Madness Ch. 01

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Jill Barnes paced nervously on the front porch of her large secluded suburban home near Dallas. In one hand, she sipped a margarita, while she smoked a cigarette with the other.

Music from the party blasted through the house and into the back yard, and, from the TV room downstairs came loud sounds from a group watching a college football game, the final game of the 1990s, Ole Miss against Oklahoma. It was New Year’s Eve, 1999, and her husband Ken had been a little afraid of the Millennium bug, so he had decided to keep things at the house and have a party. Many of their neighbors were in attendance, and almost all of Brad and Elaine’s friends. Brad had a couple of his frat buddies from SMU, where he was a freshman, and Elaine had her high school friends. Ken had also invited some of his subordinates, golf buddies and people he attended Dallas Cowboys games with, and most of them had shown up. But Jill really wasn’t comfortable with Ken’s friends, because all they talked about was sports, hunting and fishing and other manly pursuits, and the wives were all stuck-up society bitches going on endlessly about things that she had absolutely no interest in.

“Come on,” she said out loud to the night. She recalled her phone call from an hour or so earlier. She had been impatient for him to answer, as the phone rang three times before a man answered.

“Yo, whassup,” Richie Castilla said into the phone.

“Hey, baby, this is Jill; Happy New Year!” she said.

Richie grinned when he heard the seductive voice on the other end. “Well, you been scarce lately, girl. Still lookin’ good? What can I do for you this fine evening?”

“Baby, I’m bored and I’m without,” Jill said. “My husband’s having this big end of the millennium party for a bunch of his friends, and for the kids and their friends, and I need some sugar to make it right. I’m going crazy.”

“I’m hip,” Richie said. “Let’s see if we can get you fixed up.” Then he took Julie’s order and they agreed on a price, then he asked when she could pick it up.

“Well, the deal is, that since my DUI, I’m a little shaky about driving, especially at night, and especially this night,” Jill answered. “You think you could bring it out? I could make it worth your while.”

“You know that’ll cost you, honey.” Richie said, as his groin began to tighten. It would cost her, all right. He looked over at his friends, Brent and Ted, who were sitting on the sofa in Richie’s apartment. They had been planning on going to the clubs to celebrate the New Year, but this new development put an interesting twist on things. “OK, I’ll be over about an hour.”

Richie made a snap decision; he knew how they’d spend New Year’s Eve. They’d spend it getting high and fucking Jill Barnes. They’d save themselves the trouble and the expense of going to the clubs to pick up their evening’s lay. Richie went to his safe and pulled out a sizable quantity of his commercial cocaine and bagged it up for Jill, then broke into his special stash, the one he kept just for his ladies. It was some of the purest, sweetest Peruvian flake on the market, and it was guaranteed to please. Women had never failed to go wild and to go for hours on this stuff. He broke out a good quantity and funneled it into a small vial. Richie was Jill’s supplier for drugs, cocaine mostly, and he had quickly made the brunette one of his coke whores. He had a regular stable of horny middle-class women who traded sex for coke, and at the moment, Jill was tops on his hit parade.

Jill usually came to him for her connection, but this time she had invited him to her home, to her husband’s New Year’s Eve party. The opening was too good to pass up. He’d give the bitch her blow, but she’d pay for making him drive all the way out to her house. She would fuck him – and anybody else he cared to invite – and she’d do it under the nose of her husband, at the risk of being caught. Hell, he’d make sure she was caught, just to drive home the point that he owned her, whether her husband liked it or not. He knew Jill was desperate enough to do it. Yes, this was going to be an interesting night.

Truth was, Jill was desperate. She sat on the bench in front of her house and glumly contemplated how her life had spun out of control since she had gotten involved with cocaine and other drugs. Over the previous three years, she had developed an itch for sex that was completely unquenchable, and along the way, she had developed an equally unquenchable desire for mind-altering and body-numbing substances to go with it. Cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy were her main vices, along with the ever-present liquor. She was drinking almost every day, sometimes a lot, and she plainly now had an addiction to coke. It had been a full week since she’d done up the last of her most recent holding, right before she and Ken put out presents on Christmas Eve, and she had a large jones building.

No doubt, Jill was spiraling downward, and she had found out just how far out of control she was in September, when pendik escort she was pulled over late one night for driving erratically. She was arrested for driving while intoxicated – she had measured .13 on the blood-alcohol measure – but the arresting officer had cut her some slack by pocketing the small vial of cocaine she’d had with her. Ken had bailed her out, and she had paid the fine. It was her first brush with the law in her life, but she sensed it wouldn’t be the last.

Jill lit another cigarette and thought about Richie. He was an arrogant bastard, always cocksure, but he always had the best coke, and he had absolutely one of the king cocks she’d ever seen. Richie did things to her libido that no one else could do, and when he got her going, she’d go wild, and do anything he wanted. She felt a warm feeling flush her face, as she thought about riding Richie’s 10-inch monster. She’d do him tonight, a quickie, so they could both get their rocks off, then next time they’d take their time. She sighed and went in to fix another drink, using up the last of the margarita mix, and that was when Richie arrived.

But Richie wasn’t alone; he’d brought his friends, who each held up a bottle of cheap champagne and leered at her as they entered the house. Richie introduced them as Ted and Brent, his best buds, he said. Jill was apprehensive about Richie’s friends being along, but she figured they were off to the clubs, and they’d just let the deal go down then leave.

Richie disabused her of that notion the moment he walked in the door. He strode over to Jill and planted a big wet kiss on her lips. In spite of her growing concern, she found herself responding, and she kissed him back and slipped her tongue in his mouth.

“So? You ready to party, baby?” he said in a strong voice. “I brought my friends along, because I know how much you love a group scene.” Just then her son, Brad, and four of his friends came in to fix some mixed drinks. Two of them were George and Mike, high school friends of Brad’s, while Pat and Larry were in Brian’s fraternity at SMU.

“Hey, you guys want to party, I mean, really party?” Richie asked them. “Why don’t you guys come on up and party with us. I’ve got some good blow we can share to ring in the New Year, and we can all take turns banging this whore.”

Then Richie and his friends started for the stairs. Brad’s friends looked at each other with a little confusion, but then they looked Jill up and down, and decided that they’d much rather party upstairs than outside. Just then, Jill dashed up to Richie.

“We can’t do this here,” she cried. “What about my husband? What about the party?”

“Your husband?” Richie snorted. “When we get started on you, your husband will be the last thing on your mind, and as for the party, we’ll have our own party. Won’t we, guys?” Loud sounds of agreement filled the air from the assembled men.

“But, but…” Jill sputtered.

“Listen, bitch,” Richie said softly, but menacingly. “You want my blow, you gotta earn it. Eight to one, that sounds like a nice, even number. You fuck all of us right, and I’ll give you a nice discount, maybe even let you have it for free.” Then he turned and headed up the stairs, followed by the rest of the crowd.

Brad sidled up to his mother and asked what was going on.

“I don’t… I don’t know,” she replied. “I think I’ve gotten myself in something I can’t get out of. Look, go down in the basement and bring up that case of beer from the refrigerator. You can come up and join us for a while and catch a buzz, but I want you to ease out if things start to get hot, to keep an eye out. And, for God’s sake, keep your father from coming upstairs. I’ll make it worth your while.”

“I’ll try, but I’m working on screwing Mandy Parsons, and if I get her, I’m not gonna play bodyguard for you while you get wasted and fuck your brains out,” Brad replied. “Just lock the door and hope he doesn’t come looking for you. Have fun. It’d better be worth it.” After retrieving the beer out of the basement fridge, he and his mom climbed the stairs to join the party that was taking shape in her bedroom.

Ken was preoccupied with the big bonfire, the fireworks they had ready for the stroke of midnight, the keg of beer and the football game on the TV. Jill had wanted to go to a club, and celebrate with, “friends,” but for once, Ken had insisted that they have this party. Well, fuck him, she thought bravely, she’d have her own party her way. She grabbed her bottle of tequila, still three-quarters full, and turned to whatever lay ahead. As she climbed the stairs, a snippet of a song from one of her favorite old movies floated through her head, “Que sera, sera. What will be, will be,” Then the thought passed.

As the group climbed the stairs, Mike showed Richie a glimpse of the baggie in his pocket containing his primo bud, the top-of-the-line California sensamilla his older brother had given him for Christmas.

“You’ll like my contribution to the party,” he maltepe escort said as he introduced the others, and Richie introduced his two friends.

Jill’s bedroom was upstairs at the front of the house at the end of a fairly long hall, set apart from the other upstairs bedrooms. With the rest of the party raging out in their big back yard, it was as secluded as Jill could have hoped for. The king-size bed sat in the center of the room, facing the door. The bathroom was at the back and the dressers and dressing table faced the opposite wall. At the far left corner of the room was a big walk-in closet. At the back of the closet, there was a set of shelves in the closet, and set behind some clothes was a concealed wall safe, where she kept her most sensitive secrets, plus a small locked file cabinet that contained all of her goodies, her special clothes, toys and such, which she used when she went out prowling, which she was doing more and more often.

Richie and Jill went into the closet and completed their business transaction. Richie handed Jill the baggie of coke, but waved off her cash, for the moment. Then he kissed her slow and sensuously, sending shivers up and down her spine, before they broke the embrace. Jill took one last stab at getting out what she could see was a disaster in the making.

“Please, baby, just do me here, and let me go,” she said desperately as she squeezed the growing bulge in Richie’s leather jeans. “My husband…”

“Shhhhhh,” Richie whispered before kissing Jill again. Then he addressed her more forcefully. “Maybe it’s time your husband found out about the real you. You might as well accept it, baby. You’re going to get fucked by everyone in this room, and when everyone else is finally finished with you, I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll have cum pouring out your ears.”

In spite of herself, Jill felt her pussy begin to swell and moisten at his words, and at the massive lump in Richie’s pants that was slowly humping itself into her crotch. Finally, she bowed her head, then looked up at Richie with a look that was teary, but also contained a trace of excitement.

“OK, I’ll do it,” she said in a quiet voice.

“Good girl,” Richie said, kissing her deeply once again.

When they emerged from the closet, Richie went right to work. Richie went to Jill’s dressing table and pulled what looked like a shaving kit from his coat, which he hung on the back of his chair. He took a bindle of coke and a small mirror out of the kit, then knocked a sizeable quantity of the crystalline powder onto the mirror. Taking a razor, he quickly drew out four lines, then handed Jill his silver tooter. Jill’s eyes had a fiery quality about them as she prepared herself. She had always loved cocaine. The combination of the drug’s numbing power and its aphrodisiac qualities made it perfect for a sex maniac with a schizophrenic personality. She quickly snorted up one line, then another, leaning her head back to make sure she’d gotten it all. Then Richie took up the other two lines. Meanwhile, Mike had filled a pipe, fired it up and started passing it around the room.

Jill looked around with mounting excitement at the men in the room. Larry was a big, burly guy with curly reddish hair and an unruly red beard. Pat was the shortest person in the room at 5-6, but he was stoutly built and muscular, with fair skin and a shaved head. Nevertheless, it was clear that Richie was in charge. He was a tall, commanding figure of 6-2, with a dark complexion and a raven ponytail. Ted was average in every way physically, about 5-9 and stocky, with fair skin and brown hair with a well-trimmed beard. Brent was also tallish, about 6-1, with a ruddy complexion and blond hair with a mustache. Mike was the tallest person in the room, at 6-3, maybe 6-4, and slender, with a dusky color and short back hair. George, like Ted, was average in every way, except he wore his sandy-colored hair moderately long.

For a few minutes, there was idle conversation in the room, as the group got good and high, drinking, smoking and snorting. Someone turned on the bedside radio and tuned it to a classic rock station, and soon everyone was grooving. Richie was feeling generous, especially after he got a few lungs-full of Mike’s weed, so he broke out lines for everyone. After passing the mirror around the room a few times, Richie turned the line-making duties over to Brent, stood up and walked over to where Jill was swaying to the beat of the music. She was feeling the effects of the coke, the tequila and the weed, and when Richie came behind her, she purred in anticipation. She gave Brad a subtle signal with her eyes, and he got up and headed for the door. She didn’t want him to watch this, and, frankly, he didn’t want to watch his mom get gangbanged, either. He gazed at his mom one more time with a mixture of pity, envy and disgust, but her attention had already been diverted, so he quietly slipped out and shut the door, which locked behind him.

“You’re ready for this, kartal escort aren’t you,” Richie whispered in Jill’s ear, as he ran his hands down her sides and began a slow humping motion into her butt. “You want it, and you don’t even care if your husband catches us, do you.”

“Oh, baby, I’m ready for it,” Jill replied, and even as she spoke, Richie had pulled the rose-colored peasant blouse up over her naked tits, cupping and squeezing her modest mounds as he did. He tossed the blouse into a corner as the others burst forth with exclamations and exhortations. If she noticed, Jill didn’t say anything, but simply leaned back and turned her face up as Richie bent down, and they kissed with mounting passion. As they kissed, Ted knelt down in front of Jill, unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down over her legs, after she had kicked off her shoes. When she stepped out of her pants, Ted picked them up and tossed them into the same corner with her blouse.

A hearty cheer went up from the men, as Jill stood among them naked. She was a tall woman, about 5-11, and slender with short, curly hair of a raven color, matching her dusky skin, the product of her French ancestry. Her russet nipples stuck out from her breasts in early arousal. Her dark pubic bush was trimmed back pretty well, but not shaved, and as she turned around, the men whistled in appreciation of her perfect ass and long dancer’s legs. The one thing she still did, in spite of her growing substance abuse problem, was work out quite often and quite hard, so that she still looked trim and physically fit. However, if you looked, you could see around her eyes how the fast-lane lifestyle she’d pursued for nearly three years was taking a toll. But otherwise, she was still the same succulent dish she’d been before that day when a former co-worker of her husband’s had shown her the way out of middle-class monotony two years earlier by reintroducing her to cocaine, which she had been addicted to way back in college many years earlier.

Ted began working his hand between Jill’s legs, and she opened them slightly to give him access. She was already dripping wet from anticipation, and she looked around the room to see the men removing their clothes. Abruptly, Ted pulled his hand away, and Jill turned to see Brent standing in front of her naked, with a hard-on of some 7, maybe 8 inches, a good solid piece of meat. Richie gave a little motion, and whispered in her ear, licking it as he did.

“Why don’t you give everybody a few sucks so you can get acquainted with all these cocks you’re going to be fucking here in a few minutes,” he said, supremely in control.

Jill purred in response, and dropped right onto her knees and took the hard cock in her right hand. She opened her mouth and swiped her tongue up the underside of Brent’s cock in an exaggerated motion, lashing his shaft like paintbrush strokes, licking him all the way to his crown. She licked him all over, getting his shaft wet with her saliva, then she opened her mouth wide and took just the head into her mouth.

Jill was already humming, throbbing with lust as the coke, the weed and the tequila did their work. She swirled her tongue around the head several times, then fed his cock into her throat. She sucked him slowly all the way, deep into her maw until she felt his coarse pubic hairs on her nose. She inhaled his strong masculine aroma and felt herself swoon for just a second, before resuming her steady bobbing motion on Brent’s cock.

Then she felt her head being wrenched off Brent’s cock, and she found herself face-to-cock with Ted’s 8 inches. He was a touch longer than Brent, but he was about the same in girth, and she didn’t fuck around with him. She grabbed his cock at the base and sucked it down her throat to the hilt. As she did, she felt several cocks filling her hands, and she languidly stroked them to maximum strength. She sucked mightily on Ted for several minutes, taking him in long, even strokes, all the way, before releasing his cock.

George was next in line. She looked up at the face of her son’s best friend, a normally shy young man who was nonetheless fisting a slim, 7-inch cock that was harder than it had ever been. He’d lusted after Brad’s mom almost since the first day they’d moved to Dallas, in 1996, and his desire for her had only deepened when Brad had recently told him about her lifestyle. Sensing his hesitation, Jill whispered to George, “it’s OK, I won’t bite. Might nibble a little, but I won’t bite.” That bit of levity broke the tension, and Jill laughed as she opened her mouth and sucked George easily into her mouth.

Jill sucked on George’s cock for a few minutes, then was turned around to face a very nice cock belonging to Mike. She whistled as she appraised the long dick in front of her. It was a legitimate 10-incher, she could see, with a narrow, almost spear-like head atop a fairly slender shaft. Jill’s eyes widened as she passed the head easily past her lips and into her mouth. She got all but about two inches in her throat before she began to gag. It was early yet, and she figured once she got warmed up, she’d be able to suck all of it. Jill worked her mouth up and down on Mike’s cock, bathing his length with her juice, before reluctantly pulling him out.

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