Madison and Her Father

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This is a fictional story about a female Dominant and her life, which includes dominating her father. This is purely fantasy, every part of it. If you are seriously interested in BDSM do your research because this is just a story.

All characters are over 18 and if you are not 18+ move along elsewhere.


Adrian sat in his office looking over the quarterly numbers and glancing at the clock every few minutes. He had come into the office earlier than usual because his daughter, Madison, was finally back from her summer vacation. She had graduated from Harvard last spring and his graduation present was an all expense paid trip to Italy, somewhere she had always wanted to go and explore.

The last three summers she had spent here within his corporation as an intern. He has been grooming her to become the next CEO so he could retire. It was a little early for his retirement at fifty but he didn’t plan on waiting until he was too old to enjoy it.

His door was open and he heard his assistant, Barbara, sit at her desk out front. She was known as the dragon lady who guarded his door from things and people who would bleed his time and energy away from the things that were important and he adored her. She had been his assistant since he became CEO twenty years ago.

He chuckles to himself at the memory. His wife had decided she was going to pick out his personal assistant as she was a little worried he would find some young and hot assistant that he would lust after and leave her. A pang went through him as it wasn’t him that left although his wife hadn’t had a choice; she had died from cancer five years ago.

Barbara was going to be sixty-five this year and he wanted to retire when she did. The thought of continuing without her was something he didn’t want to contemplate so Adrian had told his daughter at graduation that he wanted her to take over by the end of the year. He knew she was excited about it. She had majored in business and there was a toughness about her that he knew she would do well. Part of him had hoped she’d find a good match at Harvard and she had dated plenty but never anyone seriously enough to introduce him to. A couple of times he thought maybe she was a lesbian because she never seemed to be all that interested in the men around her. But she had assured him that wasn’t the case. He had told her it was okay with him if she was because he just wanted her to be happy no matter what that looked like.

Adrian looked at the clock on his laptop again. She should be there in about thirty minutes. He hasn’t seen her since her graduation though she checked in with him weekly while she was in Italy to let him know how things were going and that she was doing fine. She knew he worried about her.

They both had a difficult time when her mother passed. It had been Maddy’s last year in high school. Maddy had turned 18 in December and her mother, Laurel had passed that next June. Maddy decided to postpone college for a year because she wanted more time to grieve and be there for her dad. They had taken care of each other the best they could during that year. They had even taken a cruise which had been his wife’s idea. She had told them she wanted them to do something completely different to help them move on with their lives after she was gone.

They had taken a month long cruise a month before she was to start school. Both of them managed to have a decent time but it was difficult as Laurel had been the light in their life as Maddy had always been more serious like her father, she even looked more like him with her long, auburn hair and lighter complexion. Laurel had dark hair and tanned easily where as he and Maddy burned quickly. But Maddy had her mother’s brilliant green eyes and sometimes it was hard to look into them without being overcome by sadness for his late wife.

On the last night of the cruise they had gone to the ballroom and danced together. He remembered thoroughly enjoying moving around the dance floor with her and she had laughed for the first time since Laurel’s passing and he had hugged her so tight and for the first time ever felt something he was ashamed of. He tried not to treat her differently since then, but now when he looked at her he saw the beautiful woman she has become and he had to exert extreme control to keep his body from reacting to her. He didn’t know how he was going to be around her the next few months during the transition but he was hoping he could find a way to get over it so he didn’t feel so awkward around her. He missed their easy banter and the way they could relax around each other while they each did their own thing, like read or watch television while the other of them worked on their laptop.

She was going to be staying with him while she looked for a place in the city. He was still living in the home the three of them had lived in while Maddy grew up. He had been thinking about selling it and getting a smaller place in the city because he didn’t need anything that big for canlı bahis just him.

He had tried dating over the last four years but no one captured his interest. He wished they had because he thought it would make his body stop reacting to his daughter. He had even tried having sex with a few of them but it hadn’t helped. The last six months he had given up trying to find someone and had just focused on work and getting ready for transitioning into retirement. He was planning on traveling a bit the first year, he thought if he got away to a completely different environment he’d be able to find something or someone who could interest him again. Maybe he wouldn’t get a new place since he was going to be traveling.

Adrian heard something and looked up and his beautiful daughter was standing in the doorway watching him.

“Hey Dad…”

“Maddy!” He stood up and walked around his desk. “Sweet girl, how was your trip home?” Because her plane was coming in so late last night she had decided to get a room at one of the airport hotels rather than drive out to the suburbs where they lived and it enabled her to get a little more sleep.

“Pretty good, I don’t love flying but the turbulence wasn’t that bad this time.” He gave her a quick hug and stepped back.

“Glad to hear it. Sampson in accounting wants to get together with you this morning to go over your paperwork and then to give you the ins and outs of his department.”

“Oh, I was hoping we’d be working together today. I’ve missed you, dad, I haven’t seen you in months.” She had taken a step forward and was reaching out to put her hand on his arm and he turned and went back to his desk and sat down.

“I’ve missed you too, Maddy, but I really need you to get a good understanding of each department by completely immersing yourself in each one as you learn it. That isn’t something I can help you with as the heads of the departments are really the best to help you. Besides, I have my own work to do. I’ll see you later at home.”

“Okay, I understand. I’m excited to get to work. What about lunch?”

“Sorry, Maddy, I’ve got an appointment. I’ll see you tonight.”

He was already looking at his laptop as he said, “Have a good day.” He could feel her staring at him but he didn’t look up and she finally walked away.

He let out a long sigh of relief when she left the room. Just that brief hug had tested the limits of his abilities to control his reaction. It seemed distance hadn’t fixed the problem. Not that he really thought it would since her being at Harvard hadn’t fixed it either. It looked like he was going to have to take extreme measures.

Adrian punched in the numbers on his phone and waited while it rang. He knew she never picked up until it rang at least five times. She liked to make anyone who called her wait, including him.

“Hello Adrian, how are you?” Her voice had always had an effect on him unlike any other person he had ever dated. She was Maddy’s age and her voice was low and sexy. He had stopped trying to date women his own age a couple of years ago and finally broke down and started dating women Maddy’s age hoping that would be the solution but it hadn’t helped either. Jordan was his last hope.

“Hi Jordan, do you have any time this afternoon, I know this is last minute but I really need to see you if possible.”

“Is everything alright?”

“Maddy’s back.”

“Oh, and you’re still having the same difficulty?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” He could tell that got her attention. In all the time they had been friends, or the one date they had, he’d never called her ma’am and he knew she would know what that meant.

“So, you’ve decided to let me help you?”

“At this point I’m desperate and willing to try anything.”

“Yes, I have an opening at one this afternoon and lucky for you I don’t have anyone after that so I can give you as much time as you need.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“See you soon, Adrian.”

A tremor went through him. He had never been interested in BDSM, but if this could work he’d be willing to try it to get rid of his body’s reaction to his daughter. He just hoped it worked.

He hit the intercom to his assistant. “I have an appointment at one, Barbara, and I’ll be out the rest of the afternoon. If Madison calls tell her I’ll see her back at home.”

“Yes, sir. Is everything alright?” She knew his schedule frontwards and backwards and she would know he didn’t have anything scheduled this afternoon.

“Yes, there isn’t a problem I’m just meeting with a friend to discuss a business opportunity. I told them I would give them my advice on the project.” He hated lying to her but he certainly couldn’t tell her the truth.

“Alright, I’ll mark that you’ll be gone.”

“Thanks, Barbara.”

“Of course, sir.”

Adrian had gone out with Jordan once and when he discovered she was into BDSM he had told her he wasn’t interested in having that kind of relationship. They had gotten along well though and they had decided bahis siteleri to stay friends. They often went to lunch together and he felt so comfortable with her he had finally broke down and told her about his problem a few months back. Jordan had said she could help him with it but he had still been trying to control it himself and turned her offer down.

He held her buzzer for a moment and then let go. He heard the door click and pushed it open. She lived in a building that had been turned into lofts and he took the stairs two at a time up to the third floor and knocked on her door. He was still in excellent physical condition and he worked out almost every day. After a moment he heard her footsteps and then she opened the door.

“Hello Adrian.” He had always felt her voice in his body but today, knowing he was putting himself in her hands, the hair raised on his arms. She stepped back and motioned for him to come in. He didn’t know what he was expecting but she wasn’t dressed any differently than when they would have lunch together. She wore a short red dress that fit over her generous curves and went to mid thigh. The neckline dipped just low enough to hint at her cleavage which her dark blond hair flowed over and she was wearing spiked red heels.

The inside of her place had surprised him the one and only time he had seen it. It was warm and inviting, nothing like he thought a Dominatrix would live in. He followed her back through the open living room to a door on the far wall and stopped and turned toward him.

“You’re sure about this, Adrian. I mean you know I’ve wanted to get you in my playroom since we met but I respected your boundaries and was happy with our friendship but once you step through this doorway, our relationship changes. You will have to follow my rules, have to obey me without hesitancy, unless you use your safe word. Are you really sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Alright.” She opened the door and preceded him into the room. She closed the door once he stepped through and the first thing he realized was the traffic noise he could faintly hear on the other side of the door was gone. It was completely silent.

She noticed the look on his face and said, “Sound proof.”

“Oh. That makes sense.” He swallowed hard and then looked around the room and he felt his cock shrink up into him. There were things lining the walls that he had no idea what they were. He did recognize a few things, whips, chains, things he imagined he would be tied down to or stuffed into and a large bed in the corner of the room.

“Ma’am…I have to say I’m a little intimidated by this room.”

Jordan strokes his arm. “It’s alright, Adrian, I won’t do anything you really don’t want me to do. That’s what your safe word is for. I do need you to look over the contract and NDA and sign them first before we get started though.”

“Of course.” He understood contracts, he dealt with them all the time.

There was a small red couch on the wall to the right and a coffee table next to it where there was a folder. She sat down and picked up the folder and handed it to him as he sat down. He carefully read through both documents. The NDA was easy and he signed it and handed it to her. She also signed it and set it aside. He very carefully read through the contract and felt him shrink further between his legs. All of this was quite terrifying. And people liked this stuff and did it for pleasure? He shook his head. He didn’t understand how anyone could get pleasure from any of this. Okay, some of the softer stuff looked intriguing but the canes and whips? That seemed pretty extreme.

Adrian finally signed it and handed it to her. “Now we need to talk about your limits. Are there things on this list that are a hard limit for you?” She pointed at the last page in the folder.

He cringed as he went through the list. He couldn’t imagine wanting to do most of the things on here, but he wasn’t sure what she needed to do to help his body stop reacting to the sight of his daughter.

“Ma’am, you know this is all new to me and frankly most of this stuff terrifies me, but you said you could help me. What did you have in mind?”

“A couple of things. I have a device that I’ll be attaching to you and every time you react it will cause at minimum discomfort and at maximum pain. I also plan on taking you through the steps for becoming a sub, to teach you obedience and submission. My hope is that the combination of all the things I have planned will help you get to a point you will only get hard when you are in certain situations that I create here and your body will no longer react to any other stimuli. Of course, that will probably ruin your chances of ever having a normal relationship.”

“I don’t care, if it will stop me from getting hard every time I see Madison, I can live with it.”

“I would still like you to take a look at this list and mark through anything you think would be a hard limit for you. Something you really don’t bahis şirketleri want to do.”

He looked at the paper again and went through the list. He crossed out cane and whip and riding crop but he left the belt and the flogger and spanking with the hand. He didn’t know anything about clamps but if she really felt he needed them he wasn’t going to mark them out. He crossed out golden showers and looked at anal worship.

“Um, what is anal worship?”

“It is when you love having a woman’s ass in your face to the point you can’t breathe for short periods of time. That’s the basics, it can be more than that.”

He crossed that out. “Anal play?”

“That is fingers, dildos, pegging, butt plugs and mouth.”


“It is kind of like a dildo but smaller that a woman can strap on and take a man from behind.”

That actually had him unexpectedly twitching between his legs. He moved on to the next one.

Ropes, suspension, and other restraints; He wasn’t sure how he felt about these things. He knew he didn’t like giving up control but he also knew he would have to in here.

He crossed out cutting and blood play.

He quickly read through the rest of the list and didn’t see anything else he felt he needed to cross out and then handed it to her. She looked over it and initialed it and had him initial it and put all the papers back in the folder and locked it up in a file cabinet next to the couch.

“From this moment forward, you will not cum except while in this room and with my express permission. Take your clothes off, we have a lot of work to do.” And she grabbed the belt off the wall.


Later that evening he tried not to squirm as the cock cage Jordan had put on him felt so uncomfortable. She had given him the key but told him he could only take it off when he took a shower once per day. It felt heavy on him but he knew it kept him so small it didn’t show any kind of bulge accept what he would normally show in his flaccid stage. It also had nasty little spikes that though they weren’t sharp enough to do damage, it became quite uncomfortable if he started to get hard.

At dinner he winced when it started to grow when his daughter sat down at the table. She had noticed and when she had asked him what was wrong he had said he pulled a muscle and it wasn’t a big deal. He had to be careful sitting down around her as well because his new Mistress had tanned his hide while making him cum, which was not something he would have imagined he could do. He didn’t understand everything she did but she assured him it was all for the end goal.

In the beginning he saw her daily on his lunch break. They would spend an hour together and she would give him what she called painful pleasures until he came. He was surprised at how much pain he could endure while she also did things that made him so excited he had to stop himself from cumming before she gave him permission. It wasn’t long before she had him begging which was another thing he didn’t think he’d ever do.

Adrian’s body still kept betraying him though as every time he saw his daughter he bulged into the cock cage. He also saw how frustrated she was getting because she knew he wasn’t behaving like himself around her. She had tried asking him what was wrong and he played it off as being stress from work and everything that had to be done before the final transition.

A couple of weeks had gone by and every time he thought he might be improving his daughter would come into the room and stand close to him or touch his arm or kiss his cheek and he did his best to hide the discomfort but he could see in her eyes she was really starting to take it personally. He didn’t want her to feel that way because she wasn’t doing anything wrong.

“Dad, are you worried about retiring and leaving me in charge? Are you having second thoughts? We don’t have to rush this process if you aren’t ready to leave and want to stick around a couple more years.”

“No, Maddy, that isn’t it, I’m looking forward to retiring.”

“Then what is it?” Her voice was getting louder. “I can’t stand all this tension between us, what is going on with you lately?”

“Maddy, it’s just something I’m going through and I’m working on it okay, please just be patient with me.”

“I miss you dad, I miss hanging out with you, watching movies with you, and all the other fun things we used to do when we got together. Why don’t we do any of those things anymore?”

“I’m sorry, Maddy.” She was right, he hadn’t spent any time with her except to have dinner and then he always retreated to his room afterward. “Alright, how about we watch a movie tonight, we can make some popcorn and you can pick the movie.”

Her face lit up. “Really?”

“Yeah, it’ll be fun.” He would just have to suffer through it for her because he couldn’t stand how miserable she looked.

He sat in the corner of the sectional couch and flipped through trying to see what they would both enjoy. Maddy came in with the popcorn and cuddled up next to him and he tried to hide the wince.

“Maybe you should go to the doctor about that pulled muscle, Dad, it could be something more serious since it has lasted a couple of weeks.”

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