Making Madelaine Ch. 05

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{Making Madelaine, part five. Standard warnings. This is a free erotica porn site, it’s not a great work of art, it’s not supposed to be. It’s whack off porn. Also, in this free porn world everyone is 18 years old or higher before they even think about sex. There are no STD’s, no one needs to use the bathroom and no one gets hurt in ways they don’t like and everything works out, eventually.}


Madelaine (Laney) is a vivacious, sexy 46 year old redhead with killer curves, amazingly tight ass and big tits that still haven’t sagged. She lost her husband a year ago and said she spent 20 years being married and being allowed to tease, but rarely pleased anyone outside their relationship. It’s like she has 20 years of making up to do. I’m James and I’m 60. Laney has become a plaything for me. I “make” her do sex things and she loves being made to do them. She is especially into giving blowjobs. In her head I think it’s her way of making up for all the teasing in the past after all those years of suppression. It’s also a very submissive act for her. I think deep down she feels it’s almost “punishment” for her prior behavior. Whatever it is, It’s a perfect world for us. Reading previous chapters would no doubt help, but each story is kind of a new episode, enjoy, either way!}

Amazing Madelaine. That’s what she was to me. We both couldn’t believe the things she’d done already as well as the things she still wanted to do. The last thing she’d done is sucked off two men from her condo complex and fucked another on Halloween night. True to her nature, and to my commitment to making her do things, the two guys she sucked off were totally out of her league. But, since I made her do it, the humiliation of it drove her wild. The guy she fucked, Perry, was their complex’s George Clooney. He was one of those silver haired foxes, in his fifties, rich, already retired, who seemed to always have 20 year old women on his arm. He’d been wanting to nail sweet Laney since she moved in. I don’t blame him, that body is amazing for a 46 year old, that ass alone should be gilded in gold on a statue. We’d been doing our sexcapades over a span of a couple months.

She was always pressing for more so due to Laney’s dalliance with Perry and because of her absolute need to suck cock and please I made her ask Perry if he wanted to use her mouth on a regular basis. I made her ask him with similar wording, too. I knew it made her wet having to embarrass herself by asking him that way. Sure enough, she spent quite a few mornings on her knees by her front door, giving the lucky fucker head. She said she loved the embarrassment of having to repeat it, and knowing she had to do it, whenever he showed up.

“Are you getting what you need, Laney?” I asked her one day.

“I love what I’m doing, yes, if that’s what you are asking. I love the thought that I could be at the breakfast table and he could show up with that cocky smile, and without a word he gets his dick in my mouth. It’s also embarrassing that we don’t even have to say a word to each other before he’s out the door and I’m wet both above and down below,” she giggled. “Plus, like with my former boss, I really love that I know how to get him off the best way now that I’ve done it so many times. I love how dirty that thought is, that I’ve been made to please him so many times that I know exactly how to do it. That’s the stuff that just gets me so wet.”

“He doesn’t try to fuck you?” I asked.

“He did, but I told him that I really just wanted to suck his cock, but as a consolation, he should use my mouth every chance he gets. It was what you wanted me to tell him.

“But, if you are asking if I’m getting EVERYTHING I need, well, maybe not…yet. We still need to repeat the mall thing. I may still have to fuck your friend Bob…and…and I’ve teased so many guys out there throughout the years, I just need to be made to please them.”

“I know. That part of you has really come out. I love that guys are making you, too. Like the thing with Bob, your boss, Sarge, from the mall. You get off better when men control you and make you do things.”

“I know,” she whined, the discomfort from her pussy was rising.

“Ok, the mall thing,” I said. “It’s your biggest fantasy now.”

“Yes, I need to do it,” she said in a low growl, “I need to be made to do it.”

“And it’s just one more time, right? It’s got to be a big “blow” out.”

“Yes, for all those years of teasing guys. The fantasy is to please until I can’t, then we can do other things.”

“Please until you can’t, ” I love that. You know that might be a lot, right?”

“Ohhh, god, I’m so ready for that,” she whispered with lust.

“First, I think we should do this over a couple days.”

“What? Why? I thought the point was me pleasing as many as I can?”

“That IS the point, precious,” I smiled. “Hear me out. I think you need to do more reconnaissance. That way, doing more often is possible, because you’ve lined it all up the right way.”

“Oooh, I like that,” she purred. “I really WANT to do more…and tandoğan escort bayan more,” she said with a sexy grin.

“Right, so the idea is, like before, go in and flirt, exhibit yourself but also look for patterns, guys that’ll be there the next time, mostly workers. I think it’d be hard picking up random strangers over and over. It’ll work better if they’ve already been warmed up,” I grinned.

She pulled her top down to show me her amazing tits. “Will this warm them up, sir?”

“That’s definitely a start,” I laughed.

“Also, you really are going to have to be sluttier this time.”

“Sluttier? Gawd…”

“Yes, it’s one thing to tease, exhibit, flash a little. But, for our purposes the guys really have to know what they are getting, and how quickly they can get it. Remember, it took a couple hours just getting two last time? You want many, or so you say, we have to speed up the process.”

“I know you are right, it’s just kind of overwhelming and so…dirty.”

“Yes, sucking multiple cocks is dirty,” I laughed. “AND, you want to do it.”

“I know,” she said, exhaling deeply. “I just think of all those guys I’ve teased before and how many of them wanted it, and I couldn’t give it to them. I love to tease, though, I love getting them interested, getting them aroused. But, I want to have to please them at the end. I love guys making me do it, I love the loss of control, which is why I love you, and what you make me do,” she grinned sheepishly.

“We can definitely try to make that happen. For multiples, though, we really need to be more direct, more blunt, with far less subtlety. It’s almost like we need to advertise.”

I had an idea. “Isn’t there a T shirt shop in the mall that puts slogans on shirts, or anything you want, like a picture?”

“Yes, it’s basically a shop for the young,” she laughed, “why?”

“I have an idea for a shirt you can wear, to help us speed things along. Plus, depending on who is working in that shop, we might get it started early.”

“Oooh,” she purred.

It was set, I’d given her the ideas and we’d talked about the setup. I sent her there by herself one day I was working just to “case” the place again and figure out the who’s and how’s. She asked me what she should do if Sarge was there.

I said, “I guess you’ll do what he tells you.” I could see her blush and guessed that it made her wetter than usual.

She went to that T shirt shop and had them make the shirt I wanted. She mentioned the tattooed, pierced 19 year old that gave her the eye when she told him what she wanted on it. She came back with a number of possibilities. We were ready.

A few days later we drove to the mall. She was wearing a charcoal skirt, over the knee with a slit up one side. On top she had on her black stone washed T shirt with the writing I wanted. She’d modified it by ripping it in the right places to show more cleavage. It was also at least one size too small. She wasn’t wearing a bra but had on the tiniest pair of white, sheer panties. Over her shirt she had a light jacket that matched her skirt. From afar, she looked like a classy, sexy business woman out on a typical shopping day until she opened her jacket. Once open, her tits and cleavage would be out for viewing pleasure. She wore sexy heels, but not too high, but enough to show off her fabulous legs and calves.

We drove separate cars. I let her use my Jeep as it provided more room for her activities. We pulled into a part of the parking lot that had less traffic. I told her I didn’t want it completely empty, that part of her thrill was that she was going to have to do “it” with at least the possibility of being seen. It just edged her arousal up another level.

I walked up to her for one last kiss and reassurance. She started to get out. “I wonder if Sarge is here,” she asked with lustful anxiety.

“You mean you HOPE he is here,” I said firmly.

“Yesss,” she purred.

I really wanted that for her, too. She loves guys taking charge and making her do even sluttier things or making her admit what a slut she is, he was that type.

I went in first and took a seat in the “husband” area, the place guys go to watch sports on their phone when they get tired of following their wives around. I watched her come in and walk by. I noticed a few guys looking her way, especially as she passed, that ass is a natural attraction. I saw her hesitate and look around. She was looking for Sarge, this was the area he was in the last time. I could see disappointment in her face. She had really taken to all this. This was becoming quite natural for her. She texted me.

“I’m heading for the shoe place, hoping Chris is there!”

I waited, impatiently as always, it’s agonizing waiting for things like this to happen. It’s a mixture of anxiety, fear, and lust.

“Dammit!” he’s not working today,” she wrote.

“That sucks,” I responded before I realized the double entendre. “Oh, I mean that DOESN’T suck,” I said, adding the requisite, “lol.”

She tunalı escort bayan didn’t text for quite awhile. I wondered how it was going. In the mean time there was good news. Sarge was here. I saw his big, imposing frame lumbering down the steps. He was headed for his sofa. Sarge was a people watcher, at least a woman watcher. I knew he was looking for one in particular. I sneaked behind him and sat in the row of sofas facing opposite of the one he was in now. There was a row of fake plants between the rows of seats. I sat close enough to be able to see him through the plants. I waited.

It had been an hour since I heard from her and ten minutes since Sarge sat down. I saw her approaching. I saw her blush when she saw him. She walked straight toward him, us. I saw her smile, bashfully and sat directly opposite of him. There was no one else around, other than the people walking by. The seating area is a rest area for tired shoppers, the rest of the foot traffic leads around the carpeted area. This gave them a little bit of privacy. She undid her jacket and showed him the revealing shirt she was wearing. On the front, it said, “I’m easy…” and on the back it said, “to talk to.”

“So I see you are back to your old games,” he said with a low growl.

“Yes,” she peeped shyly. She was ready for him to take his turn.

Instead, he asked, “so have you done anything yet, you little slut?”

I saw her face turn one shade darker. “Yes, I sucked off the guy from the T shirt/piercing place to “thank” him for making this shirt.”

“Yeah, I think I can smell the sex on you from here,” he said, feigning disgust.

“I’m sorry,” she said, suddenly worried she might be “losing” him. “I just really love to give head.”

“I know you do,” he chuckled. “Look, I’m not here to stop your fun, far from it. “Do me a favor, uncross your legs and leave them open.”

“Yes, sir,” she said panted.

“And spread your slut legs open a little, let that skirt ride up. Let’s see if the slut has panties on.”

He could see the thin material barely concealing her pussy lips.

“Good, now stay like that while we chat.” I could see her gulp and obey. “So what was your plan today, suck a few cocks, or get laid?”

“I’m here to suck cocks, sir,” she choked out with sheer embarrassment.

“Ok, and you sucked one already, now what? How many are you looking to suck?”

“As many as I can take,” she had to admit to her immense embarrassment.

“So what now?”

“I um…was going to go to Foot Locker,” she said with lustful shame.


“There were two young guys there last time. I teased them, like I did with you.”

“And you don’t like to just tease, do you?”

“No. I always feel guilty about it, after. I really need to be made to please.”

“So go to Foot Locker, then come back and tell me about it.”

He was taking charge. I knew she was probably dripping at that thought.

“Yes, sir!” she said as she smoothed out her skirt and walked away.

I watched his eyes on her ass the whole way. We both waited. It was a good half hour. Good thing he has patience. I saw her approach him again. This time he patted the seat next to him. She sat close.

“So what did the slut do?” he asked gruffly.

“I sucked two more cocks, sir,” she said. She was trembling from the debasement of it all.

“Two? How? tell me about it…and get those legs back open!” he ordered.

I saw her part her legs again.

“I went in and one of the guys recognized me from before, the other guy was new, I hadn’t seen him. I think they may have talked about me though because both of them acted…funny, like they’d told the new guy about the lady that came in and teased them. I took off my jacket, and they saw my shirt. It really helped speed things along. In five minutes I was in the back behind their beaded doorway sucking on one while the other kept watch. Then, they switched places. It’s amazing how willing guys are to get their cocks sucked.”

“And this embarrasses you to no end, doesn’t it?” he prodded.

“God yes. Plus, they were both like 18 or 19, less than half my age.”

“But the embarrassment drives you, doesn’t it?”

“Yesss,” she hissed.

I could see his hand had disappeared under her skirt, the way she was talking and moving, I realized he had his fingers in her.

“What is the slut going to do now?” he asked sternly.

“Suck some more cock?” she asked. He was the one driving now.

“Yes, you are going to suck more cock,” he grinned lewdly.

“It…may take awhile,” she said. “I’ve gone to the places where I kind of knew how it was going to go. Teasing new guys, strangers, takes a little longer.”

“I’ve got all day,” he smiled evilly. “But, I can be of some help. I used to work security here, I have learned to recognize people and what they want and need. I’ve been here awhile. See that guy in the couch over there? He’s been sitting there by himself for an hour. He’s ogling every single woman that walks türbanlı escort bayan by.”

I looked myself. He was a guy in his 40’s probably. Total nerd. He had greasy black hair, thick glasses and kind of had a Buddy Holly, but in a totally not cool way, vibe.

“Ok?” she peeped.

“Do your thing,” he ordered. “Go show him your T shirt, tell him you want to blow him, then take him out to the car like you did last time and suck some fucking cock.”

“Oh fuck,” she gasped. “Yes, sir.”

I saw here walk down and open her jacket. Five minutes later they were walking out to the parking lot. Ten more minutes and she came back in, her head down. She sat back next to him.

“I left some on there…for you sir,” she said breathlessly to him.

“I see that. I good slut should always have some cum on her face.”

“Can I…suck you too, now sir?” she begged. I heard her gasp when he plunged his fingers back in her.

“Were you thinking that’s enough cock sucking for the day?” he asked.

“Um, I’m not sure.”

“Didn’t you say, “as many as I can take?”

“Yes, sir,” she whispered in shame.

“And can you take more?” he asked firmly.

“Yessss,” she sighed.

I heard her moan. He had jammed his thick fingers as deep as they’d go.

“Ohhh ohhh ohhh,” she panted.

He couldn’t wait any longer, he almost pulled her off her feet with his fingers stuck in her. He led her out towards the parking lot. I was forced to wait some more. Time passed, Sarge never came back. I saw Laney walking in slowly. She had texted that she was on her way back in to tell me the full story. Just before she got to me I saw two security guys approach her. I saw them arguing for a moment before they led her back down the hall. I followed but from a safe distance. They disappeared into the security office. I texted her frantically.

After quite some time she answered. “I’ll meet you in a little bit by the sofas.”

When we met she was glowing with sweat. We walked to the car, she wanted to tell me the story in private. I tried to kiss her but she rebuffed me, she had a strong smell of man musk, I knew why.

“My god, what happened?” I asked with concern.

She gave me a shy smile and said, “wait, silly. Don’t you want to hear the whole story? I saw you, behind Sarge, watching us. I really hoped you could hear us talking, too. I know how much you would love that, hearing him direct your slut. I first went to the T shirt shop where Randall, the guy that made the shirt for us, works. I’d flirted with him the last time, I knew I had to try to please him, based on your new rules for me. He had the other sales person watch the store. She was a young woman who was also tattooed and pierced in probably every bit of available skin.

“He asked why I was back, I knew this time was about efficiency, speed, and quantity. I just said, “I want to blow you for making my shirt.”

“He took me to their tiny employee’s bathroom and I sucked that goth dude’s cock. The whole time I knew the woman was outside the door, probably listening, there was no one else in the store. I had to walk out, past her, still licking his cum off my lips. She just sneered at your slut.

“Then, as you saw, I found Sarge. Oh god, sir, I’ve found a part of me that I’d hidden so long. The control is the magic potion. It’s getting treated like a dirty little slut, where the “normal” me is pushed to the background and I’m made to be who I truly am. You are so good at that. He is, too. And, the fact that he’s a relative stranger makes it almost unbearably hot for me.

“Did you hear him? Did you hear him make me open my legs for him while he talked dirty to me?”

“I did,” I said. “It was so fucking hot.”

“It was. I knew you were there, watching. I don’t know that I can get any hotter, any more worked up having both of you there like that. One was controlling me directly, the other watching, but really being the one in charge. I don’t know if you saw, but he got those thick damned fingers inside me while he made me admit all my slutty doings, to that point.”

“I did, I’ll bet you were totally wet.”

“I was dripping,” she smiled with embarrassment. “I thought he would want his turn next but he made me admit our whole plan and he sent me to Foot Locker.”

“I heard, what happened there?”

“I felt like such a slut, which is how we both want me to feel, being sent down there, like that. It was like I was a naughty school girl, caught smoking cigarettes, and the “punishment” was being made to smoke them until I got sick. This time, the punishment was cock sucking. He was going to make me continue to do it.

“At Foot Locker the guys had no doubt been talking about the teasing slut from the other day. It was like they were waiting for me. I barely had got my jacket off so they could see my shirt before they were making rude sexual comments about it. All I had to say was, “the front is truer than the back,” and I was behind their beaded curtain sucking off the first guy. The other guy kept watch and looked in on us when he could. That made it easier for him when it was his turn. He was already hard and excited. I got him off in two minutes. I had three loads of cum in me and it just felt so natural. Guys need to get off when they get excited and I need to please them when I tease. It just seems like a perfect fit.”

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