Making Art

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Sometimes I get a crazy idea in my head. It will just pop in and I can’t stop thinking about it. Big or small, it will rattle around in my brain non-stop until I do something. The idea that I got wasn’t small, and I knew that had to act on it.

Kevin and I had been a couple for seven years, five of them living together. We were committed, not married, but might as well be. The check-box “other” on relationship questions was the one we always marked. We’d met during a mud run. That’s a race where participants run five or ten kilometers through all kinds of obstacles like ice water, pools of muck, even live electrical wires. We do it for fun. Then as well as now, we’re kind of nuts about exercise and being in shape. We work out every day, eat nothing but health foods, and pay very careful attention to our weight. We even did a little bit of competitive body building at one time, but stopped because we didn’t want the muscle-bound appearance that it takes to win prizes. Looking good, and more importantly feeling good, is our thing.

I’m a five-foot-six, blonde, with 34 D breasts, no cellulite or love handles, a real turn on for Kevin. He likes for me to walk around our house naked, just so he can look at me. Likewise, me watching him without any clothes on is hot. He’s taller than me, five-foot-ten and weighs 170 pounds. He has very little body hair, so it’s easy to see his muscles ripple with every step. I especially love looking at his ass. That’s the best, watching his cheeks clench as he moves about. And I love it when he fucks me missionary style. We have a mirror over our bed, just so I can watch his butt flex as thrusts into me. I’m absolutely crazy about how we look when we have sex.

My best friend in the world is Andrea. We’ve known each other since high school. She was a chunky kid when she was young and got badly bullied about it. As an adult, she over compensates by being even more obsessive about food and exercise than me and Kevin. Andrea’s body is damn near perfect, at least in my opinion. She has a slighter build than me, more ballerina-like, with long legs, narrow hips, and small breasts. Her neck is beautiful, and flows into shoulder and chest muscles perfectly proportioned to her size. Full pouting lips surround a wide mouth that’s usually curled into an infectious grin, and long red hair tops her off. She is gorgeous and I’ve caught myself staring at her many times, just to drink in her image. Andrea was part of the thought that came unbidden into my head.

“How was your day today, Chris?” Kevin strode into our condo and dropped his gym back in the laundry room. We had been on opposite schedules and gone to the gym separately that day. He kissed me quickly on the lips then yanked open the refrigerator door. He was still a little sweaty after working out. His skin glistened in the kitchen lights and made my pulse speed up.

I ignored the flash of arousal. “Pretty good. Nothing special. Work was okay. No big projects on the horizon, just a bunch of account maintenance stuff to do. Since summer is almost here, there’s not going to be much sales action for the next few months.”

“How was the gym?” Kevin took a big swallow of the left-over smoothie that we’d made that morning.

“Good. I did five miles on the elliptical then lifted with Andrea.” She and I often worked out together.

“How’s she doing? I haven’t seen her in a while.”

“Good. She says hi.” The intrusive idea tickled the inside of my brain. I wasn’t ready to talk about it with Kevin, but it nagged and I knew that I’d have to doing something soon or I’d burst. “Go get a shower and I’ll finish with dinner. Salmon okay with you?”

“Sounds excellent, but I’d much rather not be alone in there.”

I slapped him on the butt, enjoying the feel of his ass, then pushed him out of the kitchen. “Maybe later, after we talk,” I said. Ooops, I hadn’t meant to let that slip out. He raised his eyebrow at me, but headed toward our bathroom without saying anything else.

Dinner was excellent. I scour websites for all kinds of recipes since I’m not a very creative cook. That evening I was very distracted and made a dish that we’d had many times before. Kevin and I were enjoying a glass of white wine when I reached across the table, clasped his hand, and took a deep breath prepared to reveal my irksome thoughts.

“Hey, whatever it is, the answer is yes,” he said before I had a chance to open my mouth.


“I know that you’re about to ask me to do something, and my answer is yes.”

“But you have no idea what I want.”

Kevin locked eyes with me. “I trust you completely and would do anything for you. It doesn’t matter what you’re asking, as long as it’s not impossible or illegal … or too far out there,” he added tilting his head. “My answer is yes.”

I love Kevin to death, and what he just did was one of the many reason that I felt that way. I squeezed his hand and wondered just how far was “too far” for him. “If you really mean it,” I said out loud.

“I pendik escort really do.”

The thoughts in my head went into overdrive.

I met Andrea for lunch the next day at our favorite health food spot. She plopped down across from me and tore open the lid of her salad. I had a protein shake and sipped at it nervously. I was about to set my outrageous scheme in motion and wasn’t sure how my friend would react.

“I’ll do it,” Andrea said forking lettuce into her mouth.

It was déjà vu. Just as Kevin had done the night before, Andrea had answered my big question before I had a chance to ask it. “What?!”

“I know what you’re going to ask me, and I’ll do it.”

“There is no way you know what I was going to ask.”

Andrea looked at me like I was an idiot. “How long have we known each other Chris? Forever? We’re like twins that were separated at birth. Usually you know what’s going on inside of me before I do.” She took another bite of her meal. “And likewise, I know what’s going on inside of you. You’ve got one of those wild ideas of yours that make you nuts until you do something about it. This time I’m part of it. Doesn’t surprise me at all. As your sista-from-anotha-motha,” she used an expression that we’d shared since our school days, “I’m in.” She took a long pause then stared at me. “I’ll fuck your husband.”

I gasped, totally shocked, then stammered, “But, but, but …” Andrea gazed at me, amused. I finally blurted out the only feeble protest that came to mind, “He’s not my husband.”

Silence hung in the air for a second, then we both started laughing uncontrollably. When we finally stopped, Andrea wiped the tears from her eyes and said, “Yeah, I guess you’re right … technically.” She waved her hand and we started laughing again. It took a while for us to get ourselves together and settle down. “Tell me all about it,” she finally said.

“I don’t know. It is one of those things that came to me. It’s not like I consciously decided one day that I want you to do it with my guy. It just kind of crept into my head and I can’t get it out.” I was struggling to explain to my friend something that I didn’t fully understand. I nervously poked my straw in and out of the cup. The plastic squeaked as it moved and reminded me of the way the bedsprings sound when Kevin and I are really going at it. The image of his reflection in the mirror over our bed flashed before me. “I think that it’s about seeing, I mean really seeing. When Kevin and I have sex, and I can get a good look at his body, it makes me twice as hot. I have mirrors in the bedroom just so I can watch him do me.” I paused and looked straight at Andrea. “You’re both so unbelievably beautiful to me that I can’t get the image of seeing you the same way out of my head. I feel like a moth pulled to a flame. I really want to watch you and Kevin together, intertwined, pleasing each other.” I dropped my chin and looked down at the table. Embarrassment at my confession and excitement from admitting it out loud fought to control my emotions. Heat began to well up in my pussy. “I’m sorry. It’s weird – too weird.”

Andrea gripped my hand. “Yeah, it’s weird, but I love weird, especially your kind.” She smiled. “And I think I get it. I like looking at you and Kevin too. You’re both gorgeous. I’m sure it would be beautiful, like art.” A light bulb went off in my head.

I’d taken an art class in college, thinking that it would be an easy if dull way to fulfill a requirement. Far from boring, the course opened my eyes to the incredible works that artists like Donatello, Michelangelo, and Giambologna created. But it was Bernini that really got to me. He carved spell-binding statues of women with sensuous torsos, arms, legs, breasts, and buttocks out of solid marble. My favorite was, and still is, The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa. It depicts a young woman being overcome by God’s love. But many scholars have commented on its eroticism. There’s a lithe, bare-chested angel opening Teresa’s dress preparing to spear her with his arrow, while the saint’s head is thrown back in ecstasy. To me, it looks exactly like the moment of orgasm. I feel a powerful sense of arousal every time I see the sculpture. My friend’s comment about making art for me, may have been nonchalant, but it was precisely on target. I understood the crazy idea that I couldn’t get out of my head. I wanted to see her and Kevin’s perfect bodies intertwined, experiencing the same ecstasy as Bernini’s saint.

My friend shook me out of my reverie, “Sex with you and him would be great, like it was with just you.” Before I could say anything, she added with a grin, “Forgot about that didn’t you?”

There were a few times during our college years that Andrea and I had experimented with each other. The girl-on-girl sex had been fun for me, but not as erotic as it had been for her. She wasn’t a full-on lesbian, but I knew that she occasionally enjoyed playing with another woman. “A threesome isn’t what I was thinking of,” I said.

“Okay. What exactly maltepe escort did you have in mind?”

Excitement flowed into me and the slow burn in my crotch sped up. “I want to watch you two, just you two. I want to get lost gazing at your bodies, as you ravage each other. I want to hear you moan, scream in ecstasy, make the walls echo. Show me what you can do with Kevin’s perfectly beautiful cock; wrap your fingers around it, slide it in and out of your mouth, bury in into your pussy.” My ears burned as heat spread up my body. I took a deep breath struggling to control my rising passion. “Do anything that you want, anything at all. Lick and suck, finger, screw, maul each other. Cum once, cum twice, hell, cum as often as you can. I want to, I have to see.” The words tumbled out as the pressure in my crotch grew and I went on. “Kevin can fuck. I mean really fuck. It doesn’t matter what position we’re in, he drives me crazy.” I’m sure that my face was bright red with arousal. “Sometimes he strokes into me nice and slow, and others he pounds away hard and fast, rocking the bed, or the couch, or whatever we’re on, until the walls practically rattle. God that’s so good.” I took another deep breath and tried to slow my racing heart. “It’s beautiful when he cums. He freezes stone still, all of his muscles tensed, skin shining, his rock hard dick bucking and spurting like a wild animal.” I reached my other hand to my friend, and held her tight. “And I can picture you, arched back, legs spread wide or better yet wrapped around him, pulling him hard and deep into you until your own climax takes you away. I want to see it all.”

A long moment passed as we held hands gazing at each other. My faced cooled down, but the fire that had been lit in my pussy burned bright. Andrea’s eyes sparkled. “So you say that you’re good with anything?”

“Oh god yes!”

“Can he do me on the kitchen counter?”

I nodded.

“What about in the shower? You want to see us naked and soapy while I stroke that cock you love so much?”

The vision of my friend’s hands, slick with suds wrapped around Kevin’s straining pole floated into my mind. The ache in my pussy grew. “Yes!”

“Can he fuck me from behind while I stand in front of the window?” Andrea was toying with me. She knew I’d fantasized about exhibitionist sex. “You want to watch him give me a facial, spray his hot cum all over me, drench my breasts while I moan out how good it feels?” It was another naughty desire I’d shared with her.

Wetness oozed from between my legs as I enthusiastically nodded yes. It felt as if there wasn’t enough air for me to breath.

“You’ve got it bad, don’t you?” She sat back in her chair and took a sip of her drink. We sat still gazing at each other. My best friend studied me, weighing what I just revealed to her, thinking about what I didn’t know. I let my overhyped libido slowly recede. Andrea sat up and leaned forward. “I’ve known you forever, and we’ve shared some pretty deep secrets with each other. I know you like the back of my hand, so this doesn’t completely surprise me. I just didn’t understand how deeply this idea affects you.” She took my hands in hers and squeezed them firmly. “I love you to death. Helping you experience the kind of pleasure it sounds like you’ll get from watching Kevin and I together, would be an honor for me. So like I said before, the answer is yes. I’ll fuck your man.” I exhaled a huge breath that I hadn’t realized I was holding. Andrea winked at me and said, “Besides, I’m sure that I’ll enjoy the hell out of it too.” She smiled. “Tell me about Kevin? What’s he okay with?”

I hesitated and looked away.

“You haven’t said anything to him?” Andrea jerked her hands away from mine. “Chris, you can’t do that! More to the point, I won’t do what you’re asking unless Kevin is completely on board. It wouldn’t be fair to any of us.”

“He kind of said yes.” I told Andrea about the conversation that Kevin and I had the night before over dinner.

“Saying that he trusts you, is not the same as agreeing to what you’re talking about.”

My friend was right. I needed to talk with Kevin, make sure that he was okay with what I was planning. I knew just how to ask him. Andrea and I ended lunch with a hug and my profuse thanks for agreeing to help me. Immediately after we left the café I texted Kevin and told him to meet me after work at the art museum where we would have a few drinks (they had a terrific wine bar) enjoy the art, then eat dinner. My secret plan was to spend a lot of time in the sculpture garden where there was an excellent selection of reproduction Rodin’s and Michelangelo’s, and one very special Bernini. There, I’d tell him what I wanted and somehow convince him to sculpt sensuous rapture with Andrea while I watched.

“Don’t you love these?” I asked Kevin as we wandered through the museum garden.

“I like the Rodins,” Kevin said. “The way he does hands is amazing.”

I nodded, trying to figure out how to start the conversation kartal escort that I’d brought him there for.

“Which one’s your favorite?” His question was like a gift from above, the perfect set up for me.

“This one over here,” I led him to the sculpture that I’d loved forever. “Haven’t I shown you this before? It’s Bernini’s The Ecstasy of Saint Teresa. The real one is in Rome, in a church.”

“You’re kidding? In a church? It’s a woman having an orgasm. ”

“That’s not what it’s supposed to be, but it’s what I see too. Do you like it?”

Kevin squeezed my hand. “I think it’s beautiful, especially her face. I can’t believe it’s stone.”

“I love looking at it.” I moved close to Kevin. “I could stare at it forever, imagining.”

He looked down at me. “Imagining what?”

“Imagining you.”

“Huh?” Kevin was perplexed.

“I would love to see you just like that, frozen at the peak of perfect ecstasy.”

Kevin took a half step back and stared at me. “You’re up to something.”

I sighed. “Let’s go get some dinner and we’ll talk. And remember that I love you more than anything,”

We ate at one of our favorite Italian places. As usual, the food was terrific and we had a small table off in a private corner. I told him everything that I’d revealed to Andrea, my burning desire to see his gorgeous body with hers as they brought each other the overwhelming joy that Bernini had depicted in his sculpture. Kevin listened quietly without interrupting as I tried to describe my feelings. “You’re both so beautiful. Seeing you two together would be breathtaking,” I paused. “But not unless you want to do it. I mean really want to. If you don’t, I understand.”

The silence seemed to last forever. Kevin reached across the table and held my hand. “Chris, I’ve never met anybody who thinks the way that you do or who comes up with ideas crazier than yours.” He locked his eyes on mine. I held my breath waiting for him to finish. “And I love your insanity as much as I love you.” I exhaled and felt my heart speed up. “For you, I’d do anything. Creating beauty, sculpting joy, displaying ecstasy for you would make me very happy. So like I said the other night, of course I’ll do it.” I practically leaped across the table and embraced Kevin, showering him with kisses.

Laughing, Kevin pulled back and said, “I do have some stipulations though.” I sat back down. “First, this has to be at our home, in our space.” I nodded. “Second, no pictures. This will be for your eyes only. Third, this is just between the three of us. No spectators and no stories told over drinks or lunch. Last, and most important, I want to know that you’re there.” I tipped my head questioningly. “I understand that this isn’t a threesome, but don’t hang back like a creepy guy at a peep show. Talk to me, to us. I want to know what you’re seeing, what you’re feeling. Or even better, reach out and touch. You’ve always said that you don’t like look-but-don’t-touch art.” He smiled.

I couldn’t believe it, he was going along with my craziness. The two most beautiful people in the world to me, that I loved the most, were going to ravish each other and put on display for me the beauty of carnal bliss. Every nerve in my body was tingling, my heart was racing, and the fire in my crotch was roaring. “We need to go, now!”

“What?” Kevin asked startled.

“I am so horny for you. We need to go!”

Kevin threw a wad of cash on the table and waved to the waitress as we headed for the door. “Keep the change.”

On the way to the parking lot, I realized that we weren’t going to make it home. The car doors slammed closed and I was on Kevin in a flash, untucking his shirt and pulling at his belt buckle. It didn’t matter that anyone walking by the car might see us. I needed Kevin and there was no way I could wait until we got back to the privacy of our house.

“Whoa! A little worked up?” He exclaimed, releasing the lever that slid the seat back from the steering wheel. I didn’t bother answering. I focused on getting the one thing that I was starving for. I yanked his pants and underwear down to his knees, uncovering his magnificent cock, then stopped. My god, Kevin’s cock was gorgeous. Partially erect, it lay thick and heavy between his legs. Then it woke up. I watched it grow and swell, transforming into the fantastic erection that I adored.

Still silent, I held his mast in my hands, stroking and reveling in the sensation of its hardness and heat. I glanced at Kevin then ducked down and brought my lips to the tip of his pole. A heady masculine smell wafted into my nostrils further electrifying me as I pressed my mouth to him. Joy coursed through me as I kissed the helmet of his cock over and over again. It was rapturous, not only seeing, but touching the perfect splendor of his manhood. Sex was like making beautiful art. Together, we would create a perfect work, an opus to the ecstasy of the most glorious intimacy possible, giving and receiving carnal pleasure. I knew how to complete the masterpiece that I’d begun. I ran my tongue along the full length of his shaft. Kevin moaned loudly and thrust his pelvis up to me. That was it! The moment that sealed our unspoken contract. I engulfed his steely cock and I lost myself in bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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