you come to it, you may examine it with your hands only, then hand it to me after I finish fixing masell a drink.”

I fumbled my way to the bed table, almost knocking the bottle of scotch over, I grabbed it and motioned to hand it to her;

“No need A’ve had enough of that”, I felt the bed move a little and heard her whizzing into her glass slowly filling it up, as I finally opened the drawer and immediately touched a large rubbery dildo, I investigated a little more and found another smaller one, obviously glass and beaded for anal, my cock stiffened as I had trouble pulling out the soft massive piece. I could hear Kate’s stream slowing and glass was almost full.

“Go ahead touch it, don’t be shy tell me what you feel”, she chimed,

“Aye K, well first of I would say it feels heavy, soft and rubbery”,

I ran my hand down its length and felt exaggerated stylized veins along the shaft, it must’ve been at least 4 inches in diameter as there was no way I could get my hand fully around it. At the end I felt a suction cup, my other hand examined the large mushroom sized head, and larger in diameter with a heavily pimpled ring protruding out before meeting the shaft, and it must have been at least 12 inches in length, maybe larger given the way it wedged into the drawer.

“Well go on, what else?” Kate prodded.

“Its friggen huge, I would say it’s a reasonable facsimile of a horse dong.”

Kate laughed, “Very good William, now smell it and tell meh where it’s been.”

I took a good sniff, it smelled mostly of silicone, I moved my nose down to the area of the suction cup and could smell a hint of pussy;

“It smells like you Kate”, I answered as delicately as possible;

“And do ye like it, the way it smells, smell it again and tell me honestly.”

It smelled like stagnant pussy, I stuck my tongue out to answer her question.

“Nooo! I didn’t say taste,” Kate scorned.

“You know I like it!”. I pouted, a bit disappointed.

“Guid now hold this, she placed the warm glass into my hand and took the monster from my grasp, the mattress sank a bit as she kneeled into position to insert it, She bent towards my head her lips touching my ear as she whispered;

“Ye know what A like William, A like to feel stuffed, stuffed full. A like to stretch mah pussy over this horse cock and push it in as far as it will go, Mmmm just like I’m doing now, but darn it is dry, A like it nice and wet so my clitty can slide over it smooth and easy, ye know woot A mean?”

I felt her fingers dip into the glass as she used her urine to lubricate her toy, she repeated this a few times until I heard her spit into her hand;

“The spittle is for meh clitty, sometimes A get carried away and start off too fast, A slop it up good and wet to keep it from getting sore. Mmmm that’s better, sliding in much easier now. Oooo my clitty is getting hard, just like yer cock, it feels so good A think A’ll leave it there for a while, should A leave it in there while you clean the piss from my dirty feet William?”

I was trembling, picturing her toy going deep into her, her large clit riding against the shaft was almost enough for my cock to defy the scotch and ejaculate then and there.

“Aye K” I stammered.

“Fine just fine, hmm let meh push it in a little deeper, A like to feel it bump deep. My, the pain is so yummy,” The mattress depressed further as Kate’s weight shifted to force the toy deeper;

“Owww, Oh Aye there it is, she breathed, then bounced up and down a few times, Oooo Aye!, that’s enough to wake up the dead, A wish you can see meh William A wish you can see the look on my face.” She violently dropped down hard;

“Owwww!” She screamed then moaned;” Whew that’s enough for now”, taking the glass from my hand.

Now A’m going to sit back and have a drink, an’ spread meh legs so I can play with my clitty, while you get to work.”

Fuck, what a tease, I went down and Kate guided her dirtiest foot to my tongue sole first, I started at heel that was surprisingly tender, it was very salty and tasted like sweaty urine, I savoured it licking up and down her sole with fervour then more gently as made my way to the soft pads of her toes. Kate was right, being blindfolded gave a whole different slant to the activity, my senses more provoked than ever enjoying her musky taste, Kate was playing with herself moaning the whole at through I could tell when she was very aroused her legs jerking away momentarily to reset her center. My tongue slid between her big toe and second digit, I could feel a small ball of jam in between and eagerly flicked it into my arid mouth, it’s cheesy taste caused my cock to pulsate, bringing very close to the point of wetting myself.

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