Making an old man very happy and other fun.

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My diary Entry: Friday, 29 April 2005.
Wicked Club, 22:30, 2 x 40 minute shows. Cancelled phoned Barbara (my agent) 10 March.
Jerrys birthday, 25 today, party at his house, 20:00.
Get a present.

I’ve known Jerry since we were at play school together 22 years ago. His parents came to the U. K. from Nigeria as children in the 50s, I remember being fascinated by the colour of his skin and asking my mother why his skin was a different colour. I guess her answer made a lasting impression on me because I have never known racial prejudice and have had a thing for black guys since I started to realise what boys are really for.

We lived within a couple of hundred yards of each other and grew up together. We went to University together and shared a flat during our first year, sometimes sharing a bed when we had people staying over. In all that time and with all that opportunity Jerry never once tried it on with me, he was the first openly gay man I had ever met. Pity really because he has quite the perfect body and was very lucky in the endowment department.

He “came out” age 15 in front of the whole class during a biology / sex education discussion, but I knew a long time before that. It was the first “grown up” secret he told me when we are about 13. When he stood up and announced his orientation to the world the reaction of the class was predictable, the teacher was openly shocked. Most of the guys were hostile and treated him like he had the plague. The girls were cautious but fascinated. I was the one who stood by him. I protected him when the guys teased. We are the very best of friends and I would do anything for him, I would trust my life to Jerry.

That’s the history lesson over, now on to the party. I was fashionably late and alone, Paul, my boyfriend was on call at the hospital so was unable to party 70 miles from his place of work. I needed some help in getting Jerrys present from the car. What do you buy for a special friend who probably has almost everything he wants? I eventually decided on a three foot tall, Italian marble statue of a naked Adonis. I may be quite strong but at times like this I can play the helpless female and enlisted the help of a couple of late comers.

I eventually made my entrance with the work of art (and 2 struggling guys) in tow, There was already quite a crowd, mostly gay men, some lesbian couples and a few straight couples. I was dressed in a red silk blouse, a short, tight (ass and hip hugging) black jersey skirt, red four-inch stilettos and nothing else. I attracted a few speculative glances from the straight men and some of the gay women. One of the guests made a beeline for me. She had the type of body that I dreamed I could have, tall, slim with very long slender legs. We chatted for a while making the small talk that strangers at a party make then she went off in search of her friend.

I was chatting with Jerry when Dave, Jerrys partner made an announcement, “Boys and girls, boys and boys, girls and girls, welcome to Jerrys quarter century merriment… he doesn’t look a day over 50, I guess that must be my influence. [Pause for muted laughter]. There are two points I need to mention. At midnight in respect to the neighbours sleeping habits we’ll be moving to the ***** club. I’ve booked a room and late bar and laid on transport so don’t worry about getting drunk. Finally the front room is out of bounds, Jerrys grandfather is visiting from Nigeria and he’s retreated there for the duration. Thanks again for coming, please enjoy yourselves, there’s good music, good food and plenty of drink so let the celebrations begin. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JERRY”. He jumped down from the chair he was standing on, grabbed Jerry and gave him the most loving and passionate kiss, “Happy birthday” he whispered.

Dancing is my life, my passion, my work, It’s what I do to earn a crust so when the music started I was the first one up. I danced alone, I danced with Jerry and with Dave and a few of the guests before Emma, the girl I chatted with earlier approached me. We danced a couple of tracks before a tango was played. Emma took my hand, wrapped an arm around my waist and took the lead. My normal style is forward, in your face, come and get me suggestive and to be guided by a very attractive girl in what is undoubtedly an erotic dance gave me interesting sensations. Other people stopped dancing to watch and applauded when the track finished, I am used to this happening but Emma seemed to be overwhelmed by the attention.

“Come” she whispered to me and we walked into the garden and down to the orchard, where, under the clouds of cherry and apple blossom she took me round the waist and began kissing me deeply. I am not spontaneously bi and to my shame I unconsciously resisted a little. I have been with a couple of women before and the softness of another womans skin against mine is all very nice but I really much prefer men.

Emma was licking my tongue and nibbling my lips, she slipped her hand under my blouse and took a nipple between her fingers and began to rub, squeeze and pinch. The nipple responded by hardening, as the waves of pleasure radiated from my left breast I began to relax and found my hand sliding down her waist, across her thigh and under her dress. I eased aside her panties and gently stroked her labia until they parted and my finger found her clitoris, I stimulated her the way I like to be stimulated, she gasped. She responded by letting my nipple go and moving her hand down to my sex. Her other hand was at my neck holding the kiss while mine caressed her firm ass and pulled her body close to mine. I don’t (usually) wear panties and the dance had made me quite wet so her fingers quickly found me and she slipped a finger in. She worked the finger up and down for a moment before she slipped a second, then a third finger in to me. Her little finger was just touching and probing my anus and her thumb rubbed my clitoris. It was all I could do to remember to return the compliment but I must have been doing something right because she suddenly stiffened, shuddered and came. Her legs gave way and we both ended up on the grass in a heap of arms, legs and giggles. The fall did not stop her; she had dragged me with her by my cunt, she was still inside me causing devastation. I began to concentrate on her mouth and breasts, her caresses were urgent. I kissed her deeply and I came to the sound of applause and pulse of camera flashes.

We both looked up, the commotion of the fall had attracted about a dozen boisterous onlookers who were cheering and clapping at our antics. I stood, took her hand and helped her up. Blondes will glows like a red traffic light when they are embarrassed and Emma was definitely embarrassed by the presence of the audience. I kept hold of her hand and lay my free arm across her shoulders then bowed to the crowd, pulling her down with me. As we rose I said “Thank you, thank you very much, we are glad you enjoyed the show. Your donations are gratefully received and sent on to Breast Cancer Awareness. Come on ladies and gentle men, it’s a great cause so dig deep.” Our audience opened handbags and wallets, Emma and I collected £136.20. Her embarrassment vanished during the collection and she even managed to laugh out loud when I said, “OK, who’s the tight ass bastard who gave 20 pence.”

Later, just before the move to the club Jerry asked me if he could have a word in private. We eventually found a quiet and secluded spot in the orchard.

“Sammy, erm…Sam, oh damn, how do I approach this” he said. I was astounded, this is the guy who, 10 years ago confidently announced that he was homosexual to a room full of our teenage peers. This was the guy who I had known for over 22 years, the guy who I told all my innermost secrets, the guy who told me all of his desires.

“My grandfather…”

“Yes” illegal bahis I replied.

“Erm… well, I guess this will be the last time I ever see him. He’s pretty old and he flies home on Sunday”


“We were talking last night, he’s very lonely and still misses my grandmother terribly even after all this time, I was a baby then she passed away, I want to give him something he will treasure, something that he will always remember. I was wondering if you… err.”

“Oh come on Jerry, yes, you know that whatever you want, for you, yes.”

“You know he’s not had sex since my grandma passed on. He can still do it even at his age. He still masturbates almost every day. Would you… erm… please… err… will you…err…Oh Sammy, you are the only one I can ask… erm.”

“Jerry, you want me to fuck him?”

“No” he spluttered, “No, well… erm… yes, but he’s getting on a bit, I wouldn’t like to see him having a heart attack or something. You are beautiful woman and I have heard what you are like, you’d fuck him to death, would you just let him fuck you? You know, just be passive while he does the evil act”

“Evil act! Is that how you see it? I’ve already said yes, now stop being such a fool, and I’m going to have words with Paul. But you know my allergy to latex, can you 100 percent guarantee to me that he doesn’t have anything nasty.”

“Well of course Sammy, he’s not had a partner in over 20 years, and where he lives any disease is likely to kill long before now. Sammy, you know I would not ask if there was any risk to you.”

“OK then, I’m game, when?”

“Would you stay behind when we go to the club?”


“And don’t be mad with Paul, he only said how wonderful you were, that you were the best he ever had, you know he’s madly in love with you.”

“Jerry, you are such a creep.”

The party started to shift, Emma cornered me and said, “Are you coming – again, giggle”

“No, I have a long way to go, I want a quick word with Jerry then I’ll be heading home.”

“Shame” She replied, “I would like to see you again if that’s OK with you?”

“Emma, I’m straight, well mostly straight, I have a boyfriend and everything.”

It’s funny how I have started thinking of Paul as my boyfriend in the last few weeks. . Before that he was a friend who was safe and convenient to sleep with a couple of times a month.

“I’m easy.” she replied, “boy or girl, I love them all, maybe we can meet up and make a threesome.”

So we exchanged numbers and emails, and parted with a very hot and deep kiss.

Before long there was only Jerry and me, we had a quick tidy up. That done he said “Sammy, are you sure you want to do this, you have never seen my granddad and he is an old man, he’s fit but age has taken it’s toll and he really is not very handsome.”

“Jerry are you trying to talk me out of this now, just when I’m getting excited about it. I said I would, I’m not likely to back out now, beside I’ve never had a granddad before.”

“OK, if you’re sure, can I arrange you?”

“If you like. By the way, what’s your granddads name?”


“And how old is he.”

“72, but he keeps fit, he walks 10 miles a day, probably more in Nigeria”

He asked me to sit on the edge of sofa, he lay me back, undid the top 4 buttons of my blouse and arranged the V to show my nipples. He spread my legs and positioned my feet (in high heeled shoes) to give the maximum effect of tension of calf and thigh muscles.

As he straightened my skirt I said “Jerry, you are such a fuss pot.” He pulled my skirt so that the top third of my thighs were covered.

He reached into his pocket and took out a black blindfold, “Would you mind?”

“Mind? Oh no problem.” I said. He placed the blindfold over my eyes, gently lifted my head and tied it off.

Then he gave me a very loving and passionate kiss and whispered “If only things were different, I love you Sammy, hey but don’t tell anyone.”

With that he left the room, knocked on the front room door and I heard him say “Granddad, I’m leaving now, there’s a very special present in the lounge for you, I think you should have a look now, see you in the morning, byeee.”

The entrance door slammed shut as the door to the front room opened. My heart was thumping, could this really be happening. Am I dreaming or am I really lying here with my legs wide open and inviting a 72 year old man who I cannot even see to fuck me.

I felt his presence in the room, I heard a harsh breathing then the sound of a belt being unfastened and trousers slipping to the ground. A slight stumble and a grunt as he kicked his trousers off. Another grunt and the clicking of joints and then his hands were on my knees and I could feel his breath on my thighs as he looked up my skirt.

His rough hands slid up my thighs, from knee to skirt then back to my knees, he stroked my calves, ankles and the top of my feet. He slid his hands up my calves to the back of my knees and then along the underside of my thighs to the skirt hem. He paused and moved to the inner thighs then continued to my waxed pussy. The smoothness and baldness there must have fascinated him because he spent a long time just stroking the smooth skin with both hands. He slid his hands under my ass, hooked his fingers into the waistband of my skirt and pulled it down, he eased it over my thighs and down to my ankles. He lifted each foot and pulled the skirt out and carefully replaced my feet on the floor.

Now I was hot, I wanted a dick inside me, any dick, especially this old black mans, I wanted him right now. I think my breathing was more laboured than this old man who was driving me insane with his fingers. One hand moved down to my labia and gently parted them. As he caressed my wet slit the other hand, palm flat on my pubis, thumb slowly circling my clitoris and then rubbing it. He began to insert the tips of his fingers into my vagina, very slowly, very gently spreading it. He replaced the thumb with the knuckles of his hand slowly rocking back and forth over my clitoris. His fingers in my vagina were flexing and contracting, spreading and closing, opening me wider as he worked. He progressively increased the speed and pressure of those devastating knuckles until the hard joints were rocking up and down against my vibrating clit three or four times a second. My clit was burning, I started to cum and tried to hold back but he sensed my tension and doubled the pressure and speed of those devastating knuckles. As I exploded he rammed the other hand hard into my vagina, it stopped at the top set of knuckles but he kept on pushing and flexing his fingers. The other hand was still knuckling my clitoris into spasms of ecstasy and I exploded into orgasm again, at the same moment he gave a final push and I gasped as his whole hand plopped into my vagina, my labia closing around his wrist.

I felt him clench his fist inside me, he rotated left and right a few times the began to fuck me with his fist, pushing in until the knuckles bottomed on my cervix then pulling out until he was stopped at the wrist. All the time his other hand was knuckling my clitoris. I began to orgasm again, The thickness, the pressure of his fist brought beads of sweat out on my head, arms, my belly and thighs, my orgasm continued in wave after exquisite wave of delight. By the time I was subsiding I was drenched in sweat, my thigh, butt and stomach muscles burned with tension, my clitoris was screaming and my vagina felt battered and thoroughly used. He pulled the hand back hard and with a loud plop he was out of me, the sudden change in sensation from full to empty caused me to explode again.

He stopped his ministrations on my clitoris and shuffled back from me. He took hold of my calves and pushed my legs together, I felt his dick push between illegal bahis siteleri the hollow just below my knees. He held my knees tightly together and fucked my legs. Given his age I thought he was hard enough but he became harder still as he forced his rigid dick between my legs. I wished that I could see him, he felt big and very thick and I wanted to see just how well endowed this old man was. I moved a hand up to remove the blindfold but quick as a flash one of his hands was on my wrist and pushed it back down to my side, he gripped one hip and lifted me, pulling one ass cheek up then slapped my ass hard.

Eventually he must have been satisfied with his erection because he opened my legs, slid towards me and started stroking the tip of his hard dick up and down my gaping wet slit. I was aching for dick and as I opened for him he rammed every inch hard into me, I stifled a squeal of pleasure as he bottomed out. He pushed his pelvis hard against me and held it there, his 72 year old hard cock buried to the balls in my 25 year old vagina. I could feel the pulse of blood through the veins of his dick. He wiggled his hard pubic bone to crush against my clitoris. He forced his thumb between our locked pelvic bones and began to massage my clitoris vigorously; his dick still pushed hard into me jerking spasmodically. Very soon I was cuming again, oh wow, this guy was an artist.

Just as I peaked he pulled out so that just the tip of his cock was in me. Still rubbing my clit into submission he started to pull all the way out, then back in for an inch or so, so that just the glans of his hard dick entered me, out and in, out and in.

I wanted him deep inside again, I moved my hands towards his waist so I could pull him into me but he stopped me. He placed one of my hands on my mons pubis and the other flat on top of the first then he passed his belt under my waist and buckled it over my lower arms. Again he raised my but cheek and slapped hard, this time twice and I yelped with each stinging whack. He took hold of my index finger, pulled it to my clit and began massaging my clitoris with it. At the same time, pushing just a fraction of his magnificent manhood in to me and then out of me.

From the moment he walked into the room to now no one had spoken a word, I broke the silence, “Fuck me, fuck me hard, please Joshua ram that dick right into me”. He stopped and withdrew completely and began to slide his cock up and down my slit from clitoris to anus, up and down. Oh why does he torment me so, I wish he would fuck me with that thick black dick. Then he took hold of the belt binding my arms and pulled.

I stood up and he guided me across the room, I bumped into something at hip height and he pushed me face down onto the dining table. I shuffled into the most comfortable position considering I was lying on hard wood with my arms wedged and digging into my body. He nudged my feet together then stood behind me and spread my ass cheeks. He pushed the tip of his cock into me then thrust until his thighs slapped against mine. He withdrew all the way then rammed the whole length into me hard, back out all the way and ram – in again two or three times. The next time as I was expecting the pleasure of that large dick powering into me he rammed it hard and full length into my anus. This time I could not stifle the scream of pain, he pushed down on my back to hold me in place on the tabletop and ass fucked me deep, hard and fast. Damn it I thought its only just back to normal after Valentines Day.
See http://stories. xnxx. com/sex_stories_march_2005/valentines_day. php for that escapade.

Just as the pain was easing and I was beginning to enjoy the sensation he came, his dick pushed full length into my ass, his balls squashed against my cunt. He throbbed as he emptied a load into my ass and then started to ride slowly in and out for a few seconds before pulling out completely.

I made to stand but he pushed me back down, held me in place while he gently ran a finger round and round my abused and stretched anus. Eventually he allowed me to rise, only to push me to a kneeling position on the floor. He took hold of a handful of my beautiful long blond hair and wiped his dick with it. With a handful of hair he slowly masturbated himself and then he pushed his dick at my mouth. I opened for him and began to suck. The smell of sex and shit was strong in my nose, there were small lumps of shit lodged behind the head. If he was going to fuck me gain I needed to get him clean so I licked and swallowed the brown stuff. I pulled my head back then began to lick the length of his dick clean. He was beginning to droop by the time I was happy that he was clean enough to fuck me again so I again took the glans between my lips and sucked.

He stopped drooping but I could not get him to rise again until I took the full length into my mouth and swallowed. I began to fuck his flaccid dick with my throat, swallowing, breathing in to suck his length deeper into my throat then pulling him out so I could take a breath of air and sure enough he started to harden again. When he swelled too much for my throat I began to fuck him with my mouth and swirl my tongue around his glans until he was fully erect again.

I shuffled on my knees across the floor until I found the sofa, climbed onto it and into my original position. I felt him kneel between my legs. With no preamble he thrust his hard cock back into me. Once again, all the way in until our pelvic bones crushed together. Once again he pushed his thumb between us and rubbed on my clitoris and then he began to fuck me, the sort of fucking that I love, full length, deep hard and fast. Where he got his reserves of energy from I’ll never know but the old guy was an athlete. His thumb was causing devastation to my clitoris, his dick was pounding my vagina, I was in paradise and I came and I came.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take much more, exhausted, sated, and very pleased with myself he rammed me hard, held his swollen dick deep inside end ejaculated. I felt copious hot semen flooding me, burst after burst of burning hot fluid jetting into me. He kept his pelvis pushed hard against mine; his dick in me until it became fully flaccid.

When he pulled out I was exhausted and hoping he was done but no, he again grabbed the belt and pulled. He guided me into the garden and lay me on the dew damp grass. I opened my legs for him and he knelt between them and spread my pussy lips with his thumbs and then he was pissing on me. The flood of hot urine shocked, it rose from the first splash my belly up my chest, into my face and sloshed over my hair, then back down again. He was pissing on my belly and I was lying there and letting him, I thought to myself, how low can I go. He aimed lower and pissed on my pubis and then directly at my clitoris. Urine pounded at my clitoris and ran down my sex. I could not believe it, he was pissing on me. I was disgusted, I was angry, I felt degraded, perverted and dirty, I was enjoying it and I was still cuming, his pissing on me making me cum more.

I was exhausted when he undid the belt that bound my arms. I could sense him up near my head, his legs astride me. I heard a whoosh and ARGHHHH, I screamed with pain as the urine sodden leather belt slammed into my gaping sex, my clit burst into a phenomenon of extreme agony, untold discomfort, ravaging bliss and an overwhelming desire for more of that exquisite torture. I exploded into a rapturous orgasm and whoosh, slap he hit me again, exquisite agony resounded through my sex, it boosted my orgasm to a new height, I tensed every muscle, my back arched, my body held aloft by head and feet. I shuddered in the face of overwhelming sensation. Whoosh slap, a third time, I rose thought bliss and out the other side, I pissed myself and passed out.

I could canlı bahis siteleri here his footsteps on the pathway, then disappearing on the state kitchen floor. I lay on the grass for a long time, dripping old mans semen form my cunt and ass, my cunt throbbing with the abuse it has endured. The damp grass and cooling urine chilling me, I revelled in the afterglow of a really good fuck and the shock of that overwhelming pain and ecstasy that still throbbed through me. Thinking of that rapturous pain caused another wave of ecstasy. Oh shit will it ever subside? Will I always cum whenever I think of sex? – ohhhh sheeet – again.

Ages later when thinking orgasm did not actually cause orgasm and I felt able to move I was able to walk back to the house. My silk blouse was ruined, the front soaked with urine, oh fuck it I thought. I hunted around and found paper and pen and left a note for Jerry thanking him for the excellent party and a really good night and that I would be in touch soon to find out what his granddad thought of his present. Joshuas trousers were lying in a heap on the floor but there was no sign of my skirt, I picked up the trousers, ineffectually dabbed at my blouse with them, folded and left them on the arm of the sofa. I searched for my skirt, could not find it and thought that perhaps Joshua took it as a memento. I called out goodnight as I passed the front room door, no answer so I listened at the door and could hear a deep rhythmic snoring. I smiled to myself, and left Jerrys house naked from the waist down and damp with urine.

The journey home was frightening, 70 miles, most of it motorway with bright sodium lighting. It was also a fairly light night with a half moon and very mild. Just about every truck I passed flashed lights or honked horn, the view the drivers had through the glass roof of my car probably made their night. Quite a few accelerated to try to catch me but driving at 3am with nothing to cover my modesty, I don’t hang around.

It was not until I left the motorway and was winding through the lanes that I realised that Joshua had not spoken one word throughout, he had not made a sound apart from the occasional creak of old joints, the odd grunt and rasping of his breath. I also realised that he had not touched me above the waist except to restrain my hands, not kissed me and not fondled my breasts. I think he just used my cunt and legs as surrogate hands, as a wanking machine. The nice thing is that I found considerable perverted pleasure in being the wanking machine for that old man.

As I turned into my driveway my heart soared, Pauls car was parked. He was half asleep on the sofa when I walked in. He blinked when I turned the light on.

“Hi Sam, how was the party, surely you didn’t go dressed like that? Looks like you had a good time, been swimming? That’s jiz your legs so you definitely had a great time”

“You won’t believe it” I said

“Surely not Jerry? Never mind, tell me later, we have things to do.”

This is what I really like about Paul, there is not a jealous bone in his body, he so understands my desires and he actively encourages me to fuck other men and just loves it when he can take sloppy seconds. I straddled his legs, my knees on either side of him. He leaned towards me to kiss but instead said, “You smell like a public toilet”. He put a hand between my legs. I was sticky dry but when he slipped a finger into me it squelched and hot wet semen seeped out.

“Mmmm” he mumbled, undid his trousers with his other hand and I dropped onto him, I rode and kissed him for only a few seconds before he said “You really do stink of piss and shit, it’s overpowering”, lifted me off and sat me on the sofa. He knelt in front of me and boosted me into exactly the same position I was in for Joshua. He pointed his dick, slipped the glans into my abused pussy and rammed home in one quick jerk, the squelch was loud and obvious and he fucked me joyfully to the sound of sloshing semen.

“I love it when you’re sloppy with semen, I love you when your cunt is gaping and just swallows me whole.” he said. But I noticed that he was doing the same as Joshua, but for different reasons, Joshua kept away from my upper body because all he wanted was release, Paul kept away because of the way I stank.

I gasped and came as he touched my tender clitoris, he gave me a worried look and pulled away, I pulled him back into me, ahh such freedom. He slid his hands around my thighs and fondled my ass, a finger slipped in.

“They’ve ass fucked you too, how many?”

“Just one” I replied.

“I take it that he was pretty good?”

“Pretty, I don’t know, I never saw him. Good, yes, excellent, one of the best, he’s had plenty of time to practice he’s 72 years old”.

He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and powered into me banging my cervix with each thrust, Paul fucked me deep, he fuck me hard, he fucked me long and he fucked me well. I was the passive partner for the second time that night, to tired to do more than lie there and enjoy him. But the freedom to hold him, to tease him, to caress him, such freedom should be prized.

The look of adoration on his face as he rammed my sopping and gaping pussy told me everything I needed to know – he worships me, he knows who I am and it gratifies him. Usually I’ve dumped any guy before it gets so serious but Paul is not just any guy.

He added his own semen to my abundant store, he collapsed onto me ignoring the stench, he fondled my breast, ran fingers thought my hair and kissed me, before he slid out of me, moved down and licked me out, tongue probing soothingly and deeply into my gaping cunt. When he was hard again he fucked my ass and pumped in a load more. I couldn’t help comparing my two lovers for tonight. Paul definitely had more length but was not as thick, he certainly did not spread me and fill me the way Joshua did. Paul had great control and lasted longer before he came and could recover very quickly while Joshua had a technique I had not experienced before, a technique that made me feel polluted, totally used, abused and completely fucked. Maybe it comes with years of practice or maybe that’s the he’s always fucked but one things for sure, I liked it.

I am usually very fastidious about cleanliness but tonight I crawled into bed without taking a shower, taking the stink of stale piss and shit with me. Whether it was tiredness or the influence of a perverted old man I don’t know. In bed I told Paul everything. Of Joshua he was not very interested. The fact that I knew nothing about him other than him being an old man did not concern Paul. That he was obviously well endowed, that he stretched and used my cunt and rectum, that he fucked me well and left me full of semen pleased him immensely. That he tortured my clitoris with a wet leather belt concerned him and he examined me but said that he could see nothing other than swelling and proceeded to kiss it better.

He found Emma intriguing. “Maybe we could invite Ahmeed and Lissa and make an orgy of it” he said.

“I’m not so sure that she could take Ahmeed, she felt pretty tight to me, but she’ll love Lissa, I’ll phone and ask if she wants to visit on Monday, it’s a bank holiday, I’ll see if she wants to drive up. Are you, Lissa and Ahmeed working on Monday?”

“I’m on night duty, start at eight so I’m free all day, Lissa is on my shift and I think, Ahmeed’s on now, I’ll phone and ask”.

After the call he said “Ahmeed is off all day, he’ll be here by Monday lunch so guess what? Even if ‘your’ Emma says no you are in for another good fucking”

I phoned Emma the following afternoon, she was well up for a barbecue and sex session up in Lancaster, I gave her directions and she said that she’d arrive just before lunch. I didn’t tell her that Lissa and Ahmeed would be here, a bit of surprise adds to the excitement.

I’ll let you know what happens here on XNXX when I get round to writing it up.


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