Making Hay

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Jan was bouncing up and down on her boyfriend, Bubba’s lap but not in the way you might think. With five of them in the cab of Jake’s old pickup, she did not have anywhere else to sit. They were packed in like sardines but that didn’t keep them all from bouncing around on the rough dirt road that led into the hay fields.

“Come on Jake, you need to get the boss to fix this damned road before we hurt ourselves,” Jan said after they crashed through a particularly large pothole.

“I’m not complaining,” Bubba said with a big grin as he held onto Jan a little tighter.

“I’m beginning to think you’re right,” Jake said as his head bumped the top of the cab on the next hole.

Todd, who was sitting next to Jake said, “Slow down a little, will ya!”

Mike the youngest of the group at eighteen laughed and then let out a whoop as they hit the next deep hole. “Ride-em Cowboys!” He yelled and then added, “And cowgirls.”

“I’m going to cowgirl your butt when we get out of this truck.” Jan told him as she took a swing at his shoulder and missed as the truck wallowed through a set of ruts.

Mike grinned and whispered, “Promises, promises, all I ever get is promises.”

Bubba nudged him with an elbow. “Behave before I have to hurt you.”

“What are you going to do? You’ve got both hands full trying to keep Jan from flying out the window,” he said with a laugh.

“This truck will stop sooner or later.” Bubba replied menacingly.

“Are you sure about that?” Todd said as they rumbled over a cattle gap.

Before anyone could answer, the truck rounded a curve and slid to a halt beside two tractors and two hay trucks. “We’re here!” Jake said.

“About time!” Todd and Jan said at the same time. Mike and Bubba laughed.


The cool morning air had Jan’s nipples hard as she drove the hay truck out across the field toward the first line of hay bales. The heater in the old truck hadn’t worked in years and it never had air conditioning, which was even worse. By lunch break, she would be ringing wet with sweat.

As she neared the first bale, she geared down to low and let the truck idle along. Bubba and Mike jumped to the ground, grabbed the first bale of the day, and tossed it up to Jake and Todd. This was the easy part. The truck was empty, the air was cool, and everyone was fresh and rested.

Jan sighed and settled in for another long boring hot day.

By Jake’s estimations, these two truckloads would finish this field. The two loads from yesterday had been devastating for all five of them. One hundred and three degrees in the shade and ninety something percent humidity had beat them all down.

By the time they had headed out to deliver the loads, everyone was soaking wet, worn out, and grouchy. Today’s weather was not supposed to be any better.


By the end of the first row, a quarter of the truck was full and it was starting to get hot. Jan ditched the long sleeved shirt she had worn for the morning chill, when she stopped in the shade of a big oak for the guys to rest and get a cold drink. She climbed out of the truck to do the same and to stretch her legs.

Jake and Todd sat on the edge of the truck bed with their legs dangling. Bubba and Mike lay sprawled out on the ground. She grinned at the two on the ground as she got a coke out of the cooler tied to the back bumper of the truck.

“You two look like shit,” she told them with a grin.

“You toss these bales and lets see how good you look.” Mike told her frowning.

“No thanks, it’s bad enough in the cab of the truck,” she said to Mike and then she turned to Jake. “How about lowering that broke ass passenger window for me?”

He shook his head. “I’d love to but I’m afraid it’ll fall down in the door again, like last time.”

“Somebody needs to fix some of this junk.” Jan told him and then sighed deeply. It was not going to happen and she knew it. The guy they worked for paid fairly well but never fixed anything until it died and stopped work.

Jake shrugged because he knew the same thing she did. They all knew it. It was a standing joke of sorts. “I’ll lower it but you have to take the door apart and retrieve it if it falls down,” Jake finally said as he hopped down off the truck.

“Thanks,” Jan said to him and then added to no one in particular, “I wish I had my bag, I’d change early and beat the heat.”

“At the end of the next row, we’ll all change as usual.” Bubba replied.

“One of these days, I’m just going to strip and drive naked,” Jan said and then laughed.

“All, right!” Mike said loudly and then gave Jan a leering grin. “I hope I’m on the truck when you do.”

Bubba slapped him in the back of the head. “Watch your mouth, bonehead. She was joking.”

“Are you sure?” Todd asked from the bed of the truck. He laughed as Bubba glared at him.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Bubba, growled. He glanced at Jan out of the corner of his eye. She grinned at him and winked.

“What’s that mean?” He asked her sharply.

She pendik escort continued to grin as she shrugged and turned to head for the cab of the truck. She loved Bubba but he was sometimes too jealous for his own good. He had a strong well-endowed body but a weak mind. She wondered for the umpteenth time why she put up with him.

Pictures of his big muscular arms and thighs, along with his flat washboard stomach, barrel chest, and of course, his big dick, flashed through her mind. She felt a quivering chill run up and down her spine to pool between her legs as intense heat.

Thoughts and memories of riding that big dick ran through her mind as she got in the cab and started the truck. Her jeans felt tight in the crotch as she worked the clutch and put the truck in gear. The jeans rubbed her partially exposed clit as she did.

“Great, that’s all I need,” she whispered to herself.

“What?” Jake asked from where he was fixing the window.

“Nothing, just got things on my mind.” Jan replied with a big grin.

“Ok, yeah, if you say so.” Jake replied and shook his head as he climbed off the truck running board. “Just remember to keep an eye on the mirrors. I don’t want you daydreaming and someone to get hurt.”

“I know boss, I’ll keep it under control,” she said as he closed the door. With the door shut she added, “For now, anyway.” Her mind was a dangerous place at the moment.


The trip back down the next row was even hotter and more work as the bed of the truck filled up. The stack got higher and the guys were now double-teaming the bales. Todd was down on his knees helping and Jake was stacking. At the slow speed and with no wind, Jan was steadily baking.

By the time, they reached the end and the truck was half loaded, they were all ready to lie down and relax. Jan joined Todd and Jake on the back of the truck. The hay was prickly through her t-shirt but Jan did not care. It was cooler up here and that was all that mattered.

Jan had almost dozed off when Jake sat up and sighed deeply. “This heat is ridiculous but it’s not going to get any cooler.” He sighed again and then went on, “Let’s get changed and remember to take your salt tablets and drink a lot of water or Gator-Aide. Leave the cokes for later, when we get finished.”

All four of the guys already had their shirts off. Jan’s t-shirt was soaked with sweat and her padded bra felt like a wet soggy hot compress on her small breasts. The day before her breasts had looked like wrinkled prunes by the end of the day. She had brought a sports bra with her today.

Grabbing her bag from the back of Jake’s truck, she wandered off into the woods to change. She found a spot behind a screen of bushes and stripped off the t-shirt and bra. She could ring sweat out of both of them. She slipped off her shoes without untying them and wiggled out of her jeans.

She sighed as a slight breeze wafted across her damp body. It was so much cooler with just her panties on. She grinned as she realized the white bikini briefs were wet enough to be almost transparent. Bubba would drool if he saw her now. Thoughts of Bubba made her clench her thighs and inner muscles.

A sound behind her made her turn. Bubba was standing a few yards away, next to a tree peeing. “Too bad we have to go back to work,” he said with a leering grin in her direction.

Jan’s eyes dropped to his dick and she watched as the light yellow stream flowed from the head. His big hand held it near the head and there was still room for her smaller one at the base. She gave a small quivering shake at memories of that thing stuffing her pussy tightly.

When he finished peeing, Bubba shook his dick and then turned toward Jan stroking it slowly. His eyes ran up and down her nearly naked body and his dick started to grow even larger. “Maybe I should give you a quick fuck to remind you who’s the boss,” he said thoughtfully.

When Jan frowned deeply, Bubba grinned and made a show of putting his dick away. “Maybe tonight would be better. That way you can scream your head off without drawing an audience.”

Jan was still frowning as he turned and walked back toward the truck. Asshole, she thought fiercely as she jerked her sports bra out of her bag. He’s starting to take things for granted, she thought as she started to put the bra on. Anger flashed in her eyes and she threw the bra at her bag.

“Fuck him and the little pink pony he rode in on,” she muttered angrily, under her breath. She slipped on a thin white cotton sleeveless t-shirt and wiggled out of her panties.

“I should just drive the truck naked and show him whose boss,” she said aloud as she got her blue jean cutoffs out of the bag. She paused a second and then grinned as she dropped them back in the bag and got out the thin white short shorts she had planned on wearing home.

“By the end of the next run I’ll be soaking wet again,” she whispered and then grinned. “It should be quite interesting at the rest break.”


By maltepe escort the time they reached the shade at the end of the third run, Jan had just enough energy left to open both doors and lay over in the seat. Clouds had moved in about halfway along the run and the wind had picked up a little. Jan lay on her back with her feet propped up on the window ledge.

The light breeze through the cab felt chilled as it caressed her body. She drank the last of the water from the bottle she had in the console and wanted more. The problem was, she would have to get up and go get it. With a sigh, she started to sit up.

She got as far as her elbows when Jake’s head appeared at the door by her legs. He held out a cold water bottle. “Here, drink this and then come get another one, you look beat.”

“I’ve got chills if that tells you anything.” Jan told him.

Jake’s eyes were not on her face. She held in a grin and fought the urge to look down at her chest. From the way the cloth was clinging to her breasts, she knew it was wet and probably transparent.

“Uh, yeah,” Jake said as he tore his eyes away from her breasts. “This will be a little longer stop than normal. I’m hoping those clouds stick around and the wind picks up some more. It’ll help all of us.”

“Thanks for the water,” Jan said with a grin.

“Uh, you’re sure welcome.” Jake replied as his eyes dropped back to her chest for a second. Then he turned and headed toward the back of the truck.

When he was gone, Jan looked down at the front of her t-shirt. It clung to and molded itself to her breasts. Her dark areolas showed clearly as did the lighter peaks of her hard nipples. She might as well have been nude for all the shirt hid.

She sat up and slid over to stand on the running board of the truck. Standing, she could feel the thin shorts clinging to her ass and hips. She wondered if they were as transparent as the shirt. The ass probably was from sitting on the vinyl seat cover.

Driving across the field, she had felt the sweat pouring from under her arms and boobs and streaming down her back. It had felt so sensuous and tickly as it ran down to her shorts and down the crack of her ass. She had wanted wet and now she had it.

The problem was, did she have the nerve to walk this way to the back of the truck. To walk back there and stand around as though she didn’t know what she was showing. Four sets of male eyes eating her up. Well, three sets drinking her in and one set glaring at her and the other three in jealousy.

Bubba’s eyes would bug out at first and he would leer. Then he would realize that he wasn’t the only one looking. She didn’t know what he would do after that. That was something else she was worried about. She didn’t want anyone hurt by his jealousy. She just wanted to show him he wasn’t her boss.

Jan sat back down on the seat to think things over some more. “Hey, Jan, are you alright?” Todd called as he came up along the side of the truck.

With a shiver of excitement, Jan sat up straighter and pulled her shoulders back. She felt her breasts pressing tighter to the wet material of the shirt. “I’m fine, Todd.” She got out in as natural a voice as she could manage.

“Jake wanted me to check on you,” he said, as he got closer. “I brought you another water.”

Todd froze as he got even with the door. His eyes were running all over her body, which made Jan quiver and clench up inside. Jan had seen Todd’s well-defined muscular chest many times but for some reason today it looked even more massive on his lean frame.

Both of them seemed to be holding their breath as they looked at each other. Todd’s lips moved several times but no words came out. Finally, he got out, “Oh my God, you are beautiful.” It was a reverent whisper.

Jan felt a hot blush start in her breasts and run up her neck to her face. She couldn’t remember doing that in a very long time. There was also a surge of heat in her sex and her nipples harden to the point they ached. The awe and admiration in his eyes was something she had never seen in Bubba’s.

Holding her breath, Jan slid forward on the seat, left her left foot where it was, and stepped down with her right as she reached for the water bottle. Her legs were spread wide and she could feel the cool clothe of her shorts pulling tightly against her hot sex.

Todd’s eyes dropped to the crotch of her shorts and grew wider as his mouth moved but nothing came out. That answered the question of how transparent her shorts were. A moment later, Todd’s arm moved as he handed her the water bottle but his eyes never left her sex.

A surge of heat like she had never felt before ran through Jan’s lower belly. If one set of eyes made her feel like this then what were four sets going to do? Can a woman come from just being looked at, she wondered. What would it really be like to be naked with four men looking at her? Jan fought the urge to moan.

Finally Todd found his voice, “I… uh… I better… uh… get back kartal escort to the guys before Bubba gets nervous and jealous.”

“Uh, huh,” Jan said softly and then smiled. “Thanks Todd and I don’t just mean for the water.”

“You’re more than welcome,” Todd whispered as his eyes flicked up to her breasts and then to her face. He grinned broadly and added, “It was my pleasure, believe me.”

“Mine also. I’ve never been looked at with such awe before and it’s stimulating to say the least,” Jan whispered.

Todd blushed as he adjusted the bulge in the front of his cut offs. “I… uh… understand completely.” He turned toward the back of the truck and then changed his mind and went toward the front. “I think I need to relax before I go near Bubba,” he said with a grin.

Jan chuckled, “That would be a good idea.”

As Todd disappeared around the front of the truck, Jan looked down at her shorts and gasped softly. The soft transparent cloth was pulled up tightly in her slit and outlined her outer lips. The small V of dark hair on her mound was clearly visible. Now she did moan softly.


Jan sat back on the seat and opened the bottle of water. She took a long slow pull from the bottle and then sighed. She could feel the cold water halfway to her stomach. She took another long pull on the bottle and then grinned as she poured some over each breast.

She gasped loudly each time the cold water touched her chest. Her nipples now ached and she wanted to pinch and twist them but she held back. If she did then there would be evidence in the way, the thin cloth would lay. She whimpered and drained the last of that bottle of water.

She put the water bottle Todd had brought her in the console and lay back down on the seat. She left her left foot where it was and raised the other to the windowsill. She could feel the cooling of the cloth over sex as the air got to it.

A daydream of her laying this way naked and Todd’s face between her legs made her whimper softly. Todd’s face was replaced with Jake’s and she moaned. A noise by the door made her lift her head. Mike stood with his head less than a foot from her sex. His mouth hung open and his eyes were wide.

“Hello, Mike,” Jan said and then grinned as he jumped and his eyes flicked up to her face and then back to her sex. He was blushing a deep bright red but he continued to stare openly at her.

After a moments silence, Jan asked, “Did you want something?”

“Uh, yeah, I sure do,” he whispered softly.

Quickly Mike shook himself and said, “Uh, I mean, Jake says it’s time to move out.” His eyes were still on Jan’s exposed sex. He licked his lips and then he was gone.

Jan laughed as she sat up. Everyone had had a look except Bubba. Her hands came up and caressed her breasts through the wet material of the shirt. This was the last pass and then they would break for lunch. By the time, they did that she would be even wetter, and not just her clothes.


Jan had used the mirrors and the brake to slow the truck even more as the guys struggled to get the bales to the top of the load. She had to be gentle with the brake so she wouldn’t throw the two on the truck off balance. It took concentration but she’d had plenty of practice in the past.

At the end of the line, she stopped for Jake and Todd to get off the truck. Then she drove over beside the other truck and parked. The guys were gathered around Jake’s truck as she got her things and moved to the empty vehicle.

She was very much aware of how wet her clothes were as she did. The wind was still up but the clouds had moved on. The breeze felt chilled as it blew over her wet clothes. The windows were already down in this truck and it felt cooler than the other did as she started it up.

Jan pulled the truck over next to Jake’s pickup and parked. Now was her moment of truth. Did she really have the nerve to go eat lunch the way she was? She didn’t really have any choice unless she asked Jake or Bubba to go get her bag. Asking Bubba was out of the question. It was all his fault in the first place.

Steeling herself, she climbed out of the truck and walked toward the rear. Jake, Bubba, and Mike were sitting on the tailgate of Jake’s truck. Todd was bent over getting a cold drink out of the ice chest. No one was obviously staring at her but she could still feel their eyes.

She got the little cooler out of the truck with her lunch in it. She started to open the truck door and sit inside to eat but changed her mind when Todd stood up, his mouth open, and his eyes wide. She grinned at him and headed for the back of the hay truck.

Mike and Jake both looked her way as she climbed up to sit on the back edge of the flat bed facing them. Bubba was still too interested in his sandwich to notice anything. She unpacked her lunch, well aware of the three sets of eyes on her. They continued to eat their lunches but they were devouring her as well.

Jan’s body was tingling all over under their eyes. Her nipples were hard enough to cut glass and she couldn’t quit squeezing her thighs together. Her pussy was hot and wet feeling as she clenched her inner muscles involuntarily. She had been horny but this was so far beyond that, she did not have a word for it.

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